Second Call Defense: George Lang, and Sean Maloney on Matt Clark’s show as I perform to applause

About the same time that I was competing in the Speed Switch contest with my bullwhip at the Annie Oakley Festival in Darke County, Ohio, several of my friends were gathered together on Matt Clark’s WAAM radio broadcast to discuss Second Call Defense. Yes, I did win. It’s a hard contest for whip artists because it requires dexterity with both hands. You have to be able to hit an equal number of targets with both hands, and most whip artists are proficient with only one. So I usually do very well with that one. But I was thinking of Matt and his two guests George Lang and Sean Maloney of Second Call Defense as I was hitting my targets. I am pretty busy these days and can’t be everywhere at once. But I’m a pretty good manager of people and resources, so I can get a lot done with a lot of plates spinning in the air. Second Call Defense, the Annie Oakley event, Matt’s radio show and all my other hobbies, projects and interests are all part of my personal exercise of cracking whips against targets in a very precise way. For me the situation is a two-fold strategic advancement—both involving promotion of the Second Amendment. Where I was people openly wore guns on their hips that were real and nobody thought a thing about the theater shooting in Louisiana where calls for more gun control broke out after a maniac shot several people for no good reason. The people I spent my weekend with were nowhere near willing to give up their guns. It was a dramatic impossibility quite evident, which I always find refreshing. Meanwhile the solution to the Louisiana shooting was to make that theater a gun zone, instead of an area where people couldn’t be armed. And for people who do carry and find themselves in a shooting, they need to call my friends at Second Call Defense. Listen to the radio broadcast with Matt Clark, George Lang and Sean Maloney here:

The key point of the discussion was over the George Zimmerman issue. Second Call Defense could have prevented the national embarrassment that the case became, and they explained why in the audio clip, which is extremely important. At my Annie Oakley event I may have been in the safest place on planet earth, and I was surrounded by more guns than some countries have in their entire arsenal. Nobody was going to pose a danger to anybody while I was cracking bullwhips in my competition. Even our announcer at the event, Gery Deer was packing a six-gun, and nobody batted an eye. Meanwhile, a gun carrier could have shot John Houser as he began shooting 11 people. If someone else in the theater could have shot back, the incident would have been a lot less bloody.

Yet the impediment to corrective action regarding the Louisiana shooting and all the others over the last few years has been a desire to use tragedy to create more gun legislation instead of the correct effort at putting more guns into the hands of the competent. In the case of Zimmerman who did shoot someone it was decided upon first inspection of the case that he did what he was supposed to do, police are not always the friends of the property owner. As stated by Sean in the audio with Matt Clark, once you fire a gun, you and your property become a crime scene and you lose your rights until you prove yourself innocent. That is not how it should be, but that’s how it is. If you pick up the phone and speak with adrenaline behind your voice, what you say can and will be held against you, even under the best of intentions. Police work for politicians, and politicians are very vulnerable to political pressure. And that’s what happened in the Zimmerman case. It became political and soon there was a desire to sacrifice Zimmerman to the wolves of racism. The whole case would have been wrapped up in a grand jury shortly after the shooting if George Zimmerman had only called Second Call Defense right after he shot Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman went several weeks without legal protection, and he gave a lot of statements thinking that he was innocent because the police initially didn’t want to file charges under the stand your ground law. But politics demanded a sacrifice and thus George Zimmerman’s life changed forever.

There are bad guys out there and they are the goons, the punks and the creeps who stand against the American Constitution. That is the best way to frame good and evil in reference to our present society. Trayvon Martin was in a place he shouldn’t have been and he acted in a hostile way when approached by someone checking him out. Private property is to be defended by the Second Amendment. The world is not owned by collective villages and communist sympathizers created by the music industry—it is owned by private investment. Gated communities are meant to keep out undesirables who don’t respect hard work and effort. It can be argued that not everyone is worthy of privilege, and that some are born into circumstances where they have a disadvantage, but in America if you want something, you can have it. And those who do have it deserve to protect it from those who might deface, or take it. Sometimes the unfortunate situation occurs where someone attempts to impose themselves on your private property, or even your life and you have to defend yourself. That’s when you’ll need Second Call Defense. It’s as American as Apple Pie.

That of course stands in stark contrast to the direction of progressive society. But that’s OK, they’re wrong in their position—clearly. They cause far more damage to people than they help with all their rules. The correct path is the one that I know well from my cowboy friends who seek to preserve the lessons learned during westward expansion. The gun in American culture is probably more important than the sword is in Japanese society. The gun made America great and I think every human being should wear one on their hip, just as they were able to in the early days of the Gold Rush. Wear them on the golf course, wear them to dinner, wear them to the shopping mall. Sell little fringe stocking accessories for guns at Victoria’s Secret for the ladies—in other words embrace more fully the gun in American culture and stop listening to these idiotic progressives. Two well armed people sitting next to John Houser in Lafayette could have put him down in about 1.2 seconds and the situation would have been over. Help could have been on the way for the first victims and a lot of trouble would have been prevented.

At 1:35 PM on Saturday July 25, 2015 I was finishing up my round of the Speed Switch contest to an applause that I never get tired of hearing. I enjoy the hot sun, the smell of popcorn and hot dogs and the sight of cotton candy in the stands held by children watching us perform. I like seeing little kids wonder how I am able to move so fast. Every year I attend that Annie Oakley event as a spectator and competitor, it renews my resolve into not just protecting the American Constitution, but in defending the Anti Federalist Papers which challenged it during the Constitutional Convention. Yes I know the young guys are gunning for me who compete with me, and they hope that I won’t show so they can win, but it’s my job to push them along—to make them want to get better. And we all get along well in the end and have a good time. I don’t always win everything. Some of the young guys are getting pretty good—and that makes me happy. But it was about that time that my friend George Lang came on WAAM with my other friend Matt Clark and as the applause abated I wondered how the show was going in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was to me an important strategic moment as it gave even more radio coverage to something I think every American should have—Second Call Defense.

I appreciated the call out from George and Sean at the end of the broadcast. Southwestern Ohio is Overmanwarrior country, and they know what that means. A lot more people use Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom to guide them through these tough times than people would care to admit, including many very serious national personalities. My role in all that is in shaping a philosophy that is needed for a new century of American greatness—complete with magnificent innovation. There are many very important people across the nation who read every day, and I am happy to help them sort through some of these difficult tasks. Matt and George are part of that offense, and they know what to do. But for me, I get my energy in the heart of America, in places like the Annie Oakley Festival where guns are as common as stars in a clear night sky.

There was a family that I watched shoot all that day from the Single Action Shooting Society—a husband and wife team with their two teenage boys. They competed hard all day long and were really into their work. I admired their effort, and determination. At the end of the event they all walked around the other exhibits holding hands and openly showing that they loved each other. They were good people; some might say “God fearing people.” I would just say they were people of good quality. They walked with a sureness that came from knowing where they stood in the universe. And on all their hips was a fine six-shooter .45. They were unafraid because they where all highly skilled in the art of shooting, and knew they could handle anything that came their way. If they had been in the Lafayette theater it is unlikely that John Houser could have gotten off a shot once he showed himself as a threat. The father of the family was getting routine times of about .380 of a second in his draw times. Houser wouldn’t have made it past a second shot if that guy had been sitting in that theater packed with his guns. That is the solution to gun violence. And for those who use guns to defend the American Constitution, they must have Second Call Defense to protect themselves from the parasites of progressive society who don’t even know who Annie Oakley was, or where Darke County, Ohio is in the world, and why it’s so important.

Rich Hoffman


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