Why Pope Francis is an Idiot: God loves guns and their manufacturers

This is exactly why I am weary of organized religions.  It’s not because they espouse values and kindness toward other people—it’s because they wish to be just like the governments of the world, yet another force that controls the minds of mankind.  Enter the idiocy of Pope Francis and his recent proclamations in favor of progressive political platforms directly against capitalist forms of government—specifically the United States.  It must not be forgotten that the Roman Catholic Church is all that remains of the former Roman Empire, and in the wake of that ominous force in Europe under the banner of the cross, many deaths occurred and the Dark Ages were created.  So no, I don’t think religion by default is a wonderful thing.  Rather it holds back society into the limitations of the past within the framework of sacrifice—which is archaic and foolishly rooted in scientific ignorance.  It is within such a tapestry of ordainment that the Pope made the proclamation that gun manufacturers—especially those in the United States—were hypocrites if they call themselves Christian.  It is that kind of stupidity and radical detachment from reality that has led churches in general to declining memberships.  To put a foolish focus on the afterlife rather than the here and now is the mainstay of religion implying that one life defended with a gun has less value than the collective whole of civilization and that we should all be willing to sacrifice ourselves to the “greater good.”  That is why I no longer attend church—because of those kinds of teachings.  It’s not just the Catholic religion which I have roots in—it’s the entire industry of sacrifice that I have a problem with.

The Pope backed up his attack on weapons manufacturers by saying, “if you trust only men you have lost.  It makes me think of…people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christian and they manufacture weapons.  That leads to a bit of distrust, doesn’t it?” That was followed by thunderous applause by thousands of ignorant young people raised under socialism in the economically bankrupt Italian city of Turin.  In essence the Pope was saying that weapon manufacture is anti-Christian.  He is implying that we should all turn our minds toward a God—which he is the representative on earth—and give up our needs for aggression by eliminating weapons of war from society.  The Catholic Church, just like every communist and socialist government around the world wants to be in the business of ruling our lives and the product of their endeavors is a flock of sheep that mindlessly puts their faith in a religion that can’t keep their hands out of the pants of little boys.  Take away the ability to defend ourselves and what kind of evils might swell from such trust?  Well, history tells us quite a lot on the matter—which was one of the reasons for the creation of the United States in the first place—freedom from religious persecution.  People had the right for the first time to worship what they wanted decentralizing the authority of churches into spiritual advisors instead of just another competing government.

Frances attempting to place his radical words of worthlessness into a world stage filled with like-minded thugs and social parasites declared during his speech—“duplicity is the currency of today—they say one thing and do another,” referring to people in his congregation asking for forgiveness during confession who then turn around and commit the same sins the moment they leave the confessional. That is because most human beings don’t give much thought to the church or the “men” who run them as self-proclaimed representatives functioning on earth on behalf of an all-seeing deity.  I know a bit about history and in America when the church becomes so bold as to come to my house to take what I have to give it to the so-called poor under church authority—there is ammunition on my shelf intended to stop that action from occurring.  I know better than the church what leads to the “poor.”  I don’t trust the Pope or his clergy of pedophiles and social collectivists to define it for me.  God has not come to my home and told me that Pope Francis is his representative on earth. Men have made that self-designation—and if you really get to the heart of what the Pope is saying it is that the world should trust the church and give up their guns in surrender to the global unifying force of the Christian religion.  Sorry, but no.

Years ago I had to make the hard decision of using rational thought to determine that the religion I grew up with was lacking something important—logic in their assertions.  I was at a communion ceremony at the front of the church watching all the people coming to the front to worship.  I used to be an assistant to the minister and would hand bread to the people in the congregation who waited for their sacrament.  As I held the plate of bread thinking about what it really meant I realized that the body of Christ sacrament was essentially just a watered down version of human sacrifice as it had been passed down to us over thousands of years of incorrect spiritual belief.  Now for context, be advised that I read the Egyptian Book of the Dead at the age of 13, so I was thinking heavily about such things during this period.  I saved up my lawn mowing money to buy the book which was a real treasure to me—it still is.  The wine representing the blood of Christ was no different from the cultures around the world that drink the blood of a sacrificed victim in the belief that a deity would be appeased by the action.  It took me about five years of this activity to finally admit to myself that it was within the framework of sacrifice that many evils around the world were committed—that the church itself was what Pope Francis attempted to paint against the gun manufacturers—a “duplicity is the currency” not only of today—but of the church itself.  Not just Catholics—but virtually every church.  It was under the Roman Catholic Church that many people died in the past and vast evils were committed needlessly against others.  Religion is not a mechanism for peace unless you happen to be a member of that particular congregation.  I determined this as many people who were supposed to be socially successful and smart would sit bowed before me awaiting the “body of Christ, prepared for you” that I’d hand them.  They went from the leaders of the community that I knew they were to willing sheep within the context of the church hoping that God might notice and give them everlasting life when they died.

Around this time I went on a youth camping trip with members of our church.  I had a girlfriend in this group so it was a chance to sneak over to her tent once everyone went to sleep. She was three years older than I was so there was much to learn.  I think I was fourteen at the time, and she was a hot-to-trot 17-year-old about to graduate from high school.  You might wonder dear reader why she was interested in me when she had access to so many older kids—well, that was because of my bullwhip which I had with me much to the anger of our minister.  Well, she wasn’t the only one who had a crush on me.  The minister did as well, and he conveniently had me sleeping in his tent on this trip.  It was a joke in my family how much the leader of our church liked me.  I was defiantly his favorite member of the congregation.  I helped during every service before and after, and my family helped set the church up on Saturdays.  It was a good wholesome experience, but at times was a little creepy.  He was a good person in most aspects of his life, but something about him made me weary.  At that time I had a reputation for fighting quite a lot, and my bullwhip use was known by everyone—and was a little scary to them.  But it kept me safe.  I felt—it kept everyone at bay, and gave me access to the kind of girls I wanted to know—so I was very obvious about it and even brought it on our youth church camping trip.

