The Jealous Glenn Beck: His hatred of Trump is deeper than even he will admit

There were times when Glenn Beck was on Fox News from 5 to 6 PM where I thought he was doing his shows directly off my blog material or that he and I were intellectually tied to some cosmic root. But he was a fighter back then obviously ahead of the curve.  He’s not held up well over the last five years.  The constant beatings it takes to be at the front have harmed his health and eroded his intellect.  I have heard him say some really dumb things over the last few weeks as it has become obvious that Donald Trump is going to remain the front-runner of the GOP.  Beck has lost a lot of ground over the last year, starting with his declarations of being done with the GOP, and the NRA over endorsements, then lately turning around and saying at a Ted Cruz event that he’d rather support the socialist Bernie Sanders over Trump.  I used to listen to The Blaze everyday so that I could hear my buddy Doc Thompson each morning. I’d stick around and listen to Beck afterwards sometimes, but with all the Trump hatred as the months have went on it has just turned me off to Beck.  I think the hatred Beck has toward Trump runs far deeper than anybody knows and for reasons nobody would suspect.  But Beck has done this to himself.  It makes me sad to see, but he clearly has put himself on the wrong side of history.  Here’s a little what Beck said earlier this past week in regard to Trump and Bernie Sanders while endorsing Ted Cruz for president.





Going back to Beck and I, there have been many times over the last five years where our paths have crossed a bit but either my reluctance or his prevented the next step.  My friend Doc Thompson works for Glenn Beck.  I have promoted Doc for several years now and The Blaze when it first announced its radio programming—which I think is good, especially in the beginning because I wanted Beck to find success.  There were even a few phone calls about going to Dallas and working some projects at Beck’s studio there.  This is all before Trump announced his presidency of course.  There was something about Beck that was making me weary—almost like he was comparable to the Jim Jones cult with him as the central figure.  I’d listen to Doc talk about working at The Blaze, which he loves, but something just seemed wrong about it, so I never took the next steps of discussion.

I think it’s fair to say that I have extraordinary judgment.  I can read body language extremely well.  I can detect tonal inflections and get to a truth behind words, and I can see way out in front of the train if you know what I mean.  So I tend to trust my instincts on all things.  There is a reason that I peeled back my support of The Blaze over the last six months.  I listened to their Trump bashing for several months every morning and gradually I realized they were off the mark.  All this Christian stuff has gone to Beck’s head and ruined his mind—likely a byproduct of his serious illnesses that he has been dealing with until last year.  It has changed him and taken the fight out of him.  He’s not the same person he was when he had a dominant Fox News audience that was ruffling the feathers of Bill O’Reilly.  Beck was pumping out New York Times bestsellers every few months and everything was great.

I thought it was good that when he was fired from Fox, essentially for going after George Soros, that he got back on the horse and started his own network and movie studio in Dallas.  But there was something missing in him that was noticeable.  He had lost his will to fight, which was obvious.  He had been beat down and was living off his earnings.  But he wasn’t the same guy.  He evolved from an Ayn Rand type of advocate to just another religious type leading a congregation.  He didn’t impose his beliefs on other employees of his at The Blaze, but he certainly set a standard.  What is certain is that he stopped fighting and become much more reconcilable toward the enemy.

I think the reason he and I never hit it off in spite of our mutual connections is that he’s a pacifist and I’m not.    I’m all about conquering the enemy and using The Art of War to do it.  I love to fight, I love aggression, and I get bored with peace.  I don’t want his Christian nation.  I like the values, but I love conflict and I would be bored to death in Glenn Beck’s America.  I don’t want Abraham Lincoln as president, and I think George Washington was too middle of the road.  I personally love people like George Patton as opposed to George Washington.  I could have worked with Beck, but I don’t think he could have worked with me.  He has become used to being the center of attention and that’s impossible to do around me, so I and he went in very different directions.  Doc Thompson tried more than once to reconcile that, but knowing Beck was involved just robbed my ambition for an opportunity.  I determined through observation that Beck was on a sinking ship.  I hoped to be wrong, but of course I’m usually not because I do read situations with great clarity—no matter how controversial.

