“The Snow is Warm”: A gift from Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman to America

Dear reader, you should know by now that I do all this to make things easy to understand in a world that from afar looks very complicated.  But it’s really not  Much of what’s happening to us as a country is directly blamed on tricks that soothsayers are conducting to put us to sleep so they can inspire an insurrection against capitalism.  Both political parties are involved, perhaps unaware of the scope of the trouble, but there is nowhere to turn for the American voter, because the system has been corrupted by soothsayers.  So to make it easier to understand the recent Iranian deal, the reason that Donald Trump is so popular, and to what extent Saul Alinsky tactics are used to drive collective culture toward evil ends—I have put two hours of radio programming together done with Matt Clark at WAAM, Ann Arbor that specifically breaks down these topics so they are easy to understand.  On the clip below, the first 30 minutes or so, it is Matt and a lit up phone bank of callers who wanted to talk about Donald Trump.  At the end of that show I was one of the callers and we put a book end on that segment.  Then Matt and I did a show together as a direct continuation of the previous show and dug deep into the Donald Trump issue as well as the Iranian deal struck recently by the White House.  I would suggest you take a break from the text, hit play and just listen to the entire clip for a while, and enjoy a summation of these epic events on some of the finest talk radio you will hear anywhere.  Also included in this article are short video clips from the extended show to make summations a bit easier.  You should watch these and share them with as many people as possible.

About 50 minutes into the clip I tell the story of four mountain climbers from an Akira Kurosawa film called Dreams released in 1989.  It is one of my favorite films from the famed director and is a direct metaphor for how Saul Alinsky tactics are manipulating the politics of our day.  I used this story once on this site to explain how a local politician who worked with me in the Republican Party to fight taxes turned under pressure to support a tax increase at Lakota.  CLICK HERE to review.  Whether we are dealing with the microcosm, or macrocosm, the metaphor is the same.  It is directly applicable to the events of our day.  The four mountain climbers are lost in a blizzard high atop some mountain not disclosed, but I imagined it to be something like Everest.  They have lost their base camp in the storm and are losing their strength.  Three of the climbers are passing out due to fatigue and have turned their attention toward death. 

The leader of the four realizes that the situation is hopeless so he too joins his friends in embracing death.  An angel shows up above him and whispers him to sleep—ultimately death.  She tells him, “the snow is warm.”  The leader complies for a little bit, but soon realizes that something isn’t quite right.  He knows better.  The snow is not warm—it’s freezing cold.  He wonders why she would tell him something like that because if he did embrace the snow and its cold, the remainder of his body heat would be extinguished and he’d die.  So why would she tell him something obviously not good for him?  He pushes back a little, and then she pushes him back down into the snow.  At first he tries just a little, but after she refuses to let him get back up he gets angry and pushes back harder.  Soon a struggle ensues and she gets angry and her beautiful face turns into a skull and she dissipates into the storm taking the elements with her.  She was a Grim Reaper type of character and had caused the entire ordeal hoping to rob the four men of their life.  He quickly rallies his friends back to life and they soon discover that the base camp they had been searching for is only twenty feet away.  They were that close, yet so far.

Saul Alinsky dedicated his Rules for Radicals to Lucifer and is a book designed to convince people that the “snow is warm,” essentially.  He was an evil man committed to evil deeds, and Hillary Clinton was a huge fan, even doing a college paper on him.  Barack Obama taught Saul Alinsky tactics while in Chicago, so the roots of this evil man are in our current political system.  When it is suspected that evil is at work, the best way to think of it is with the Akira Kurosawa story.  Donald Trump has made himself the lead mountain climber pushing back against death only to discover that the chaos of our condition is a cleverly disguised assault designed to destroy America—pure and simple.  After listening to the Matt Clark broadcast with me as a guest we spelled it out quite clearly for you.  It is beyond debate at this point.

Even the way that the media attempted to pit leading Republicans against Trump when they realized the billionaire could have cared less about the criticism he received over the immigration issue, or the ban from the Huffington Post to treat him as a serious candidate.  Most of the leading presidential candidates were pulled into the trap of defending John McCain as a war hero when in Trump’s world, getting caught is a sign of failure.  But in the Beltway it makes you “honorable.”  So the machine of politics showed its fangs as Trump has pushed back and forced all to look at where we stand with certain issues, like blind appreciation of anybody who is a service member, or this constant push to get candidates to apologize for something as if to force them to admit that they are guilty of going against the collective consensus of our media culture.  They want us all to apologize for knowing that the “snow is cold,” when they try to tell us it’s warm.

I have an affinity for Trump.  I told the story in The Magic 100 article (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW) of my similar experiences that Trump is going though now where I refused to apologize for calling fat-assed levy supporters prostitutes for their motivations even though there was a lot of pressure to do so.  I held my ground and many people thanked me for it.  I explained four years ago to Republicans who read this site that in the future they needed to maintain some testicular fortitude in the face of such tactics, and so far, only Donald Trump is applying that discovered strategy, so I am rooting for him to hold tight.  Because what the soothsayers don’t want us to discover is that the snow is not warm and that our base camp is right next to us. And we don’t need the advice of demons from hell trying to rob us of our life.  They certainly don’t want us to fight back.  But if you listen to the broadcasts above dear reader, it will become very obvious that we are under attack in America, and that if we want to survive, now is the time to push back and make them retreat back to the hell they all came from.

Rich Hoffman


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