Clipping the Wings of Children: Public re-education centers open for business in your neighborhood


Even to this very day there has been great fear among conspiracy circles about the re-education camps that would spring up around the United States under United Nations control. Even Glenn Beck fell under the spell of that fear with his novels, Agenda 21. Essentially the strategy would be that local bureaucrats trained directly through local seminars into United Nations priorities passed down through Chamber of Commerce networks would gradually shut down private property taxing it beyond the reach of average homeowners.  People would then be relocated onto government property using Sweden style public house to implement communities managed by the state.  Those who resist would be put into a train and shipped off to re-education centers, similar to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany to either get with the “program” or to be killed.  That is in essence what the conspiracy theorists have been concerned about.  Yet reality is something else, the menace is not so literal.  The bad guys don’t fit so neatly on a silver screen plot line—in a lot of ways, they are friendly faces from neighbors and community leaders who appear to do all the right things. But they are just as sinister nonetheless—perhaps worse because they behave in ways that we are taught not to identify as bad so we don’t see the behavior ahead of time.

For anyone who has ever had a pet bird, such as a parakeet they know that one of the things that must happen is that the wings of the birds need to be clipped so that if they get out of the cage, they won’t be able to fly too far.  This always seemed bad to me.  When I have had parakeets in my family I’d often get the birds out of their cages and let them fly around the house freely keeping a close eye on the door so they wouldn’t fly out and get away.  But I didn’t like clipping their wings—it seems immoral to do such a thing to a bird.   Yet its common practice at a pet store to deliver the birds with their wings clipped so that the buyer doesn’t have to worry about the little birds flying away.  For human beings our wings are of course our minds.  We fly not with wings, but with our thoughts and imaginations.  That is the strength of the human being—the products of their minds.

In truth the re-education centers are already in place.  We fund them with our tax dollars and we spend a lifetime of savings sending our children to their classrooms.  Our public schools and colleges are those re-education centers that the conspiracy theorists have been warning about.  Their primary function in these schools is to reprogram our youth into compliant citizens focused on progressive causes.  In essence, to clip the wings of thought to keep their minds captive towards a cage of social justice as defined by progressives so that once grown, those students will be unable to fly away, but will stay in their cages for safety and reliability of food.  The programming starts young and once the mind accepts the limitations imposed by the public schools and colleges, they will be adults forever after unable to fly away too far from the cages placed around them by progressive institutions.

The warnings have come from people like David Horowitz for many years.  Many others followed—but the majority of the public wished to deny that this re-programming was occurring.  I determined when I was going though the public school system that it was occurring and I resisted vigorously.  If a teacher told me something was blue, I questioned it every single time—or I blew them off as know-nothings and obtained the information on my own.  I was a naturally rebellious kid so that kind of defiance was easy for me.  The angrier the authority figures were toward me, the more encouraged I was to indulge in the activity.  Some people thrive in environments of conflict.  Some people avoid conflict at all costs.  Those unfortunately are the ones most impacted by this re-programming.  In college I was sure that the primary focus of the institution was not in preparing students for a successful life in the style of American capitalism—it was to be in service toward a push for socialism on a mass scale.  The entire focus of the institution seemed to be in teaching Keynesian economics and Marx philosophy.  In essence, if birds were meant to fly and the most moral thing to do with a bird is to let it grow wings to fly as high and far as it could achieve in life, the intention of the education institutions were to clip the wings of those birds so that they would stay in the cages of life built by the politics of the day to make reliable taxpayers and well-managed creatures located in close proximity to the management tasked with feeding them.  By clipping wings, the education institutions could ensure that every bird would be equally handicapped to live under progressive management.  Even as an adult going into the Lakota levy fights of 2010 I still gave some benefit to the doubt cast by Horowitz over the years and had an open mind.  Once I dug into the actual intentions of my local school system and contemplated the illogical diatribes they used to counter my assertions against them, it was clear what their primary focus was.

For me the straw that broke the back was when the school sought ways to cover up the story of a child molester in a third grade class—for the benefit of the institution at the expense of the individual lives of the students.  About a year later after a third levy defeat the school dug in its heels to begin cutting programs to the students in spite of what the voters had declared.  It was obvious that the intention of the school hell or high water was to impose a tax increase on the community and they would withhold service until they obtained what they wanted.  They were playing an extortion game and using the children of my community to pull it off—which made me very, very angry, and changed my thoughts about public education forever.  As I discovered in my research, all public schools were performing in essentially the same fashion, so it’s a nationalized effort coming directly from the Department of Education aligned with the progressive intentions of the national labor unions.  The goal was to clip the wings of students so that they could be held hostage from parents who had placed all their trust into the schools leaving them with no other recourse but to go along to get along.  It’s an abusive relationship designed to pave the way to extortion, which is not what education is supposed to be about.  Parents want to believe that the education their children are getting are giving their children wings to fly with, but what they are really getting are wings clipped so that nobody can ever fly away—imprisoning them to the management desires of progressives within the United Nations.  That is not a conspiracy theory—it’s a cold, hard, fact.

Most people don’t want to believe this hard truth, and I can understand it.  It feels better to look at a parakeet in a cage and believe that we are saving it from the harsh world outside of their cage—that we as the owners are clipping the wings of the little creature for its own good.  But in reality, we are denying it of its God-given right to live freely, and have destroyed its essence in the process.  I am personally a person who supports zoos, aquariums, and theme parks like Sea World.  But the same people who are advocating against Sea World’s use of killer whales are the same who most support progressive public education and the deliberate clipping of the intellectual wings of the youth—because at the heart of the United Nations efforts at all these issues—public education, conservation, civil rights, etc., is an almost god-like worship of nature.  They care more for the earth than in human beings and would like to take humans back into a primitive state living in accordance with early nomadic people—to preserve the earth.  Capitalism is a celebration of mankind’s mind.  Socialism is a focus on the collective not only of human beings, but of all things on earth—and that is the intent of our education systems—to hold the minds of mankind within the cages of progressivism, not to protect them from the world, but to protect the world from humans.

If there is any doubt as to what I am saying—which I have said extensively over the years—watch the videos on this article, then do your own research.  At that time you’ll discover that you and your children are just clipped winged avian nuisances that progressive intuitions want to stuff into a cage so they can worship their deities at the sacrifice of capitalism.    That is what your children are learning in school and the path in life they are being imprisoned to follow.

Rich Hoffman


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