Melania Trump as a First Lady: A world in need of more alpha males

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  Donald Trump should be the next president, because out of all the candidates, he’s the most qualified for the specific job at hand. Over the last few days I have made the case for him as a person.  CLICK HERE to review.  But I can think of an even better reason than all those.  With Trump, you don’t just get one of the most successful people on planet earth—but you also get his wife, Melania.  Watch the videos included to get a small taste of what it would be like to have Melania Trump as a first lady.

Personally I have been embarrassed by the American First Ladies over the last 24 years.  Laura Bush was a nice average woman, mild-mannered and non controversial so it’s really not fair to include her, but in the context of the history, starting with Hillary Clinton and now ending with Michelle Obama it has been embarrassing to the world the quality of the women that our American Presidents have been married to.  Forget about progressive attempts to make females equal to men at every level, or the desires to eradicate Barbie Doll beauty from young girls playing with toys—human beings judge men of power based on their sexual prowess.  Excessively beautiful women biologically are the top of the food chain and can take their pick of mates—because obviously they are the most desirable.  Let me explain a bit about how and why this works.  But first it is important to know that Melania is a beautiful woman and she has dedicated her life to the potential beauty of all women.  Not everyone is blessed with natural beauty so they can accentuate themselves with jewelry.  This is known as improving one’s super normal sign stimuli.  CLICK TO REVIEW to understand the science.  It will support what I’m about to say dramatically.   Most people are wired this way; they just don’t admit it publicly.

Among men there are alphas and betas.  If we were directly compared to the behavior of animals, such as a cow, the alpha male would have his pick of potential mates in the herd, would typically control the water supply and keep all the betas functioning correctly.  Among all males at some point in their life they are most concerned about their placement in this pecking order among their peers.  Males like Donald Trump are alpha males who have never accepted that they would ever be anything but the top of the male pecking order.  If you put two alphas together, they typically will fight for domination.  Most men will relegate themselves to some position under an alpha male within their community.  This works out well for the most part.  However, the moment that an alpha male leaves the area other males who fantasize someday of being the new alpha will attempt a power climb through the vacancy of power left behind.  The reasoning for this is ultimately they want top pick of the potential lot of females.  Hopelessly passive beta types don’t even allow themselves to have such fantasies, so they just relegate their desires to the bodily exits of other beta males giving up on the process all together.  This is why males always check out the beauty of other male’s wives—because it subconsciously communicates the degree of alpha maleness for which they will have to contend with.  There are always exceptions, but this is a general rule in human behavior.

Melania Trump is a top pick female and she knows that she has the ability to pair herself up with only the top males of our society.  She tries to help other women not so gifted become more beautiful through sign stimuli (jewelry) which is a great service.  But in a photo shoot with nothing on but a bikini—no make-up, no painted fingernails and standing in the hard sun on a summer afternoon, Melania Trump is a beautiful woman, and she knows it.  As a first lady, she would bring something to the White House that it has never had, the glamour of a top-tier actress, and fashion model with the psychological implication that she is attached to a top alpha male from American society.  After eight years of the butt-ugly antics of Hillary Clinton—fat ankles and all complete with that square ass and saggy facial skin, then eight more years of the Amazonian Michelle Obama who looks like she ought to be a bouncer at a nightclub instead of a symbol of American Excepetionalism—our current White House needs to repair its image to the world.  Instead of projecting rainbows upon it to reflect the transvestite leanings of the current occupants to the world who naturally  know that Barack Obama is not an alpha male—because of his tendency to attach himself to other human beings who are clearly beta types, Melania Trump would be a welcome change.  Her White House would likely look like the fantasy pages of a Victoria Secret catalog—and that would provoke more males within American society to step into alpha roles while growing up, and would tell the world that an alpha male is in the White House.  That is a huge psychological advantage when it comes time to negotiate over something, whether its border security or Iranian nuclear weapons. If the negotiator on behalf of America is not an alpha male, then the negotiations will be lost.  Having Melania in a string bikini posing for a picture on the White House lawn with the Washington Monument in the background would do more for America’s public image and quests for global peace than billions of dollars in aid and wasted Secretary of State visits pandering to other beta males.  Melania would be much more effective because the world would know that the White House has an alpha male in it, and they would know to find their place in the world behind him.

