Corporation of Disney Versus Sole Proprietorship of George Lucas: Why the new Star Wars is so terrible

With all the accolades given to the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens I take a bit of pride in being one of the very few to point out the obvious problems with it, and the gross neglect it represents on not only American culture, but international civilization.  Star Wars has a responsibility provided to it by its half century long quest to play that part with the human race, so when it takes that role for granted, it is the job of people like me to point it out.  Anybody can do such a thing after others have already jumped on the bandwagon.  Presently, The Force Awakens is the fastest movie to hit $1 billion in global sales and it’s still moving along at a respectable rate.  By every box-office measure, The Force Awakens is a glorious success.  Yet I’m saying that it’s not successful, which to some may appear baffling.  Here’s why, Star Wars surrendered what it was to become something that it isn’t and that deduction can be reduced to a very simple social understanding of how things work outside of a mother’s womb.  To get the gist of what’s wrong with The Force Awakens watch the very interesting reviews shown below. Watch them all, they tell the whole story.  I’ll go a step further in my explanation, but it’s a good place to begin.

One of the most difficult things a job creator can do is make decisions to eliminate the jobs of the people who count on you.  It is excessively hard—I think it’s one of the hardest things a human mind does in a capitalist society—because a means to a living is the sustenance used to survive from day-to-day.  George Lucas wanted to retire at 70 years old but he had all these employees that he felt responsible for, so he went looking for a way to keep them all busy so that he could retire in good conscience feeling he did what was right by them.  He sold his company to Disney hoping that it was the closest company to his own methods that would respect his former property and do well for an entirely new generation.   I was a supporter of it, until I saw the results. It would have done more people more good to just leave Star Wars alone and laid-off all the Lucasfilm employees.  Laying off 2000 Lucasfilm employees would have been painful, but the results have been worse.  Because in destroying Star Wars, it has taken away the good meaning it has possessed to literally hundreds of millions of people who now consider it something of a religion.

When the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney took place, many proclaimed that it was a sale to the dark side, but they said so without really understanding why.  Corporations have a tendency to be viewed as evil, while individuals are given great latitude for forgiveness.  This is the heart of the problem.  As a fan of unlimited capitalism, I should be very supportive of corporations—which I am in that they provide jobs and great products to a free marketplace.  But, they are often very socialist in their nature and their employees bring that mentality with them to the voting booth. For instance, a worker at P&G or GE works in an environment that does not promote personal growth and individuality—they work in very team oriented environments where the greater good of the company is often the focus.  This is a standard in most corporations—so when Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton expresses the values of socialism most voters are already receptive to it because they live that life within the corporate world.  Corporations are collective based organizations that are often top-heavy and loaded with too much management at the back of the train defined by the Metaphysics of Quality.  Not enough people at the front providing leadership, and too many in the back which slows down the train from true productivity.  To hide this problem, corporations hire lobbyists to work K-Street in Washington on their behalf to prevent competition, so that the corporation can stay alive longer at the expense of more capitalist invention.

I’m not a fan of corporations, but I am a fan of the people who lead them, individuals like George Lucas, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the original Walt Disney—among many others.  To me, once those strong leaders leave their corporations, everyone who follows are second handers.  This is why I am a fan of people like Carl Icahn who is the original corporate raider—who defined the term, “hostile takeover” by purchasing the stock of failing corporations and inserting new management with real leadership to make a sizable profit.  The introduction of competition to the corporate world makes everyone better and more honest and is needed in a capitalist society.  Without that behavior, you only get degrees of socialism which is terrible because it forces people to behave as collective entities proving detrimental to individual integrity.

Star Wars was always about the power of the individual, Luke Skywalker being the only hope for the Force to overthrow the emperor, Han Solo to always be functioning just outside the organized systems of the rebellion long enough to save everyone, and Obi-Wan residing in a desert all alone as the last of his kind to preserve goodness for a new generation.  Even the robot Artoo Detoo functions as a rogue individualist often breaking protocol to do what he thinks is right as C3PO representing the corporate world of doing as programmed berates him for comic relief.  In The Empire Strikes Back when Luke senses that Han and Leia are being tortured on Cloud City Yoda tells the young Jedi that he must stay and not be lured into a trap if he honors what they fight for.  The designation is clear, the relief of collective pain is not more important than the value of an individual who alone has the power to save the galaxy.  That is powerful stuff and why I along with millions of others have been a fan of Star Wars for over three decades.

The Force Awakens is a corporate movie made by the second handers of George Lucas and Walt Disney.  They are corporate minds who think in terms of sacrifice and the greater good before individual integrity, just as any corporation resents the individualist–those who do what they want in the corner cubical, and does not socialize during lunch with others and doesn’t follow orders from their superiors.  Rey the strong female who is obviously Jaina Solo from the Expanded Universe miraculously knows how to do everything which is a problem that many people have with the film upon viewing.  Many are willing to suspend their disbelief because the female hero is such a strong and compelling character that viewers are willing to overlook the problem initially.  The dilemma is that the characters in The Force Awakens are just along for the ride.  The Force is the hero of this movie and all the characters are subservient to it.  Rey is the victim of the sword that finds her, not because she finds it—her role is a passive participation in the adventure which is a direct violation of the “Hero’s Journey” that all Star Wars movies embody to some degree.  The Force uses her to get through impossible situations like flying the Falcon and fighting Kylo Ren at the end of the film.  She doesn’t survive them because she is an active participant.   She’s just “going with the flow,” and yielding to a mysterious Force that is guiding her actions.  Those are aspects of Star Wars that have always been weak, easily overshadowed by the efforts of Han Solo.

In the original films The Force was something to be listened to, but according to Obi-Wan, it also obeyed your commands—as an individual.  In The Force Awakens The Force is doing all the heavy lifting which is a corporate view of what Obi-Wan said in the film A New Hope, “there is no such thing as luck.”  This indicates that all the heroics of Han Solo in the past movies were not because of his skill as an individual pilot, or a decision that was made at a key time, but was due to The Force working through him.  This cheapens Star Wars considerably into a religion instead of a myth building tool to encourage people to follow their personal bliss.  It is the difference between a company run by a strong individual, and a corporation ran by a board of directors and a CEO as their representative.  One is an individual enterprise; the other is a collective based entity.

In time, once the fun of a new Star Wars movie fades, the impact that the films had will fade considerably as they will lose their meaning due to this corporate interpretation of The Force as opposed to the one that George Lucas nurtured.  The corporation puts up memos on a bulletin board and expects everyone to be appeased and to serve the needs of the collective entity—no matter who it is.  A company ran by a strong individual personally speaks to everyone and gives them guidance in developing their own individuality for the good of the company. It is a slight distinction that makes all the difference in the world regarding the end result.  Clearly George Lucas understands that distinction, and Disney as an organization collectively based, does not.  That is why The Force Awakens is a failure even though on paper immediately it appears successful.  Its mythology has been tampered with and is now changed forever—for the worse.  The message is one now of collectivism as opposed to individuality and that makes it very dangerous—and vile.

