Gay Sex is Gross: Why traditional Americans are on a tactically selected vacation

I actually feel bad for many out there who have been reading here, and have listened to talk radio for some time and understood the warnings, yet didn’t fully understand what was coming.  Progressives have a desire to “progress” from what we have traditionally been—which is the most economically powerful nation in the world that provides the most opportunity to the most diverse population anywhere—and to take the country to some centrally managed disaster they consider a utopia. Watching what’s happening to America presently is painful especially for those who love it.  But progressives were always about performing this kind of military attack against traditionalists.  They took advantage of our kindness, and the naiveté typical of American traditionalists.  They have sought openly to not only progress the country beyond them—but to destroy traditional America in the process.  It is now quite clear what Barack Obama meant when he said he planned to fundamentally transform America.  After the Supreme Court rulings during the last week of June 2015 it is obvious what that means to progressives—and traditional Americans don’t like it.
  Matt Clark was back from his honeymoon and spoke very clearly about the tragic Supreme Court decisions involving the sustaining of Obamacare and of gay marriage.  From WAAM radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan Matt had one of the better summations to date during his radio show and had a parade of very intelligent callers on to articulate their frustrations.

Speaking of vacations, if you are the type who is an innovator and a strong presence in whatever company you work for, you likely notice that whenever you take a vacation there is this vast parade of people who hide in your wake and try to assert their dominance while you’re gone.  The stronger you are, the more of these second-handers there are to fight over the power vacuum you leave behind.  It charges their ego like children to believe that they can steer the world as well as you have—even though they really can’t.  They can hold the steering wheel and guide things along opposed to doing everything from the leading edge—but it’s their fantasy and it lasts until you get back from wherever you’ve been.  It gets further infuriating when they declare themselves equal to the world, because what you do takes courage, insight, imagination, and a 24-hour, 7 days a week mental maintenance that they don’t commit themselves to, yet they want to be considered equal in the scheme of things—even though they don’t put nearly as much into success as you do.  I have often deliberately baited these types over the years into revealing their intentions at times I determine to minimize the damage they can do—knowing full what their behavior patterns will entail to use their destructive behavior in a way that is positive toward a strategic assessment.  In a lot of ways that is what’s happening on the national stage.  I know I’ve warned about it for years, Matt certainly has along with a handful of others—but at some point you have to make the decision to let the progressives choke on their own skanky bi-product.  They want to drive, they want the credit, but they don’t have the ability to sustain things so they progress themselves right over the side of a cliff threatening to take the rest of the nation with them.  But, guess what—I’m not following and neither will most of normal America.  To show the world what progressives are really about, we have to sometimes let them show their cards to a skeptical audience—which is what they are doing.  Meanwhile we clean our guns in our garages and wait to return from a brief recess.  Much of the damage currently witnessed can be repaired with good management.  But these progressive scumbags need to be exposed, which is what we are seeing.  Left alone they are painting the White House in colors of rainbows and unicorns while the rest of the world laughs, and it’s painful to watch, but it’s the only way to expose them of their true intentions.

My wife and I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and have been on the road extensively visiting family in remote locations.  At rest stops along the way I would joke to my wife in the wake of all this progressive treachery that soon there won’t even be men and women’s restrooms—that someday soon we will be able to go to the same restroom at the same time.  After all, with so many men who think they are women and women who think they’re men—complete with transvestites, gays, lesbians, pedophiles, child abusers, and other sexual deviants running around—what’s the point of even spending the extra money keeping the sexes separated with two bathrooms?  Everyone might as well assimilate into some slime of humanity since progressives want to remove all barriers of judgment. But we all know that won’t work, it’s just a facetious statement.  Normal Americans aren’t wired like that, and they won’t accept it.  You know how I know that dear reader—because of the box office from the progressive machine itself in Hollywood, which I watch very closely to take the temperature of the country.  When Disney puts out a romantic animation film like Frozen featuring two gay guys kissing and it makes a billion dollars at the box office, that’s when you can start worrying.  But I think we’re all safe from that kind of thing.  Not because Disney or some other studio wouldn’t want to try, but because movie goers would reject the premise—because they can’t identify.

The public schools are trying to wire our children into accepting gay behavior, as is every venue that government touches, particularly the entertainment industry.  But what they can’t do is make it appealing to want to stick a part of your body into someone’s butt.  That just doesn’t work and doesn’t have very positive biological implication in the realm of sex.  It doesn’t make for a very good romantic comedy when people are forced to watch it on their movie screens—because human beings aren’t wired that way by nature. Progressives desire to progressive beyond such limits—but they are really just making fools of themselves.  They are moving the needle a few percentage points today in the direction of their desire, but it won’t last.  Gay sex is gross to most people and that won’t change through the aggressive progressive marketing that we are seeing.  The harder they push their agenda, the more that Americans will cry out for traditionalists to come back from their vacations and resume control, which is why it’s important to let all this nonsense play out.  If we always fix things for the progressives then they can pretend they are equal to the rest of us.  Sometimes it’s good to take a vacation and just let things play out so their behavior can be exposed for what it really is.  I know I’ve been warning people what would happen if progressives were not properly identified as the communists they truly are.  But nobody wanted to listen because they were fat, dumb and happy.  The money was rolling in, the jobs were plentiful, and our sports teams were keeping us entertained.  It was at that point that people like me just dropped everything and went on vacation.  You have to let the progressives show what they want to give the world so the world can finally dismiss them as irrelevant.

But that doesn’t take away the pain of seeing something you care about being dismantled and abused which is what is happening in America right now.  It does hurt to watch, but people need to see this now so they can vote properly for the next president in 2016.  They need to want the traditionalists to come back from their vacations of gun cleaning and Bible thumping and return America to normal.  But before that can happen the progressives need to have complete ownership of the failure—which is what we are seeing at this very moment.  Progressives might consider it a victory lap, but that won’t last very long because failure is a lonely road and so long as the traditionalist refuse to share that failure with them, there’s nowhere else to go but to say—“I told you so.”  We all did.  Traditionalists aren’t conquered or on the run, they are just on a tactically selected vacation—and they will return.

Rich Hoffman


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