Why NBC Caved To Trump: Patti Alderson’s mural at the West Chester hospital

I couldn’t help but think of the irony as my second grandchild, a little girl, was born at the West Chester hospital on October 15th 2015. As I waited for my daughter to give birth I sat in the waiting room of the birthing center and studied a very nice mural of the popular attractions in and around the hospital. Even Liberty Center was on the painting, which meant that it was created very recently as the shopping complex had not yet opened as of this writing. Then I noticed in the bottom corner of the giant wall sized painting that it was commissioned by Dick and Patti Alderson—whom are the local big players of the local Republican Party. It was a nice painting and I enjoyed looking at it. I’m sure from their perspective they were doing all good things in their life balancing their wealth with community enrichment and all those wonderful, sentimental things. I will always have a bad taste in my mouth because of Patti and the way she stuck herself into my No Lakota Levy group from the inside for what she perceived to be the community good. Her goal was to place my group under the scrutiny of public consensus which all Republicans these days from every city were adhering. Her Republican strategy was to be more like Democrats—publicly giving, soft-natured, and generally passive. Under the guidance of people like her from every city they created losing presidential campaigns from both McCain in 2008 then Mitt Romney in 2012. They tried to apply the same constraints on me, which of course I didn’t adhere to. I tried to tell them how wrong they were at the time, but they didn’t listen. Now, with Donald Trump increasing his lead in just about every national poll that matters, they are learning now why they should have listened to me in 2012. They would have been much better prepared for what’s happening now than they are.

As I looked at that painting I was thinking of Donald Trump and how much of a stand NBC took against him for his illegal alien comments. That NBC protest reminded me of the way Patti Alderson pulled on area Republicans to distance themselves from my guidance centering on No Lakota Levy. I told everyone that it wouldn’t work that people would still listen to me because they wanted someone who fought. The public doesn’t want Republicans who cave under pressure. Trump instinctively knew that and when NBC pulled away from him to try to yank him back to a centralist’s political presence, he lashed out at them. Now, within just three months of their spectacular divorce, NBC is welcoming Trump back to their network. Trump will host Saturday Night Live which will be a huge deal for the presidential candidate. The ratings for the show will be explosive, which Loren Michaels clearly understands. Even though SNL will have to make the same offer to the other presidential candidates under the equal time rule, the situation clearly plays in favor of Trump. SNL is willing to take a ratings hit on those other candidates so that they can have Trump. That’s how powerful his message is.

Many hours later after the sun came up and my daughter had finally gave birth my grandson and I went over to the VOA Park to keep him busy as the hospital cleaned up his new little sister and tended to my daughter with some much-needed rest. The media found me there playing with him next to the lake dock watching the ducks swim in the October sunshine. Trump does things on a bigger scale than I do—he seems to like that kind of attention more than me—but “A” type personalities are always entertaining and able to bounce back no matter what is thrown at them. Trump certainly fits that description and it’s always been a personality trait of mine—to fight through anything and everything to come out on top. The Journal News reporter was a nice guy looking to do a community piece about how the park was being used so he took some pictures of my grandson and me playing.

Patti Alderson had made the Lakota schools system a promise that she would use her resources to block me out of public attention. A small legion of pro levy supporting advocates flooded The Pulse Journal and WLW radio with angry letters because they covered me so much. So those media outlets reacted and listened to the anger and covered me less. The Pulse Journal is all but out of business now, they had to drop their lease at the nice plaza by Lakota East and Clear Channel radio in Cincinnati is struggling under a changing marketplace. XM radio and iHeart are changing the business and the WLW tower that I could see easily from the VOA Park has much less relevance than it once did. As usual, guys like me outlast the controversy and are always poised for a photograph or a quote whereas the media outlets that buckle to the pressure find themselves slowly dying if they hold the line by listening to people like Patti and avoiding people like me. I have much better quotes in much higher quantities of content which go without saying.

