Chicago Police Corruption: The Rubber Gun Squad, race baiters, and FOP unions

Here are two very good articles about the police shooting of a black teenage kid in Chicago and the subsequent protests by the Black Lives Matter crowd, who as we have covered before is a black insurgency group driven by a communist ideology seeking to implant itself in black communities. Both the Chicago police and the Black Lives Matter people are born of the same liberal womb—they are the creations of progressive police and government expansion seeking to use each other to advance the spread of less individual rights with each news story demanding more public safety through increased support of both. Before I provide a more proper commentary read the below I-Team report from ABC 7 below, followed by a Reuters article. Both tell a story that should be very disconcerting to all. I put them up in their completions with the links included because months from now when this story is lost to time—people will still need to remember the dynamics of this particular case and the context I’m presenting will still need to be preserved for ease of reflection.

By Chuck Goudie and Rob Elgas

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 10:55PM


The ABC7 I-Team has obtained new police dash-cam video of the moments leading up to Laquan McDonald’s deadly encounter with police. The new videos from five police vehicles show Officer Jason Van Dyke, who faces first-degree murder charges in McDonald’s death, in pursuit of the teenager before the shooting. One of the blurry videos is from inside Van Dyke’s police vehicle. On Oct. 20, 2014, Officer Van Dyke and his partner were in a convenience store parking lot when the call came in and they responded. Video from another police car shows Van Dyke on the move, weaving through traffic, rushing to a report of a man wielding a knife. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Click here to watch new, unedited dash-cam video from five police vehicles the night of Laquan McDonald’s death During the incident, you can see McDonald, 17, crossing right in front of his vehicle, carrying what appears to be a knife. Thirty seconds later, he collapses to the street, shot 16 times.

The video shows the view Officer Van Dyke had of McDonald while sitting in the passenger seat during the pursuit. It puts Van Dyke on the trail of the teenager and involved in the chase about 30 seconds earlier than first thought. At this point in the video, the vehicle emergency lights had been turned off. That should also have switched off the dash-cam, but for some reason, Van Dyke’s dash-cam continued recording despite an “off” icon on the screen. Regardless, the video continued recording as his police car pulled up to the scene where McDonald is walking down the street. It is at this point – about 30 seconds after he apparently first spotted McDonald – that Van Dyke got out of his vehicle and opened fire, emptying his police pistol. Video from a different dash-cam shows McDonald’s body on the street after the shooting, still alive before paramedics arrived. The dash-cams are supposed to record audio, but during the McDonald incident, none did. Only the muffled sound of sirens can be heard, but no voices. On Tuesday, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy addressed the absence of audio on dash-cam videos. “There were apparently technical difficulties, but in no way shape or form is there any evidence that anything was tampered with,” McCarthy said. Wednesday night, a Chicago police official said there was no audio because the batteries in the dash-cams had been put in improperly and facing the wrong direction, which disables the audio part of the recorder. CPD says officers responsible for maintaining their dash-cams are being retrained to avoid this. “Sometimes officers need to be disciplined if they don’t turn it on at the right circumstance which is why we’re working out all the details of our body cam project,” McCarthy said. The fatal shooting occurred in front of a Burger King, which may have captured some of the moments leading up to the slaying. The restaurant manager said that four or five police officers asked him for the password to his surveillance system the night of the shooting. A camera allegedly caught one of the officers touching the DVR. The manager told ABC7 that the Independent Police Review Authority showed up later, it had been determined that up to 15 files had been deleted. However, police officials had said the FBI had determined there was no tampering.

Newly released police dashboard camera videos from the scene of the shooting of a black teenager by a white Chicago patrolman could raise fresh questions over documentation of the killing, as the city braced for an organized protest march on Friday.

Like the first video released on Tuesday, the new footage lacks discernible audio of the Oct. 20, 2014 shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Officer Jason Van Dyke. Audio and video should be automatically activated on the cameras, according to police department policy.

Van Dyke on Tuesday became the first Chicago police officer in decades to be charged with murder for on-duty use of lethal force and is in jail pending a second bond hearing on Monday.

Protests over police killings of black men have rocked a number of U.S. cities in the past 18 months. Chicago has seen muted reaction thus far to such incidents, even though police shootings there have been more frequent on average than in the bigger cities of New York and Los Angeles.

The new footage from dashboard cameras on squad cars, sent to Reuters and other media in response to public record requests, does not show the actual shooting.

McDonald’s killing and the 13-month delay in charging Van Dyke and releasing the video led to demonstrations on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The powerful Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is supporting a Black Friday march along Michigan Avenue, an upscale shopping street, organized by civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson.

“We have watched in anger and disappointment as the city has covered up police violence,” CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey said in a statement. He accused Mayor Rahm Emanuel of delaying release of the videos while he was running for re-election, which he won in April. Emanuel and other officials said they delayed releasing the video to avoid tainting the investigation of Van Dyke.

There were no signs of protests on Thursday despite some calls on social media for demonstrations at the annual Thanksgiving Day parade.

Police guarded the parade through Chicago’s downtown business district, which was packed with families and tourists watching high school bands playing instruments and dancing as inflatables hovered above their heads.


Van Dyke had 20 misconduct complaints against him but he was never disciplined, according to the Citizens Police Data Project, a database of 56,000 misconduct complaints against Chicago police officers compiled by the Invisible Institute, a transparency organization.

However, a federal jury in a civil trial against Van Dyke and Thomas McKenna found in 2010 that the two officers had used excessive force during a 2007 traffic stop. The city was ordered to pay the plaintiff, Edward Nance, $350,000 in damages as well as $180,000 in legal fees, according to documents in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.


The first tape of the shooting was released under court order hours after Van Dyke was charged. It showed McDonald as he was gunned down in the middle of a street.

Police said the sound was missing from the first tape due to an unspecified technical problem. A spokesman for the department did not immediately respond on Thursday to an e-mailed question about why the footage released on Wednesday also does not have audio.

One of those new videos is from the patrol car that Van Dyke was in and shows McDonald running away from the vehicle. The shooting occurs off camera.

Prosecutors and police said McDonald was carrying a folding knife and had the hallucinogenic drug PCP in his system.

The Chicago Police Department directive on dashboard cameras says they “automatically engage audio and video recording when the vehicle’s emergency-roof lights are activated.”

Officers are supposed to verify cameras are working properly and immediately notify a supervisor if they are inoperable, according to the directive. Police can also manually activate the system.

Chicago police have shot an average of 50 people a year over the last seven years. That average exceeds that of the larger cities of New York and Los Angeles.

