Is Kobe Steak Worth It: Celebrating a moment free of nonsense

image3Occasionally, after a lot of hard work I enjoy indulging in a nice steak to sort of put an explanation point at the end of a sentence.  It’s kind of like spiking the football after a long drive toward a touchdown.  It’s the appropriate thing to do.  In the normal course of things that for me involves either Jag’s Steakhouse in West Chester, or the Rodizio Grill at Liberty Center.  When at Jags I typically get the Big Oscar Fillet to serve as that ceremonial spike.  Executive Chef Michelle Brown at Jags knows just how to do it all right and the food quality is always consistently high, so when you are celebrating a personal victory—that’s the place to do it.  But I am open to new experiences and I will give a new place a chance when the occasion provides.  It just so happened that I was in the neighborhood of Mouriya Steak in Kobe, Japan as there was a reason to have a good steak so I had dinner with some very hard-working people who all deserved some fine food.

I had been hearing with an ear toward skepticism that Kobe Beef is the finest in the world—and the most expensive.  My thoughts then and now were that anywhere that there is a restricted market and a gigantic supply need around the world, of course the price would be high—but that most of the mystic was generated with perception, and not actual quality.  So I was impressed with the Mouriya Steak House and their very exquisite detail to the quality of the experience.  The bottom line is that I had a very good steak—and I considered it a rare treat.  I have had Kobe Beef at other places around the country, but learning more about it, I am convinced that they were all fakes.  The real deal was quite extraordinary.  The meticulousness under which the beef is purchased by each steak house was something I couldn’t help but admire, but it was the delivery of it to my plate with all the love and care of the finest specimen on earth that captured my respect.  If having a steak is equivalent to a much deserved football spike in an important game, this Kobe steak was equal to scoring a touchdown, with no time on the clock, on fourth down, in the Superbowl.  It was a treat to say the least.image2

 Kobe beef (神戸ビーフ Kōbe bīfu?) (KO-BEH) refers to beef from the Tajima strain of Wagyu cattle, raised in Japan‘s Hyogo Prefecture according to rules as set out by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association.[1] The meat is a delicacy renowned for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture. Kobe beef can be prepared as steaksukiyakishabu shabusashimi, and teppanyaki.

Kobe beef is also called Kobe niku (神戸肉?, “Kobe meat”), Kobe-gyu (神戸牛?) or Kobe-ushi (神戸牛?, “Kobe cattle”) in Japanese.[1]

Cattle were introduced in Japan in the second century as work animals used for rice cultivation. Because of Japan’s “difficult terrain and sparse arable land” due in part to its mountainous topography,[2] cattle were bred in small, isolated regions, yielding herds with unique qualities in their meat.[3]

After the Meiji Restoration, beef consumption remained low, but it has steadily increased since the end of World War II. Kobe beef grew in popularity and extended its global reach in the 1980s and 1990s.[4]

In the late 19th century, native Japanese cattle were interbred with European breeds, including Brown SwissShorthorn, and Devon.[citation needed] The cattle originally recognized in 1943 as “Kobe beef” were cattle from herds in the Kobe area of Japan, and could be any of four breeds of Wagyu cattle—Akaushi (Japanese Red/Brown),Kuroushi (Japanese Black), Japanese Polled, and Japanese Shorthorn.[5] Tajima is a strain of the Japanese Black, the most populous breed (around 90% of the four breeds).[6][7]

In 1983, the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association was formed to define and promote the Kobe trademark. It sets standards for animals to be labeled as Kobe beef.[8]

In 2009, the USDA placed a ban on the import of Kobe beef to prevent the Japan foot-and-mouth outbreak from reaching US shores. The ban was eventually relaxed in August, 2012 to allow limited amounts of Kobe Beef into the country but regular shipments didn’t resume until March, 2013.[9]

Prior to 2012, Kobe beef was not exported. The first exports, in January 2012, were to Macau, then to Hong Kong in July 2012.[15] Since then, exports have also been made to the United StatesSingapore,Thailand[16] and one chef in Canada.[17]

The increase in popularity of Japanese beef in the United States has led to the creation of “Kobe-style” beef, taken from domestically raised Wagyu crossbred with Angus cattle, to meet the demand. Farms in the United States and Britain have attempted to replicate the Kobe traditions.[18] From the first Wagyu cattle imported in the 1970s, 150 US ranches now raise “tens of thousands of Wagyu cattle”.[19]

The meat produced by these cross-breeds is different from the “authentic” Kobe beef, though this is “often by design”, due to the perception that American palates do not actually want the richness of Japanese beef and would prefer a more familiar flavor profile.[6] Some US meat producers claim any differences between their less expensive “Kobe-style” beef and true Kobe beef are largely cosmetic.[20] Cuts of US “Kobe-style” beef tend to have darker meat and a bolder flavor.[21]

In Europe, UK grocery retailer Asda, owned by Wal-Mart, introduced Wagyu beef at the end of 2011 under its Butcher’s Selection line using meat from a herd in Yorkshire, “bred from Holstein dairy cows impregnated with Wagyu semen“. This not only made the beef more affordable, but it also resulted in less marbled meat more familiar to UK consumers.[2] In June 2014, the German discounter Aldi announced that it was going to introduce Wagyu beef steaks, “with every store receiving a limited number of 50 steaks, priced at a very competitive £6.99 for an 8-oz (225-g) sirloin and rib eye“. However, Aldi’s Wagyu beef was sourced from New Zealand, where the exclusively grass-fed cattle are allowed to roam, more in keeping with changing norms around animal welfare (in Japan cattle are “confined in small pens and given much more energy-dense feed”).[2]

The proliferation of beef outside Japan marketed as Kobe beef is an issue for Kobe beef farmers. Due to a lack of legal recognition of the Kobe beef trademark in some countries, it is possible to sell meat that is incorrectly labeled as Kobe beef.[22][23] The Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association planned to publish pamphlets about Kobe beef in foreign languages.[24]

Mouriya’s Steak House Special Selection was the superior quality beef less than 32 months old.  They have never given birth, and come from the bloodline of Tajima Cow that is the original family of Kobe Cow. They have been steadily reproduced without close-cross and they grow up in the Mouriya’s contractual ranch in Yabu City, Tajima Cow’s hometown, eating the same fodder that the pure blood Tajima cows eat in the same cowshed; and the taste and relish of the meat are as wonderful as the Kobe Beef. Needless to say, the taste of Kobe Beef is marvelous, but the shortcoming is high price. (Recently, the price has risen again.)