Women as beautiful as Melania don’t hang out with anything but alpha males.  They may be compassionate to those who don’t have the same level of physical beauty. In Melania’s case, she appears to be beautiful on the inside too, which is double trouble for progressives who want to promote same-sex relationships among females who don’t have the hope of attracting other alpha males, and are not satisfied with their selection of beta males.  And other alpha males don’t look at Melania and desire to attempt to rob her away from her alpha mate, because if they too are alphas, they have their own attractive woman.  When a man attempts to seduce away another man’s woman in a way to leave his sexual mark upon her—to stigmatize her publicly, he is a beta attempting to dethrone an alpha without having direct conflict with the alpha. It is a method taught these days through progressivism to equalize everyone so that not even alpha males can have top pick of the top females, because the lot of seductresses would be tainted early on in their childhood development.  For instance, most young women taught today in the public school system are losing their virginity very early under the guidance of loose policies expressed through their teachers.  This taints them in the eyes of future alpha males and gives them little hope of attracting someone like Donald Trump to their bed.  Damaged goods are not attractive to alpha males.  Beta males don’t mind, because they are getting the table scraps of the alpha society.  They don’t mind sloppy seconds and pornographic infiltration.  But alpha males don’t associate or relish surrendering their stature to beta males—and this modern strategy of tainting the females to starve all the alpha males into mating among the betas is an attack on nature itself—and the American way of life that was born from that nature.

Melania Trump, as a first lady, would inform the world that capitalism works, that if alpha males around the world live up to their true potential that they might be able to have someone in their bed like Melania.  Progressive elements of society would consider that flamboyance to be catastrophic to their political ambitions, which is all the reason to shatter their dreams at the earliest possible moment.  For a change it would be an honor to have a woman of such beauty in America’s White House projecting to the world the hopes and dreams that can come from capitalism, because through capitalism, the alpha males get to unleash their talents for the benefit of everyone.  And that is a lot better than a White House that says to the world through rainbow colors and LGBT parties that the ambitions of the American President are to be as good as the very bad movie—The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Melania Trump would put the White House back to a level it belongs for what I think would be the first time.  Because American presidents are more than just figureheads of politics, they have to sell to the world the power of capitalism and benefits of Americanism.  And one look at Melania in a dress on the arm of her husband tells everyone that there is an alpha in charge in America, and that image alone would curb the violence seen in many of the far-flung corners of the globe—and save lives.  That is the power of an alpha male, and you can always tell who they are by the quality of their wives.  Did you ever see Michael Moore’s ex-wife?  Now you know what I’m talking about dear reader.  It may not be nice, but it’s how people think at their most primal essence—which cannot be changed through progressive politics no more than we can change people’s desires to eat food.

Rich Hoffman


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12 thoughts on “Melania Trump as a First Lady: A world in need of more alpha males”

  1. My husband and I agree, she’s one of the sexiest women we’ve ever seen.
    A firebrand, like Sophia Loren. It’s not even beauty as much as it is just pure sex appeal.
    Had lunch with patriots yesterday and The Donald is Huge with all of them. A couple of us don’t bother injecting our preference or desire for any elected officials now or in the future. It’s futile. But fun to talk about a Donald.
    Glenn Beck must be ripping his eyeballs out of the sockets!!!!! 😉


  2. HaHaHahaaa!!! This is one of the most ridiculous, but funny,posts I’ve read in a while. People need to google her “natural beauty”to find out where that comes from… Plastic surgery anyone? Also, check her interview with Refinery29 about her jewelry…just to get a better feel of how “smart” she really is. She doesnt even have a college degree. They say she does, but people in her country know better. Do a background check!! Yes, I agree thay she will bring something to the White House that was never seen before: A Trash and gold-digging success story. Alpha male, Trump? Hahahaha. Try better buffoon! He is nothing but a megalomaniac clown who would bring shame and destruction to the American people. I cant imagine looking at the “first lady” and not have her trashy, nude photos in my mind. The funny thing is that I do find her quite pretty and stylish , but I would never like her or respect her as a first lady. Too trashy and not very bright, plus she is a gold-digger, not a good example for our children.


