Americans Still Support Guns and the NRA: Firearms should be as common to wear as blue jeans

Yes it is good news to those of right mind, something the slack-jawed losers, the liberal malcontents, the communist gun-grabbers don’t want you to know dear reader, that a Gallup poll conducted on October 7th through the 11th confirmed Americans have a favorable opinion of the NRA. Even better 52 percent of the respondents polled—which 56% considered themselves political moderates—opposed stricter gun laws. This is quite contrary to the type of rhetoric that carpet munching liberals—such as Hillary Clinton have been advocating when she said in May of 2015, We’re way out of balance, I think we’ve got to reign in what has become an almost article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people.” I say “carpet muncher” not to be mean, but as she stands against the NRA in every way possible, she is quite an animated advocate of gay and lesbian rights and will go out of her way to support “transgender rights” as if those types of people were common place. They may be in her neck of the woods, but not in mine. I know a lot more people who carry guns and use them as a way of life than I do gay people. So she obviously runs with a different crowd than I do and if those people happen to be women while her husband is running around in the Caribbean with his wealthy friends having sex with underaged girls, what’s a girl supposed to do? Chew on some well-sculpted carpet and get mad at the NRA because they tend to oppose people like her legislatively, and morally. Well, in spite of her type or radicalism, the public hasn’t turned on the NRA.

I was eating at a restaurant the other day with my wife—we have known the owners for years, and they have a son who spends a lot of time at the place while they conduct their business. He’s often over in the corner playing video games on his laptop—and over the years I’ve watched him grow up. As I ate my food he was playing a first person shooter of some kind and he was really into the action. He’s a nice kid, gets good grades and is likely going to grow up to become a phenomenal young man because he has parents who really love him—and we all know how much that makes a difference in the life of a young person. But he was shooting hundreds of targets on his laptop with a wide range of guns, and he was having a great time doing it.

Video games, movies, and guns go together like butter on popcorn. Young Millennials love guns because of video games—which have become their primary exposure. If people like Hillary Clinton were successful at getting Hollywood to stop putting guns in their movies, or programmers to take guns out of their games—sales would plummet. So Hollywood liberals donate millions of dollars to Democrats—sliding money into the purse of Clinton like a guilty man in a gentlemen’s club slides a twenty into the G-string of a 20-year-old girl because she showed him her snatch. They want to shut that politician up to their industry so they can make money—with guns. Guns satisfy a primary need that human beings have of being in control of their own destiny, so they are still popular in movies, and very popular in video games—and that’s not going away.

While public schools have listened to idiots like Hillary Clinton and tried to keep kids from playing “gunfight” at recess, kids have tuned out of school and tuned in to their Playstations at home for some wonderful online gunfights that are a lot cooler than what I had when I was a kid using sticks for guns. These days virtual gunfights are so much more fun, and most kids play them. Those kids may pay lip service to the liberals at their schools without making the connection now, but in the not so distant future, they will grow up, have families, and vote—and they’ll be gun fans—likely more audaciously than I am now, because they get to play with them in the mythic environments on a daily basis.

So I’m not sure who Hillary Clinton and her gun-grabbing Democrats think are going to listen to their desires for more gun control. When those young people realize that they can buy guns of their own someday and get a concealed carry permit, they’ll do it, and they’ll love it. But here’s where the trouble starts–because people like Hillary Clinton have also spent much of their lives destroying the family structure of traditional Americans. Back in my day I shot guns with my dad, and grandparents—and I learned to respect them within my family environment. Kids today who have access to more virtual guns than I even knew existed when I was their age–don’t have intact family structures. Too often kids deal with two and three marriages between their parents and there are step brothers and sisters and all kinds of messed up conditions that have been caused by the government tampering with the lives and thoughts of the masses with progressive experiments. Kids are still playing “gunfight” just as I did, and kids will always want to play in that fashion because there is a human need for it. But unlike in my time, or those who came before me, modern kids don’t have the family structure to learn to respect firearms. That means that Hillary Clinton types of people have screwed up in two ways, they had tamped with the American family and contributed to its demise and they failed to address the human need for firearms in our education systems by denying that it exists. Those two things have proven to be detrimental to our modern age.

The National Rifle Association is dedicated to not only preserving the Second Amendment, but in educating gun owners about the proper handling of them. They are a truly wonderful organization that seeks to put American value in line with firearm ownership in a way that really public schools should be doing on their own. Rather than publicly funded schools advocating gay rights, and transgender roles to make Hillary Clinton fans happy, they should use the confiscated money they receive in taxes to educate children into the kind of society they really want—not the one that they seek to impose on people. Kids should be taught about firearms in public school and even learn to care for them—because guns are part of American culture—more so than most anything else that could be taught in school.

There would be nothing wrong with kids learning to target shoot during gym class, or learning how to reload ammunition in shop class. Proper history should be taught about the importance of the American frontiersman into changing the way human beings viewed themselves and a thorough study of the firearms of the early 18th century deserves some attention. For instance, Simon Kenton used to be able to reload is musket while on the run as the Shawnee were constantly harassing him for his land claims made along the Ohio River Valley. It took a lot of skill to do what he did and kids ought to be playing games featuring him at recess—instead of just naming a county in Northern Kentucky after him and calling it respect. If schools taught that kind of thing—I just might support a school levy. But why should people tax themselves into oblivion just so young people can learn a bunch of progressive crap that is useless to them. Because we know what happens to people who follow progressive philosophy—they end up miserable and dependent on government and end up spiteful and broken as grownups. An education system that teaches that kind of garbage should be rejected.

The NRA is an important organization in American culture. My membership card is one of the things I carry around with me every day that means a lot to me. I keep it right next to my Second Call Defense card in my wallet and it gives me hope that America isn’t lost each time I see it. In spite of all the progressive attacks against the NRA, Americans still support it, and I’m inclined to feel that the support will grow in time because of young people growing up after playing so many video games and wanting to know the truth about firearms as they re-educate themselves after a generation of slander. Hillary Clinton’s view of the world is a dying carcass. I can see a need for American women to wear their guns about them the way that they do earrings and high heels—to accentuate their natural beauty and roles within society.   I can see a real need for guns to become as much a part of people’s lives as blue jeans and t-shirts—because in America, guns are what make us great—and free. And it is the NRA that stands for that freedom as the gun-grabbers from the rest of the world try to work their malice to no avail as the people within the United States still support their firearms as well they should—against a tide of opinion that has not been successful in removing them.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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