Tajima Cow is the ancestor of Kobe Cow. The name “Kobe Cow” does not mean species or category, but is the name of the brand. Original Tajima Cows that have passed the standard, i.e. those raised by the registered cattle farmers in the list of the Kobe Meat Promotion Association, those slaughtered at the specified Meat Center in Hyogo Prefecture, and those that are ranked A and B, and the BMS value (numerical value that shows marble condition of the beef) is more than 6 are called Kobe Cow.

To start with, Tajima Cow used to live in the country of Tajima (presently northern part of Hyogo Prefecture) as shown by the name eating the wild grass that grew in abundance with clear water in the clear air. The meat of Tajima Cow has been originally good quality, and has become the wonderful brand through cattle farmers’ zeal in raising them as the beef cow. Moreover, the obvious difference comparing to the brand cows in other prefectures is keeping blood line inside Hyogo Prefecture avoiding hybridizing with other ones. This system of maintaining the pure bloodline has been employed only by Hyogo Prefecture’s cattle farmers in Japan. The Kobe Cow and Tajima Cow are basically small, so the beef is fine and not fatty, as well as the relish and flavor are delicious.

While eating the Kobe Steak I couldn’t help but think of the cow and the way the beef was created.  In the United States PETA would have had a fit, but they’d be unjustified.  These cows were born and raised to be served to people of thought, to make hard-fought victories of economic expansion taste just a little bit better.  That type of activity is far superior to just having a cow standing in a field eating grass.  It reminded me yet again of how too much emphasis on the wrong type of regulation can stifle a business, whereas part of what made the Kobe Beef so good was the excessive yearning for quality that the farmers pushed for—to satisfy that market demand.

It had been a hard week so the steak was the best way to cap it off.  Sometimes it’s the little things in life, sometimes it’s the big ones.  And sometimes it’s just good to be surrounded by wonderful quality for a few hours and take a deep breath.  Mouriya Steak House is the kind of place that gives you all three experiences at the same time, and it was certainly worth the expense.  But then again, life is too valuable to waste it on nonsense—and Mouriya Steak can’t be accused of that.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Jealous Glenn Beck: His hatred of Trump is deeper than even he will admit

There were times when Glenn Beck was on Fox News from 5 to 6 PM where I thought he was doing his shows directly off my blog material or that he and I were intellectually tied to some cosmic root. But he was a fighter back then obviously ahead of the curve.  He’s not held up well over the last five years.  The constant beatings it takes to be at the front have harmed his health and eroded his intellect.  I have heard him say some really dumb things over the last few weeks as it has become obvious that Donald Trump is going to remain the front-runner of the GOP.  Beck has lost a lot of ground over the last year, starting with his declarations of being done with the GOP, and the NRA over endorsements, then lately turning around and saying at a Ted Cruz event that he’d rather support the socialist Bernie Sanders over Trump.  I used to listen to The Blaze everyday so that I could hear my buddy Doc Thompson each morning. I’d stick around and listen to Beck afterwards sometimes, but with all the Trump hatred as the months have went on it has just turned me off to Beck.  I think the hatred Beck has toward Trump runs far deeper than anybody knows and for reasons nobody would suspect.  But Beck has done this to himself.  It makes me sad to see, but he clearly has put himself on the wrong side of history.  Here’s a little what Beck said earlier this past week in regard to Trump and Bernie Sanders while endorsing Ted Cruz for president.





Going back to Beck and I, there have been many times over the last five years where our paths have crossed a bit but either my reluctance or his prevented the next step.  My friend Doc Thompson works for Glenn Beck.  I have promoted Doc for several years now and The Blaze when it first announced its radio programming—which I think is good, especially in the beginning because I wanted Beck to find success.  There were even a few phone calls about going to Dallas and working some projects at Beck’s studio there.  This is all before Trump announced his presidency of course.  There was something about Beck that was making me weary—almost like he was comparable to the Jim Jones cult with him as the central figure.  I’d listen to Doc talk about working at The Blaze, which he loves, but something just seemed wrong about it, so I never took the next steps of discussion.

I think it’s fair to say that I have extraordinary judgment.  I can read body language extremely well.  I can detect tonal inflections and get to a truth behind words, and I can see way out in front of the train if you know what I mean.  So I tend to trust my instincts on all things.  There is a reason that I peeled back my support of The Blaze over the last six months.  I listened to their Trump bashing for several months every morning and gradually I realized they were off the mark.  All this Christian stuff has gone to Beck’s head and ruined his mind—likely a byproduct of his serious illnesses that he has been dealing with until last year.  It has changed him and taken the fight out of him.  He’s not the same person he was when he had a dominant Fox News audience that was ruffling the feathers of Bill O’Reilly.  Beck was pumping out New York Times bestsellers every few months and everything was great.

I thought it was good that when he was fired from Fox, essentially for going after George Soros, that he got back on the horse and started his own network and movie studio in Dallas.  But there was something missing in him that was noticeable.  He had lost his will to fight, which was obvious.  He had been beat down and was living off his earnings.  But he wasn’t the same guy.  He evolved from an Ayn Rand type of advocate to just another religious type leading a congregation.  He didn’t impose his beliefs on other employees of his at The Blaze, but he certainly set a standard.  What is certain is that he stopped fighting and become much more reconcilable toward the enemy.

I think the reason he and I never hit it off in spite of our mutual connections is that he’s a pacifist and I’m not.    I’m all about conquering the enemy and using The Art of War to do it.  I love to fight, I love aggression, and I get bored with peace.  I don’t want his Christian nation.  I like the values, but I love conflict and I would be bored to death in Glenn Beck’s America.  I don’t want Abraham Lincoln as president, and I think George Washington was too middle of the road.  I personally love people like George Patton as opposed to George Washington.  I could have worked with Beck, but I don’t think he could have worked with me.  He has become used to being the center of attention and that’s impossible to do around me, so I and he went in very different directions.  Doc Thompson tried more than once to reconcile that, but knowing Beck was involved just robbed my ambition for an opportunity.  I determined through observation that Beck was on a sinking ship.  I hoped to be wrong, but of course I’m usually not because I do read situations with great clarity—no matter how controversial.

