Fictitious EPA Concern over Kr-85: The hypocrisy of the Iranian Nuclear deal

It is far easier for Iran to claim hardship so they can develop nuclear research all in the name of “energy” than California could hope to obtain from the EPA to build a new nuclear power plant. Isn’t it strange that the Obama administration is so supportive of Iran developing electricity with nuclear power while tying the hands of the United States behind its back not only with nuclear energy, but all forms of energy, except for modes unacceptable for a capitalist society—like wind, solar, and pedal power. Even to the point that there is a danger that Iran might take such research and build weapons with them—the first question that needs to be answered is, why would Obama and his administration be so excited to risk the fate of the world to give Iran nuclear access for the purpose of energy when such technology is frowned upon in America, or even Japan. What would happen to the stability of the Middle East if Iran had a nuclear meltdown in the face of a catastrophe, or worse yet, a terrorist attack? Sounds pretty dangerous even if there were no nefarious intentions.

So nobody could blame Major Garrett for putting Obama to task by basically giving everything Iran wanted in a deal rushed to fruition that destabilizes the world even more. Even more insulting is Obama felt he had to lecture the CBS reporter for calling him out on the stupidity of the deal. Obama’s reaction shows emphatically that there is something really wrong with the negotiations and that the president is ashamed of the result.

Congress has an obligation to reject the proposed treaty, and if the president vetoes the rejection, it would mean that Obama and his administration would have sole possession of the failure. That is what must happen. Congress has no obligation to accept such a folly, but they do have a commitment to govern the business of the United States. They are the checks and balances of an otherwise out-of-control government. If Obama wants the bad deal with Iran, let him own it completely—congress should not endorse the effort taking responsibility for the future debacles that will stem from such ignorance.

The main reason that congress should abandon the president over the issue isn’t just due to the security concerns of Israel, or the entire Middle East, but in the hypocrisy of the president’s stand on the Keystone Pipeline. The obvious goal of the president is to starve America of energy while redistributing assets to places like Iran. Through the EPA, Obama’s activism is obvious. You may have heard dear reader of the EPA’s activism surrounding the proposed Kr-85 emissions set to absurdly low limits which was designed to make reactor designs more expensive, and even economically impossible. Well, there is no danger of Kr-85 being any kind of hazard in any real form, but the EPA picked that emission because they know that people know of Krypton because of the popular comic Superman, and hope that an ignorant society might not know that Kr-85 is a noble gas that disperses rapidly and causes no detectable dose of public health consequences. Yet the EPA used it as a way to regulate the industry to cripple construction.

You can bet that Iran will have no such restriction. Heck, Obama with John Kerry might even send Iran train loads of Cs-137, and Tc-99 to dump over the border into Israel just for good measure along with billions of dollars of bail out money—all in their attempts at global terrorism.

Why is it so hard to build a nuclear reactor in the United States even though it would help the EPA achieve their emission goals—because the Obama administration is all about wealth redistribution. Why is it hard to build a manufacturing plant in Kentucky and far easier to build one in Mexico. Because of the heavy regulations associated with the United States. The regulations are in place to move money and investment from one place to another. The regulation of Krypton is a completely fictitious regulation designed to discourage investment in the United States in favor of wealth-redistribution. It is nothing more complicated than that, even if the topic of the hour is nuclear physics. It was probably a scam invented by an EPA employee who was obsessed with the old video game, Half-Life. For the most part, America has bought into the scam without question.

So here is President Obama wanting to help the Iranians develop nuclear energy with an open door of regulation and billions of dollars in investment and lifted sanctions—again just as in Mexico a government shaped in the past by communism to be an armpit of development in the modern age. To cover up the follies of communism, radicals like Obama try to steal money from capitalist markets and redistribute them into poor regions—such as those hindered by communism. After all, why else did the United States open an embassy in the communist country of Cuba, but that the Castro boys were too old to fight back any more and that Cuba wanted cars to drive built-in the 70s and 80s as opposed to the 40s and 50s. Iran is even worse off than Cuba but they all share a love of communism in their past. And Obama wanted to help them while hurting the United States with a fictitious concern of Kr-85.

Hopefully congress will show some testicular fortitude on this issue—because the hypocrisy is so blatant. We’re not even talking about nuclear weapons; we are talking about wealth redistribution. The same EPA that limits nuclear facilities in America with Kr-85 regulation and constraints on the Keystone Pipeline is representative of an administration so hungry to help one of the largest sponsors of terrorism on planet earth to have nuclear accessibility that he practically gave them wrapped up in a bow complete with Cs-137, and Tc-99 sprinkled on top instant access to the Twentieth Century. Dangers to the environment are only a concern in America, as for the rest of the world, everything is fair game. Doesn’t that tell the whole story dear reader? Can’t you see what this lunatic president is cooking?

Congress, if you have a brain in your heads—you will keep your names off this Iranian deal and let the president choke on his own activism. It’s a bad deal made worse by the obvious activism by a sitting president and his minions of doom branching off the Executive branch like poison ivy on a rusty fence. There is nothing “good” about any of it.

Rich Hoffman


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