Businessmen Should Be President: Why to vote for people like Donald Trump

If one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results—then why do we continue the insane practice of electing lawyers, community activists, and attention seeking actors to lead the United States? Government is supposed to be a management system that controls costs and divides properly tax payer resources. Yet they continue to fail, over and over again—because most of the idiots in those positions are incompetent for the job. So why does a majority of the establishment bulk at Donald Trump’s declaration for presidency? He is one of the most successful people in the world and would likely be able to do everything he said in the below Bill O’Reilly interview. Why not try him out, what would the United States have to lose—its respect? That’s gone already. The question is who would be most able as a future president to manage the despicable situation we are in currently in the United States with a successful turn-around, a person with a proven track record of success, or just another parasitic government employee?

A few years ago I was involved in a resistance against tax increases at my local school district, and my solution was to put more business oriented people on the school board to solve the problem—people who really knew how to rub two sticks together and make fire in the world of business. My group proposed a few candidates that were heavily criticized because it was thought that only touchy feely big spenders who would cave into the teacher’s union for the benefit of the “kids” were the only ones qualified for the management of millions of dollars of acquired property tax revenue. I was told that business people were not qualified to run a school district. It is the same crap that is now being said about Donald Trump, that a rich billionaire does not have what it takes to be president. The conventional wisdom seems to point that incompetent, emotional, and populists make better leaders, yet they fail at everything they do. Whereas someone like Donald Trump, who has a track record of success is unqualified? That simply makes no sense—at all.

Given the constant school funding problems where management of resources is completely vacant, and the utter failures at every other level of public service, why would there be any suggestion of any other type of person sitting in the chair of an American president—other than a businessman? The answer is of course what every public labor union knows across the entire country, and that is that chaos is easy to exploit. So long as there is no management of a situation, then those employees can acquire all the money stolen from tax payers then use safety concerns and children to extract more. It’s a scam that virtually everyone in the Beltway is guilty of—especially the media. They are all pigs at the trough and they can never get enough, and they know that if someone like Donald Trump is watching the books that the slop in that trough will dry up forever. And that scares them to death.

Given that understanding, Donald Trump is belittled for his competency, and relevance—as those ill prepared to be leaders are placed on pedestals. It is a sure blueprint on how to destroy a country. Put bad leaders in charge of good leaders and the effectiveness of any organization is destroyed leaving exploitation by the wicked to be the mode of the day. I’m not a huge Donald Trump fan. He doesn’t treat women the way I would like to see, he’s more arrogant than I think is appropriate, but he’s successful, and anybody who is successful understands what it takes to be that way. Our political system needs much successful types if our republic has any hope of surviving. I’d vote for Donald Trump not because he’s a good person, but because he’s competent. In business, I’d probably get along well with Donald Trump. During a dinner conversation, probably not—but at least I know he has a desire for success as president.

The American presidents over the last two hundred years have had a variety of backgrounds; most were attorneys, or military minds of some kind. Few have a real background in business—and isn’t it time that someone have a clear understanding of what capitalism is all about? What better way for America to help the world with foreign policy than in teaching them the merits of capitalism—how to become rich themselves. Who better to advocate that than Donald Trump presently?

That is another aspect to this whole issue–governments love socialism—they love to be in charge through group consensus. They do not like capitalism at all, and they hate people like Trump because they know first that they need the money of the rich to get elected, and second they hate being reminded that it is the rich who are really in charge of everything—because that’s the way it is in a capitalist society. Trump has no respect for politicians, because they are not productive people. They don’t build wealth, they rob from it. They are anti-capitalists.  So why on earth would we ever consider voting for such a person—yet half of the Republican candidates and all of the Democratic candidates are just such people—progressives at best—socialists at worst—all advocates of looted wealth redistributed in the spirit of fairness as determined by corrupt people.

Specifically, the American businessman—the good ones, tend to make good leaders just by surviving the vetting process. Those who are successful are far more qualified than some human resources slug from P&G to run a school board, or a community giveaway artist like Obama for President. A business person like Carly Fiorina—whom I would also vote for in less than a second—has proven success as leaders—and are therefore infinitely more qualified to be responsible for trillions of dollars and billions of human lives. A community activist or school teachers are not qualifications enough for such a task such as what Woodrow Wilson used to be. Presidents and other representatives in our republic should be proven business people who have a working knowledge of capitalism and the actual cause of job creation. It isn’t politicians—its people like Trump.

So why not Trump? Why not a billionaire who has made money in global markets and knows how to read and assess a situation from different cultures? Could he possibly do worse than Hillary Clinton—who has a proven track record of failure and only has her lack of genitalia as a reason to vote for her?   I think not. Things won’t change in America until we get back to making bold decisions and acting in a dynamic fashion. Doing the same old failures of the past and copying after Europe won’t get us there. But Trump could—so why not?

Rich Hoffman


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