Of those shot by Chicago police, 74 percent have been black. On average there have been 17 fatal police shootings in Chicago each year since 2007.

(Additional reporting by Steve Gorman in Los Angeles and Mary Wisniewski in Chicago; Writing by Frank McGurty; Editing by Paul Simao and David Gregorio)

Read more at Reuters

Without question, the Chicago police covered up the incriminating evidence of a fellow police officer in this particular shooting. I view police as necessary, but because of my long history with them I can testify that they cannot be trusted without private oversight, particularly when it comes to the police union. Police should not be allowed to unionize, so long as they can, this kind of corruption will go unpunished, because their FOP unions prevent proper discipline.   If you’ve ever seen the film The Wolf of Wall Street, our police forces are every bit as corrupt, only not on the financial side of things. What goes on and why it does would make your skin crawl. I hate that police corruption so much that I even wrote a book about it—The Tail of the Dragon. In short, there is no way our society can ever just trust the police in a gun free society. They are prone to be power-hungry and love to abuse that power. Police cannot be allowed to go unchecked and mismanaged, and so long as they are members of a police union, they will be potential menaces to individual citizens.

However, they are necessary in a society. Cops are often exposed to so much human degradation, particularly in poor communities where human values are quite vacant that they begin to lose their minds. If not for the labor unions, those cops would be otherwise placed on the “rubber gun squad” which is essentially desk work and removed from public interaction until they get their minds right. When a police officer sees too much and their personal value system finds it can’t cope, those cops need to be pulled off the street. Officer Van Dyke behaved as if he should have been on the “rubber gun squad” a long time ago. Likely he wasn’t because the labor unions do most of the personnel management in police forces keeping police chiefs from taking action when they know they should otherwise be placed on desk jobs until their psychological evaluations clear them for their regular police tasks.

So there is a lot going on with this case. Liberals and their war on poverty have used blacks and their conditions of discontent to be the next Martin Luther Kings with race baiters like Jesse Jackson to make good money through the exploitation—and they never seek to actually solve the problem of helping black kids with actual intelligence based educations. Profiteering race baiters purposely keep black children in a victimized state so that they will harass the police and be street thugs to advance the marketing of political money pouring into those communities so they can skim some off the top for their own decadent lifestyles. The police led not by their chain of command, but their labor unions abuse their authority all the time and frequently step over the line of proper conduct abusing people’s Constitutional rights on a constant basis. The two sides are played against each other by liberal politics for the primary purpose of marketing both with publicity, even if it’s negative, for the expansion of more confiscated tax burdens.

The real solution to all of this is less police, eliminated union membership and more individualized based property protection—in other words, a strong national commitment to the Second Amendment. This does two things, it decentralizes the security of a region and it takes the money out of union membership dues making police forces a much less lucrative safe-haven for corruption and manipulation. Cops are needed; brave cops are better—valiant souls who truly want to do the right things. But these idiots who just want to break down doors, and get blow jobs from innocent girls trying to get out of traffic tickets are abusing their authority to extraordinary degrees, and it needs to stop.

To prove I know something about this issue let me provide come clarification, and evidence based on personal history. I had a good friend who worked for me for a time who left my employment to become a cop in Hamilton. Ohio—a fairly nice Midwest town in the southern portion of the state. He left my employment for more money as a cop, his wife was already a cop in Franklin, Ohio and most of their social networks were cops. They had parties together often and associated frequently with cops all over the region. They were also swingers, as a couple. I had them at gatherings at my house a few times and learned a lot more than I cared to learn about off-duty cops and their lifestyle habits. That guy was later busted for pulling over attractive girls and letting them off with a warning in exchange for oral sex. The police force tried to help cover it up, but the evidence was just too overwhelming, so he moved to another city and became a cop there. These cops have a massive network and they help each other. Not all of them, but more than a few sleep with each other’s wives and conduct their personal life in a pretty disgraceful fashion. I have many more examples—in fact, I could write several books on what I know about them, but to me the worst example is that old friend of mine. I took him for a brave young guy who was an adrenaline junkie that could be used for good. Instead he was a sex maniac who wanted to use his power and authority to commit vile evil on innocent people. We stopped being friends after I learned about what he was doing with the girls in the cars. It’s not just blacks in poor neighborhoods—it’s everyone. You just don’t have communist groups uniting the young girls of a local high school to protest against the police because nobody is going to feel sorry for a bunch of pretty white high school girls. But blacks have a history with civil rights and Martin Luther King marches that can be exploited by thieves and other treacherous characters to advance sympathy and garner donations.

Of course I got to know that friend’s wife. She had slept with half of the male members of her police force and they all had wives they were cheating on with her—and those women knew what was going on, and everyone was very open about it. But I didn’t respond and she lost interest quickly probably considering me too “uppity” for them. I was her husband’s boss at the time, so she held her tongue around me, but I can only imagine what she said after they were together away from my ears, because his behavior toward me changed after that. That’s when I realized that these cops and their personal ethics were dreadfully vacant. As government employees, I would never trust them with my life. I like the job they do most of the time, but I would never trust them exclusively. You never know if they are up for the “rubber gun squad” or when they will be. For many of them, the sex and other forms of recklessness is a form of balance to bring them back from the brink of what they see on patrol, the battered bodies in car wrecks, the domestic violence, and the bad social conduct of the people they are forced to see during routine calls. It takes a steady mind to hold up to the rigor, even in nice neighborhoods. And only a few out of hundreds are up to that level of conduct. The police unions cover up the other cases and there’s nothing a mayor or police chief can do about it.

Police are trained incorrectly how to deal with stress. Too many police are shooting not just blacks, but everyone. Blacks are the only group protesting under organized assault. Per capita it might look like blacks are disproportionately being targeted, but that is largely because they are often confined to a poor neighborhood connected directly to government housing and other benefits. Black youth appear to be so badly out of control because they are largely fatherless, which is the primary cause of their behavior. Government has a lot to do with the reason those black families are fatherless, and government is also behind the bad behavior of cops. So government has been the cause of most of the problem, their mismanagement in both situations.   Given that, there is no way that government can even consider making a case for dismantling the Second Amendment. Government can and does abuse its obligations and when they get caught, just like in the Hillary Clinton case and with Lois Lerner at the IRS, they lie, delete emails, and hide behind their labor unions to cover up their crimes. Government is a big problem; they purposely make people poor so they can use them to advance an agenda. Their employees are out-of-control, and they destroy evidence which only they can use to prosecute. The Chicago case of November 2015 is just one small example of a long history of abuse. And the only conclusion we can make is that they can’t be trusted, any of them. We can’t trust the civil rights activists because of the inclination to communist influence, and we can’t trust the cops because they are prone to corruption by the very nature of their jobs. When they are mentally unfit for service, their labor unions protect them from the “rubber gun squad.” So what are we to do? Protect the Second Amendment, because you’re going to need it—if only to keep all this government mismanagement away from your dinner table.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