Along comes Trump and he’s all about fighting so naturally I support people like him over pacifists and obviously this has effected Beck.  His audience has been split in two, some were happy to follow him and others moved in my direction for similar reasons.  Beck used to do the work Trump is doing now-but the New York billionaire swept in and took that audience quickly, and maintained it since.  The same type of people who showed up to Beck’s rally in 2010 in Washington has gravitated to Trump.  People who loved the religious aspects of Beck’s work have stayed with him, but a lot of former Beck people have moved to Trump because they want a fighter, not a crier.

What I hear in Glenn Beck is a man jealous of Donald Trump.  Beck lost a large portion of his audience to Trump and now he’s throwing a fit.  When Beck was in his prime, 2010 to 2011 a lot of people were willing to overlook his past with drugs to hear the message he was speaking at that moment—and those same people are willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt.  But Beck was showing the signs of wear even in Wilmington, Ohio where I was in the cold of winter just shy of Christmas.  I went there to meet Beck and to post video of the event up on The Blaze website with Scott Baker.  What I saw was a man running out of gas.  I didn’t want him to of course, but he did a few years later.  He couldn’t handle having his family harassed in New York City, he let Soros run him out-of-town and he hid among Texans hoping to recapture his former glory.  I am grateful that Beck hired my friend Doc Thompson and that he started The Blaze Radio.  But it is obvious that Beck lost his will to fight in the middle of a major battle, and that just isn’t forgivable.  As nice as it is to think that Beck is doing the work of God—the Devil has just as soothing of a voice in the middle of a nightly dream of divine inspiration.  You can’t know who to trust especially when it comes to spiritual matters, and I don’t trust a pacifist who puts down their arms in the middle of a fight–I don’t care if God gives specific instructions through revelation in a dream.  I would question God 100% of the time—and Beck is instead on his knees asking for guidance.  That is not my kind of guy. A warrior must be decisive and ruthless when it comes to the enemy—and be willing to use all tools available to destroy the opposition.  Screw all this brotherhood crap, and understanding.  The enemy must be identified and destroyed.  End of story.

Trump knows what he’s doing and where he’s going.  A lot of what Beck is criticizing Trump over; there were plenty of people accusing Glenn of the same kind of stuff when he was at the front of the fight.  Now that Beck is doing that against Trump it comes out sounding like a jealous has-been instead of someone who is capable of winning the fight at hand.  In the end, I trust my own judgment and before Trump came along I could see that Beck was in trouble over something in his head.  I still like the guy, but he’s just not the kind of fighter I can support—so I felt sorry for him putting himself on the line like he did with his Cruz support.  He’s just not seeing the real fight—and I really thought he was smarter than that.   A lot of people think that Trump is going to turn out to be a gigantic Trojan horse of progressivism and that he’s like Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars movies.  People, I’m smarter than that.  I don’t fall for false prophets and spiritual utterances that come from who knows where.  I can see things way out in front and I’m right most of the time, and I’m sure I understand Trump.  Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are not enough for me—I want better and I don’t see many people with their hand up.  Especially not Glenn Beck.  Ted Cruz is a good guy, but he’s not right for this job at this point in time.  As I’ve said before, I think Ted would be great in 2024 but not in 2016.  For this election, we need a fighter—a vicious one.  We need a George Patton not a pacifist who nearly lost the fight of the Revolution in Valley Forge during a hard winter looking for luck to come as divine providence.  That makes a nice child’s story and it may happen from time to time by default.  But my money goes on the guy who is willing to take on anybody at anytime and never wears down.  I don’t wear down and I expect people I elect to office to reflect my work ethic.  Beck is functioning from the wrong values.  And it has cost him dearly.  He is hiding his jealousy of Trump behind divine conviction—which is a ruse that his immediate supporters may not see—but to me it’s as plain as day at noon against a cloudless sky.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Deliberate Destruction of Millennial Minds: One of the greatest abuses on planet earth

The thought process of a Millennial is one of the most tragic examples of abuse that we have in the world today, and that includes sex trafficking, Islamic abuse of women, and the sexual abuse of children.  If you didn’t hear it Matt Clark at WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan did a show on this tragic topic with a guest that was just sad—because of the truth of it. He featured the now famous clip of the young Millennial woman who demanded on the Neal Cavuto show during a student march the relief of student debt, free college education, and a $15 dollar minimum wage.  Neal was gracious enough not to destroy the poor girl when he asked flatly—“who’s going to pay for it.”  The girl didn’t know just as Millennials everywhere don’t know.  Through their educations over their entire lives, those poor kids have been deliberately reduced intellectually—which is technically abuse.  Before moving on to the next paragraph listen to this Matt Clark broadcast.  It starts off by reminding people of the impending Al Gore crises which was predicted in the Academy Award winning movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  Well, he was wrong, and Matt had a little fun with that.  But after that segment is a truly sad story that really concerns us all because we have now an entire generation that has been raised in day cares, radicalized leftist public schools and weak American presidents with failed foreign policies.  Then they went to college because everyone told them to, to further destroy their minds into liberalism mounting tremendous student debts that start them out in life owned essentially by the federal government—and they don’t know any better—which was abusive.  They were deliberately abused by liberalized society for political purposes and this has robbed them of healthy adult lives and it’s a situation that should deserve prosecutions and jail time for all invovled.

If you listen to women’s rights advocates they will tell stories of the previous generation where men wouldn’t let their wives drive cars intentionally keeping them barefoot and pregnant to prevent them from having the mobility to cheat on them with other men.  We all know parents who abuse their children by spoiling them to the extent that they have deliberately sheltered the children from the realities of the world and they do so not out of love but their own selfish desire to control the child and prevent them from straying too far away.  By keeping the children overly dependent, they ensure themselves that they won’t have to endure the crises of having that child grow up and move away.  Then of course there are the civil rights abuses where people of a different color skin couldn’t drink and eat with southern whites.  Most sane people can agree that all those horrors are tragic and that many have worked hard to eradicate that kind of behavior from our society.  So it should enrage everyone that we’ve given public schools our children ran by teacher unions only to have those institutions openly destroy the mind of our youth—knowingly—to achieve a target demographic voter base committed to a new interpretation of socialism so to spread that ideology against American capitalism.

