“Kill Back First”: Larry Nichols and the American Clinton mafia

Some might say that Larry Nichols had an axe to grind with the Clintons, which is why he betrayed them with whistleblower information—like that he killed people on their behalf, that Chelsea Clinton is not Bill’s daughter, and that the Clintons ran drugs while governor of Arkansas and raped young girls brutally beating them to keep them quit.  Yes this is the same Hillary and Bill who are currently running for president of the United States—unbelievably—and they are terribly bad people.  If I were a normal person, I might not believe Larry Nichols either—as his story sounds too outrageous compared to the nice old lady on television who says she’s fighting for women’s rights and the poor.  But I do believe Larry Nichols because I have a past with people just like him.  I have known people who kill for money, and I understand their need to come clean once they’ve had their fill of Vegas whores and drugs.  The mainstream media is not ready for such information, but—on the Alex Jones Show, the venue is appropriate.  What Larry Nichols says here I believe is the truth revealed by a man who wishes now he could take it all back.  And the only place who will talk to Larry is conspiracy sources like Alex Jones.  You don’t hear much about Nichols on outlets like Fox or CNN, because it’s just too much to deal with.  Even Fox wants to believe that Clinton is a viable candidate—they’ve been promoting Hillary since 2013 for a 2016 run.  They have too much invested at this point for Nichols to erase the story with all this damning information.

Essentially what we have with the Clintons and to a lesser extent Obama is a modern form of Chicago style organized crime very similar to Al Capone’s network during the Prohibition period.   The media are completely in the bag for Hillary one because ideologically, they all believe in the same levels of socialism taught in the primary colleges during the 60s, 70s and 80s.  For more information read my article on The Naked Communist and the accompanying radio broadcast I did with Matt Clark on WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  That at least explains how Hillary has managed to get away with many of the crimes—too many people at high levels believe in the communist mantra “the ends justify the means.”  But we’re dealing with more than a socialist push in American politics to make the old hippies happy who are now in charge of everything as heads of government divisions, corporations, and political leaders like the Clintons—we are seeing a pattern where a mafia was built around Little Rock Arkansas which was then extended to the nation as a whole during their presidency.  After their White House stay the Clintons focused on a global mafia through their Clinton Foundation which is what the current problems are all about from that supposed charity.

These are unfathomably bad, evil people—and their defenders are worse, but at least share in common with Larry Nichols an attraction to power and a love of the money that flows from it.  The Clintons essentially destroyed the concept of an American president during the 90s.  There was a terrorist attack at the start of George Bush’s term which caused him to over-react and spend America into oblivion—as planned when the attack was planned by many minds, not just Osama bin Laden.  (Ever wonder why Osama was killed and buried at sea without a single photograph taken and released to the American people to prove that a murderer had been captured and killed—strange)  Then there was Obama, a mixed race kid raised in Indonesia who is fundamentally anti-American whose mission at the beginning of his term was to “fundamentally transform America” using the classic Cloward and Piven strategy of economic collapse followed by a socialist management of resources from centralized control.  It’s the Greek model and it’s coming to America thanks to Barack Obama and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  America is under a military style attack as we speak and the Clintons have been for years the field generals working from the White House implementing a strategy they hatched years ago to undo the United States into a socialist utopia.  And they used people like Larry Nichols to be their “heavies.”

In a socialist society this is what you get—there are enforcers who must do the nasty work of showing individuals who’s in charge and what happens to people if they step out.  This behavior has been taught in our government schools to us for decades—so we unconsciously accept the behavior without question.  For instance, let’s take the child actor Jake Lloyd who played Anakin Skywalker in the popular Star Wars film The Phantom Menace.  He was recently arrested in Charleston, South Carolina during a high-speed chase with police as he had clearly fallen off the rocker.  But where did it start?  After the success of his Star Wars role, the little 10-year-old found integration into society impossible as the kids in his school teased him about his fame to no end, essentially driving the kid crazy to the point of trying to change his name.  In a classroom environment where socialism is being taught, Excepetionalism is ridiculed to keep everyone in the muddy middle, which is why the kids were encouraged to castigate young Jake so profusely.  Jake had opportunities the other kids didn’t have, so he was singled out and ridiculed to change his behavior into a focus on the collective.  Essentially this is precisely what Hillary and Obama do from the White House and it was people like Larry Nichols who did the pushing and shoving to bring those who strayed out of the flock back into the fold through any means possible.

Now it should be clear what kind of game is going on, and it’s not what anybody thought who doesn’t follow history or take the time to understand the players of modern politics.  There is safety in the herd and entirely too many people are happy to stay in a group conglomeration just so they can live their lives without always looking over their back.  Hit men are kind of the top of the food chain, even relative to corrupt politicians like the Clintons.  Hillary can extort money from corporations through the Clinton Foundation to hire hit men like Nichols to kill a rival or a lone wolf who is a threat, but they don’t have the fortitude to do such work themselves.  So they are always dependent on people like Nichols, and the primary reason he’s still alive after saying all these things about the Clintons his because of his former Green Beret training.  There is a term used in such Special Forces for just such an occasion and that is to “kill back first.”  Once word gets around that the target of a hit is a “kill back,” there is great reluctance to carry out the task.  Most hits are untrained, over weight slugs in suits.  They don’t know what to do when thrown into a situation of survival.  The “targets” immediate instinct often shaped during public school is to retreat and appease back into the herd.  That makes easy killing for a hit man like Nichols used to be.  But when a hit is called out against Nichols, it’s not so easy—because he won’t retreat like that, making the hit much more difficult.  Dying often isn’t worth the money, so the hits are minimized greatly as pin-headed politicians attempt to delegitimize such people through social pressure—since other hit men are reluctant to take on a “kill back” case.

As outrageous as this might sound to the soccer mom meeting her friends at Chipotle to giggle about Hillary’s run for President, or the old hippie still listening to vinyl recordings of John Lennon’s “Back in the U.S.S.R,” the facts of the matter are in Larry Nichols statements.  The politics we see on television is not the politics we are paying for, and at the heart of the matter, Hillary should not be running for President, she should be in jail for murdering Chris Stevens on behalf of her boss, Barack Obama to cover up the weapons deals that were going on in Libya at the time.  After all, it’s not so easy to shut up people the way one might delete all the emails on their personal computer servers to erase incriminating evidence.  Unlike emails, people have feelings, relationships and their own motivations.  And for the kind of mafia that Hillary is at the center of—the only way to continue obtaining power and manipulating the public safely back into the herd is through hit men like Larry Nichols.  That’s why everyone in America should listen to him—because he knows where the bodies are buried.  Let him show the world—so that the organized crime at the heart of the American government can be dismantled once and for all.  And for those who worry about having a hit put out on you remember the term, “kill back first.”  And perform the task in such an unfortunate situation for the betterment of our nation.

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Rich Hoffman


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