Rodizio at Liberty Center: Review after the first full month of opening — a vacation in our own back yards

To be completely honest, when I travel it is usually the restaurants that I remember most and what I look forward to experiencing before hand. Maybe it’s just the primal need for food and its connection to our daily life that does it, but restaurants reflect most about whatever culture I’m visiting. For instance, when traveling to my favorite amusement park, the Epcot Center in Florida it isn’t the rides that I think of most afterwards, it’s the chance to eat at all the various restaurants representing the different countries. It’s like traveling the world without the pain of all the border crossings and language barriers. Usually when I’m planning a trip, whether it’s to another country or another city within the United States, I scout ahead to the dinning options available and look forward to concluding whatever business I have in those places, so that I can enjoy a unique restaurant experience.

Given that little prequel it should be obvious then why I have taken such a liking to the Rodizio Grill at Liberty Center. It’s an exotic joy that is just as authentic, if not more so, than if I visited a steakhouse in Brazil, but it’s just down the road from me saving the plane fees to get there. After a hard day, or week I can visit the Rodizio at Liberty Center and feel like I took a vacation—which I consider invaluable to stress management—so I feel grateful to have one of these Rodizio restaurants so close now in southern Ohio. There are only two in all of Ohio, one in Columbus and now the one at Liberty Center. There are a few in Colorado, a few in Florida, one in Louisiana, one in Minnesota, Nebraska and New Jersey. So there are a respectable number of them in the United States—but for most of the country it is a journey to get to one of the locations. The Rodizio at Liberty Center is literally down the road for me so given that convenience and my love of a vacation experience even if it’s just for a few hours, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have been there several times in just the first month of its opening. My wife and I were fortunate enough to be invited to a VIP opening on October 27 2015 and we enjoyed it so much that we took our daughter there for her 25th birthday exactly one month later.

I had been there other times in between, most of them professionally based, but this last time was different—it was my family, so out of all the nice places around the city of Cincinnati, I wanted my little girl to have the best opportunity. I have eaten at most places around the city of Cincinnati. I am very familiar with the various restaurants along the Fields Ertle exit just outside of nearby Mason. But there is nothing like this Brazilian steakhouse outside of downtown Cincinnati. However I prefer the suburbs to downtown mainly because of parking, so it was a no brainer on the decision. I wanted to take her to the Rodizio for a unique, “worldly” experience that I think she deserves—because she’s a good kid who deserves to be pampered on her birthday.

My measure of steakhouses is of course Jags in West Chester which I consider to be the best in the area. Jeff Ruby’s Steak House on Fountain Square is a close second. But these are very expensive establishments. The food is very good, of course, but it’s more a place to be seen, or to raise an impression with a client then the actual functionality of those places. I put the Rodizio at Liberty Center above those steakhouses for one simple reason. The food is on par with those upper crest establishments—but the atmosphere is much more ambitious at Rodizio, and the food supply is limitless. The full Rodizio experience is essentially an all you can eat buffet—an endless supply of fresh vegetables, fruits and salads with some of the best cuts of meat that you can find anywhere—such as the Maminha which is a tri-tip sirloin steak with a moderate marbled-to-lean cut presented medium to medium rare right at your table. The Gauchos bring the meats to your table and present a slice to your plate directly. They will keep coming until you turn your table indicator to red letting them know to either give you a break, or to bring your check. The Picanha is a slice of top sirloin that rivals the best of what any steakhouse anywhere can provide and it’s presented in whatever quantities you can hold as the customer. At the birthday lunch for my daughter they were circulating roughly 7 different types of meat and a standout was the Miolo Da Paleta and the Garlic Beef. Lunch is $19.95 for the full Rodizio experience which I think is an absolute bargain. At dinner the selections increase to well over 10 items including lamb. Dinner is just shy of $33 dollars per person. I’ve now been to Rodizio enough to begin knowing the various cuts of meat on sight which seemed very exotic upon my first visit. They still are, but now they are like familiar friends.

My concern after the VIP dinner was that the management at Rodizio was putting their best foot forward to win over community leaders, but that the food quality would subside after a few weeks of a hard open to the general public. As of this writing Rodizio at Liberty Center has been open for only a month, but their food quality is as good as it was on that first special night. Each time I have been to Rodizio since, which has been at least once a week, Captain Hook, the head chef has personally come to my table to make sure the food quality is up to par. He welcomes criticism because he is aiming at perfection—which impresses me in any endeavor. I continue to be impressed with Captain Hook and the management at Rodizio purely from a business standpoint. It is a real challenge to offer so much fresh food to an unpredictable public. Dinners at Rodizio are busy, so make sure to make reservations. Lunches are something that local residents haven’t yet discovered so the rushes have been sporadic. Yet Captain Hook prepares large quantities of food to accommodate without putting the restaurant in an obvious strain. The kitchen might feel the pressure, but it doesn’t show on the floor where the customers are. Pricing wise, and by function Rodizio is like a hot rod healthy version of the Golden Corral, or a Frisch’s breakfast bar. In those places the food is prepared in mass quantities and sits under hot plates for hours. The food can be good, but you know you’re at a smorgasbord so you don’t expect high quality food. Rodizio has the same challenges, but they’re competing with the best of the steakhouses in the city so the food quality challenge by Captain Hook and the management is to balance out need with supply. I’ve been to Rodizio on really busy nights and during sporadic lunches and the food quality under all those conditions has been very high. They maintain items ranging from Ovo de Codorna (marinated quail eggs) to Salada de Cogumelo (mushroom salad)—fairly complex arrangements all presented very fresh—and I have yet to see the food quality drop.