This is a topic I have covered for a long time.  When Matt’s guest on WAAM radio was only a teenager, I was in fact writing articles about the impending tragedy and doing a lot of radio to put a light on the potential problem.  Well, the problem isn’t just a potential any longer—it’s here.  The Millennials have arrived.  Now we are seeing these poor kids hit the marketplace and they don’t have a leg to stand on intellectually.  What has happened reminds me of primitive tribes such as the Nazca and many others who deliberately wrap their baby’s growing skulls with leather to elongate their heads into monstrosities of deformity to pay tribute to a culture rooted in mythology—not logic.  Kids in public schools and colleges have deliberately had their minds destroyed and now they are functioning adults screaming for socialism because that’s all they have been taught.  They were born during the Bill Clinton years, were children during the very low intellectual presidency of George W. Bush and they have been reassured by President Obama that socialism is the means for their future.  I can think of a few young people in my family who have fallen for this scheme—and I have had to watch these poor kids lose their entire futures to the promises of these intellectually damaging presidential platforms.

But the fault isn’t just on modern politics—it goes all the way back to strategies uttered during the beginning of the Department of Education where communism was on the agenda of the few at the top in the know.  The DOE was implemented in 1979.  Ronald Reagan was supposed to eradicate it at the start of his presidency, but after his assassination attempt, he lost his backbone for that kind of thing.   It was too rooted into the teacher unions and Kremlin conspiracies of that time and Reagan had his mind on outspending Russia as a means to defeat communism.   The KGB on the other hand was willing to play the slow game.  They planned to show the destruction of communism while at the same time spreading it to a world that had let its guard down.  By the time Reagan left office it was too late.  Public schools were essentially socialist training centers intent to implement several generations that would accept collectivist based management of resources.  Meanwhile Russia repackaged their message and progressivism took over Europe.  Two decades later a former leader of the KGB is president of Russia and they command from that massive country one of the only remaining superpower status countries with the exception of communist China.  Only the United States is left to face the wrath of Socialist International which has a firm foot in every country on earth.  Only in America where capitalism has been king is socialism still a bad word.  But, after two decades of training our youth with tax payer funded reprogramming, the KGB has implemented their strategy and here we are. (If you’d like to fact check me, just click on any hotlink within this article.  You will discover dear reader that what I’m saying is quite truthful, sadly.  I’d love to be wrong—but I’m not)

Now we are left with an entire society of these young people and they have no other option intellectually in a free society but to demand socialism as a cure to their woes—which has been done to them deliberately.  Every teacher who participated is guilty and they know who they are.  They were highly paid by tax payers negotiated through socialist based collective bargaining agreements to shut their mouths and teach what the state told them to.  Meanwhile the Department of Education from day one in 1979 was fully intent to teach communism to students within the public education system.  In a lot of ways President Obama is the first of these young people to hit the scene—when he was hanging out with other Marxists at the University of Chicago they weren’t trying to figure out how to extract wealth out of a new product launched to market—they were trying to figure out how to redistribute the wealth already created under the premise of communism as defined by Karl Marx.  They called it progressivism to take the edge off and hid the effort behind the mask of civil rights.

This abusive relationship is equivalent to the insecure man who will not let his wife learn to drive a car from days long past.  The man may tell the wife that he’s afraid for her life and to keep her safe he doesn’t want her to drive a car.  But what he really wants is to keep her home and out of the bed of some other man—or to give her the ability to check up on him while he sleeps around town.  Bad politicians have embraced communism for a long time as the KGB floated it into America during the 70s and 80s, and the effects are noticeable today.  You can hear it in the voice of Millennials who should know better, but they don’t.  All they know is they were promised something.  Their parents have been stripped away from them nearly at birth.  They were mostly raised in day care and public schools and they were told that the nanny state would care for them all their lives.  All they had to do is cry and someone would bring them some food.  They were deliberately kept in a stupid state for political reasons and now the impact of that tragedy is beginning to reveal itself.

So now these kids are crying and nobody has any money to give them.  The government has bankrupted our system—on purpose.  And the kids are looking for someone with answers—like Bernie Sanders.  They have not been taught math properly, so they don’t add up the facts in their minds and are defenseless toward critical thinking.  Like the poor little Nazca kids, their parents and society in general made decisions for them that ruined them for their adulthoods and now they have to deal with the ramifications of it.  It’s all a very sad story and for the purpose of this article, the point is to simply identify the problem in its enormity.  I hate to say it, but those Millennials are ruined for the rest of their lives.  We have to begin working on that follow-up generation with the right kind of thinking and we’ll have to endure the rough road ahead, which will likely last for the next 70 years.  The people who did this to all these kids should all be punished for their abuse.  They are now crippled for life to advance a political ideology, not through debate, but through ignorance.  That is the only way the KGB working through the United States government was able to spread global socialism.  And the abuse has happened right under our noses.  I’ve been pointing it out for years.  Some people have listened, but not enough.  Now, the facts are obvious, and we as a society have to figure out what we are going to do about it.  The problem is very real and it demands an answer.  Time is ticking away and the debts are mounting and the Millennials don’t understand why when they cry nobody comes.  Because they weren’t taught the reason.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Zecharia Sitchin Was Right All Along: Caltech reveals something big, exciting and menacing which impacts us all

I had to think about this information for a few days before commenting on it, because it’s a fairly massive revelation—literally.  It is a true game changer regarding science.  You might have heard that Caltech researchers have discovered the gravity signature of a 10th planet (I still consider Pluto a planet).  This fairly rocked my foundations as it harkened back to a writer I like quite a lot, a man who researched legitimately some wonderful archaeology in the Middle East, Zecharia Sitchin.  He was one of the few scholars in the world able to read ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets.  So I enjoyed several of his books namely The 12th Planet.  I read that book years ago and all of the ones that followed.  They were compelling reads that I often considered with an eye toward science fiction.  He asked enough unanswered questions to convince me that there was more to just about everything regarding the origins of life on planet earth.  My biggest problem with Sitchin was his theory that Sumerians declared that there was a giant planet that was in our solar system which occasionally came into the path of other planets with a long elliptical orbit that took many millennia to rotate around the sun.  I figured that if such an object existed modern astronomers would have discovered it by now.  Well……………………………………………………..the Caltech discovery just made Zecharia Sitchin into a man way, way ahead of his time.  Before delving further watch this short video about Sitchin and his 12th Planet, (the sun and moon were considered by Sumerians to be planets).  This is not a conspiracy any longer, this is now apparently science fact—or at least it will be once somebody puts a telescope on the planet as they know where it should now be in an elliptical orbit.

