The Socialists Are Here: Canada elects Justin Trudeau

Remember what I said a few years ago about the organization Socialist International and how their progressive intentions were spreading across the globe. Issues like open borders, marijuana legalization, and gun banning are their highlight reels of priority? Their goal is to get everyone essentially stoned so that they will assimilate into one giant non gender, none nationality species to gather under the rainbow of global governance. And in their crosshairs are on the United States and its cherished sovereignty, because as long as that exists, the goals of Socialist International are strained with competition which of course they can’t have. Well, guess what, Justin Trudeau’s election in Canada is the latest casualty toward left-leaning dystopian chaos that seeks to plague the minds of the masses toward oblivion.

Again, I hate being right all the time. I predicted this. The entire world is plunging toward socialism, France is already there, England is trying to dig out from under it, Germany is certainly committed to progressivism, Italy is drowning, Greece is toast, Spain is deeply in the hole and those are the good countries. The Middle East is corrupted by a mix of political communism and radical religion both collectivist based. India is impoverished, China is communist. Russia is pretending to be free-market when it’s really a totalitarian regime. All of Africa is destitute with socialism, especially South Africa. Australia is deeply corrupted now with socialism and only has the economic power of a large state in America. South America is mostly socialist leaning and Mexico is of course rooted in social justice philosophies that have destroyed their economy with an origin in Marxism. So around the world the United States is all there is regarding free market potential and the world is gunning for it. We shouldn’t cooperate, unfortunately, half our society is inclined to.

For that matter all of Canada only has as half as much GDP as California in the United States which is falling toward socialism presently. Progressives have essentially taken over California with socialist leaning concepts which will dramatically alter California’s economy over the next couple decades. But Canada is already there. It didn’t take much for the measly 34 million residents of Canada to vote in favor of socialism, because they are a beaten people looking for the free stuff that government can confiscate and redistribute to their population. That is the primary reason that the advocates of wealth redistribution promote open borders, because it changes free counties to socialist ones which spread the disease at the ballot box. America is under attack in its schools, its government and from all countries surrounding it. It is being attacked because it maintains a capitalist system.

The media loves that Canada has turned toward the political left, because that is their desire for America. They look to the south and see Mexico and now to the north, Canada is even more socialist leaning than they were five years ago, and the media sees progressive politics—which is what progressives are all about—progressing beyond capitalism toward socialism and global government centralized within the United Nations. They want an end to national sovereignty, personal sovereignty—which is why they support abortion, casual sex and homosexuality and most of all they seek the destruction of the concept of private property. In the United States they attack private property through guilt—by declaring the Native American Indian had land stolen from them which we are the perpetrators of. This led to casino legislation to empower the Indian, but in reality it was intended to make more gambling addicts, drunks and whores so that our society would be easier to conquer. Progressives also attack property rights with taxes attaching everything to property so to make it too expensive for single land holders to possess too much. It’s all very philosophically coordinated.

It isn’t a conspiracy to say such things. It’s a fact, the socialism is all around us and it is very un-American. Canada just made a huge mistake, and they will feel the pain of that mistake in time. But what the socialists of the world really need is to put out the light of capitalism residing in America so that the people living in those other countries won’t look toward the United States as an example that they’ll have to live up to. Justin Trudeau is just one pawn in a global chess game that is intent on cornering the king of capitalism—America into a checkmate and the intentions are now well at hand. The very fact that on our northern border are socialists and on our southern border die-hard Marxist rejects from the turn of the last century, open border advocates aren’t just looking for more Democratic voters, they want to change the nature of our country into an assimilation of progressivism.

They don’t want the strong white male cowboys of American culture; they want the people who are easy to run over and to control into social justice concerns. Those priorities are being taught in our schools to our kids right now to change them into a voting population, who will vote for people like Justin Trudeau in America—a low testosterone beta type of man who could easily put on a dress and feel right at home. Progressives want more Bruce Jenner, lost souls who don’t know what they are, so that progressives can remold them into a global assimilation of progressive ideas—which is another reason why even public schools are bending over backwards to make he/shes feel socially acceptable. It isn’t because they care about the feelings of the individual, it’s because they want to change individuals into a mess of soupy human assimilation. They use sexuality, marijuana, and all forms of decadence to spread the concepts of collectivism because it is only there that the sins of individual loss of sanctity can be recovered once surrendered. They are trying to break you down dear reader one sin at a time and their goal is to turn your neighborhood into Canada, France, and Greece—with the political elite in charge of your life—so you don’t have to think about it and have more time for video games and to surf the Internet on your smart phone.

Only when they suppress the United States behind a wall of collectivism—a league of nations—will capitalism eventually fall—which was always the goal of early 20th Century communists. They have softened up their rhetoric since then with their mind on the long prize, which Justin Trudeau represents. Everywhere you look now socialism is clear to see and the economies of those places reflect that stale approach to productivity with pathetic GDP numbers for the land masses they represent. The only way they can hide the scam is by eradicating capitalism from the earth. That is why the United States has a target placed upon it from those old Socialist International buffoons and their misplaced philosophic investment into the broken man of Karl Marx. A poor soul that was used by the forces of Europe to send communism into Russia to destroy the family that controlled that giant land mass from competition with their neighbors for economic survival. Now that science experiment has spiraled out of control and sucked the world into a black hole of economic development for which Justin Trudeau is but the symptom. And it’s not only coming to American—in many ways—its already here.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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