The 27th of November happened to be Black Friday at Liberty Center and it was good to see the place  bulging with business. People have discovered the place and at just after 6 PM, there wasn’t a parking space to be found except in the very back of the complex. After the first thirty days of opening my family has been there at least 20 times—so Liberty Center has become very important to our social life. We’ve now eaten in most of the establishments—both the premier restaurants of which Rodizio is but one, and the offerings around the food court, and we have had pretty much positive experiences at all of them. I prefer the Rodizio because it is the most unusual of the dining options—it is the one that most feels like something you’d have while on vacation as opposed to just a night out on the town. Rodizio reminds me of something I’d have at the Epcot Center instead of at a local eatery—so I love it. But it’s not just that place, but all of Liberty Center which contributes to that vacation destination feel. If I were from out-of-town, I’d look forward most to visiting Liberty Center and restaurants like the Rodizio as the takeaway of my traveling experience. It’s that kind of place. I can’t help but think of how lucky some of the people who are leasing apartments and office space in the yet to be opened buildings where work, living, and pleasure will be offered in a one stop experience. When those places do open restaurants like Rodizio will be wonderful options for them. You can eat healthy and affordably at the Rodizio, and load up your food for the day instead of leaving hungry. A group of eight like we had at Rodizio would have cost about $700 to feed at Jags. That same group at Rodizio was just shy of $200 and we didn’t hold back on anything—we spent very loosely, deserts, drinks, and tips. And we were stuffed. I didn’t need to eat the next day. The food was so good that you just don’t want to stop eating it. But at some point you are on the verge of busting so you put your table indicator on its side and they bring your check. If I were a young millennial living at one of the Liberty Center apartments, I’d eat at Rodizio every day for lunch at only $19.95 and get all the fruits and veggies a body needs. For business travelers staying at the Marriott at the other end of the complex, Rodizio will solve jet lag and replenish you after a long day of boring business meetings. It’s a bargain, and a luxury. As good as the other restaurants are—and so far they all are, it’s the all you can eat option at Rodizio mixed with the exotic style of the food that put it on top for me.

After our lunch we walked around Liberty Center and enjoyed the Holiday lights. It was a warm evening, so it was a pleasure to stroll around and people watch. Liberty Center is a special place and in just a very short time my family has used it for what it was intended. It’s a vacation destination that we have in our own backyards. As I write this we are making plans for a complex trip overseas to very exotic locations, but I can’t say that I am looking forward to any of them the way I do when going to Liberty Center and dinning at the Rodizio Grill. I appreciate what all the ambition that made Liberty Center possible was committed to so that places like Rodizio could be an entertainment option. But it’s still nice to see people enjoying it. If there was anything that really jumped out at me about the Thanksgiving Holiday for which we just experienced, it was that I’m thankful for the wonders of capitalism—because it’s on full display at Liberty Center. It shows what unlocked human potential can generate if provided with the opportunity. Among the best of these examples is the Rodizio Grill. It’s a real treasure in southern Ohio and a perfect getaway for a spirit needing to recover from the stresses of living—without the worry of spending yourself into oblivion to get there. It’s a vacation experience every time you go—and for me, that’s a cache worth more than money.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


Robert Lewis Dear Apparently Identified as a Woman: What the news won’t tell you about Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting


Guess what, Obama, MSNBC, CNN, Hillary Clinton and all the rest of the knuckle dragging losers of progressive politics? They thought they finally had a white middle-aged Republican man who committed a terrorist act—so that they could propose more gun control. Sadly for them, the shooter—Robert Lewis Dear—the lunatic who shot up a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic on November 27th 2015 appears to be a cross-gender loving pervert who shared much more with Obama’s LBGT community than the NRA loving American traditionalists. According to early reports from The Gateway Pundit shown below indicate Robert Lewis Dear identified as a woman, not as the man that he is. Bet you won’t hear that on the news networks. Sounds like he had some issues…………………………….have a look for yourself. Dear sounds like a cast member of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That would explain his appearance.

Dear also lists his party as UAF.

Colorado Voters Info has Dear listed as a woman.

The Heavy reported has more on Robert Lewis Dear from Hartsel, Colorado:

Robert Lewis Dear, the suspected gunman, is from Hartsel, Colorado. According to KDVR-TV, he was previously a resident of North Carolina and is originally from South Carolina.

Dear’s age has been reported to as both 57 and 59, but public records indicate that he is 57. His family is from South Carolina, according to public records and his father’s obituary.

According to court records, Dear has an arrest record in both North and South Carolina. He has been convicted of several traffic offenses, but has been arrested several times on more serious charges.

His convictions include seat belt violations, driver’s license violations, operating a vehicle in an unsafe mechanical condition and driving a non-registered vehicle.

Dear was charged in Colleton, South Carolina, with two counts of cruelty to animals in 2002, but was found not guilty in a bench trial.

He was also charged in 2002 in Colleton with charges of “peeping Tom” and eavesdropping. Those charges were dismissed.

This is just further proof that liberals make most of the problems in our society. They feed anger toward Planned Parenthood with immoral justifications then they create a loose society full of perverts, peeping Toms, and losers who are men who think they are women and women who want to be men. USA Today almost had an orgasm when they saw the pictures of the suspect, but quickly put on the brakes once the stories of this idiot became clear. They reported that the motive was unclear so the hard reporting will probably die now that Robert Lewis Dear has turned out to be a Bruce Jenner clone—a woman in a man’s body. Perhaps Dear was jealous that real woman were able to get abortions for casual sex while he was not able to commit such a vile crime—so he went on a shooting spree. That conclusion is just as valid as Obama’s early comments regarding the push to use gun control as a way to keep more idiots like this loser free to peek in our windows all in the name of a more “progressive” society of morally loose punks and general depraved nut cases. Gun control laws obviously didn’t work with this confused person. Robert Lewis Dear was a Obama kind of guy—a bewildered mess who didn’t know what he was. And when it got to be too much of a mess in his head, he went on a shooting spree, just like the radical Muslims, and dumb kids taught in public schools who take out their frustrations through violence in public places. All the mass shootings over these last few years embody one of those character traits and all of them are creations of liberalized educations and progressive society. Add Robert Lewis Dear to the list.

Sorry liberals, you won’t find many people in the NRA who fit the mental description of Robert Lewis Dear.   They at least typically know what sex they are and aren’t the type of people who peek through windows at unsuspecting victims. NRA members have guns to protect themselves from people like Robert Lewis Dear. Again, if there were more armed people within the Planned Parent Hood clinic, they could have ended the standoff a lot sooner than they did, and more people might be alive. After all, what are they protecting—they are already agents of death? At least if they were armed they may have been able to save a few lives instead of exclusively being a place that takes them.