The predictions early on, as this discovery is extremely recent news as of this writing, are that this new planet rotates one time around the sun anywhere from 15,000 years to 20,000 years.  The Sumerians knew about this planet eight thousand years ago so this certainly falls in line with many mysteries that are heavily speculated about in the time frame of 12,000 to 10,000 B.C.  There are thoughts that the Egyptian Sphinx dated back to that period and many other visible archaeological evidence left behind, and this would likely put this new planet within the celestial bodies visible in the night sky to those ancient cultures.  It would also likely be responsible for strange gravitational anomalies and other effects felt on earth by whatever species lived at the time.

This resurrects many of the mythologies of that long ago Sumerian period where there was talk about planets colliding and many other tragic events which occurred that didn’t make any sense unless there was some undiscovered planet floating around in space somewhere within the sun’s gravitational pull.  This also brings forth a lot of new thought on the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, which likely now is the remains of a destroyed planet that collided with this celestial object.  If there was life on Mars at the time—as I believe that evidence will eventually show, this may have provoked them to move toward earth for their own survival giving rise to a whole new species that suddenly evolved.  A whole lot of new theories built from mythology needs to be reanalysed.

Of course the green movement is in trouble.  When this planet enters the elliptical orbit of the inner planets, with earth being one of them, there will be major tidal forces pulling at our planet and really causing damage to our environment.   There are thoughts that there will be tidal waves thousands of feet high striking all the major coastlines and the plate tectonics around the globe will be shoved around like puzzle pieces on an empty tabletop.  That suddenly provides a lot of motivation for the various mountain ranges seen from the air where they look like coils of land masses pushed up against each other—like a rug that needs straightened out in a hallway foyer.  The forces that made those mountains would require tremendous gravitational force.  They are not something that would happen under normal orbits around the sun.  When this new planet swings in for its long multi millennial journey back out around the sun it will likely have a violent reaction to every planet in our solar system.  Maybe not catastrophic, but certainly it will affect the climatic balance of our terrestrial existence.

You have to consider dear reader that all of human life has essentially evolved since this planet was last seen among the orbits of the inner planets.  All of our religions and all of our recorded history.  The emergence of this planet points more toward the reality of Zecharia Sitchin’s theories which really forces us to look hard at all the archaeology currently being destroyed—I would say on purpose—by ISIS in the Middle East.  There have been numerous conspiracy theories about the planet Nibiru (otherwise known as Planet X) emerging for a long time—many of them fans of Sitchin.  The theory indicates that the Illuminati and many government entities have known about this for years—and that the Caltech report was the slow way to reveal to the global population that something of great concern is emerging outside their parameters of understanding.  What matters to me is that Caltech revealed the information and that NASA is going to back it up with evidence soon.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that earth may go through some serious stress.  Conspiracy theorists think that this planet will flying into the inner planet orbits in 2016.  In all likelihood, it is probably several thousand years away, otherwise amateur astronomers would have been talking about it in a more mainstream fashion—but who knows at this point.

The shock for me is that yet again evidence points toward how little we really know about anything—yet our education institutions have closed the book of understanding on way too many things.  It actually angers me to learn what I have about the mound cultures of the Ohio Valley—the complete lie politically motivated regarding American Indians, the source of human life, and the celestial bodies.  So be sure to watch the videos included with this article with the openness of a child.  You do literally have to unlearn what you’ve learned, because that is the only way to deal with things like this.  In a lot of ways this is like learning that you’ve had a spouse cheating on you when Zecharia Sitchin was showing you the pictures all along.  As a society we have not wanted to know the truth, but eventually it catches up to you.  Sitchin turned out to be right—at least a whole lot more than I would have thought when reading his books.  I think I told my wife years ago that Sitchin was a neat person, and smart, but that his thoughts were outdated and not supported by hard science. 

He traveled the globe for many decades gathering a lot more evidence than most universities applied to the task.  But based on the Caltech report, the biggest problem there was in Sitchin’s report of what the ancient Sumerians believed—has turned out to be a valid theory.  No wonder so many ancient societies were concerned about the stars and their positions.  A planet like the one recently discovered would really cause complications to any life living nearby as such a planet passes through our orbit radius would cause.  Likely there were times in the distant past that the planet was really close to earth while other years it was relatively far away.  What’s stunning is that there is actually merit to the conspiracy theories shown on this article.  So watch them all and stay tuned.  Things are really going to get interesting on this story.  This is bigger news than a lot of people yet realize.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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It’s Up to You Iowa: A chance to make Donald Trump president and why you should

Iowa, this is your time on the stage.  Really, the next election for President of the United States begins and ends with you.  If you were to take a moment from preparing for the spring planting period, from life on your farms and industry to vote in the Republican primary on February 1st, you could put this thing to bed right now.  This particular site that you are reading gets particularly busy during election periods because most people don’t have time to pay attention to critical issues regarding politics.  Prior to elections they usually do an internet search, and they run across my articles.  They read them as opposed to other publications because I usually provide 1500 word articles that cover the details of an issue deep diving into the psychology and politics behind whatever is on the ballot.  People have lost faith in the mainstream news, and their local newspapers, but they do tend to trust me and it shows up in voting results usually with a small swing in percentage to the passage or failure of an issue.  In close elections—sometimes that’s all it takes.  At this point, I’m not sure that Iowa will be close for Republicans but just in case, you should take the opportunity to go out and vote and you should cast your support behind Donald Trump.  If you watch the following videos about Trump, you can see easily that he is already more presidential than anybody we’ve had the opportunity to vote for in several decades.  And he is the best option for 2016 on either side.  But, it takes feet on the ground to actually vote and you should after you’ve watched the following videos completely.  Then, pass them along to a friend to make sure they vote for Trump as well.

