Melania Trump as First Lady: After watching these videos lets have the election right now!

America, you know I support Donald Trump—for a 100 million and one reasons. But did you happen to see the Barbra Walters interview of the entire Trump family recently on 20/20? Forget about Donald Trump and all his potential success. America, you could finally have a supermodel for President and a smart one at that. If you missed it, watch it for yourself below. After years of feminism pushing to have dumpy looking vestiges of a man’s beer gut as first ladies residing from our White House finally America could have a proper model to represent the only real superpower on planet earth. Melania is gorgeous physically and intellectually and I personally want her representing America’s image in every way, shape and form. She is my kind of America.

But wait, what about Trump’s kids? Well, meet them here. Can you imagine these kids as part of a Trump government?

This is a beautiful, all American family and they are winners. They are winners in every category of being human beings. After so many past embarrassments as president, its time to feel good about ourselves once again—vote for Donald Trump and get a successful business leader and put him in charge of fixing the many problems that we have in 2016. But as a bonus, get a supermodel wife as the best possible spokesman for everything that America has to offer. Let’s have the election today. Melania for First Lady!

I want the White House calendar for 2017 featuring her. And so would every red-blooded American of all sexes and ages. Having her after Michelle Obama and Laura Bush would be like drinking a very fine glass of wine after accidentally swallowing raw sewage.

Do yourself a favor; send this article to a potential Trump supporter, someone who’s on the fence so they can watch for themselves what comes with the Trump package. And Melania is the best part of it.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Melania Trump as First Lady: After watching these videos lets have the election right now!

  1. Wa Wa had to spend the first half hour pointing out a litany of negatives. Or, she thought they were negatives. Most of us can see through the drive-bys hate toward any conservative patriotic American. They especially hate Trump because he has been so successful. His family is beautiful and all were smart enough not to fall for the bait Wa Wa threw out to get some little tidbit that could be used for a headline. All of his children are poised, intelligent and work hard in the “family business.” Yes, what a change from the embarrassment of the past eight years. I just hope we can survive long enough for him to get in office. With the army of hate filled middle eastern men entering the country; I see Marshall Law being declared by the tyrant currently ignoring the Constitution.


  2. Well I’m not poly amorous, but I sure wouldn’t throw her out of bed! She’s in a different league and this is where I’m liberal. I say ’bout time!!! I have had all the stiff upper lipper first ladies we need. Betcha her mantra won’t be “just say no,” or “Lets’ Move.” Yuck! Bunch of good all those tax dollar did. Just support your man and and don’t get on any more band wagons!


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