Oh, and what is the UAF?  I’m glad you asked, it’s a front group to the Socialist Workers Party.  Defiantly not a Republican group.  It is possible that this voter registration was doctored but at this early stage, probably not.  Take a picture.  It will last longer.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


Advice for Donald Trump in Ohio: Sheriff Jones is key to winning on Kasich’s turf–where to speak and how before the primary

So who hasn’t been threatened to be killed? Listening to Sheriff Jones talk about it, he makes it sound like it’s an exclusive thing. It’s not. Anyone who tells some faction of the collective society—whether its drug dealers, organized crime trying to dominate a specific region, or just a bunch of thugs trying to impose their will, being threatened to be killed is a common occurrence. Just because someone desires something, doesn’t mean they get it. As far as I’m concerned it’s as common as breathing air, but when you talk about it like some sissy, it diminishes the value of standing against the tide of collectivism. A real man doesn’t babble about it—because it demeans the bravery it takes to stand against such villainy. When bad guys come knocking, you just take care of it. That’s pretty much the end of the story. However, that is just one of the topics Jones talked about in the short piece on Channel 5 highlighting the Butler County Sheriff as a video bookend to a pretty decent career as a cop and sheriff willing to tackle tough national issues.  Most notably the recent attempts of the Donald Trump campaign to bring Jones to New York to encourage a partnership in the fight against illegal immigration. It is on that point that I am writing this—mainly for Trump and his handlers so they can understand the strategic importance of Sheriff Jones and why Butler County, Ohio is a key area to win over—so that they can take the steps to do so.

Sheriff Jones and I think alike on a lot of issues, particularly illegal immigration and drugs. I also like it when he wears his cowboy hat. He and I had very different opinions over the Issue 2 debate—he was completely pro union whereas I was all for the collective bargaining reforms offered by the much debated Senate Bill 5. I was with Kasich on that issue while Jones was speaking against it. Jones and I even debated publicly together on it—but we tried to keep it friendly even though I saw his position as a large contributor to the problem regarding public employee pay and compensation. We were also at odds over the last Lakota levy passage—the large public school that we both share a property tax obligation to. I was against the tax increase, he was for it. Even though we live only a few miles apart in Liberty Township, Ohio we don’t cross paths much these days. He’s been pro establishment Republican supporting Judy Shelton’s Central Committee domination while I lean much more toward Tea Party reforms. But there is a lot I do like about him. We both like John Wayne and we are both a bit extraverted when we need to be. We’ve both been frequent guests on WLW radio in the past so there is more to like than not to. Although my wife thinks he should be personally much tougher on drug busts than he is, her position on drugs is even harsher than mine—so in Jones’ defense, she is extremely hard to please on the matter.

I wasn’t going to rub it in. It’s not a coincidence that Judy Shelton decided to resign on September 14th 2015. Just a few weeks later John Boehner, the third most powerful person in the world also from Butler County who lives right across the street in West Chester, just another few miles from where Jones and I live—stepped down as Speaker of the House. The writing was on the wall, Judy had been protecting Boehner from challengers within the party and now that protection was stripped away. Everyone who knows politics knows that the way to win endorsements and therefore party support comes from the Central Committee—so Boehner had no choice as opposition toward the status queue mounted within those ranks of behind the scenes politics.

Now with Todd Hall running the GOP and the incredibly weak showing by John Kasich during his last trip to Butler County—there is a real hunger for strong candidates to support in what is likely the most conservative area of Ohio—let alone the country. Butler County isn’t just a red area within a purple state—it glows red even when the lights are turned off. It’s undeniably conservative and is currently undergoing a shift even further to the right—politically. Shelton, Boehner, and Kasich have proven not nearly conservative enough for our tastes. Sheriff Jones has taken notice and is following the trend. He has come out against Boehner’s performance—which he can do now that there is a leadership change within the Central Committee and our mutual friend Roger Reynolds is running for Boehner’s old seat. That would be an improvement particularly under a Paul Ryan led congress. Without a Paul Ryan type of House Speaker, Reynolds would be too quiet to be effective in such a boisterous town such as Washington D.C. But with Ryan and the Freedom Caucus, Roger would find friends there. Then he could use that big financial brain of his for good.

Donald Trump recognizing that Sheriff Jones is a friend who could offer testimony in favor of aggressive border control issues wanted the sheriff to come to New York to lend some credibility to the billionaires’ presidential platform. But Jones smartly declined. Trump however should not let the story die there. Rather, one way to win Ohio during the upcoming primary would be to win southern Ohio and to do that, Trump would have to get good numbers out of Butler County. So Trump’s people were sniffing in the right direction—they likely didn’t know how hot they were on the key to securing the nomination in Ohio—which is why I’m writing this. Trump needs to listen to Jones, don’t try to take the sheriff to New York, but bring the presidential campaign to Butler County and put the sheriff on the stage before Trump speaks. Then secure the nomination with Jones rowing the boat. Todd Hall is dealing with a leadership change within the party. I know him personally and think he’s a person who can be friendly to a Trump campaign. He’s a fellow developer so there is plenty of common ground with Trump. I don’t think it would take much for those two to become good friends—and I don’t mean just political friends—I mean real friends which would be useful in the future for Trump. There are plenty of people in the mix behind the scenes now in Butler County who could get behind a Donald Trump/Ted Cruz ticket. I mention Ted because he’s at least enough of an insider within the Senate to know how to dig up the needed bodies to assist Trump in getting bills through the legislative process when the going gets tough in 2018 and 2019. So if Trump wants to be president, he needs to come to Butler County several times—and he needs to make friends with Sheriff Jones. Trump needs to stick hard on the immigration issue plugging into the policy and image of the popular Butler County sheriff—who is currently the senior leadership within the Republican Party that is getting much younger and more conservative by the week.

I knew changes were amiss when I was invited to the GOP Christmas Party in Columbus, which is tempting. But I’m not sure I want to swap spit in the shower with a lot of those people just yet. For me it depends on Trump. If my local GOP could get behind Trump, I could get behind them more openly. But if they are going to support losers like Kasich, Bush or Marco Rubio, then forget it. Todd knows how I feel about things. I want a much more aggressive GOP, one that isn’t afraid to shake things up a bit and won’t dance around the press. So with that said let me name the right places for the Trump campaign to speak at, so that his people can plan accordingly knowing that their contact in Butler County needs to be Sheriff Jones.

The best place for Trump to speak would be the Ronald Reagan lodge at Voice of America Park. It’s not big enough to hold Trump’s typical crowds, but it could really show a contrast to Kasich’s latest speech there last year. It’s right in the heart of Butler County and the affluence of the area where donors are looking to bet on a winner. I would also suggest the newly developed Liberty Center. Given the cold conditions that campaigning in Ohio will entail in February and March there are some structures there that could probably do the job of hosting a Trump event. Both of those venues are indoor facilities that could hold hundreds of people not thousands. But, they would look great on television and would be strategically in the back pocket of John Kasich’s money base and support. Kasich couldn’t fill either one of those locations right now if he wanted to. So Trump could exploit that quite dramatically before the election in March.