Trump is a successful person and as just a candidate he has shown that he can hold massive rallies.  It is easy to see what kind of president he would be—all encompassing and hard-working taking up the charge personally to jump-start our economy in America once again.  The best way to do that is to make the American brand something of value again just as Trump has made his family name nearly household recognizable before he ever ran for president.  If Trump can repair the American brand across the world, instantly, many of the things he is declaring that he’ll fix will resolve themselves.  Part of the concept of building a wall between Mexico and America is to make entry into the United States more valuable.  Any time there is market saturation of something its value goes down.  Open border advocates do not like the American concept so they count on lowering the value of the United States so that Mexico can diffuse Constitutional limits through elections and changing demographics.  Trump has the experience to ensure that limited access is the best way to command respect of a nice penthouse apartment in one of his buildings in New York.  Nobody respects something they get cheaply, or even worse for free.  Trump is the most poised of anybody to restore value to what being an American truly should have always been.

There are other good candidates running in the GOP primary.  But they just don’t have that next level of ability that Trump has.  Not only can Trump identify a problem, but he knows how to talk to people, even those who don’t like him.  I think he alone would make the House and Senate work properly with his sheer charisma.  I do not think I will always agree with him, but I think he will be very close to what all conservatives have always wanted because as a private sector guy, who owes nothing to any lobbyist, he can actually afford to resist the temptations to enrich himself with K-Street deals where every other candidate must acquiesce to some extent making them much less effective on a day-to-day basis.

The great power struggle in the beltway–what they really fear about Trump, is in losing power to a person elected by a majority of the voters for really the first time in over a century.  K-Street truly rules the beltway of Washington.  It’s not the House and Senate—it is the lobbyists who run our government and nobody has an opportunity to end that rule better than Donald Trump.  For the sake of our country this process of lobbyists controlling our politics in a constitutional republic has to stop.  If we don’t end it during this next election cycle, we will lose our country.  There is only one way out of our impending fiscal crises—which $19 trillion on the United States debt clock is looming over all our futures—and that is tremendous GDP growth that can only come from a dynamic personality like Trump.

Just prior to the Iowa vote the conservative publication National Review committed an entire edition to hit pieces against Trump from people like Glenn Beck Dana, Loesch, Bill Kristol , and other so-called conservatives.  Let me tell you something dear Iowa voter—nobody on that list is more conservative than I am.  Not a single person writing for the Nation Review beats me on conservative values.  I like a lot of those people the way I might like a typical liberal.  I might talk to them about a football game, or a popular movie, but they don’t want to talk politics with me.  They are not more conservative than I am.  I am extremely pro Second Amendment, anti-abortion, anti-entitlement, pro-American exceptionalism, anti-drug, and I’m against men crying…………..Bill O’Reilly to me is a bleeding heart hippie liberal.  My wife is a happy housewife who brings my dinner to my chair every night and we are happy in that traditional role.  I’m so conservative that I don’t even show up on a graph measuring conservativism—because I’m to the right of even that.  And I’m too smart to be considered a right-winged loon so that description doesn’t fit either.  These people, many of whom came into the national stage through Glenn Beck and are simply backing his vision of a constitutional republic that falls in behind a George Washington presidency—and that’s just not realistic or relevant in 2016.  Beck thinks he’s doing the work of God, but in reality he’s a former drug addict who is trying to rectify his past with a born again Christian optimism that does not have the ability to combat the problems on K-Street.  You can’t throw Bibles at the crooks and loons in Washington—you have to beat them at their own game.  The National Review is the proof of why conservatives have been losing for years—because they fail to identify the proper targets to attack and when they do they cannot come up with a strategy to deal with it.  Like Beck, they look for guidance through prayer instead of with their own eyes paralyzing them to act properly against evil.  While religious values are fine, the reality must be confronted that fewer people than ever can identify with religion and the 2016 election has to be about fiscal issues, not religious ones.  One thing certainly comes before other things and their priorities are strategically off at the National Review.

Being a conservative I’m also quite accustomed to being around people who make things in business and I understand why they donate money to politicians.  Because of the socialist polices embedded in the United States business people have to pay politicians off otherwise they won’t get their zoning approved, government regulators show up to shut down their businesses, and even worse the IRS shows up to destroy a company through the audit process—so job providers have to pay the troll or face serious ramifications.  I see in Trump a person so sick of that process that he has an opportunity to destroy it from within.  Aside from inflating his brand I think this is the other big reason that Trump is running for president—to take away the crony shackles that he had to navigate around in New York politics—and replace it with a more free market option.  Trump had to support democrats in New York, particularly the various mayors he’s had to deal with over the years otherwise his real estate investments would die awaiting approvals that those politicians had the power to control.  For the first time in his life, Trump is truly free—he has enough money that he doesn’t have to depend on anybody for his sustenance, which has allowed him to publicly discuss his politics.  Most people during their money-making years—30s through their 50s–avoid public declarations of their political leanings because it gets in the way of dealing with other people.  Older people can afford to make people angry with their opinions, so it is usually they who are the most vocal.  Trump is now one of those older guys who has all the money he will ever need, so he can afford to let his tongue fly which is why a lot of his opinions are now clearer on things than they used to be.  Why would Trump give money to Hillary Clinton—because she was a senator from New York and she could help him get things passed?  If he needed a New York mayor to get out of his way, he could call up Hillary and apply some pressure.  That’s the way it works.  It should say a lot about Trump that he’s been willing to attack the Clintons to get this far in the race.  It’s just business for Trump and he has shown that he’ll put American business in front of everything.

So it’s up to you Iowa.  You have the facts, you’ve seen the videos.  You know what you have to do.  Go out there and vote for Trump.  Put an end to this election from the very first vote.  Be the first and last state to decide who will be President of the United States in 2016.  If Iowa goes for Trump the rest of the states will follow and that will be it.  All you have to do is show up and cast your ballot for a real opportunity—the one last hope of saving America from a fiscal crises and a detrimental political system that is imploding as we speak.  Trump has accomplished more than any of the individuals writing for the National Review.  Trump is a conservative because of the way he runs his businesses and manages his family.  His actions tell the truth about who he is.  The interpretation of his actions are often read by people who aren’t smart enough or conservative enough to see what he is up to behind the curtain.  But it’s not hard for me to see.  And hopefully, Iowa, you are smart enough to see it to.  History is in your hands—so make the right decision.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Why You Can Trust Donald Trump: Understanding ‘The Art of War’