Now you should understand dear reader why you felt that The Force Awakens was a bad movie, but didn’t quite know how or why. It looked like Star Wars, sounded like Star Wars, had the same characters as the original Star Wars—but it wasn’t Star Wars.  It turned the overall message away from the rebellion of freedom fighters fighting for an individualized galactic republic and put the emphasis on collectivism and the reach and authority of corporations and the eventual tenacity to grind away everything that stands in their way.  And there isn’t much anybody can do about it but wait for some unseen Force to tell us what to do.  To those broken by corporate socialism into waiting for permission to use the rest room or get their vacations approved by a superior, they love Rey in the film because it’s all they can hope for in their lives after being beaten by collectivism for many years into no other option but to hope that they’ll win the lottery or gain an inheritance to earn their freedom from the grind.  But for hard-core Star Wars fans, Han Solo was the self-determined individual who functioned heroically not due to special powers or hooky religions—but by his own actions.  And in The Force Awakens, they killed off that character—for the “greater good.”  The message couldn’t have been clearer from the corporation known as Disney.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Open Society of George Soros: Understanding forces at war with American sovereignty

I know long time readers here understand, but many of the gaining masses have not been thinking about the inner workings of mass global conspiracy and the desires of people like George Soros to create an “open society” meaning essentially a global population governed by a solitary socialist government—likely a spawn of the current United Nations.  But they should have.  After all, it’s the Holidays, and when it’s not this particular festive time of year, its Halloween, Thanksgiving, it’s the Superbowl, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July—it’s always something fun to distract our attention from the insurrection of jealous socialists and their designs of international tyranny.

 These global insurgents have a lot of money and there are many in the United States press and entertainment groups who want some of what they have to fall in their lap—so they do what Soros wants to get it.  Much of the politics Donald Trump is fighting against—in both parties—is a system greatly influenced by internationalists like Soros and their open society networks.  The reason that outsiders like Trump are so popular is that a large portion of the American population is learning, as people like me have said all along, that the system is broken at all levels in government, from the education system, to the Executive Branch and we need to fix it starting by getting people like Soros out of American politics for our own good.  Here is a letter from Soros to his supporters warning against supporting politicians like Trump and Cruz sent between the Christmas and New Year Holiday of 2015.CXW-ZNtUoAARsdR

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

George published the essay below in the Guardian today. He argues that we must not give into the fear created by terrorism. All best, Michael Vachon

The terrorists and demagogues want us to be scared. We mustn’t give in. The Guardian By George Soros December 28, 2015  Open societies are always endangered. This is especially true of America and Europe today, as a result of the terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere, and the way that America and Europe, particularly France, have reacted to them.   Jihadi terrorist groups such as Islamic State and al-Qaida have discovered the achilles heel of our western societies: the fear of death.

Through horrific attacks and macabre videos, the publicists of Isis magnify this fear, leading otherwise sensible people in hitherto open societies to abandon their reason.   Scientists have discovered that emotion is an essential component of human reasoning. That discovery explains why jihadi terrorism poses such a potent threat to our societies: the fear of death leads us and our leaders to think – and then behave – irrationally.   Science merely confirms what experience has long shown: when we are afraid for our lives, emotions take hold of our thoughts and actions, and we find it difficult to make rational judgments. Fear activates an older, more primitive part of the brain than that which formulates and sustains the abstract values and principles of open society.   The open society is thus always at risk from the threat posed by our response to fear. A generation that has inherited an open society from its parents will not understand what is required to maintain it until it has been tested and learns to keep fear from corrupting reason. Jihadi terrorism is only the latest example. The fear of nuclear war tested the last generation, and the fear of communism and fascism tested my generation.   The jihadi terrorists’ ultimate goal is to convince Muslim youth worldwide that there is no alternative to terrorism. And terrorist attacks are the way to achieve that goal, because the fear of death will awaken and magnify the latent anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe and America, inducing the non-Muslim population to treat all Muslims as potential attackers.

And that is exactly what is happening. The hysterical anti-Muslim reaction to terrorism is generating fear and resentment among Muslims living in Europe and America. The older generation reacts with fear, the younger one with resentment; the result is a breeding ground for potential terrorists. This is a mutually reinforcing, reflexive process.  

How can it be stopped and reversed? Abandoning the values and principles underlying open societies and giving in to an anti-Muslim impulse dictated by fear certainly is not the answer, though it may be difficult to resist the temptation. I experienced this personally when I watched the last Republican presidential debate; I could stop myself only by remembering that it must be irrational to follow the wishes of your enemies.   To remove the danger posed by jihadi terrorism, abstract arguments are not enough; we need a strategy for defeating it. The challenge is underscored by the fact that the jihadi phenomenon has been with us for more than a generation. Indeed, gaining a proper understanding of it may be impossible. But the attempt must be made.  

Consider the Syrian conflict, which is the root cause of the migration problem that is posing an existential threat to the European Union as we know it. If it was resolved, the world would be in better shape. It is important to recognise that Isis is operating from a position of weakness. While it is spreading fear in the world, its hold on its home ground is weakening. The United Nations security council has unanimously adopted a resolution against it, and the leaders of Isis are aware that their days in Iraq and Syria are numbered.   Of course, the outlook for Syria remains highly uncertain, and the conflict there cannot be understood or tackled in isolation. But one idea shines through crystal clear: it is an egregious mistake to do what the terrorists want us to do. That is why, as 2016 gets underway, we must reaffirm our commitment to the principles of open society and resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, however hard that may be.

The intelligent person who stands for capitalism and American sovereignty should do exactly the opposite of what George Soros wants. That is the reason there is panic within the established parties, because the trend of our day is to move away from any influence these international activists might have had over American politics, which is quite an extensive network. From the push for marijuana legalization to open borders and deviant sexual practices, the strategy of Soros has always been the destruction of individual Americans and the rise of a global government. The ISIS threat was largely created by the Obama administration to help with this open border policy. You don’t see Syrian refugees fleeing to the UAE or Saudi Arabia. They are being moved into Europe and America to facilitate multiculturalism—essentially a break-down of individual sovereignty between nations to usher in a global population without distinction.  The influence of Soros can be seen in everything from the latest Star Wars film A Force Awakens, to every pot legalization initiative on each state ballot. And he’s not alone. It’s a massive movement that despises the United States and its capitalism and it is presently at every level of American culture.

Trump and Cruz are the candidates that can either intellectually withstand this corruption, or financially. I have talked about this being a true war of the billionaires in the United States, Trump and Carl Icahn against Bloomberg, Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Buffett—among others. To understand the scope of this battle, you have to think unconventionally. Everything in the middle, the media, entertainment, publishing, corporate American, international trade—virtually everything are pawns in the chess game between these interests, because they have the money to play the game—whereas the rest of us don’t. As older Americans with a history of interest in patriotism, I believe Carl Icahn and Donald Trump are sincerely interested in preserving America’s place as the dominate force in global markets. Everyone else—literally, has placed their bets on global unified government at the expense of American sovereignty. Those are the words of ill ease behind George Soros and his subtle letter above. If you want to hit Soros in the pocket-book and take down these global insurrections by several pegs, you must vote for Donald Trump. Nobody else stands a chance—and hopefully in his wake Ted Cruz will find a place eventually in the Executive Office. But not until Trump has cleaned house and put in place a proper management system that puts American interests above the global billionaires like George Soros and their open society push. There is nothing wrong with multiculturalism, so long as those other cultures are aspiring to be like Americans. We must not surrender our values to the insurrections paid for by George Soros.

