Only 1.2 Billion Jobs in the World: A case for Donald Trump as President

I said a lot in yesterday’s article, CLICK TO REVIEW, but one of the most profound, and sobering testimonials was that there are roughly 7 billion people on planet earth and only 1.2 billion jobs. Those 1.2 billion jobs are the source of much misery in every corner of the planet and is the cause of the massive influx of American border assaults by illegal aliens. If there were good jobs in Mexico for instance, there wouldn’t be a massive influx of people trying to get into the United States where there are jobs. Most of the contemporary problems in our global society come down to a lack of jobs. And under socialist or communist governments, such as Greece, Cyprus, France, China, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, the entire Central American region—I could go on forever—jobs are in short supply outside of their natural resource exploitation because of their selected politics. Collectivist based governments do not invent new things, and thus do not make new jobs. Only capitalist countries do.

Donald Trump in a normal America would not be my ideal person for the White House. Morally he’s not my kind of guy—he’s been married several times, he’s arrogant, he’s too much of a salesman for me. I probably wouldn’t desire to go to a Nathan’s hot dog stand with him to grab a bite to eat for anything but professional discussion. But, in the current political climate, I think his run for president is necessary in the United States. He is a businessman who knows how to straight talk, and he’s a real job creator. He understands capitalism, and it is the lack of capitalism that ails the world. So to fix the world, it needs someone at a high level of politics who can unlock its potential without the usual fear that is invoked from the communist left.

This news about jobs isn’t new; it’s been around for quite a long time. Feel free to look it up on your own. The next time a communist advocate or socialist politician points toward the wealthy and suggests that those people are the ones who need to be stolen from, demonized, and thrown into a pot for everyone to consume, you should metaphorically punch them in the mouth—because they’re idiots. They are a good reason why there are so few jobs in the world because job creation is a creative enterprise. More regulation hurts creativity, less accelerates it. People like Donald Trump are arrogant because he is a real job creator and wealth builder—and he’s a mean asshole because you get that way after dealing with idiots for twenty to thirty years straight with no reprieve. Pretty soon, you stop caring what idiots think, and you let your tongue loose to tell them just how stupid they are. Socialists and their various political forms are the cause of the limited number of jobs available in the world. It’s their fault for not embracing capitalism. Trump on the other hand proudly advocates on behalf of capitalism and would as President of the United States sell it as the most viable option to the rest of the world. He may piss off that world, but they would be better for it.

I have been involved in controversies similar to Trump, and I explained to local politicians in my area that aggressive tactics are best for dealing with the extreme left. The left is at war with the political right; they don’t want to compromise or live a life in harmony with them. They want conservatives dead and buried and they will utilize any method to perform their objective. So playing patty cake with the left will not lead to wins. I explained this in an article about an interview I did with Scott Sloan on WLW radio called The Magic 100. CLICK HERE to review. The left uses Saul Alinsky tactics to paint conservatives into a corner of guilt, and they expect us to follow the rules of Christianity and turn the other cheek and allow them to socially molest us. But when you inform them that you’d gladly make a flag out of the hide of their backs, they get a little scared, because that isn’t the reaction they expect from the Saul Alinsky playbook. But sometimes that’s what needs to be said and sometimes done—because that is the game they are playing, and if you don’t return the favor, your way of life will be destroyed.

The puss bellied Republicans who have chastised Trump for his comments are part of the problem. They want to play a game that is firmly in control of the political left—the communist lovers who want to fundamentally transform our nation from a capitalism one, into socialist. Under progressive/socialist leadership those 1.2 billion jobs will drop down to less than that because America is not just the land of the free, but it’s also the land of jobs. There are jobs in the United States because people are free—still to create jobs and spend money on those jobs. Other places where socialism has taken full hold, people wait for jobs to come along, they don’t make them. And that is what we are fighting for—people to make jobs in spite of those who want to limit job creation through regulation. The foolish logic of the socialist and progressive is that government confiscates wealth, and controls industry therefore becoming the job creator. But what they destroy are the incentives to create more jobs and the byproduct of their activity is intellectual stagnation—because they have taken the profit motive from the creative process.

Trump is smart to show off his excesses in this political climate—his billions of dollars in favor of capitalism. The true American terrorists of our day are the people who pull the strings behind the scenes anyway, people like Bill Gates support of Common Core which then moves the mouth of Jeb Bush, and people like George Soros who is behind many of the organizations attacking Donald Trump when he brings up important points they are trying to conceal. Jeb is a paid for politician. He’s not going to rattle any cages against the insurgents; he’s going to make peace with them. That plan hasn’t worked up to this point, what makes anybody think it will be profitable going into the future? Nobody in their right mind! Or Chris Christie selling out his friend Mitt Romney to suck up to Barack Obama in the final days of a presidential election weakened after a tragic hurricane to seek federal dollars in disaster relief. Someone like Donald Trump would have been in a position to just write a check himself—and make money back on the interest at a lower rate than the incursion of the federal debt. We don’t need another politician in Washington, another sell-out know nothing. We need a businessman who understands money, capitalism and job creation because it is there that most human problems will be solved in the future.

We are no longer at a place where we can afford to play nice, and so far only Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have shown a heart to play the game at the level required for the 2016 election. Everyone else is simply too soft, and Americans know instinctively what’s on the line. Just twenty years ago if a person wanted a job, there were plenty of help wanted signs in America. Now, not so much—and there haven’t been for quite a long time—and the risk is that going into the future, there will be even less. The cause is a lack of priority and understanding in capitalism among global markets. Trump is a representation of the best that America can produce regarding capitalism and he has a mouth big enough to teach it to others. I think of his presidential run as more than a stunt, he doesn’t need the attention. He doesn’t need the success. He’s a self-made man, and the world needs to know what one looks like without the usual apologies that most extreme wealthy exhibit through philanthropy to make leftists like him. Trump knows what some of us have the true understanding of, that people will like you if you give them a job. Even the most diabolical communist is prone to needing a job, and the grim reality is that they need people like Donald Trump more than he needs them. And they hate him for it. Just as the world needs America for the same reasons. They may hate us, but they need us—and we need a president who understands that relationship without pandering to their potential equality.

Rich Hoffman


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  1. I view Trump exactly the same. The longer he doesn’t back down and stands, the more confidence he gives to followers to do the same. It reminds me of something I learned in Psyche. class; if you need help in a crowd make eye contact with someone and call them out specifically, otherwise most people will do nothing. Trump is looking at us in the eye and saying, “Stand up for yourself. Fight.” Ridicule is merely a false front that can be kicked down. Trump knows this and he is an example others are going to follow which is why he is feared.


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