I almost hate to say it, but I predicted this too, Donald Trump being at the front of the race just ahead of the primaries and the Republican establishment reeling in confusion as to what to do.  So let me make it easy for everyone.  Trump is certainly the best guy for the job of president of the United States.  I have been ready to hire him for it since August.  CLICK THE LINKS in this article for all the reasons why I think that.  The only thing that is holding back complete support for Trump however is the trustworthiness of him, so for this little article I’ll offer the reasons why voters can trust him, why he won’t be a ruthless dictator, and why making “America Great Again” isn’t just a catch phrase used to get elected, but something I think he genuinely believes.  I can say these things because I think I probably understand the way Trump thinks better than even he knows about himself.  In all actuality, and this comes from my wife who loves him for a lot of the reasons she loves me—Trump is a complex offering who often works on many different levels of thought and presentation at the same time—so you can’t think about him in conventional terms.  As a master strategist, Trump knows that the way to make the best deal possible is to align as many people’s interests into an objective so that an intention can be secured.  Typical politicians and the media in general only understand one thing at time—typically an idea that can be captured in a 400 word article.  Trump cannot be understood in that fashion, it takes a great deal more understanding.  So let’s dive in.

Trump first and foremost is all about his brand.  That brand is what he will leave behind to his children—which is obviously on his mind as a 71-year-old man in the autumn of his years.   Trump has built that brand with excessive quality in the things he does.  In order for people to expect the best in something—Trump has worked hard most of his life to give it to them—with grand audaciousness.  Building a quality brand is not a trick—you cannot cheat the customer and expect to maintain a reputation of quality.  You have to actually deliver.  So when Trump paints his name on his airplanes and buildings, it is to signal to all who see it that what they are experiencing is a high quality endeavor.  Trump wants to make sure that the brand he has created will endure for many decades—to protect his children and grandchildren and all others who come about in the future.  Trump thinks big and he ultimately thinks biggest in regard to his family.  He has been content to do things the way he has for his whole life—so long as he had a full life to live.  But now, he’s a smart guy and he can see the end.  So he wants to secure their future for the sake of his legacy.  The Trump brand needs to mean something long after he’s gone and he knows there is only one way he can get there.

The world is a mess and being an experienced successful person, he knows that there are a limited number of people actually capable to solve all the complex problems of our day.  He is one of them.  Out of all the presidential candidates, he is clearly the only one who could actually solve everything relatively easily.  It is one thing to identify problems, but it is quite another to have the skills to solve them.  Trump is great at both, so being President of the United States is a perfect job for his particular personality type.  I don’t think he cares one bit about the money at this stage in his life, or the enamored position the White House would give him to the public—he already has all that.  I think he would personally give his own press conferences each day and would work from before the sun rises to long after it went down.  I think he would perform all the social engagements everyday with everyone while still putting in 12 to 14 hours of real administrative work from the Oval Office.  I say that from my own experience.  Anyone who reads my articles can see how much work I put into them.  To their point of view, they think that’s all I do each day because the sheer volume is so extensive.  But in reality it’s only like 1% to 5% of my total day.  The writing is actually fun for me—but in a given day, I perform a lot of work—much of it really complicated.  Trump is obviously a similar personality and at the stage of life that he’s in, he can easily do what Barack Obama would consider very hard, and Trump would do it all in a fraction of the time.  I really think more would get done well for America in the first 90 days of a Trump presidency than all the presidents have over the last century during their entire terms.

Trump cannot afford to just say anything to get into office, because he knows that ultimately it will hurt his brand—which is the most important thing to him in this whole effort.  To make his brand last for centuries, he has to do what he is saying on the campaign trail.   He will not be happy unless he is the best president of the United States in the history of the world, and the most loved.  Those are marks he has created for himself, nobody else can make them for him.  Trump knows he’s a selfish person, but that’s not bad because as a good deal maker he has aligned his needs to the needs of America so in the end nobody loses.  America gets to solve its many problems under a Trump presidency, and Trump gets to preserve his “brand” well past his years for all his descendents in the future.

Trump has run a masterful campaign over the last six months, he has attacked the establishment, and eradicated his rivals.  He has positioned himself on the high ground forcing everyone else to come up to meet him on all sides of the political spectrum playing a king of the hill game which anybody who has studied The Art of War understands the criticality regarding that strategy.  And now, just ahead of the primary, the GOP establishment is slowly trying to walk back their apprehension of him.   That is negotiation from a person very skilled in it—you gradually wear people down until they see things from your point of view.  You don’t move off your position, you make them come to yours—but because you don’t beat them over the head and change your tactics a bit, they believe you are compromising with them.  It’s basic strategy 101, but Trump is really good at it—almost seamlessly unconscious about it.

So to answer the question of how voters can know that they can trust Trump, it is easy.  Trump cannot afford to fail in what he’s promised because he doesn’t care about the nobility of the White House or the public adoration.  He doesn’t need money or fame—he already has it.  What he wants is respect for his family name long after he’s gone.  And the best way to do that is to live up to everything he has said in this campaign and provide voters with options they’ve never had before in a president.  Trump expects himself to be better than Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  But he can’t cheat his way there.  He has to actually perform—which he has done all his life.  But this time it’s for all the marbles and what he gets as profit from this deal isn’t money—its reputation.  A reputation that will boost his brand for the next century and care for all the people he loves.  That’s why I support and trust Donald Trump.  The only race he is running against is his own expectations of success.  And if he achieves that, we all benefit.

That is the art of the deal—any deal.  If done correctly, we will all be happy in the end.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Box Office Failure of ‘The Force Awakens’: One month after its release ‘Star Wars’ has lost its power

Remember where you heard it first.  Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out while the rest of the world was predicting ridiculous box office numbers for the new-highly anticipated movie, and reviewers hungry to retouch their childhoods were pandering to the Disney machine for freebies to give their kids for Christmas to show they had industry “connections,” I predicted what would happen to the franchise if the movie turned out to be bad—or to stray off formula.  (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW AND LISTEN TO THE RADIO SEGMENT I DID ON THIS VERY TOPIC ALONG WITH MATT CLARK)  I had said that taken by itself The Force Awakens wasn’t a bad film—it was on par with the Star Trek films and would be profitable.  But it wasn’t magical—it wasn’t deep, or even loyal to the vision that George Lucas had created.  It was equivalent to a child sneaking into their parents’ bedroom and wearing their cloths to feel like they were all grown up.  The film makers from top to bottom were eager to make a very expensive fan film suitable for a convention showing—not a legitimate entry into the overall mythology.  They loved paying a tribute to the Millennium Falcon the way they always dreamed as kids, and to see Han Solo one last time even though the aging actor wanted way too much money for the role to return soaking up a lot of the salary leaving the rest of the cast looking a little resentful.  It shows in their performance on-screen. If George Lucas had been more involved, the film would have been better, more intelligent, and would have likely hit many more high marks. But Disney pushed out the original creator and made a two-hour commercial that fans quickly detected as a fake.  After the initial showings the film lost steam and was nearly forgotten about only one month after its December release.  Now the film is losing ground quickly and will not break all the records it could have.  Even with all its success it will be considered a failure because it has now damaged the overall mythology of the ambitious Disney acquisition—because they didn’t listen—they approached the project all wrong—and now they are going to pay for it—sadly.  Here is an article confirming what I’ve said from The Inquisitir.

