The Case of the Clinton Confederate Flags: Attempting to put the sins of their evil on political enemies

Given what we know about the Clinton’s it is likely they had a non-official arm of their 1992 and 2008 campaigns making Confederate Flag buttons to appeal to southern voters without having the official union bug indicating “official” campaign backing so that they could always have deniability later if things went bad. That is precisely the position they find themselves in presently in 2015 as campaign buttons from the past show the Confederate Flag prominently featured on political material featuring them. It’s very easy, all you have to do as a candidate is slide some money under the table to some southern supporters and let them take a design to Cafepress to make and distribute without an official capacity being endorsed by the candidates themselves. But the intent is to perform some gorilla campaigning. I know from experience how the game works as I did similar work for the Perot campaign. I dressed up a scantily clad Penthouse model covering her private parts up with Ross Perot buttons and put her on Fountain Square in Cincinnati to pass out campaign literature. Guess what, it worked, we passed out 10,000 items of campaign literature during lunch hour from very eager voters who just wanted to have their picture taken next to the Penthouse Pet, men and women. The campaign office knew what I was doing, but they needed to have plausible deniability. A friend of mine along with me operated like this for three months up to the election and guess what, we received an invite to spend time with the family in Dallas on election night. We acted on our own, but the hard work was recognized in an “unofficial” capacity.

Up until recently Democrats used the Confederate Flag in promotional ways to win the hearts of southerners. The flag is very important to the south. VERY IMPORTANT. It has taken on an entirely new contemporary meaning against federalism as opposed to its original meaning of slavery support. To understand to what effect this takes place just consider the recent NASCAR mandate against the flag and the massive public outpouring that took place over the 4th of July weekend in Daytona at their yearly summer race. The infield was a sea of Confederate Flags provoked by NASCAR’s weak position in the face of progressivism. And this is where southern Democrats and Progressives suddenly find themselves at odds with each other.

The Confederate Flag was never a Republican flag. As I have said in a previous article which should be read by everyone, and if you haven’t yet you need to, the Confederate Flag was the flag of southern Democrats, not abolitionist Republicans. When you read the article you need to send it to all your friends, and make sure you and they watch both videos contained therein defending the Confederate Flag. If you want to know the real story, that guy nails it. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. The Clintons obviously being from the south understood what the Confederate Flag meant to southerners who they were trying to get votes from, so they “unofficially” endorsed the material to appeal to that base. But they did it in a “black ops” fashion to give them deniability later. That’s why they were so quick to answer the questions about this Confederate Flag paraphernalia with their names all over it, when Hillary can’t tell anybody when or where she illegally deleted all those emails from her private server. They already had a planted answer with the union bug endorsement, or lack thereof.

But the case remains that the Confederate Flag is not a part of any Republican racism. That is an incorrect statement. It is in fact that Republicans have done more to free slaves and integrate them into American society than Democrats ever thought of attempting and those Democrats flew the Confederate Flag at nearly every political rally in the south for over a century now. Of course Barack Obama wouldn’t know all that, because he’s not from America. He may have been born in Hawaii, but his mother carried him off to Indonesia where he was raised as a kid. Then he went to school in the coastal East, and they have no idea what the Confederate Flag is. But the Clintons knew, and they exploited that patriotism in exchange for votes.

It was an unintended consequence that present Democrats demonized the Confederate Flag the way they did hoping to paint white supremacy with Republicans. This is the problem with a failed education system that doesn’t know history—teaching people all the wrong things. Democrats were the white supremacists just like Hitler wasn’t a conservative—he was a dictator minded socialist. Any lunatic like the idiot who went into that South Carolina church worshipping swastikas and the Confederate Flag was not an abolitionist Republican. They are more representative of former slave holding Democrats. That’s why it’s important to be smart, and to know history dear reader. Stupid people get facts wrong like these idiots who have attempted to crucify the Confederate Flag without knowing that it’s the flag of their party. Bill Clinton knew that in 1992 and Hillary knew that in 2008. They gave themselves a back door in case they were ever pressed, but they understood they needed to tap into southern Democrats in a traditional way if they had hopes of winning the White House. And to do that, the Confederate Flag was a sure-fire way to stir up southern votes.

It is insanely stupid how many people actually have believed the tripe about Republicans and the Confederate Flag. The two are diametrically opposed. They don’t even belong in the same sentence with one another. Confederate Flags and Democrats have the long history together and it has been well-known for years. Yet because they have nothing left in their bag of deceptive tricks, Democrats are hoping that Republicans will just take the racist allegations without defending themselves—like they usually do—and give Democrats a get out of jail free card on the issue. This is the fault of brain-dead marijuana smoking losers who call themselves progressives and pretend to have an understanding of the past that was shaped by vile, evil people. They say really dumb things that end up biting them in the ass—as this Confederate Flag issue has. And they really can’t refute it because history is not on their side. Those of us, who know history, know better.

Rich Hoffman


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One thought on “The Case of the Clinton Confederate Flags: Attempting to put the sins of their evil on political enemies

  1. There are many battle flags of the Confederate states. I wonder if the left want to eliminate all of them and the history that goes along with them. The idiots are trying to take down memorials and much of American Historical sites. This is all part of the “change.” Patriotism is considered an evil act by the “change agents.” Forgotten because it didn’t serve their purpose was the Charleston murderer with a burning United States of America flag. Did they interpret this fact that this sick man hated the U.S.A..


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