Stop Acting Like A Sissy: How to stop a form of suicide

We used to call a boy who wanted to dress up like, or act like a girl a sissy. Of course that was before liberals used the education system and every platform available to them to attempt to change words and values against the will of logic. Now calling someone a sissy is equivalent to a hate crime—but is the best term available to most people of the male sex these days. Being a sissy is not only disingenuous to themselves, it is to the wives and children they will have as adults, and it should be discouraged—in spite of the progressive attempts to eradicate the meaning of the word for the benefits of their social strategy of valueless assessment of all people no matter what the condition—because their aims are mass collectivism. That means essentially that the very good is equal to the very bad equating the human race to the value of zero—which explains a lot why our society is as messed up today as it is. Thank a progressive who pushed for society to stop calling flailing young boys, sissies.

Over a decade ago, 14 years or so as of this writing I saved a young man from committing suicide by invigorating in him the spark of life. He worked with me and for many consecutive days during a certain period of his life he was seriously about to end it all. He only kept going so that he could talk to me the next day at work so that he could get some little peril of wisdom that I’d give him as an excuse to keep living. I was glad each day that I saw him because it meant he listened to me and had not committed the act. Of course I didn’t take away what honor he had left and involve the authorities in the matter. Likely, if I had it would have only delayed the process by a few years. No, this kid needed to be fixed at the level of the soul, and he needed me to help him—so I did.

Largely his problem was that he had experimented with drugs, his sexuality, and his ethics and he felt it would be impossible for him to be a good person from there on. Usually people in his condition might turn toward God for redemption and the psychological mechanism of eternal forgiveness so that they could call themselves born again Christians. But this kid’s real father was a louse, his mother a slut and his sister was gutter trash. He really didn’t have any family support to nurture a church going turn-around. His live-in girl friend that he had three kids by was sleeping with everyone in town, his children were quickly headed down the tubes also and he really didn’t know what to do. Remarkably, he was a smart kid given the surroundings that he came from which made it worse for him—because he knew the hand he had been given in life was taking him somewhere that offered little hope for the future.

One particular day I didn’t think he’d make it through the break period at work. He was crying and was curled up in a fetal position on the ground ready to end it all. There was nothing that could reach him. So I thought of all the old John Wayne movies I had watched as a kid and did my best impression—with a straight face in all seriousness. I told him, “stop being a sissy and deal with what’s in front of you.” He looked at me through tears and asked how………………so I told him.

I taught him The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi, which is an old book on Japanese samurai strategy as a way to give the kid a fresh outlook on life—to take him out of his immediate problems and place his mind in a higher place. Each break at work I played the role of a Japanese sword master and worked with him on the art of sword play and a warrior’s philosophy. This went on for about two months, but within a few weeks of it, his desire for suicide went away. Instead he was reading books about samurai, watching old Kurosawa movies, and started dressing with a top knot pony tail off an otherwise shaved head. He was losing weight and within six weeks or so was a lean figure bulging with muscle. Instead of killing himself, he was building himself and his body took the form of a warrior. His top knot hair cut did get some looks, but for a kid who was planning to kill himself, what did he care if people thought his hair was strange. It worked for him, and he was building a life for himself around the values he had been learning.

He began practicing all the time with a katana swords at home, at work, and anywhere he went. Eventually he developed a new association of friends who shared with him a love of samurai culture and Japanese art and they invited him to a beach visit the following summer, and he took his swords and spent most of the time not chasing women, but practicing with his katana on the beach. He became very good and soon found a very nice girlfriend and got his life on the right track within a year of wanting to kill himself. He became very stoic and sure of himself because of his practicing with the katana sword following the code of the samurai.

That code of the samurai is still very present in modern Japan. It is not something they take lightly and something of samurai code can be found in most aspects of their culture to this very day. The Japanese would not put up with an anti-samurai movement in Japan. If such people rose up to challenge their heritage, they would likely eradicate them, because they value their heritage and the code of conduct established largely by myth of the Feudal period where samurai roamed their island homeland with great respect.

That kid to thank me gave me a very nice katana sword as a way to honor me for saving his life. That sword still hangs on a gun rack in my bedroom and I think about it at least once every day. Without my input that kid would have been dead. He knew it, I knew it, his kids knew it—everyone knew it. But all he really needed was a new set of values to sink his teeth into that were aligned with his inner most needs. His parents gave him a lot of garbage to work through and he needed to completely refocus his energy in a positive direction. For him he found solace in the way of the samurai.

In a lot of ways our nation is trying to commit suicide presently—here in 2015. It reminds me a lot of the way of life that individual kid was living when I first met him. It needs to find the values it requires to continue living. To me the answer is exceptionally easy. The rightful comparison to the Japanese samurai is the American gunfighter. The gunfighter is America’s heritage and a code of conduct that it can use to put itself back together again away from the terrible progressive influences that are deliberating attacking all aspects of the culture within the United States. It is my very strong feeling that the entire nation, just like that single kid, would fix itself quite quickly if it could adopt a correct code of conduct that all people could agree to—and the best solution to that quandary is the American gunfighter. So like that kid, I saw in his eye a chance to introduce a healing philosophy to him, I see the same on the American nation as a whole. But for our nation we don’t need sentiments from the East—we just need to look inside at our own heritage.

The answers are already there for us. All we need to do is rediscover the wonder of our own ability through an art form we respect. Young men really need to rediscover their inner warrior, and young women will appreciate it when they do. Because in life we all have to fight through hard times, and it takes sometimes a warrior’s mind to achieve the tenacity to accomplish the task—and in American culture the way of the warrior is through the art of the gun. Understanding that relationship will unlock many of the troubles our times are currently enduring. And before anything can be fixed, our relationship to the gun must be not only accepted, but embraced fully and with great love. It’s time for half the people in our country to stop being a bunch of sissies.

Rich Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Stop Acting Like A Sissy: How to stop a form of suicide

  1. I thought that was very manly of you to give some advice to the guy… In this day and time people will degrade you when you’re suffering, trying to change yourself.. I personally have some sissy ways about me that I want to change… Reading this blog triggered inspiration in me… I haven’t experienced same sex.. but I have that demeanor and I don’t like it… I signed up for more of your blogs, because I whole heatedly believe in your aspect that you see certain things… Many may disagree, but I don’t care.. I want to be more masculine in my life… in my opinion…Waking not knowing how to cope in the world of man, in which I was born as… Has been a darkness for me… Once again… I am greatfull… That I came across this post tonight… I’m 30 years old.. and realized that I need to be responsible for my actions… I need to be socially respectful to the nature in my identity… Thank you… I subscribed to your posting for more feeding


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