NBC knows why Trump is successful and no matter how much they might resent the presidential billionaire candidate—they know they have to cover him or they will lose ratings—because the public likes what Trump stands for and what he might be able to do as a leader of the free world. If nothing else, he will at least entertain them. I made those predictions when Patti tried to move the Republican Party against me and paint me out of the media. Well, all that happened was that new media outlets covered me and my blog has more daily readers than most newspapers. I’m still in business while a lot of them are letting people go because their business is so terrible. So who got hurt and who succeeded?

The world had changed a lot politically in just the last four years. In 2009 the VOA Park was the location of John Kasich’s run for governor where he appealed to the Tea Party crowd successfully distancing himself from his friend Ted Strickland. Patti Alderson was all about that brand of conservatism and supported those efforts as a roaring crowd filled the fields with an ocean of vicious support for the would-be governor. Patti became a part of Kasich’s administration and continued to be a major donor and host of the Party. But as it turned out Kasich and Strickland where ideologically more alike than not—both middle grounders politically who played on both sides of the aisle—just as Patti, one of the biggest leaders of the Party from a social standpoint was. She was a tax increase supporter and major fundraiser which forced many Republicans to play ball by the rules she invoked—quietly. Clearly Patti and her gang of area Republican wouldn’t organize such a festival at the VOA Park for Donald Trump for all the reasons that she alienated herself from me.

It saddened me a bit to think of the VOA Park, such a nice place that was the center of much political mastery—in a good way. When Patti and many others brought Kasich to the VOA Park half a decade ago, it was a packed event. When that loser governor came just a few years ago back to the same location to hold an event at the Ronald Reagan building—which is a wonderful venue for such a thing—there were only a few people there to hear the speech. Event organizers had to spread out the crowd to make it look better for media reporters who couldn’t help but catch all the bare spots where there wasn’t any crowd in the audience—because not enough people were interested in seeing the governor who had expanded Medicare, led the state to more alliance with Barrack Obama, and lost to the labor unions at the negotiating table over Senate Bill 5.

While the world of the old Republicans continues to dwindle, due to an adherence to their own failed ideology of centralist political behavior, those who do what they say and actually stand for something continue to succeed. Republicans only have themselves to blame. The resources are all there, they have just misused them with an arrogance that they could apply their considerable political pull to yank the entire society in a direction they didn’t want to go. Trump will still come to Cincinnati and will fill some venue with screaming fans. He doesn’t need Patti Alderson to move and shake things for him—which probably steams her to no end. Trump won’t come to her summer parties and he won’t make time for her charity events. So she might encourage people to boycott him, just as she encouraged boycotts of me in the past on a much smaller scale, but the result will be the same, just as NBC has had to learn.

You people will do much better at life if you just shut up and listen to me. I do know best and your lives will be much better off once you accept that. I will say that painting at the West Chester Hospital was very nice. It’s nice to do nice things for hospitals and schools. But the hard decisions and bulk of the activity regarding productivity will always fall on the “A” type personalities who cannot be stuffed in a box with social pressure. Because the reality of social pressure is that they need people like Trump more than Trump needs them. The sooner they realize that basic notion, the better off the Republican Party will be and the VOA Park could and should be filled with Trump supporters at a future rally. NBC learned that hard lesson. Its time that everyone else learn it too for their own good.

Rich Hoffman


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6 thoughts on “Why NBC Caved To Trump: Patti Alderson’s mural at the West Chester hospital

  1. In addition to congratulations, I would add the following regarding Republican presidential candidates since Ronald Reagan. All have been passive and deliberately so, letting their opponents attack and failing to advocate for the Republican conservative principles that are spelled out quite clearly in the Republican oath. Even Bush II fell victim to the passive approach to campaigning and nearly lost to that complete pantywaist idiot, Al Gore. When Romney was nominated, I told my Republican friends that he would not win. They, of course, derided me until the very end and then I reminded them of my prediction and why I made that prediction.

    Finally, we have a series of candidates, particularly Trump, who are beginning to speak up against the Socialist American Party, (SAPs or Democrats) and this is needed if we are going to survive as a constitutional republic rather than become another of the failing Eurosocialist “democracies”.


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