George Soros and his alliances have created the terrorism we are all dealing with. But the American reaction in supporting Trump is not something Soros or anybody else counted on as a result. Their plan is backfiring, and it is up to us to make sure it blows up in his face—as he deserves.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Choice Between Good and Bad: Something special that nobody else these days will give you

Not to continue bashing the Disney Company every day, but because of their placement within the pantheon of cultural standards, they make themselves such a large target—by default.  Matt Clark and I in the video clip below had a rather powerful show for talk radio on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I like that station even though it’s a small market enterprise because it’s still a family business for them and they are real patriots who believe in traditional America as opposed to the giant conglomerates at Clear Channel which are failing by the business quarter.  It could be said that I am a professional at lots of things in life and one thing that is consistent across my résumé in all endeavors is that I specialize culture building.  I understand the signs of decline and I can read the upticks—and many of the reasons I have been positive in regard to Disney is because of its history in preserving traditional American values.  But, over the last two decades they have been increasingly a progressive organization and that makes them a prime concern for me regarding culture building not only within the United States but also in regard to the entire world.  That is the nature of the conversation that Matt Clark and I pondered during his radio show which will appear on 1600 WAAM during the weekend of January 2nd 2016 at 1 PM.  If you’d like to hear the entire two-hour segment CLICK HERE.

I don’t think there is another radio or television broadcast where such an in-depth analysis of the situation concerning our modern problems can be heard.  I was trained by Joseph Campbell to read and understand mythology—the same place that George Lucas learned it from, so I am uniquely positioned to provide commentary that nobody on cable, network, or radio news can provide regarding Star Wars, terrorism and the cultural responsibility of the Disney company to resist putting metal detectors at their entrance and banning toy guns from their properties.  What is wrong in Disney and of course throughout the world is not related to security, it is in cultural values, which is what Matt and I focused on.  Matt is in fact such a good radio guy that he knows how to set up the topics to extract it from me—which is why these conversations are so interesting.

The problem starts with culture and understanding what makes it, is it a reactive thing built from didactic desires, or is it a product of intellectual necessity?  I would propose the later while Disney is currently functioning from the former.  They believe that because they lack a strong CEO type who understands the complexity of culture building the way Walt Disney or George Lucas innately did.  As a company of second-handers they have had to mimic the behavior of their former leaders, like Lucas and Disney, they are clueless in understanding how the responsibility for building culture falls on their shoulders.  Similarly, they are clueless to understand when there is trouble how to deal with a crises.  Because they are second-handers, people who live through others for their sustenance, they assume that somebody understands a situation better than they do, leaving them prone to put too much trust into governments and other collective forces to guide their decisions.  That is why they prefer committees and boards of directors to make decisions instead of strong individualized leadership.

Disney made a huge mistake with The Force Awakens, every toy and commercial mostly featured the bad guy from the latest Star Wars movie to sell those products.  In a desire to recover their investment into the film franchise and to get their market projections, they rely on marketing the villains as a way to guarantee their financial expectations.  The net result is that the social impact on the population in general will be negative—kids are more interested in playing the bad guy when interacting with their peers than the good guys, which is a major problem.  Just a few decades ago kids used to fight over who was going to be the good guy when playing among each other.  Now nobody wants to be the good guy, and that is the fault of culture.  What makes up that culture is every progressive who has pushed for less heroic characters in movies giving good reviews to flawed heroes as opposed to the squeaky clean types who don’t drink, smoke, or have sex before marriage.  Our culture through music, movies, and television have put bad behavior on a pedestal and criticized good behavior.  So it shouldn’t be any surprise that young kids fight over being the bad guy when playing instead of being a good guy.   When there is nothing marketed for a new Star Wars movie but the bad guys, and the good guys are killed, or appear to be losing all the time, the behavior that children will mimic in their daily lives will reflect those priorities.

When Disney makes a film, or a television story of any kind, they must be careful not to allow the good guys to appear subservient to the bad guys in any way.  The progressive experimentation with the gray areas of life is not healthy.   It might make some Santa Monica bar slut feel better about her decisions in life for being a sperm receptacle during her twenties and early thirties, but it will not help young girls in the future not make similar mistakes.  Hollywood is full of these young women who work in the industry and party at the bars around Wilshire Blvd and they think they are the smartest people in the world because they manage to show their boobs to Quentin Tarantino at a party, who is essentially the same little boy growing up in Knoxville, Tennessee that he has always been. I like Tarantino, we share a taste for Sergio Leone movies and car chases, but he’s not very sophisticated as a filmmaker. Yet because his movies feature good guys who go bad, often, and bad guys who do good, there is mass appeal to the gutter sluts and social misfits of our culture. But Tarantino currently sets the standard on Wilshire and those slutty Santa Monica types who put on heels during the day and strip it off for anybody at night create market value based on their intellectual assumptions. Marketing executives assume that those Hollywood filmmakers and the agents who dangle from the industry know what they are doing, so they follow right along, and soon the entire industry is copying off each other because nobody has an original idea about anything because nobody dare go against the trends of the day which are often set in those Santa Monica, and New York City bars by skanks, whores, and insecure social climbers.

Meanwhile a kid at Wal-Mart wants a new Star Wars toy and they see Kylo Ryn on the cover who looks like he’s always beating the good guys—otherwise he wouldn’t be featured so prominently on the marketing material. After five or six years of playing the bad guy, when the kid hits adolescence and has to make decisions about, drugs, and individual integrity, they stand on the foundations created for them by the toys they played with and the lessons they learned in their youth. If the message is confusing, that bad guys sometimes aren’t so bad and that good guys are often just as bad as good guys, then that person will grow up to be a messed up adult. And before anybody says they disagree, just look around at the adults you know dear reader, the world is full of such people—and this is how they were made. The instruction for proper intellectual value and social relationships is directly built from the type of stories that we tell our kids. It’s OK to market those stories under a capitalist banner, but there is a responsibility in doing so.

Now, I know the next thing the curious reader here will say is, if I had the opportunity to make millions of dollars selling stories featuring bad guys over good guys I would as well. Well, I have a long history with this, a background that had personal instruction by Sol Stein, Linda Nagata, and even a little help from Skip Press in putting me directly in contact with Steven Spielberg’s agent for a project I was working on. I have looking back on it a lot of experience with Hollywood, so I know what I’m talking about and let me say this. When given the opportunity to have a lot of money by writing bad guys, or sticking with my good guys, I have never surrendered my position. It may not be what the market desires right now, but I refuse to participate in the perpetuation of evil by promoting bad guys over good—and by supporting the gray over black and white morality, it accomplishes just as bad of an end result. I have forgone personal wealth to do the right thing, so I expect others to do so as well—especially the Disney Company. I’ve known quite a lot of those skanks, and whores in Hollywood and believe me, they aren’t all women—and I turned them away several times—because it was the right thing to do. So for the same reasons, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those who do sell-out for some quick money.