Then of course there’s a place that would hold the largest crowd and that’s the Marriott North in West Chester, just down the street from Liberty Center. They have 15 event rooms totaling 14,905sf of event space, the largest holding 960 people by itself. If Trump wanted to come to West Chester the government there would like him—enthusiastically. Trump would be in very friendly waters. Then down the road from the Marriott is the wonderful Savannah Center, which has 11 separate event rooms that can hold easily 1700 guests with more that could spill over into other rooms. Trump could land by helicopter at the Butler County Regional Airport just a few miles to the west of the Savannah Center and arrive by motorcade with a very direct path. However, permits to land directly at the point of destination may be an option in West Chester, which is where the Ronald Reagan Lodge, the Marriott, and the Savannah Center all reside.

Trump was right to contact Jones, and the Sheriff is more politically aligned with the New York billionaire than most any other candidate. Nobody else is capable of doing what Jones wants to do with immigration, so there isn’t any downside to the arrangement. The only thing left to do is to come to Butler County and put Jones to work for Trump—and also get the rest of the Republican Party behind him. I’ll say this much. Even though Sheriff Jones is too liberal for me, I would be happy to attend a Trump event with him. And if the Butler County GOP got behind Trump, I might even go to the Christmas Party. I may even support Roger Reynolds for congress. But we are living in times that require vast amounts of courage and the best that we all bring to the table. So let’s give it our best and let the chips fall where they may. I’m ready for a good fight and maybe its time that we stop fighting each other and put a cap on the ass of all these damn Democrats—particularly, Hillary Clinton. Who else is going to beat that lunatic?

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


People like Euric Cain Cause Racial Tension: The strategic objective of pitting “blacks” against “whites”

If the people considered “black” were all like Ben Carson, or John Boyega from the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, we wouldn’t be having the conversation that we are about to have. The racism that the black community protested over the last week in Chicago doesn’t exist, it’s a made up fantasy promoted by George Soros progressive type activists. It’s a fiction. For instance, most of America spent Thanksgiving watching NFL football games and journalists would be hard pressed to find a single case of racism where fans boycotted viewing one of those events because most of the players were black. The color of skin does not matter to white Americans. I know I could care less about skin color or even nationality. Most of the people I like best come from other places in the world—and I welcome them as American citizens. Most conservative white people who I know feel the same way. They are not prejudice in any way. They wear their AJ Green jerseys to their luxury boxes and cheer on that player at Bengal football games without thinking for a second about that player being black. And if AJ Green asked those same wealthy white Americans to lick his feet, they would, just to be near him. Racism in America is a created story designed to undo our freedom. That is the end of the story.

But you didn’t see that crooked bastard Barack Obama come out on national television to protect the reputation of Euric Cain seen shooting a white Tulane University medical student in New Orleans did you? I say bastard as the correct term for the little boy from Indonesia born to a mother who had loose relationships with men. I don’t know who the father of the current President of the United States was. I don’t know if it was some Kenyan dude, the communist Frank Marshall Davis—which was quite possible, or some dude that she had sex with in some other escapade—because she was that kind of girl. So there is no way of knowing the truth about Barack Obama’s actions because his parental heritage is very “sketchy.” Not his fault, he is likely as clueless about his parental heritage as the rest of us, but it is an element to his behavioral mystery. This is important because Barack Obama is well-known to have come out in defense of black criminals like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Both of those “black men” exhibited similar behavior as Euric Cain, a 21-year-old hoodie wearing punk who was robbing an innocent woman then shot a man who stopped to help her. As seen in the video above, Euric tried to shoot Peter Gold in the head just for showing up to help—this after severely wounding the helpless man. The nation was shocked to see the callused nature that Cain indicated as he pulled the gun on Gold shooting him then trying to shoot the victim in the head before the gun jammed. Cain then left the scene in an SUV only to be tracked down later.

The president didn’t have a press conference asking for more gun control to keep guns out of the hands of people like Euric Cain—who obviously is not an NRA supporter and would have guns regardless of any legality. However, if Gold had been armed—which he should have been—and shot Euric Cain dead in self defense—then blacks all over New Orleans would be protesting, just as they are now in Chicago, and many other places. Because blacks under this current president have been “community organized” into radicalism to artificially create another civil rights movement in America with the underlying intention of promoting economic communism as the end goal. If you look carefully at the motivations behind Black Lives Matter and other George Soros funded endeavors regarding gun grabbing politics and artificially induced racism debates—you will see that they openly profess socialism and communism as the answer to their quandaries. But you don’t hear about that on the news either—do you dear reader? Instead, the press quickly tried to kill that story about Euric Cain. The media carried it as an obligation, but the talking heads on the cable news stations and prime outlets like the Today Show got off the story like a teenage kid being caught with a pornographic magazine as a deeply religious mother stepped into his room unannounced.

So I’ll say it, Euric Cain was a maniacal thug, a supreme loser and is the reason that “white America” is skeptical of places where lots of people of color reside. It’s not the skin color that whites fear, it’s the collective behavior of “blacks.” When you watch the ease for which Euric Cain pulled the trigger of a gun on another human being and left him for dead, it is clear why anybody would be fearful of a group of people. It’s not because of the color of Euric’s skin, it’s because he demonstrated behavior that indicated he could be a ruthless thug. Euric Cain was dressed like a number of other young black people do these days, so when others see this kind of thing they’ll associate it with all future interactions. If black America actually wanted to integrate equally into “white” neighborhoods and be treated fairly, people like Obama would have come out in a press conference to denounce the actions of Euric Cain. Instead, he, along with rest of the progressive oriented media sought to look the other way and put their effort into every white cop who shoots a black youth—like exhibiting the same kind of behavior as Cain only as police they shoot too soon. In our current society, you have to be wounded first otherwise lawyers will prosecute you until the ends of the earth robbing from you everything that the criminal assaulting couldn’t get in an actual crime. Instead the money is still taken, only it’s gathered in a courtroom instead of on a city street. The blacks in those types of legal cases are used as a means of wealth redistribution—as a military objective. If the black criminals on the streets don’t get the money, then the government legal system does. Either way, the attack is against “white America.” Defend yourself with a gun, and you lose everything you ever had. Show up to a gunfight without a gun, like Peter Gold did, and you end up either giving the criminal whatever you have, or you end up dead. It’s just another form of terrorism being induced against “white” America for the purpose of wealth redistribution. That has always been the goal.