Along comes Trump and he’s all about fighting so naturally I support people like him over pacifists and obviously this has effected Beck.  His audience has been split in two, some were happy to follow him and others moved in my direction for similar reasons.  Beck used to do the work Trump is doing now-but the New York billionaire swept in and took that audience quickly, and maintained it since.  The same type of people who showed up to Beck’s rally in 2010 in Washington has gravitated to Trump.  People who loved the religious aspects of Beck’s work have stayed with him, but a lot of former Beck people have moved to Trump because they want a fighter, not a crier.

What I hear in Glenn Beck is a man jealous of Donald Trump.  Beck lost a large portion of his audience to Trump and now he’s throwing a fit.  When Beck was in his prime, 2010 to 2011 a lot of people were willing to overlook his past with drugs to hear the message he was speaking at that moment—and those same people are willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt.  But Beck was showing the signs of wear even in Wilmington, Ohio where I was in the cold of winter just shy of Christmas.  I went there to meet Beck and to post video of the event up on The Blaze website with Scott Baker.  What I saw was a man running out of gas.  I didn’t want him to of course, but he did a few years later.  He couldn’t handle having his family harassed in New York City, he let Soros run him out-of-town and he hid among Texans hoping to recapture his former glory.  I am grateful that Beck hired my friend Doc Thompson and that he started The Blaze Radio.  But it is obvious that Beck lost his will to fight in the middle of a major battle, and that just isn’t forgivable.  As nice as it is to think that Beck is doing the work of God—the Devil has just as soothing of a voice in the middle of a nightly dream of divine inspiration.  You can’t know who to trust especially when it comes to spiritual matters, and I don’t trust a pacifist who puts down their arms in the middle of a fight–I don’t care if God gives specific instructions through revelation in a dream.  I would question God 100% of the time—and Beck is instead on his knees asking for guidance.  That is not my kind of guy. A warrior must be decisive and ruthless when it comes to the enemy—and be willing to use all tools available to destroy the opposition.  Screw all this brotherhood crap, and understanding.  The enemy must be identified and destroyed.  End of story.

Trump knows what he’s doing and where he’s going.  A lot of what Beck is criticizing Trump over; there were plenty of people accusing Glenn of the same kind of stuff when he was at the front of the fight.  Now that Beck is doing that against Trump it comes out sounding like a jealous has-been instead of someone who is capable of winning the fight at hand.  In the end, I trust my own judgment and before Trump came along I could see that Beck was in trouble over something in his head.  I still like the guy, but he’s just not the kind of fighter I can support—so I felt sorry for him putting himself on the line like he did with his Cruz support.  He’s just not seeing the real fight—and I really thought he was smarter than that.   A lot of people think that Trump is going to turn out to be a gigantic Trojan horse of progressivism and that he’s like Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars movies.  People, I’m smarter than that.  I don’t fall for false prophets and spiritual utterances that come from who knows where.  I can see things way out in front and I’m right most of the time, and I’m sure I understand Trump.  Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are not enough for me—I want better and I don’t see many people with their hand up.  Especially not Glenn Beck.  Ted Cruz is a good guy, but he’s not right for this job at this point in time.  As I’ve said before, I think Ted would be great in 2024 but not in 2016.  For this election, we need a fighter—a vicious one.  We need a George Patton not a pacifist who nearly lost the fight of the Revolution in Valley Forge during a hard winter looking for luck to come as divine providence.  That makes a nice child’s story and it may happen from time to time by default.  But my money goes on the guy who is willing to take on anybody at anytime and never wears down.  I don’t wear down and I expect people I elect to office to reflect my work ethic.  Beck is functioning from the wrong values.  And it has cost him dearly.  He is hiding his jealousy of Trump behind divine conviction—which is a ruse that his immediate supporters may not see—but to me it’s as plain as day at noon against a cloudless sky.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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15 thoughts on “The Jealous Glenn Beck: His hatred of Trump is deeper than even he will admit

    1. Thanks, Matt. I have liked Beck for a long time. I feel sorry for him. Guys like us have tried to help him along, but in the end, he’s still prone to faulty thinking and addictive personality traits. He’s not seeing the forest for the trees.