As talked about with Matt Clark, the cause of the problems in our culture will not be solved with metal detectors and gun restrictions—the source is in broken culture perpetuated irresponsibility by the weakest and worst that our society has produced. If we really want to be safe and to have a good and productive society then we must focus on separating the good guys from the bad and avoiding designations of gray and muddied fantasies of equality where the bad are placed at the same level as the virtuous. The root cause of most of our societal misery around the world is in this very simple concept. And the only way out of it is to be good. That is why during my next show on WAAM I will focus on just that type of concept and will offer society something they won’t get anywhere else. A path toward virtue in America once again—be sure to tune in, because I will promise this, you won’t get this kind of show anywhere in the world in any media format. It will be one of a kind. My path through life is very unique and I am offering those important lessons for those who are best positioned to utilize them. I wouldn’t ask anybody to do what I have not been willing to do myself, if I can make decisions based on ethics for the benefit of culture building, then so can Disney—and everyone in entertainment.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Quick Cal Eilrich on WAAM 1600: Rich Hoffman hosting January 9th 2016


In a capitalist society it was always supposed to be like this, the best and most competitive are supposed to be free to perform at their maximum potential without being restricted by inferior minds.  The Internet may have been invented as a means for population control by government influence, but it has turned out to be one of the best aspects of laissez-faire capitalism to emerge essentially since Adam Smith wrote An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776).  And in the United States, it has been one of the finest examples of free speech.  It allows someone like me, who can run circles around most people with sheer effort to by-pass the gate keepers of the “professional” media to get a message out that would otherwise not be heard.  I have known a lot of reporters over the years and I can’t think of any who live the way I do, where they may work 12 hours, read about two hours each day, then turn around and do 2 hours of live radio on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan.   Typically, they only do about a quarter of that work per day, and that’s why their reports often are terrible, and lazy. In that regard, largely because of the power of competition, new media, and the productive acquisition of massive amounts of information, I have the opportunity to be on WAAM radio with Matt Clark for three weekends in a row.  Matt and I did a live radio show on Wednesday December 23rd which was used for the next two Saturday shows on WAAM 1600. Then on January 9th while Matt is in Disney World for his annual marathon run, I am hosting in his place with a very special guest.  If you missed the Wednesday live shown, broadcast around the world, here it is—along with a few sample video clips as teasers of the content.  As usual, we covered a lot of ground.

Regarding that special guest, of course when given the opportunity I’m going to give listeners at WAAM exactly what they want.  I’ve done plenty of radio in my life, and I’ve listened to talk radio for longer than I’ve participated on the air.  As a kid who grew up in sight of The Voice of America radio station towers in Mason, Ohio I understand the power of a voice over the airwaves.  I also understand how wonderful it is to work on a car during Saturday afternoon in a well-lit garage next to a double stacked Craftsman tool box full of gadgets and gizmos accumulated over twenty previous Christmas seasons and to listen to the soothing sound of logic from talk radio.  Both of my grandparents had farms and constantly had WLW radio on in their barns—it was for them a kind of verbal newspaper that they could listen to as they milked cows or prepped equipment for bailing hay.  So to thank the WAAM audience and the technical crew at that fine “independent” radio station which is a rarity these days in the marketplace, I’m going to give listeners a special treat on January 9th at 1 PM.  Click the following link to listen live at that time.

If there is trouble at that link for whatever reason, then try this one.

As readers here know, I work very hard—as I always have.  I also push myself often by stepping out of my comfort zone.  My name is typically equitable with bullwhip work as I am one of the few in the world who have mastered that particular weapon.   Bullwhip artists are a very small minority of the global population and I am among the best of them in competency—but—that’s not enough for me.  I’m entirely too young to be satisfied with just that on my résumé.  It would be safe to do so, and to point at my record of personal successes, my public speaking, my family and a half-dozen other hobbies and say that all those things were enough.  But they aren’t.  There is something I’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time or resources to apply to it, so it’s always been on the back burner for me, and that is Cowboy Fast Draw.  In a lot of ways, I became good at the bullwhips because it was a western art that I could practice in my backyard, or in the neighborhoods I lived in without scaring all the people who lived around me—too much.  But I have always loved guns as I have seen them as natural extensions of Adam Smth’s invention of capitalism.  While the rest of the world wanted to maintain an aristocracy on production, capitalism freed the best and brightest to conduct their efforts free of restriction, and the gun ensured that personal protection from third-party authoritarian intentions.   Much of the anxiety that the world outside the United States has toward capitalism and guns can be traced back to this basic relationship between the two.  So I’ve always had a love for guns and wanted to make them a larger part of my daily life.

I recently conquered a project that I had been working very hard on—a business enterprise that was very difficult—and I promised myself that if I got through it to a successful conclusion that I was going to purchase a Ruger Vaquero and take up the skill of Cowboy Fast Draw.  I could have done it a few years sooner, but I had to complete one major task before beginning another, so I waited to force myself to complete the targeted intention—which took several years to punch through.  I knew some of the shooters from the Ohio Fast Draw Association as they competed next to me at the annual Annie Oakley Western Showcase in Greenville, Ohio each year while I performed with bullwhips.  But I wasn’t sure how to get started.  The very day that I completed the business task, I purchased my Vaquero.  Then I contacted the organization that my guest runs, the Cowboy Fast Draw Association and I joined as a member.  Then I purchased a practice shooting lane system, and ordered a custom-made holster from Bob Mernickle. 

I was quite impressed by Cal Eilrich, a.k.a Quick Cal who is the executive director of CFDA not just because he is a very accomplished professional shooter, but because he is running Cowboy Fast Draw as an expanding sport that is very organized and well-equipped.  As my packages began to arrive from CFDA I was impressed that everything I needed, the .45 casings, the wax bullets, the timers and targets, virtually everything was able to be obtained from CFDA—and everything worked.  The quality of the products had the markings of a man who was very meticulous and polished at a field of endeavor and that elevated my interest greatly.  Cowboy Fast Draw wasn’t any longer just something I wanted to drive myself into a new skill set, but it was a way of thinking that I considered important to the American way of life.  I found out months later that Quick Cal was also a fan of the novel Atlas Shrugged, so I have been able to plunge myself into this new sport with a voracious hunger knowing that the end result falls within my overall philosophy.  It wasn’t just another skill to learn, it was a way of life.

Quick Cal has been a competitive shooter since joining the Chicago Colts FDC in 1968, at age 15.  He won his first World Championship in 1972 and in 1973 hosted his first contest. He went on to be the Match Director of two National Championships and three World Championships during the 1970s at the Hacienda Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas along with several state and regional tournaments.  He served as an officer in the Mid-Western Fast Draw Association, Western Fast Draw Association and served as Chairman of the World Fast Draw Association.

In the 1980s he became very active in Practical Pistol Shooting.  While competing at the top-level of the sport he built the largest IPSC club in the country and founded and served 9 years as Match Director of the Western States IPSC Championship in Reno. He was an original Range Master and Instructor for USPSA, while also being a top competitor and earning a spot on the National Team in 1990.  He has been a firearms instructor for law enforcement and security companies and still teaches defensive shooting and is a NRA Instructor.

In the late 90s he started getting very involved in SASS and won a national championship as a top shooter.  In 1999, he created the original SASS RO Program and served as Chairman of the RO Committee for 9 years, he was inducted into the SASS Hall of Fame in 2011.  He also founded a SASS club, The High Plains Drifters, and built a shooting range that is still in use and created and served as Match Director of the Western States CAS Championship for 10 years.

In 2002, Brad Hemmah called Quick Cal for advice on guns and holsters in setting up what was to become CFDA.  In 2004, Quick Cal attended the National Championship in Meridian, ID and won the event, and recognized the potential that Cowboy Fast Draw had.  Fast Draw had been Quick Cal’s first love in shooting sports, he dreamed as a young man that the sport could somehow become much bigger than it was if only given the chance.

Quick Cal has always believed in giving back to the shooting sports because they have added so much to his life.  He now serves as the Director of CFDA and is determined to give the Sport of Cowboy Fast Draw a chance to build itself into an organization that can last for future generations to enjoy.

To learn more about him, here are his résumés in greater detail. 

