Kicking El Chapo’s Ass: Standing up for America against drug cartel scum bags

If El Chapo and his band of thugs came to my neighborhood ready to perform one of their famous hits, I’d gladly toss a piñata at those midgets to get them all gathered in one place and then introduce them to my Smith & Wesson. Then I’d call my friends at Second Call Defense to work out the details and scoop them up into a wagon headed for the local dump. I’ve had hits called out on me so I know what its like to live with that kind of thing, and it’s not nearly as scary as people might think. Scum bags like these drug dealers are accustomed to making people scared of them because they largely outgun the people they terrorize. But when you have guns too, it is easy to see that these kinds of people are just thugs seeking to terrorize people as bullies so that they can line their pockets with stolen money lifted off of cowards. It drives me crazy at how many people who have the rights of the Second Amendment at their disposal as American citizens allow themselves to be intimidated by these drug cartels. Fear empowers these scum bags and makes them much worse. This topic is in fact the plot of my Cliffhanger story, Sacrifice to Santa Maurta—heavily inspired by real life drug dealers and their worship of Santa Muerte—the goddess of death so popular in Mexican culture. I despise drugs of all kinds, and I despise the scum that deals in drugs, including most beer manufacturers. They make poison for the human mind—so the context of my hatred for drug dealers should be considered.   Progressives will call such talk a hunger for the times of the Wild Wild West—where guns and shoot-outs are the measures of valor. I would call it a proper identification of the elements of our times. When people like this Guzman escapee who runs a major drug cartel are allowed to roam freely throughout the world, running his cartel from his prison all this time and the authorities of the world fail to contain him for his crimes, we are living in a world where the gun rules the day, and Americans better keep their Second Amendment rights as close to them as their purses and wallets because of it.

Drug cartels must have an environment of fear to function otherwise they cannot control their sales regions. Just like gangs must enforce their turf with terrorism, cartels are just larger examples of collectivist philosophy, where individuals are required to yield to an organized crime establishment with silence. To maintain that silence and the movement of illegal goods under the noses of the masses, fear must be utilized to prevent thoughtful contemplation of the evil involved. So when Donald Trump called out the corruption of the Mexican country and their alliance with these drug dealers, I cheered him on, because he was speaking the kind of things I want to hear other Americans say. My position as an American is not to yield to the fears of Mexican drug cartels, it is to fight back. I don’t want to accept their terrorism. I want to take the pain they are imposing on our country and send it back to Mexico—with love. But when Donald Trump brought up the issue of Guzman during a speech, either El Chapo himself, or one of worshiping thugs said this to Trump.

“If you keep pissing me off I’m going to make you eat your words you f****** blonde milks*******,” read the tweet from Guzman’s account, according to an online translation.

Trump then tweeted an answer saying that he’d kick Guzman’s “ass,” unlike other presidential contenders who are softer on immigration.

“Keep f–king around, and I’ll make you eat all of your godd–n words, f–king whitey f—-t @realDonaldTrump,” an account claiming to be Guzman’s official Twitter presence tweeted at Trump’s account in Spanish.

That kind of thuggish insult is completely beyond tolerance. Guzman’s thugs don’t have a right to make such comments directly implying a threat to a person running for president without some ramifications. Trump didn’t threaten to kill Guzman or even imply violence. He just said that authorities were stupid for letting Guzman go—which is obvious. Trump did nothing to provoke such a threat. And here’s the worst of it, Twitter knows who has what account and how to track that kind of activity. Trump smartly did call the FBI about the threat, which is the correct thing to do. Through the NSA and various other agencies, they know where the threats were made, what IP address posted the comment. So where is the arrest for such a threat? Even if it was someone pretending to be El Chapo, where are authorities in arresting such a character for making such a threat?

That’s why we have the Second Amendment. Scum bags like these drug cartels are used to buying off authorities with looted money and having immunity from prosecution. Even when they are in jail, they are allowed to live their lives in relative luxury. So they don’t fear anything, and they make their livings harassing people who do live good lives and play by the rules into fear so the thugs can control their actions. The threat allegedly by El Chapo was intended to shut Trump up from his highlight of the Mexican border issues. Guzman knows that if the border is tightened up, that it will be much more difficult to flow drugs across the border, so he threatened Trump—and that deserves action on behalf of the United States.

We live in an age where a satellite can watch a turtle cross a road in some remote region. Nobody can convince me that they don’t know where El Chapo is. We know who his wife is, we know his children, we know where his cartel hangs out, we know how to watch the traffic to and from his various compounds, and it really isn’t that hard to find him. If he can find Trump, or anybody else for that matter for the purpose of physical harassment and fearful instigation, then the same can be done to him. It is an outrage that just one day out of jail his supporters felt so cocky to actually put a Tweet out against Trump in an attempt to shut him up without having any fear of arrest for the behavior.

When Trump said that he’d kick El Chapo’s ass, it was precisely the kind of language I wanted out of a presidential frontrunner. I want a guy who isn’t afraid of drug cartels. Heck, if you’re president, people will threaten to kill you every day, so candidates might as well get used to it. Even better than body guards is a candidate who uses the pronoun I when declaring violent action when threatened. When that candidate is armed with their own guns to take care of the matter, you have a guy who can be president of the United States in this volatile climate. We need a guy who won’t back down when challenged to a fight, because when you are dealing with thugs, that is the only language they understand.

The main issue is to understand why people like El Chapo even think that such threats are effective. What they are advocating is non-thinking compliance to a collective order, and force is the way they crush individual opinion. They are essentially stating, cast an opinion about what we are doing, and we will hurt you, or worse yet, end your life. So go along with us if you don’t want to get hurt. Well, that is not acceptable. I certainly don’t live that way. And I am sooooooooo very happy to see that Donald Trump—isn’t that way either. What a refreshing change in the political landscape!

Rich Hoffman


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