What Women Want: Why the Huffington Post is afraid of Donald Trump

If you were listening to Matt Clark on WAAM radio over the weekend, you would have heard that he had me on as a guest and our primary discussion was Donald Trump. He and I agreed mostly that Trump wasn’t the ideal man we wanted to see as president—morally, but that for the specific tasks awaiting this next president, he was uniquely qualified. We need a champion for capitalism and who better than a man with a personal value of $10 billion dollars to help the nation get back on track to positive GDP growth. Unlike fellow billionaires who have succumb to progressive pressure to embrace altruism, Trump has stayed steadfast to the roots of capitalism which made him rich to begin with, and he is an unapologetic advocate that is best poised to sell capitalism to a world in need.

Liberal circles are scared of Trump, he has the ability to dominate the presidential race with his fearless criticisms leaving the Huffington Post to declare that they would not feature Trump as a viable candidate. Instead they would regulate him to the gossip columns, and while Trump’s campaign fired back at the Post in an admirable way, I couldn’t help but think that the Huffington Post would help Trump greatly by their strategy. Young people don’t read or care about politics—but they do care about the size of Kim Kardasians ass, or what variation of sexuality Bruce Jenner is undergoing these days. So they don’t care about the blog posts by the Huffington Post and their opinions on politics. Putting Trump on the pages with Bruce Jenner would even help his campaign that much more—which is likely the strategy of Trump to begin with.


Specifically however Matt Clark and I discussed on his radio show the need for America to gain back some of its swagger. It needs a salesman to make people feel good about the product that America is once again, and to get away from this constant desire to apologize to the world for being so wonderful. I joked during the WAAM show that America needs a calendar for the world with girls in American flag bikinis taken on the White House lawn just to flaunt that women can be free and beautiful, that capitalism’s excesses improve a quality of life, and that freedom of expression are revered as the highest possible value. And it also puts out of our mind the ridiculous activism Obama started by putting rainbow colors on the White House. He made sexual preference a matter of state business, so to represent the rest of America who are heterosexual, bikini clad models would be more appropriate, and fair. In 2016 we will need a president who will declare such things and not worry about the backlash.

I understand Trump. I share with him a love of backlash. The more that people try to steer me into a direction, the more I push back. I have spent a life being pushed by very powerful forces, and I have never yielded to them, and they still try knowing that it’s a futile task. Trump is a similar “A” type personality and I know that if he is pushed and coaxed toward some collective strategy, whether it is the GOP, Democratic socialists, lobbyists, Bilderberg members, or other nations, Trump will rely on himself and only himself for counsel. He won’t sit down with his wife and say, “honey, what do you think I should do?” He’ll sit down, think about things, then act—which is the kind of man who I want in the White House. And ladies, don’t write me and tell me that’s sexist. I read the Fifty Shades of Grey books and I’ve been married for a long time. I raised two daughters and have worked with thousands of women over the years. I know what women want and what they really think. So does Trump. I don’t by the progressive women’s liberation crap—for a fraction of a second. Women are told they want to buy into that mentality, but when it comes time for the bedroom—all that goes out the window—quick. Women want a decisive man who is self confident—and one that smells good. They like a man who is self-driven, self-reliant, and who is financially independent. Women if polled during a soccer game with friends or at a sex toy convention will say that Trump is an arrogant son-of-a-bitch, and that they’ll vote for Hillary. But when they are alone in that voting booth, it will be Trump that they will punch the ticket for. Bet on it—because they want more Trump and what he has to offer.

And so does the world. They want American Swagger to give them hope that hard work will lead to something and that a value in quality is still respected. Trump represents quality—even as a billionaire. He is the modern embodiment of Robert Pirsig’s metaphysics of quality. CLICK TO REVIEW. It is in that metaphysics of quality that concepts of Marxism fail, because Karl Marx never understood that in all his life. Communists and socialists fail to understand why leadership works and how “front of the train” vision overwhelms “back of the train” analysis 100% of the time. They are completely regulated to the back of the train of all thought and are often too late to act on decisions in time to change course even when it’s obvious that there is a need. That is why modern politicians are completely unable to deal with the $18 trillion-dollar debt issue. They are trying to run the train from behind instead of at the front. The train is always moving and by the time that data reaches the back, the decision points have already passed.

Trump understands the “speed of business” and that deadlines are important. He would bring to the White House maybe for the first time a real manager who understands money. Even great presidents like Jefferson ran into financial hardship late in their lives, and so far only Jackson actually rid the nation of debt. Jackson was a Democrat and was hated by history for his treatment of Indians, but I’d take him any day for his tendency to dual others for honor, target shoot from the White House windows and hold the nation to fiscal responsibility. I don’t need a spokesman for a political party in the White House, or another socialists advocate, America needs a champion for capitalism and the money created by it—which directly improves the lives of everyone. Business is more important than emotion, because one generates money and resources; the other dictates the quality of relationships between people.   Without resources, relationships are always strained, so if resources are available, relationships improve dramatically. Capitalism makes a more peaceful world and America needs to get back in the business of selling it.

American Swagger and capitalist domination is the mandate of our times. We cannot afford one more bad election cycle with another altruist as president. We need someone who knows what they are doing, and won’t apologize for doing it. Trump will have the minority votes because as he said, he is a job creator, and people respect being given a job as opposed to the humility of a welfare check. In the vacancy of one they’ll take the other, but they will be resentful people as a result. And regarding women, they’ll vote for Trump because that’s really the kind of man they want in charge of things. And men will vote for him because Trump represents an honesty that most males respect. So he’s a dangerous candidate to the establishment. And the Huffington Post knows it.

Rich Hoffman


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4 thoughts on “What Women Want: Why the Huffington Post is afraid of Donald Trump

  1. As far as I am concerned, the Huffington Post is irrelevant. You are right. Young people and many older people do not care about the news. They are bored with “talk radio.” They do know all of the latest rap artists and idolize people like Fifty Cent, P Diddy, Beyonce and other low lifes that pollute their minds with human degradation. Many people do agree with Trump. He is a down to earth person who speaks loud and clear. He may have made a big mistake saying words against John McCain and thus given the Democrats a subject to spit out on all of the Sunday “new” shows. I hope he will learn from this mistake. The Republicans always seem to give the Democrats ammunition to fire back at them. At the same time, they tippy toe quietly over the damage this administration has caused to our Republic.


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