  1. Shooting Accomplishments

  2. Sport Administration & Firearms Instructor

As a fan of talk radio, I know what I like and don’t like on a Saturday afternoon, and likely, you feel the same way.  So I promise that this radio show featuring Quick Cal will be entertaining, and informative—and it will be my intention to make it so exciting that you’ll want to join CFDA after our broadcast.  I am thankful to Quick Cal because in essence what he gave me which I wasn’t sure about when I got started, was a way to shoot my .45 Vaquero at my home in a pretty suburban setting.  The wax bullets and the 209 shotgun primers that are used in Cowboy Fast Draw along with the targeting system utilized make it so I can practice target shooting right in my garage without disturbing my neighbors.  I built a special backdrop to keep the bullets contained in a safe way, but the wax bullets do not shoot through plywood, so there is no danger to anybody outside my home.  And the noise is about as loud as a well charged cap gun.  This makes shooting at home an entirely new reality that everyone can enjoy.  A shooting range could be easily set up in a basement or garage so long as practice distances of 15’ to 21’ can be maintained.  Where shooting radio shows often get boring is that often the talk is about things that most of the audience can’t participate in.  Getting out to a shooting range for a lot of people is difficult.  But shooting at your home is something anybody can do, and it’s a wonderful way to expand the usefulness, and participation in the Second Amendment.  People tend to value something more if they can participate, and Cowboy Fast Draw allows shooters to partake within the comfort of their own homes and that expansion of utilization is largely an invention of Cowboy Fast Draw under the direction of Quick Cal.

So be sure to tune in on January 9th 2016 at 1 PM on WAAM.  If you want to call in during the show dial (734) 971-1600 and we’ll get you on the air.  It will be a fun show, and educational, but more than anything, it will make working in the garage, or wherever that much more enjoyable.  It’s the kind of show that comes straight out of competition, you won’t get this kind of thing on CNN or Fox, but because of deregulation and the marketplace of the imaginative, you can get it on WAAM and more specifically, the Clarkcast and Matt Clark’s mini, media empire.  It is good to push yourself in a free society, and the first step toward that monumental endeavor is to turn on WAAM and listen to an enlightening interview with Quick Cal of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association and enjoy something you won’t get anywhere else.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Why Disney Destroyed Han Solo: Progressive activism and attacking “white, American, family men”

I knew there was trouble on June 3rd 2015 when Marvel comics announced that Han Solo had an ex-wife in its comic #6 issue.  I didn’t want to believe it, but after later seeing The Force Awakens, I am 100% sure that what I was watching Disney do was on the scale of the old medieval churches in Europe re-writing history with their printing of Bibles to control the mass population through religion.  Star Wars was becoming something of a religion around the world, and now that the Disney Corporation had paid 4 billion dollars for it they were taking great liberties with very important characters in an attempt to change their original meaning to the overall story.   They didn’t have to, because the property had already been developed by George Lucas over three decades into a positive household name with no signs of abating.  Even more alarming was that Han’s revisionist wife was a black woman named Sana Solo proving that Disney was more interested in establishing progressive values in their ownership of Star Wars instead of just continuing the story that so many loved.   Disney was deliberately smearing the market impression that Han Solo had on the Star Wars stories and they were doing it not to be more successful, but because they wanted to change the meaning and mythic impact of the overall story arc.  That is why if you were listening to WAAM today at 1 PM in the afternoon, you would have heard Matt Clark and I dismantling Disney’s ownership of the Star Wars franchise.  If you missed it, you can hear it again here and above this paragraph in two parts:

I am quite a believer that the Bible has been revised to such an extent by political forces over the years that it has lost much of its original meaning—so I don’t trust it.  One fine example is the missing Book of Enoch which would have been an important part of Genesis.  It is not considered by Jews and many other Christian groups to be part of the Biblical “canon” and knowing that one can only wonder what else has been left out, or added to the stories that have made three of the world’s religions, Jews, Christians and Muslims.  Like it or not, Star Wars has become something of a religion.  Another few hundred years and it will likely have more influence over mass populations than Christianity does today—and that all starts with these seemingly simple stories being shown in our lifetime.  So it concerned me greatly when Han Solo was introduced in Marvel #6 with a black wife—which I didn’t believe at the time.  My wife and I talked about it a bit, I was then involved in a large motorcycle accident which soaked up a lot of time and attention.  I was also involved in a massive international project that was taking a lot of time.  But my concern was so great that I stopped buying Star Wars merchandise at that moment.  I had been reading the books and comics to alleviate the daily pressure associated with my life.  But upon the release of Star Wars #6 under Marvel Comics, I stopped, immediately.

When Marvel took over the comics which were supposedly Pablo Hidalgo approved from the Star Wars story group six months earlier from Dark Horse I was curious that they didn’t show a desire to connect the story material between the two publishing conglomerates.  I didn’t let that bother me too much because comics I don’t consider to be as important as novels—especially the New York Times bestselling books that had taken over the Star Wars canon for two decades in a really positive way.  But under Disney’s ownership of Marvel they had introduced a black woman to be Han Solo’s wife in an effect to emphasize negative character traits of one of the most popular characters in Star Wars Solo was a white guy superman type of character, so I wondered if Disney’s direction was a political one.  Later when I saw The Force Awakens, it clarified it emphatically.   Disney had revised the Star Wars canon personally created by George Lucas to make the stories more progressive politically.  They were essentially destroying a major character for the sake of editing the impact the character had on established mythology.  This was equivalent to the way that progressives have attacked Thomas Jefferson as a real historic figure with the Sally Hemings allegations, or to attack Jesus and his relationship with Mary Magdalene, the prostitute in the Bible who traveled with Jesus and was there at his execution.  We have witnessed revised history taking place in our public schools and colleges for the purpose of erasing history and now it was happening in Star Wars—an entertainment property that was just supposed to be for fun.  Yet Disney was purposely destroying the character of Han Solo because of the impact he had on so many fans as being a very strong, and reliable character. My suspicions were confirmed at the beginning of September when a gay character was included in the new Star Wars novel Aftermath, which I reported a warning to Disney upon release.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. 

I’m not against black characters in Star Wars, or even alternative sexual types.  However, Star Wars has always been an updated western, a space opera intended to communicate mythic stories that propelled our society with foundation philosophies.  Until Star Wars comic #6, then the novel Aftermath followed by the confirmation of all my concerns with the movie The Force Awakens, I felt I could trust Lucasfilm with a story canon that was personally managed by George Lucas.   I could read a story in a book or comic and believe that it had meaning to the overall collection of stories that had been canon until the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm from George Lucas.  Now in a very short time, Disney didn’t even try to cover their intentions with subtlety.   They disrespected the long-time fans so much that they counted on sheer numbers to justify their collective activism of taking a deeply traditional story like Star Wars and turning it into a progressive mess.  Disney was showing itself to be much more interested in selling the politics of the Obama White House than in just telling a story set in a galaxy far far away.   Disney was promoting gay sex and interracial marriages over protecting the value of what made Star Wars successful to begin with.  So for me, the only Star Wars canon is the one that took place before Disney took over.  The last official book in the Star Wars canon under the guidance of George Lucas was the very good book The Crucible.  It takes place 45 years after the Battle of Yavin in the film A New Hope  After watching A Force Awakens, which takes place around 15 years earlier I had thought that there was some time travel going on that gave the Star Wars story group an out if things went wrong with their progressive activism, but I’m now convinced that it’s too late.  Disney executives have made progressive concepts their priority which has ruined Star Wars forever, they can’t go back now—they are too committed.  Here is how The Crucible went and is officially the way that Han Solo and the other characters of the George Lucas canon rode off into the sunset of storytelling.

