Why You Should Vote for Donald Trump: The historic Oklahoma State Fair Speech of 2015

This speech at the Oklahoma State Fair on September 25, 2015 is why I’m supporting Donald Trump for president. If you were smart dear reader, you would too. This speech exemplifies why Donald Trump is the best candidate in the last century for president of the United States. When Trump is under the most fire, he gets better. He thrives under the heat of pressure. The worse a situation is, the better he is. With all the controversy he’s endured since the last debate most candidates in his position would have a tendency to run scared. After all, as of this writing Trump is in a feud with Fox News, Glenn Beck daily slams his candidacy and many other establishment Republicans are on a full court press to dump Trump from being a threat to the Republican ticket. But in spite of all that—Trump is at his best under adversity. Watch this speech.

People who function best under stress are extremely rare, and Donald Trump is one of those people. Punch his ticket and jump on for the ride. Because people like him are not about politics, it’s about quality. He is precisely what is needed in a 2016 White House. His Oklahoma speech with no notes, wonderful enthusiasm and rhetorical debate answering directly the criticism of the past week is a work of political art. You should watch it and make sure a friend sees it as well. This is history in the making and you’ll want to participate.

Rich Hoffman


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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Vote for Donald Trump: The historic Oklahoma State Fair Speech of 2015

  1. I will absolutely vote for Trump if he is the candidate. It is all too obvious that the establishment Republicans, the corrupt Democrats, and a press without conscience will continue to attack him – and I love it as it clarifies just how dangerous he is to the tyrannical powers in charge. My only complaint is he spends to much time attacking truly meaningless “celebrities” and that is now a distraction from what I believe is a great campaign to this point.


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