There is a reason white people cringe when they see a group of rough-looking black kids dressed like Euric Cain on a street corner. Well behaved moral white people don’t want to see people who they identify as criminals in their shopping malls, in the parking lot of their grocery stores—and they don’t want to see them at the Post Office. They don’t want to deal with them, period. It’s not their color; it’s their behavior that scares white America. Of course it’s not just whites, but all colors of skin tend to duck away from situations that they perceive to be dangerous. That perception is formed by people like Euric Cain. We’ve all seen them and dealt with them and that forms our impressions of future dealings.

Additionally in New Orleans about the same time as this shooting involving Cain and Gold was a gang related shooting that took place at a playground during a music video shoot. 16 people were shot in the exchange. I can promise this much—none of the shooters were NRA members. They were thugs, losers, and punks—probably all of them people of color. There may have been some Mexicans with some white people who want to be seen as black so they can live out the “thug” life that is so popular in video games like Grand Theft Auto and other urban myth making machines selling thuggish behavior to kids with an otherwise good future in front of them. But nobody talked about that shooting either. The story died within a few hours of breaking once it was discovered that the perpetrators were progressive creations, not NRA members or Tea Party supporters. If they had been, the news would have spread like a wild-fire across the world instantly, and white America would have been further prosecuted for their racism and love of guns.

Do you see dear reader what’s going on? We are at war—only nobody has formally declared it. Keep your guns close and sign up for Second Call Defense. Things are going to get much, much worse because this thuggish behavior isn’t localized. It comes from the top and is flowing down through society with strategic objectives in mind. So when the time comes, you don’t want to be a victim like Gold was. You’ll want to stop people like Euric Cain in their tracks. Then let the defense network at Second Call help you through the minefield that has become our legal system which in its current form is there to protect the criminal from the truly good, regardless of skin color.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Wear Your Guns to Dinner: Fixing the incredible mess that liberals have created in the world

It’s a very dangerous world, made more so by incompetent politicians and gun grabbing despots. So I propose a change in American fashion effective ASAP. Americans who possess concealed carry permits should be able to openly wear a holstered firearm wherever the public gathers to insure the safety of our nation. With ISIS making constant threats it is obvious that proper action is mandated to protect not only ourselves, but also our friends and neighbors from harm when those radical lunatics attempt to attack us in our homes, parks, and other commercial destinations. We don’t have to sit around waiting to be victims. We need to take action to protect ourselves which is why we have always had the Second Amendment. We are supposed to be able to openly carry firearms, and we should—especially now in these very scary times.

The big cover-up is that government has failed us—but they won’t admit to it. They have failed to secure our borders and contain threats from abroad—which is their primary task. They have not been successful, and have in many cases actually provoked our enemies by not naming them as such, empowering their current level of aggression. In government nobody gets fired for poor performance. On these very pages I have shown pedophiles that molest children who get off free legally and still retain their jobs in government. We saw how the game worked with Lois Lerner—she committed crimes, as did Hillary Clinton, and they go unpunished. Government is a labor force of complete losers and they cannot be trusted—least of which with our personal security.

Even though there are many good people in our fire and police departments, I don’t trust them completely with the safety of our nation, or against an imminent threat. It takes roughly 5 to 20 minutes for a police officer to respond to a threat. We need people on our streets and communities who can respond to danger within .750 of a second—which are the times roughly of newbies in my shooting group the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. The threat needs to be recognized, a firearm drawn from a holstered position, and the projectile sent to seek justice faster than an eye can blink. Call the police and fire department after the threat has been neutralized. For your own protection, call Second Call Defense to handle all the legal trouble that often follows such an unfortunate occasion. That is the best way to handle this current crises advocated by ISIS.

Hey, they asked for it. They are the ones making the threats. The government has hidden from us the severity of their strategic objectives—which was a crime in itself. Like the Volkswagen company doctoring up their emission testing results to save themselves the disgrace of public ridicule—the government has been caught lying to us—for the same reasons. This current government has been so obsessed with their progressive agenda items that they ignored the ISIS threat. Well, I haven’t and neither have you dear reader. ISIS asked for aggressive action to come their way, so we have to give it to them. They made the choice for themselves.

Along those lines, right now if you haven’t already, you should join the NRA. That is an essential organization to the security of our nation. People against the NRA are those who have helped empower ISIS with poor strategic planning and passivity ideologically rooted to our extremely liberal college campuses. So join the NRA and be a part of solving that problem. The other thing that is absolutely essential in this current political and legal environment full of leeches, and government parasites looking to make money off your misery is to join Second Call Defense. I believe so strongly in Second Call Defense that I have actually become a recruiter for them. It all started on Matt Clark’s radio show in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I had on George Lang from Cincinnati who is one of the founders of Second Call Defense. We offered a first free month to listeners of that show, which is still in effect—because it’s been so successful. Just type in Overmanwarrior in the redemption code, or Cliffhanger and you’ll get your first month free—because of me, and the good people at Second Call Defense. If you are planning to carry a firearm with concealed carry, then you should be a member of Second Call Defense. They are the best organization in the nation right now for this specific service of helping people who find themselves in legal trouble after a self-defense shooting. It’s a no brainer—it’s the best insurance you can buy in today’s volatile, government mismanaged society. They created the problem, and now we have to clean it up. But you still have to protect yourself from the government—which the police are part of the government—when you use the Second Amendment to do anything. You MUST have the Second Call Defense card in your wallet or purse—especially if you have to engage an ISIS threat. You don’t want the government and media to make a circus out of your life because they feel guilty for their role in bringing ISIS aggression against innocent Americans. So let Second Call Defense do the work of protecting you from those most guilty of causing all this mess. That is why I am now a recruiter for the group, because I want to help people stay out of trouble for doing the right thing.

The correct thing for us all to do is to open up and expand the concealed carry laws to more areas and introduce open carry. Men should wear holstered guns with their business casual attire. Women need to apply a nicely holstered Berettas to their trendy fashions of the moment and to be ready to suppress any threat presented whether to them personally, or to others around them. Guns need to be a much more openly embraced aspect of our culture and the necessity is most prevalent because of the ISIS threats to our national security. The government has already blundered the situation beyond repair, so now it falls to us as American citizens to solve the issue. By using the Second Amendment for the correct purpose, we can quell the violence that is being threatened upon us. But you need to protect yourself by joining the NRA and Second Call Defense. If you really want to do your part, join a shooting club and get good at the skills our country needs for this tumultuous time—like I have by joining the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. With them if it takes you longer than a second to draw and fire your weapon, you are failing. It is in those skills that the proper protections will be afforded to our nation. Voting for more government nonsense to continue failing just isn’t an option any longer. It never should have been to begin with.