When Han and Leia Solo arrive at Lando Calrissian’s Outer Rim mining operation to help him thwart a hostile takeover, their aim is just to even up the odds and lay down the law. Then monstrous aliens arrive with a message, and mere threats escalate into violent sabotage with mass fatalities. When the dust settles, what began as corporate warfare becomes a battle with much higher stakes–and far deadlier consequences.

Now Han, Leia, and Luke team up once again in a quest to defeat a dangerous adversary bent on galaxy-wide domination. Only this time, the Empire is not the enemy. It is a pair of ruthless geniuses with a lethal ally and a lifelong vendetta against Han Solo. And when the murderous duo gets the drop on Han, he finds himself outgunned in the fight of his life. To save him, and the galaxy, Luke and Leia must brave a gauntlet of treachery, terrorism, and the untold power of an enigmatic artifact capable of bending space, time, and even the Force itself into an apocalyptic nightmare.

I have praised George Lucas often because I think he’s a great filmmaker.   He is too liberal for me, but I respect him greatly.  He does have a black wife, which I don’t think is a big deal and he supports Obama.  I gave high praise for his film Red Tails because it was an important story that needed to be told.   When he sold Star Wars to Disney he did it because he was 70 and wanted to retire—but he had a massive company with over 2000 employees.  It would have been better for Star Wars if Lucas would have just maintained control of his property, but then he couldn’t just let his employees rot—at least in his mind.  So he sold Star Wars to a corporation he thought might preserve it, and washed his hands of the responsibility of being a major employer.  I can understand all that.  I thought it was a good move so long as Disney respected what George Lucas had built.

There is a lot more of George Lucas in Han Solo than in any other character I think.  I’m sure George would say that he’s Artoo Detoo, or Yoda and that Star Wars is all about Luke Skywalker.  But Han Solo is the old drag racer that Lucas used to be—and in many ways still is.  I have read hundreds of Star Wars novels, most of them have Han Solo in the stories so I know the character very well—and he’s what George Lucas wanted to be.  And let me say, Han Solo would have never had a wife during A New Hope.  He had a long time girlfriend who was a drug addict prior to meeting Princess Leia, but he was not a sleep around.  He wanted to be as far away from attachments as possible to protect himself from the obligation of maintaining those relationships and violating his opportunities for freedom.  He wanted nothing more to limit his loyalties to his Wookie friend Chewbacca and to travel the galaxy in his hot rod Millennium Falcon.  Much of his gruffness toward others was an act, just as he deliberately kept the Millennium Falcon looking like a wreck to disguise the power within it—the ship was the embodiment of Han Solo himself.  Solo would have never had a wife, and once he did, he would have never left her. Han Solo is not the kind of character who gets drunk on Nar Shaddaa and wakes up with a wife.  Han Solo was the embodiment of all the cowboys that George Lucas grew up loving as a kid, and he created a character that modern kids could look up to.  That’s why he was always my favorite character, so it was very easy for me to see the revisionist history that Disney was attempting to perform without getting caught.  Only, they got caught.  I know too much about all this stuff not to see it.  I know Star Wars not just from the surface but the structure of it—where it all started from the perspective of the Joseph Campbell Foundation.  I was a member way back when George Lucas was on the Board with Campbell’s wife Jean running things.  I’m not just a fan boy who didn’t want to see Han Solo killed in The Force Awakens.  I’ve studied history and I know the impact of mythology, and why politics seeks to capture stories to control mass populations.  That’s what Disney is doing with Han Solo, destroying him so that they can rebuild him in a progressive way to satisfy their political activism.

Star Wars fans really want to like The Force Awakens.  I’m one of them.  My opinions as of now are in the extreme minority.  Just like a religion, when people find out something is wrong with a mythic device that contains all their foundation thoughts, people tend to get defensive—and some of that could be heard on the broadcast I did with Matt Clark on WAAM radio.  But being in the minority does not make me wrong.  A million fools cannot erase a truth and what Disney is doing will bite them in the ass—because they are changing essential portions of the Star Wars mythology to satisfy current political concerns.  But those concerns will change over the next 60 years and these gay subplots will seem silly to future readers—especially when they seek out the original stories under George Lucas and compare the activism that occurred under Disney.  Disney could have made a lot of money and done something really good by just leaving Star Wars alone and letting the profits from the endeavor follow.  But they chose to be activists politically—for progressive reasons.  Executives at Lucasfilm and Disney looked at Han Solo and noticed that he was a strong, traditional white male, and they wanted to dirty him up.  So they gave him a wife that he was cheating on, and she was a woman of color to make her more of a victim.  Then they had Han leave Leia in A Force Awakens to return to smuggling as if that was all Han Solo was ever good for without his marriage to a woman of stature and prestige.  They purposely muddied up the character to make a point and create more social diversity because that is their value system.  And that is why the Star Wars stories for me ended with The Crucible, a New York Times bestseller that has as much value to me as the novel Lord of the Rings, or The Bridges of Madison County.  Disney by corporate design to elevate minorities, gays, and women in their stories to appear more diverse, politically, took the strongest character in the Star Wars mythology and erased his essence with a revised canon that makes him into a scumbag more relatable to modern audiences.  We are living in an age where a lot of children cannot relate to a Han Solo type, a man who stays with his wife and is loyal to a fault. So Disney tried to weaken the character to appeal to younger audiences—but all they did was cause trouble for themselves.  I’m not the only fan who will reject their product.  Many others over the years to come will follow and Disney will only have themselves to blame.

For me this whole exercise has provided proof of something I’ve long suspected, that mythologies over time are radically redesigned by politics in all cultures to justify the failures of social mismanagement.   The Bible has certainly been altered over the years to reflect the values of the Roman Empire, and the churches of Europe who wanted to use religion as a natural extension of that imperial control.  Modern progressives are trying constantly to re-write history from the vantage point of the conquered Indian to erase the merits of cowboy capitalism in the West.  And China prohibits proper archaeological study of their many pyramid-shaped mounds to suppress the real history of their ancient culture.  Those are just a few examples.  And right in front of our faces we have watched Disney revise something in our lifetimes in spite of the many witnesses.  I read just the other day a defense of the movie A Force Awakens straying from the original plots created in the Expanded Universe by declaring that Solo had a wife in the EU.  No, Solo did not have a wife under the EU.  That plot device was created six months before the release of the 2015 Disney film to justify why Solo left Princess Leia after Return of the Jedi to become a typical white, American male—a Homer Simpson loser who can’t keep his pants on, and is unreliable to family life.  In Disney’s desire to make Star Wars more accessible to women, and minorities, they have deliberately tampered with what made Han Solo one of the most popular characters in the saga—and they did it out of political activism, not intellectual necessity.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Hillary Clinton for Prison in 2016: Life can be a bitch, so don’t vote for one

Hey, this very nice young lady understands, Linda Lleshaj has found herself in the middle of some vigorous media attention after she was photographed at a Trump rally wearing one of the Alex Jones t-shirts promoting Hillary Clinton for Prison in 2016.  As 2015 closes and 2016 opens a new fashion trend is emerging against Hillary Clinton as millions of Americans have watched her on live television snake her way out of the email scandals, and a movie about government incompetency that she is responsible for is at the movie theaters still trying to deal with the Benghazi killings of innocent Americans in Libya.  We’ve watched the debt clock continue to tick upward, then we’ve watched the FBI and the White House fight over the definition of terrorism in San Bernardino as two ISIS sympathizers murdered innocent people just as Obama was trying to cover the tracks of his folly in Syria by letting refuges implant themselves in America to avoid violence there that he caused-making lives for all of us far more dangerous.   Obama was far more concerned about gun control than the possibility of more ISIS terrorists coming to America on converted UPS shipping planes under his authorization—and we are all just supposed to go back to sleep?   Some are asleep, but many more aren’t and that number is growing every day.  Some, like this very fine young lady know that we are at war and she’s doing something about it—and that’s good to see.  You can get a shirt like the one she’s wearing at the following links and join the fun.