      1. TKR,
        Love that you’re not a killjoy for the sidewinders who occasionally visit. Even more fun if they strike the author. I dig it.
        Hard to swallow that trash is in OUR house. Good grief. Wish I wouldn’t have watched that crap.


      2. Then the pornographic pictures of Melania are okay with you and your standards for the First Lady of The United States of America? Michelle Obama is an educated lady and this video shows her using an element of a culture that does not fit your own narrow-minded world of intolerance, in hopes of encouraging children to stay in school. As for your assessment of her being a “Amazonian sloth,” your shallow criteria would have made it very tough for the likes of great ladies such as Eleanor Roosevelt. Oh, wait. Mrs. Roosevelt was white so perhaps she might not rub your sensibilities the wrong way. Perhaps you would be fine with her, and all her humanitarian accomplishments, as a role model for our country’s children … even though she was not beautiful. Melania Trump shows her nipples in public and lives in the palace of an old orange man with a bad comb over who ALSO, consequently, values money over an almost-extinct American value; humanitarianism. He is an idiot who cannot see the catastrophic effect it would have on this country if we remove all aliens and close our borders. Donald Trump is a smart man who knows how to manipulate the weak of mind and he does it very well. When I think of “successful people on the planet” I think of people who have changed the course of history through their love of mankind; Mother Teresa, for example. Your criteria for success is obviously who can ruthlessly make the most money, those who can build the tallest buildings and egotistically plaster their names everywhere you look and not care who they trample on and over to do it, and, finally, who can spend the most money to have someone make their exterior appearance the envy of all who are shallow. Thank God Kim Kardashian isn’t running for leader of the free world, however, even she would be less of a threat to the future of mankind than Donald Trump. “Alpha males” are destructive warriors, my friend and if you have any education on the history of the world, it just doesn’t work.


      3. That is a fantastic comment. I wouldn’t say I have a narrow mind. Personally, I’m tired of all those sacrificial types. I want someone who represents the excesses that are produced by capitalism. Hopefully other countries will learn that socialism doesn’t work and maybe they’ll start following America’s lead to their own prosperity. Melania makes for an inviting spokesman for all that’s great about America.


      4. Okay, now THAT was an incredibly polite response, regardless of it’s content. Thank you. We do not see America and its current form of Capitalism the same, however. I am honestly not hostile, at this point, but totally fascinated by other’s points of view. I find it very intriguing that you view this country’s “excesses” as a positive aspect as, I’m sure, did the Romans. It is a trait that I view as destructive to any society. Again, I’m just making observations, comparing my point of view with yours, and am intrigued and incredibly curious. I’m not being patronizing, either. I would love to learn about your thought processes. I travel the world extensively and love to meet people I don’t understand and then study them until I do understand them. The happiest people I’ve found in the world are those who are happy with what they have. The French are a good example of this or, at least, the French of past decades. Americans, still, seem to be the most stressed, always wanting more than their neighbor. I wish I could meet you on a plane or for a long lunch, sometime. We’ve obviously already displayed the ability to agree to disagree so I would love to know you and learn why you think the way you do. Who knows? I have an open mind (unfortunately, lol), maybe you could change it. I doubt it, about the Trumps, however, but I did sit next to a gentleman on a plane who completely reversed my stance on gun control.
        BUT … for now, I’ll just have to read your blog unless you’ll be traveling between New York and San Diego any time soon. And I promise to not be an ass, as I was earlier today. Please accept my apologies and thank you for your diplomacy.


      5. Anyone who puts thought into a comment like you did is valuable. I do travel a lot. Maybe you’ll sit next to me on a plane sometime. Until then, you should find this site entertaining. : )


    1. wow… It is not Michele Obamas fault that she is tall and large boned. You must be quite a spectacular specimen to criticize and ridicule other amazing people the way you do.


      1. Yeah, she is pretty hideous. If you’ve seen the thigh bone of Sue in the Chicago Field Museum, and put it next to Michele Obama, I bet most scientists couldn’t tell which one was the dinosaur and which one was the current First Lady. She’s pretty embarrassing. If she wasn’t such a radical leftist, her appearance might be overlooked. But when she shows herself to be so anti-America, you tend to notice everything you don’t like about someone.


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