Encourage legislation that promotes open carry, buy yourself a really nice holster and find a way to incorporate it into your daily fashion. We live in times where such things need to be commonplace. Nobody should look at an individual with a holstered gun and think of them as a threat. Quite the contrary—they are symbols of safety and people you should want to be near. Firearms are a necessity in a free society and that’s what the ISIS terrorists want attack. So give them the opposite, much to their own detriment. And when the liberals cry about it, hand them the blame for the terribly mismanaged world they have made for us, and let them choke on it. They deserve it! Meanwhile make dinner reservations at a nice local restaurant and start the process of normalizing the appearance of firearms in open society. When the law allows for it, wear that gun to dinner and enjoy a nice bottle of wine—and make it part of your evening fashion.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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What Hillary Clinton has in Common with Adolf Hitler: reaches deep for a way to smooth reality

To be fair I even took the below Hitler quote from the very progressive online source, so that the readers here can reference it to understand how the other side of these diabolical menaces actually think. Salon even went so far to use a University of Chicago professor to attempt to create doubt about the credibility of Adolf Hitler’s desire to control firearms in German society—which of course led to the tyranny of one of the most vile killers of the 20th century. Salon through their source laughably refers to the much stricter gun control legislation of the Weimar Republic, which preceded Hitler’s rise—which was imposed after WWI. What they failed to mention is that because of the bad economy and the crushing impositions by the allied nations against Germany, the path for Hitler’s rise to power was ushered in because of the extreme oppression which preceded him. Additionally, asking a University of Chicago professor to provide accurate history without muddying it with progressive tripe is like ask a sex addict to speak out against pornography. Salon and the University of Chicago are hopelessly liberal; they may even be politically left of Hillary Clinton who agreed with ruthless dictators that societies should ban firearms and confiscate them for the safety of their nations. Here is what Hitler supposedly said–which is consistent with every ruthless human being to ever face down the masses with a desire to control them with heavy-handed legislation and individual tyranny.

This year will go down in history! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!

Adolf Hitler (1935)

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and almost every other Democrat, socialist, vile progressive and old pot smoking, Pink Floyd loving hippie thinks the same way as Hitler. Isn’t that nice to know that the leaders of the Democratic Party are essentially in line with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and Mussolini who all favored gun control of their citizens. Guess what happened to the people in those countries. Let me put it this way; they didn’t get to spend their leisure time watching Monday Night Football at Hooters. Their style of life was barely above that of a dog, sort of like the poor people in North Korea and China—who should be liberated, not admired. Yet the same polices that oppress those people are the same ones that Barack Obama and his assistant Hillary Clinton are so enthusiastic about. Of course Obama has connections to the University of Chicago—where many of his Marxist ideas have evolved from student ranting to community organizing.

Hillary Clinton can’t even be trusted with email, let alone the lives of innocent Americans. We need guns in our lives within America to protect our society from insurgents, like these would-be dictators who rule through executive order and lawyerly manipulation of the placement of words within legal phrases. People who will lie to our faces like Nancy Pelosi did in regard to Obamacare right before Christmas—“we have to sign the law to know what’s inside it.” Or Lois Lerner pleading the fifth over the IRS scandal, and its White House origins. Or Benghazi. Or Fast and Furious. Or the Black Panthers harassing voters at polling places. Or the arming of Syrian rebels. Or the attack on Gaddafi to destabilize the Middle East into an Islamic caliphate. Or the criminal spending into oblivion more debt than all the previous presidents in American history put together—all hidden behind the efforts of racism. Everyone is afraid to criticize these criminal actions because they are activated by a man of color—paralyzing white America from judgment. It’s not criminal to point at these people and declare them to be criminals, insurgents, and hostiles to the American Constitution. The evidence is overwhelming—which is why they seek to destroy the evidence, legislate through executive orders, and coercion of the media—just like what Hillary Clinton’s campaign is doing to the Laugh Factory. Take away the guns of Americans and those people will be completely in charge of your safety—and we know they can’t be trusted. So why would we surrender our guns to them. The Second Amendment isn’t there to allow us to hunt rabbits, or even shoot a Turkey for Thanksgiving. It’s there to keep these government types from getting in their corrupt heads the notion that they can rule through force, because their track record indicates that they are very inclined to the type of tyranny that was evident in the worst of the dictators and emperors of history.

Don’t kid yourself. These are bad people and they want you to surrender. A quick look at all the mass gun shootings around the country up until 2015 including the recent one over the last weekend in Louisiana, and the villains were all young people and Islamic inspired despots—clearly victims of the kind of progressive idiocy that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton support through public education indoctrination. Yet the intentions always were to ruin those minds to fester the induced violence so that American support for more gun control would be demanded as a natural reaction to curb the incidence of violence. Clinton has often pointed to the Australian gun confiscations as a justification for the path of gun control in the United States. Every tragedy will be exploited with torturous rigor until the Second Amendment is surrendered—which is their game plan. Part of that game plan is to carry us all into a type of Weimar Republic where an overloaded debt destroys the value of our money so that the world can reestablish itself to a new standard of currency. By their time-table a new type of Hitler would have room to emerge from such devastation, and they hope that their Party leader is the one who controls the wheel of power.

Is this saying too much? No, the evidence dictates that honesty be used to approach these matters. We are dealing with ideological zealots who want to destroy the American concept of capitalism and replace it with global socialism. Just look at the donors to the Clinton Foundation. What do those foreign governments want in exchange for that money? They want a seat at the table and a disabled America so that they can compete for a change from the vantage point of socialism. They are like the classic villain who purposely sabotages a superior opponent so that they can have a chance of winning. They must lie, cheat, and steal to survive and to make it easier for them to do these things they have started to disarm America.

Salon of course is in on the scam, they want to “progress” beyond traditional America just as the University of Chicago has desired for several decades now. There are many collective villains and you can easily spot them because they want to do like Hitler has done in the past—support gun control so to enable them to rise to power—because that’s all they really care about anyway—power for power’s sake. Any real student of history knows about the Weimar Republic and how it was established. The same path is being placed before America by the same allies who supported that action against Germany in 1919. Their hope is that they can bring America into the global union and put all nations on an equal footing economically. But before they can do that they have to take our guns, and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama—along with most of the Democratic Party want exactly what Hitler wanted—gun control so that they could work their deeds without the fear of insurrection. And they’ll play every dirty trick to bring down the United States if that’s what it takes. They are what we term in Constitutional reference as a “domestic enemy” for which we are required to protect our Constitution from—particularly the anti-Federalist Bill of Rights.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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