A radio guy got into a bit of a Twitter scuffle with me on Christmas Eve of 2015.  When he wanted out of the clash he said to me, “It’s Christmas Eve!  Go hug somebody who loves you.”  My reply was, that I had those bases covered and to remind him that he was the one who brought up the following subject, which apparently angered him:

Rich Hoffman ‏@overmanwarrior  10h10 hours ago

Rich Hoffman Retweeted Michael Graham

It will be impossible for Hillary to be POTUS against Trump. She’s a criminal and he won’t let anybody forget it.

Rich Hoffman added,

Michael Graham @IAMMGraham

Serious Q for Trump fans: If you knew with metaphysical certitude that voting for Trump would make Hillary POTUS, you’d still do it, right?

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Upon reading that I thought of George Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas Eve to gain a surprise attack against British forces for a victory that was badly needed for the revolution.   You don’t win wars sitting around eating turkey and ham and praying at church—you take the fight to the enemy and you stay sharp at all hours of the day and night.  For perhaps the 80th time in the short week leading up to Christmas Day I actually had to remind people that we were at war in America.  That war is raging and that it was because our incompetent government has refused to acknowledge it that few know that we are in it.  I have been saying things like that for longer than Trump has been running for President, as proof of these articles will testify to.  I’ve been saying the same things that he’s saying now while he was still giving money to Democrats to help with zoning issues in New York and was focused on his hit show The Apprentice.  But, because of what he brings to the fight, I welcome him with open arms—because he’s a tremendous asset to the cause of winning this “civil” war.

A few years ago the kind of people I explained this war to would have thought that I was a tin-hatted conspiracy theorist looking for a fight that wasn’t there.  But this year at the Christmas parties and dinners celebrating the close of the fourth quarter of our economy rational people are now listening and I explained to them that they better be ready. The only way that there can be a peaceful conclusion to this war is that Trump gets elected president and takes this fight to the legislative process from the people’s house in the Executive Branch.  Otherwise, the streets in America will become active as a civil war of chaos and anxiety.  It’s not an organized fight the way the Civil War was in the 1860s over a few definitive issues.  This civil war is over fundamental ideologies, the sovereignty of the United States as a nation, and the types of people who have tried to internally weaken it to allow the global community to merge with it.

On Christmas Eve my mail lady, who is a government employee, but is individually a very nice person gave me very strange looks as she brought several packages to my garage.   It was a beautiful day so I had the door open to enjoy the weather.  She was a little shocked to find me at my work bench wearing one of my guns holstered from my practice and working on several others.  I had some time to clean and oil them, so I took advantage of the opportunity.  She normally drops packages on the front porch and we never talk, but it was Christmas Eve, and she felt a need to make direct contact because my garage was closer than my porch for her.  I thanked her, even though I could tell that she was anxious about the guns—which she shouldn’t have been.  The packages were not Christmas presents, but were orders from Brownells for the maintenance of my guns.  Specifically, I’m performing a trigger job on my Ruger Vaquero and the new springs were among the parts that were in the boxes she brought to me.  I have been dusting off my old gunsmithing skills lately.  I’m not doing it for money as of now because I don’t want to go through the trouble of obtaining a FFL, as I’ve had before.  When you get one of those you have to get fingerprinted and an ATF agent suddenly has access to your premises to check your records.  That’s one of the reasons I gave it up years ago.  As she walked back to her delivery van I could see by the way she walked that she was still uneasy about me.  If this were communist China—as the Obama administration clearly shows an inclination—she would report me to the enforcement police for reconditioning, one government employee reporting the activities of civilian activity to other government employees.  They are nice people when you get to know them, but in their role as employees to the kind of system that is allowing Hillary Clinton to flourish as a Democratic candidate, they are the type of people who could be dire enemies tomorrow.   I imagine there were some colorful conversations about me when she arrived back at the Post Office.

A few weeks ago I had an arrival from UPS that required hazmat approval, as the material was explosive in nature.  The delivery guy expressed concern about the contents.  As a fairly young man he had been trained through social conditioning that deliveries like that were “suspicious.”  The government considers people like me more dangerous than their Syrian Trojan horses.   I told the kid not to worry about it—“It’s not for a bomb,” I told him answering the question that I knew he wanted to ask.  “It’s primers for my reloads, nothing bad.”  But to young people trained to be nice government employees from their liberalized public schools and social conditioning, guns are bad—in anybody’s hands.  So I added, “don’t worry, my mouth is far more dangerous than anything I have around here.”  And that’s the truth.

I am aware that everything I do is being watched by the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA.  So they know I’m no danger to the United States—because I am the embodiment of what an American truly is, or should be.  But I’m not taking any crap from anybody, because I don’t have to.  I know what it feels like to be watched, followed, and even have contracts against you, and it’s not a big deal to me.  I’ve dealt with all that before, and apparently Trump has as well.  What I like about him is that he’s not afraid of anything—which makes him my kind of person-regardless of politics.  I like and respect fearless people. My mouth is the thing they fear the most—and when you understand that, you don’t have to use a gun for offense.  The guns are for defense—in case some idiot wants to cross that line.  Otherwise, my mouth does more work than an army of gun wielding patriots would—and I’m fine to keep it that way.  But if someone loses their mind and wants to impose themselves on me or my rights as a free-born human being—they will have big trouble.

But as for offense, my mouth works just fine, because it is that kind of war.  And in this kind of war, Donald Trump is as good as boots on the ground.  He fights the kind of war the government is imposing well which gives a platform for young people like Linda Lleshaj to function within.  That poor radio guy who wants a certain kind of Republican candidate is falsely assuming that we are not a nation at war, and that the 2016 election is just another cycle of idiots and fools who make promises that they never keep once they get into office.   We don’t have time for another Paul Ryan type in an important government office.  We have to literally capture the flag, because domestic enemies currently posses it under rules of war and only then can we talk about some sanity in politics.  Because I’m not changing my life for anybody-I don’t have to.  I play by the rules, I pay my taxes, and I work hard every single day.  I take care of my family without government help and I give a lot more to the world around me than I take.  I am not the problem and I see clearly the mismanagement of the people who have been responsible, so I wear my guns around the house just in case some desperate fool decides to short-cut sanity and take something that belongs to me.  Otherwise, I will be happy to fight the war on the terms of modern battle, and that is mostly with my mouth and through potential elected candidates like Trump.

The essence, and cause of that war is Hillary Clinton and her support organizations—the people who keep her as a viable candidate in spite of severe criminal misconduct.  I lived through the Clinton White House during the 90s and I’m not about to put up with that garbage again.  She belongs in jail, not in the White House, and it’s about time that more people start realizing it.  To her credit, Linda Lleshaj is part of a new generation who has to grapple with that reality.   And it is great to see that she is awake and is actively trying to get other young people to wake up as well.  Welcome to the battlefield Linda.  It’s a Christmas present to me to know you’re out there.  That is my idea of a good Christmas.   So let’s all cross the metaphorical Delaware together and surprise everyone.