      1. Yes, i’ve quit listening to his show on sirius as i can’t tune in for 1 min before he’s dissing trump now with crazy analogies and as you say “addictive thinking”. For awhile he was “saving all the christians in syria” – a noble cause – but now he’s off into this “slay the demagogue” trump and comparing him to a nazi and a liberal in the vilest ways. He’s actually joining the gop bandwagon taking part in the tear down to maintain the system for the good old boys and girls.


      2. It is so obvious, at this point, that beck is a globalist instrument. I was a fan from the beginning and I am not sure when he took this position…or if he was on board from the start…


      3. I am disappointed in him. He turned out to be one of those people who point out problems but never want to fix them–so they can have the power of pointing them out. He reminds me of the shadow watchers in Plato’s Republic and he despises the people who get up from their perspective and leave the cave and the rules that govern their observations.


  1. Huh? This makes me very sad….and possibly gone.
    You’re not listening to Glenn. And if you are, you’re not hearing him. He’s so fucking easy to bash these days. You’re listening to the bullshit and reading ABOUT Glenn. It’s obvious. I’m his biggest critic and you have this whole thing very backwards.
    Overton window.
    Think about it.


      1. I am so sick of conservatives bitching. It’s never enough.
        I liken it to my car. I drive a Prius. I love that damn car. It speaks volumes with my “Right wing radical on board”- NRA Stand and fight!- and The second amendment make all the others possible. stickers. I’m oxymoronic to most because they are wrapped up in spoon fed crap and not steeped in their own principles. I get tons of looks but they won’t confront me because they are mush. (The big hair and Metallica at def con 4 probably doesn’t help)
        Like Marcus said…”Never confuse me for my politicians or my media.”
        Beck has it right. He is the same guy, just more refined. We’re the ones lacking and moving away.
        We’ll probably have to agree to disagree on this. Just remember, I learned everything I am from you and Gatekeeper. Still a work in progress but I move independent from any other sources. I pray for my Country that we prevail, but an elected official won’t fix the immortality this nation now suffers from.


  2. I like you have listened to the Beck show for a long time. I think you have hit the nail on the head so to speak. Beck has slipped somewhere off center and in doing so has lost me and probably half of his followers. I have been a trump follower before he jumped in the race. If the voters cannot distinguish between a candidate that has never ran a successful business from a person that has started from the ground up and been a huge success, then we are in deep crap. Mr Trump might not be the most causal speaker, but with all of the other elected people that have slipped under the radar and duped us all and we elected, we need a hard ass to grab this out of control government by the horns and say your fired. I am a Trump supporter and now I have to maybe find a new place to watch the news. After fox let M K loose on the first debate, I almost threw my shoe at the TV. Then to let her back on the next debate, dang!  Mr Trump was not present because he knew he was being set up by fox.    I now have the Mike Gallager show on every morning 9am to noon. I think sometimes maybe Beck can’t see the sunshine when the he needs to.        I will say today Jan 30 2016 at 10;54 pm  Mr Trump will take Iowa and NJ and I predict he will run the table.Jack ChrismanAKA   notaxjack


  3. By the way…they hate me in Adams County. Apparently you have to drive a beater truck with the confederate flag flying and a gun rack, kick your front teeth out and have the washer and dryer on the front lawn (dirt), to fit in. I LOVE IT!!!!!


  4. Has Beck ever worked with or spent time with Trump? Unless he has worked with him and spent a considerable amount of time with him and built a relationship and history how does he know what Trump will do or be like> Nobody knows how Trump will be as a president until he is given a chance>


    1. Yes, Beck has just lost it. For a guy who wanted to bust George Soros now he’s on the same side fighting a guy with a legitimate chance of putting an end to those schemes. He’s weak and a complete sell-out.


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