Progressives Playing Capture the Flag: Defending Confederate defiance

If I lived back in the days of slavery in America I would have no doubt been on the abolitionist side of the argument.  The Lincoln Republicans against the Jefferson Davis Democrats was essentially the battle lines and I have nothing at all in common with Jefferson Davis—not even remotely.  Yet the same progressive tripe who has attempted to associate Republicans with slave ownership and declines to tell black America that Martin Luther King was a Republican—as was Frederick Douglas are now trying to capitalize on the vile hatred of one silly boy from North Carolina into all-out hatred against the Confederate Flag.  This is essentially what progressives do—they insist to “progress” beyond tradition and to advance forked tongued debate into redefining the meanings of things to suit their political agenda.

When traveling through the south I enjoy seeing the Confederate Flag.  It represents to me nothing of slavery—even if that was the historical significance.  It represents to me defiance and a warning that if the Federal government over steps its authority, that half the country is willing and able to stand up against it in rebellion.  There is modern slavery going on to this very day right out in the open which I would argue is every bit as bad as the plantation slavery that is the focus of so many progressives, and I don’t want a government that supports that activity ruling over me.  If they come to my street to impose the NDAA Act for some tactical imposition conjured up within the ranks of progressive lunacy—I will fly my own flag against the country.  You can bet on it.  I have no respect for the authority of President Obama, not because he’s a half-black socialist from the terrorist minds of the Weather Underground put in place to dismantle my country with a Francis Piven strategy of economic collapse—but because he’s an idiot.  I have far less in common with the crime family of the Clintons and I will stand against them even harder.  Again, it has nothing to do with Hillary being a woman—it’s because her husband is a sex addict and a con artist, and she is a power addicted former hippie who would further like to dismantle the United States and place it under the authority of the United Nations—and they’ll happily destroy anybody who gets in their way.  So when those types of people say “not” to do something—I tend to want to do it.  And to me the Confederate Flag is a reminder that people will come together and stand up to tyranny even if what they are defending is historically wrong.  The South to this very day resists labor union ownership of their manufacturing plants and is an economic force in its own right—which is unquestionably what is behind the push to remove the Confederate Flag from public viewing—all over the antics of one stupid kid stoked to hatred by the same Obama White House who wants the flag removed.

If black America has a right to not be afraid from the sight of the Confederate Flag then “White America” has a right to not hear rap songs about beating white women and killing “crackers,” emerging from the car speakers of teenagers.  It also has the right to not see packs of blacks walking down our shopping malls with their pants pulled down under their butt cheeks and behaving like a pack of wild animals ready to pounce on anyone who uses the “N” word while at the same time they use it incessantly—even in their music, that in and of itself is racist.  When a race of people can use a word and the other race of people can’t—that is the same kind of hatred that the Confederate Flag supposedly represents—segregation and rule through fear.  Yet we’re supposed to buy into the notion that the Confederate Flag represents hate—yet Jay Z is a friend of the current president and is treated within the entertainment culture as royalty for essentially preaching hate on a mass scale within the music industry.

The radicals are getting their way, governments and corporations are reacting to the South Carolina Church shooting by appeasing the mob and removing the Confederate Flag from everything—including toys of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.  That is where the line gets crossed and this whole situation simply becomes ridiculous.  I have written about this before in quite a lot of detail.  Click here to review.  So I’ll make a prediction as a result of all this activity—that the state house in South Carolina might remove the Confederate Flag, and so will stores like Wal-Mart because they are already under attack by the Department of Labor for their anti-union positions and have no choice in the matter.  But these progressives are going to get far more than they bargained for.  They are going to force the Confederate Flag underground where it will do a lot more damage and make many more people like that stupid kid Dylan Roof.  The Confederate Flag may represent slavery in a historical perspective, but it represents rebellion to entire generations weary of an overreaching government.  And that will become the meaning of the flag as it gets pushed underground.  It will become the new “N” word in the South—more so than it is currently—and only whites will be able to use it.  Mark my words—the fires stoked by progressivism will have a reversed result from their initial intention of moving American society into a unifying progressive vision of the world.  Instead they will have created a dug in group of rebels quite tightly united behind the old Rebel Flag of the South.

If you want to hear hate speech just listen to an average rap album from just about any musical artist of the modern-day and you’ll hear why people were initially afraid of blacks in the first place—why there were fears of them integrating into our “white” culture.  Of course progressives have destroyed the image of the type of blacks who were distinctly Republicans, like Frederick Douglas and instead empowered the worst of their lot to advance the progressive cause of much misery and inner city violence. Progressives don’t teach the mantra of Republican blacks like Martin Luther King—it’s the drug induced types like Snoop Dog and his associates of hate provocateurs within the world of rap who they proclaim are kings of inner city art.  And the old timers who were so afraid of those same blacks are whispering “I told you so” from across the folds of time.  Rebel flags will fly in the basements of those families for many generations and there will be more hatred bred as a result—more mistrust evoked and the situation will become much, much worse.

Rush Limbaugh was correct when he said that the push against the Confederate Flag was about more than just racism.  This argument has sat on the back burner waiting for someone like a Dylan Roof for decades.  The moment they had their straw man, progressives launched their attack and the corporate world had to submit out of that ancient guilt of racism that all whites are supposed to feel—because progressives told them to feel it.  Well, I don’t feel any guilt—not one ounce of it.  Because I know history quite acutely, and I know which party freed the slaves and who stood for a proper black society—and they weren’t people like P Daddy.  We are under attack from progressives in every sector of America and they are playing a game of “capture the flag” within our culture.  And to them bringing down the Confederate Flag has nothing to do with racism, it has everything to do with capturing the South and bringing them into the fold of a progressive utopia they are trying to design for us all.  But I want nothing of their design, and I know I’m not alone.  The Rebel Flag will gain in strength, not diminish—especially when it becomes even more taboo than it currently is.  And the ramifications of that behavior will be the exclusive fault of the modern progressives.  They are the cause of much misery in the world, and they have just thrown fuel on a fire that was already roaring.

Rich Hoffman


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