Don’t believe we are at war, watch all the videos above, completely.  The evidence is quite clear.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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‘The Art of the Deal’ versus ‘Rules for Radicals’: Trumping Democrats and their lock on the media


The answer is an easy one, as much of a killer as Russia’s Putin is accused to be, is he really guilty of crimes if nobody is around to bring forth the evidence.  It’s the old tree in the forest analogy, if it falls down in a forest and nobody is around to hear it—did it really happen?  When politicians destroy evidence revealing their guilt, did they really commit a crime?  That is precisely the accusation that George Stephanopoulos leveled at Donald Trump after the New York billionaire received unsolicited praise from the current leader and former KGB operative.  In the following interview, Trump did a fabulous job of turning the tables on Stephanopoulos who is the premier news man at ABC—owned by the Disney Corporation—who is a long time Democratic insider very close to Hillary Clinton.  It could be argued, successfully, that the Clintons are every bit the killers that Russia’s Putin is—yet they have been very successful in harassing witnesses, destroying evidence, and outright denying all accusations against them no matter how guilty they were—yet Stephanopoulos felt that the vague evidence against Putin was more than sufficient.  But when that same rational was leveled at his friend Hillary Clinton—by Trump, the same criteria was not honored.  Watch closely.

And that ladies and gentlemen is what we are up against.  In the past, Republican presidential candidates allowed themselves to be regulated into a media corner that the Democrats controlled.  No matter how strong their message was, it would never be heard correctly because Republicans simply didn’t market themselves in the hostile environment that is considered today’s media—largely controlled by people like George Stephanopoulos—flaming liberals who are activists against traditional America.  Republicans didn’t go on the late night comedy shows, they didn’t do media interviews on MSNBC, or CNN—they didn’t do Good Morning America—and they stayed away from George Stephanopoulos knowing that the table was tilted out of their favor.  That allowed scum bags like Hillary Clinton to cruise through political mine fields without harm knowing that the people conducting the interviews where her type of people.  It’s been a nice little game that Democrats have controlled completely for over twenty years now.

Trump completely changes that game in a way that nobody knows how to control.  Trump will go on any show at any time and argue with anybody. While he avoids fellow conservatives like Glenn Beck because the popular radio personality has been against Trump from the start and Trump knows there is nothing he can gain by granting Beck an interview because of the hit pieces that would follow—when it comes to Democrats in the media, Trump shows a willingness to engage them all in debate—and he’s successful.  For any Republican to hope to win the White House they must be able to enter the arena of the Democrats and be willing to do shows like The View, and Ellen and meet liberal arguments head on without surrender if they ever want to win a national election.  The Karl Rove methods are old, and have not been successful.  The Bush Family reign on politics is over—they did not do a good job, and now it’s time to push them off the stage for a new kind of Republican—one who is actually successful—personally.

After watching that interview between Stephanopoulos and Trump, it is clear that Hillary Clinton is in big trouble.  She cannot win this upcoming election crying about unfairness, or sexism.  Trump is far too smart to fall for that sentimentally.  I have been telling Republicans this for years, sometimes you have to call a latté sipping prostitute what they are and expose them.  It’s not hard, but a candidate has to be willing to face the ridicule which has protected the opposition for far too long.  In such a case the recipient has no choice but to call Trump a bully because they have no defense against what is being dished out against them.  Hillary Clinton has too many skeletons in her closet to win the White House and Trump is the only Republican in the current field who has the ability, and will to expose them.

No other Republican presidential candidate has the ability to meet Democrats on their controlled turf—they can’t go on George Stephanopoulos’s show and duel him in the manner that’s required-because they simply don’t have the self-confidence, or media persuasion to perform the task.  Ted Cruz does, but his voice just doesn’t command the presence required by television and radio to project strength, which isn’t his fault—but it just won’t do in the 2016 political climate.  Perhaps in the future when the rules have been changed, but presently, the media world is stacked against him in a way that prevents mainstream media platforms from working in his favor.  Trump takes away Hillary’s strength, and that is her ability to commit crimes and have the media hide those acts from the public.  In 2016, Trump has more media command than Hillary, and that is the most important aspect of the upcoming presidential race.  But what’s more important than that, Trump is more than willing to duel with people like Stephanopoulos over ANY issue.  Trump always believes he’s the smartest guy in the room and is never intimidated by degreed journalists or Rhoades scholars—so he never gives away the high ground in any kind of debate—and that is big trouble for people who have a lot to hide like Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton cannot win an election against Trump without ruining her career.  Everything that she’s worked for during her entire adult life is in jeopardy with Trump—and you can see it in her face already—it is her worst nightmare to come to the end of 2015 with Donald Trump as the Republican front-runner.  She cannot survive the daily attacks on her character and her insider politics.  She is much more vulnerable than Jeb Bush was and once this presidential race moves from just Republican primaries to a general election, the numbers will dramatically favor Trump.  The only reason polling does not favor Trump versus Hillary in a head to head election presently is because Hillary has not been in the cross-hairs.  Trump has left her alone letting the email investigation percolate in the minds of the electorate for the opportune time to exploit.  Once he locks down the Republican nomination and there is only Hillary Clinton to worry about—Trump will expose everything making a complete fool of the Democratic presidential hopeful.  The usual stories about rich white men maintaining the office over the first woman president will not be enough to win in 2016.  Trump knows how to overcome things like that—because he can work the media in a way that nobody else can.

Looking back over Trump’s career he just loves to fight, and he has shown a tendency to take on giants.  Back in the 80s he was one of the most influential owners of the USFL professional football league.  They used to play in the spring while the NFL played in the fall.  Trump wasn’t happy taking a back stage to the NFL, so he convinced all the other USFL owners to take the NFL to court over anti-trust charges.  And they won their case against the NFL.  Eventually the USFL fell apart leaving the NFL to return to its monopoly status, but Trump led the charge and showed no fear during the entire endeavor.  Trump was at the time in command of players like Herschel Walker, Jim Kelly, and Doug Flutie—players that would later dominate in the NFL.  Even after the lawsuit victory which denied USFL owners financial awards as part of the settlement leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, Trump was able to unload his contract with Walker to the Dallas Cowboys.  Jim Kelly went on to take the Buffalo Bills to three playoff appearances, and Doug Flutie became a superstar.  Trump has a long track record of dealing with very tough people—the smartest the world has to offer.  He also is personal friends with dominate athletes and hard nose franchise owners.  Taking on Hillary Clinton for Trump is like sneezing out a bacterial virus.  It’s no effort at all, but it will make a lot of noise and leave quite a mess.

Comparatively, Hillary has no track record of personal achievement.  She has been a manipulative second-hander her entire life.   She and her husband Bill have only had success because they’ve managed to cheat their way through trouble.  CLICK HERE FOR EVIDENCE.  Hillary cannot win a presidential run playing things straight, and Trump will force her to try.  That’s when he’ll have her and she knows it—and George Stephanopoulos knows it.  Trump is a different kind of person.  His book, The Art of the Deal is an innovation over the favorite book of Democratic strategy, Rules for Radicals.  It literally “trumps” the Saul Alinsky tactics that Hillary Clinton has used since she was in college.  Trump is her worst nightmare and there is nothing a single Democrat can do about it in the media.  They cannot strop Trump because it really comes down to the rock, paper, scissor relationship of strategy.  For Hillary, her Rules for Radicals are ineffective against Trump’s Art of the Deal.  And she cannot win.  By the time 2016 comes to a close, she’ll be lucky if she can ever show her face again.  That for Republicans is the best news we’ve had in several decades—and is truly something to look forward to going into a new year.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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