Star Wars box office speculation has been something of a pastime around the internet since Episode VII: The Force Awakens opened in theaters on Dec. 17.


Most analysts predicted big things from the first official “canon” entry since Revenge of the Sith (and some prequels-haters would say Return of the Jedi).


Still, none expected The Force Awakens to smash through domestic box office records as quickly as it did. Naturally, when it eclipsed Avatar, many wondered if the global box office record held by James Cameron’s sci-fi epic would be next.


But as The Force Awakens continues to fizzle out, it looks like it will be lucky to take the No. 2 slot ahead of Cameron’s Titanic.


Of course, that isn’t to say that TFA has any reason for shame. It only cost around $200 million to make it, and it blew past that total in its extended opening weekend.


But there is cause for concern when it comes to the long-term prospect of Star Wars box office gold.


Now, the precursor to this conclusion should note that Star Wars box office numbers will never be in the red. For as long as they continue to make movies and budget semi-wisely, Disney should be able to turn a profit.


But prior to the release of the new film, the George Lucas-created franchise had an untouchable mystique about it that now is in question since Avatar will likely hold onto its all-time box office title (and Cameron has plans for more to come).


Here are a few indications that it could be all downhill from here for subsequent Star Wars box office performance.


Firstly, it’s a fast burn.

The daily averages per Box Office Mojo are falling by about $10 million per week. That means the likelihood of Star Wars: The Force Awakens getting a 238-day run (as Avatar did) are slim. Cameron’s beast ate the elephant one bite at a time, while Disney tried to shovel it all in during the first few weeks, so to speak. This is unlikely to change with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars Episode VIII.


Believe me; this news isn’t happy for me.  I really wanted to love the new Star Wars movie.  I had hoped that it would be a cultural leap for a new generation.  Instead it was a political film, much the way Avatar was—an anti capitalist endeavor that speaks out of both sides of its mouth.  Avatar was so visually spectacular that people went to see it at IMAX theaters in 3D paying more than usual for the ticket prices.  But it didn’t hide its liberal leanings and as a result Middle America lost their ambition for the film eventually.  I doubt that the second one will do so well now that the anticipation is gone.  I was one of the people who loved Jim Cameron because of Titanic and the Terminator movies—so I was there to help Avatar have a strong opening.   We went to an early screening just as we did for The Force AwakensBut in both cases I left the theater realizing that these modern blockbusters did not have the same punch that older films had during the 80s because their politics were off and they lacked an intelligence that would be quoted for the next 30 years.  These new films were nostalgic pieces only for hungry movie goers desperately seeking meaning for something.

If The Force Awakens had stayed on course to the overall Star Wars mythology that had been built for three decades through books, comics, games and the original motion pictures rooted in experimental filmmaking it could have made $3 billion dollars and easily toppled Avatar because of the way that modern box office receipts are calculated globally.  But Disney acting like a teenage boy trying to eradicate their virginity ejaculated pre-maturely—and now they have a reputation with Star Wars fans as a company that can hold their load.  People will still like the future Star Wars movies, but they won’t look at them like a religion—and that is very unfortunate because people wanted to feel that way—and Disney could have made more money and still provided a better social mechanism that would endure for another century.  Now, to many Star Wars fans—just as I said would happen once Han Solo was killed off and that Disney didn’t follow the expanded universe stories that hard-core fans loved—The Force Awakens is just another tooth paste commercial—not a deep dive journey into an obscure way of thinking—there is no wisdom from Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi about the Force.  It was just Han Solo making Harrison Ford faces one last time.  Now that he’s gone—now what?  Are people going to strive to see the formally beautiful Princess Leia killed off?  I don’t think so.  Or to watch Luke suffer through guilt and anxiety after being poised to be a wonderful Jedi Master that he strove to be after the three original films?  Are the new characters so compelling that people will line up to see them on their next adventure?  While it’s not their fault—the answer is no.  The Force Awakens was essentially a remake of A New Hope without all the newness shown in that original movie which played in theaters a year after its release and is still watched by many who have seen it hundreds of times any time it is shown on television.   The Force Awakens killed Star Wars.  My feelings after watching the movie were that it was time to move on to something else—because it was obvious that I had seen the end of the series with the prequels directed by George Lucas.  People can say what they want about those films—but they expanded the vision and were boldly original.  These Disney films cannot say the same.

While Disney executives will declare publicly that they are happy with The Force Awakens box office results I am 100% sure that they are concerned about the next five movies they have planned.  I agree with The Inquisitir article, the movies will be profitable, but they won’t be so loved that they drive fans to all the peripheral material—the toys, the books, and the games.  There was always more money in the merchandise than there was in the movies but to get at it, Disney had to respect the mythology and not use political activism to change the nature of the product expecting people to stick with them regardless—just to see the Millennium Falcon fly through some trees and land in the snow.  As a grown man I have several Star Wars t-shirts, many of them featuring the Millennium Falcon.  I am considering making them into the type of shirts that I’d wear to work on a car to get dirty instead of being carefully pressed the way they were before seeing The Force Awakens.  And I didn’t want to feel that way.  I just do because Disney did not respect me as a fan so they destroyed their own market share because of it.  And rather than gloat about it now I can only say that I feel sorry for the kids who won’t get to experience Star Wars the way George Lucas had designed it.  The franchise has died and it is painful to see, because it didn’t have to happen.  If only Disney had listened.  I know I certainly did my part.  CLICK THE LINKS ABOVE throughout this article to learn more.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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