Once we all turned in for bed and were all in our tents, girls of course were matched up in their own tents, the boys in tents of their own, and I was of course paired up with the minister in his tent—just him and I.  The minister told me as we zipped up the tent that I didn’t need that whip in the tent with us—that it was a weapon of violence and that he found it offensive while laying his head down for a peaceful night’s sleep.  I told him I slept with my whip every night and that I couldn’t sleep without it. He then shrugged it off for the true motive of why he organized this whole field trip.   He took off all his cloths and encouraged me to do the same.  Without his ceremonial robes, or even the jeans and t-shirt he wore on the camping trip, it was clear to me that he was just a man of flesh and blood hungry for a physical sexual experience. He was married, but obviously in need of relationships with young people both intellectually and physically. I told him I couldn’t sleep in the nude.  I was still wearing the same camouflage pants I had worn all day and they were stinky from sweet, and he complained that they were stinking up the tent—all while he sat there in the nude trying to convince me to get undressed.  When I still didn’t, he persisted to criticize my false trust in clothing—that if I were a true Christian I wouldn’t feel I needed to hide behind my clothing.  What the minister didn’t know was that I had no intention of such a thing—that as soon as he was asleep I was going to sneak over to the tent my girlfriend was in.

That went on for about an hour.  Eventually he turned out the light; he stayed nude for some reason even though it was chilly that night.  When I heard he was asleep, I snuck out and did what I came to do on the trip.  I told the girl about my experience later that night and we laughed about it the next day. It was obvious that the minister had known I had left the tent because he had been waiting for me to go to sleep as well.  I didn’t come back to the tent until the first light of daybreak.  But he couldn’t say anything to me about it because he was guilty of bad thoughts and malicious intentions.  The girlfriend never saw the minister the same way again.  When she graduated high school and left for college she became something of a godless heathen and went dramatically in the opposite direction. I never saw or spoke to her again.  In a lot of ways the minister let her down most of all.  He became all too terrestrial that night and the guilt was clearly on his face the next day.  She lost her faith in religion never to recapture it again.  I told my parents about it as soon as I saw them.  They had a hard time with the information and never felt they could talk to the minister about it—because they were concerned that being a man of God, that it might reflect badly on them somehow.  I continued to help with the church for the next four years.  That guy married my wife and me but there was always a tension between us that remained. I wouldn’t say that he was a bad person because of that particular weakness for flesh, but it certainly diminished him in my eyes forever.  And my experience tells me that his behavior is the norm in a relationship where someone has authority over another whether it’s in a marriage, a government relationship, or a religion.  Honestly, what kept me safe from molestation was that I had my whip with me and everyone knew what I could do with it.  It is why I can tell this story now without a history of molestation in the wake.  Weapons keep us free from those who want to harm us due to their internal demons and weaknesses.

If anything gun manufacturers are saintly practitioners of goodness because they keep the bad thoughts of the power-hungry at bay.  Just because a religious leader is supposedly the representative of God on earth—it does not mean they are free of corruption.  Even those who are self-proclaimed non-sexual types have their weaknesses that come out when they think they are safely within the confines of an object of their desire.  I knew that guy really well until he pulled off his pants. That’s when you realize that you never really know anybody until you get that close and I hold those lessons adamantly to this day.  The world is full of freaks, punks and creeps, and within it we need ways to protect ourselves from intellectual and physical molestation.  My story came out alright because I had the unique abilities with the bullwhip to keep me safe.   But not everyone has such a luxury.  For them, it’s good to have a 9mm in their purse, or an AR-15 in their duffel bag.  It keeps the bad guys on their side of the tent you might say.  And it keeps decisions and responsibility for them in control of your mind—because you don’t have to yield to force under any condition.  That is why guns are a moral safeguard in America for the capitalist form of government.  The Pope may not like guns as he is trying to unite the world around his church and personal ideology of soft socialism.  But in America, we are different because we have the right to protect ourselves from people like the Pope.  He may not be as inclined to act poorly as my childhood minister, but the Catholic Church has a long history of molesting young boys—so they are not to be trusted.  The Catholic Church is responsible for more death and war than all the shootings in America added up over the last century.  They are hardly worthy of political advice, and I would argue spiritual as well.  They don’t understand “God.”  The churches of our world are focused too much on sacrifice to be truly relevant.  And it is in their error of focus that we need guns to protect us from their fallacy.  Guns give us the right to be wolves of our own design instead of sheep sent to slaughter under the poor philosophy of a church built on foundations of improper focus on worship to history interpreted by men more than the reality of actuality.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Why Pope Francis is an Idiot: God loves guns and their manufacturers

  1. The Pope is an idiot for many reasons, not just this one. He keeps flapping his gums about things he knows nothing about and sometimes uses Pseudo-Science to justify the “guidance” to his flock. No wonder there are more and more people leaving the Catholic Church.


  2. Agree. This Pope is a loose canon. Although in the liberal underground of the Catholic Church who seeks to make the Church a carbon copy of the Episcopalian church or even Unitarian, this Pope supports that 100 percent. Absolutely no orthodoxy or Christ’s teaching just the liberal agenda.


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