The Declining American Work Ethic: Pray for Donald Trump to fix this detrimental problem

Another aspect for president that nobody has really captured in the mainstream media is one that I am most concerned about—and that is addressing the deplorable American work ethic so prevalent today.  So far only Donald Trump has really shown that he has some understanding of this trouble and has managed as a successful person to recruit hard-working people into his organizations that embrace his vision.   In general across the nation, Americans have lost their drive to work and be productive—and this is one of the most epic crises that we have to face immediately.  The next president will have to step beyond the boundaries of political correctness and address this very dire crisis quickly—before it’s too late, as if it weren’t already.  Things weren’t always like this in the United States.  But after years of public education failure and poorly managed governments encouraging weakness in American work forces, the effects are now quite dramatic.  To see how much, just do a little bit of travel—particularly to an Asian country.

I was very concerned recently while landing in Tokyo that it would take forever to get through customs, get my bags and head to the next flight with only a few hours to spare.  I was basing my experience on American work forces at airports.  Up to that point the entire crew of the ANA Airlines had been top-notch.  The stewardesses were attractive and attentive.  After a 13 hour flight they were just as engaging as if it had just started. They were beautiful not so much in a sexual way, but in the way that a flower might catch your eye with a natural appeal that comes from unfiltered existence.  Everything they did on the airplane was fast, efficient, and purposeful.  I doubt any of them were over 30 and they looked in your eye when they spoke to you.  The downside was that as an Asian culture, they were collectivists.  Most of what they did was for the greater good of their country—so they lack the ability to really communicate on an individual level.  But when it comes to focusing on a task that requires teamwork, they are the best.

Landing in Tokyo I was shocked to see that everything happened very quickly, as if the entire airport had rallied to the task of getting everyone to their next stop.  Their security was extremely professional and did not want to hamper business in any way.  Most of the people were attractive.  Employees actually ran if they felt they needed to, to keep everything flowing.  The result was that my security check and bag acquisition took all of about 45 minutes.  15 minutes after that I was at the next gate waiting for the next leg of the journey.  Everyone and I mean everyone was very helpful and that attitude prevailed just about everywhere I went in the country—from restaurants to hotel staff.

Compare that to the United Airlines flight back.  Most of the employees were over 40 and looked like beat up pickup trucks that had been hauling concrete for twenty years.  Some of them were even guys.  Let me be very politically incorrect because it’s necessary—and this is no fault of the employees of United Airlines—its just human tendency—I don’t want some dude handing me drinks or tending to me in and out of sleep during a long oversea flight.  I want a female—and I think other females prefer it too most of the time.  We want a maternal type not some dude covered in whiskers with hairy forearms reaching across our faces.  Airplanes are tight and you really don’t want some guy’s junk touching your arm as they walk by you.  A girl is fine of course, but a guy is not.  The females on that United flight were however taking up way too much real-estate.  They were overweight and old.  For those flying into America from somewhere else, this was their first impression.  Then you get to Chicago.

There the elements of progressivism were obvious—the standard unionized slugs of mixed ethnicity acting like you owed them for their lives standing around uselessly.  Everything took too long and the shift of focus obviously moved to them as opposed to customer service.  Security took nearly three times as long in Chicago as it did Tokyo.  Tokyo is a larger city than Chicago so they are comparable examples.  In Japan they don’t put up with a lot of crap from other countries.  There is a reason we don’t hear about terrorist activity in Japan—that’s because they aren’t concerned with political correctness in that culture.  They screen for trouble makers and they don’t allow for the disruption of productive enterprise in their society. In America, it was more important to hire minorities, handicapped people, and everyone’s grandmas to get them out of the kitchen making cookies and into the “workforce” so that they could be taxed on incomes that they probably didn’t need. They whole thing was a disaster to my eyes.  It was embarrassing.

Some black guy who was obviously trying to look busy as a TSA agent singled out my bag for further evaluation wanting to look at some gifts I bought for my kids in Tokyo.  I was very tort with him because I knew he was just wasting time.  He wasn’t looking for anything.  He just wanted to show that he had authority and could waste my time—it was strictly a power thing with the guy.  Of course I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction, so my answers were disrespectful and snooty on purpose.  He was wasting my time so I was going to get my worth one way or another.   But I shouldn’t have even had to deal with it.  The problem is cultural with an emphasis on all the wrong things.

Needless to say, being back in America was wonderful. There is nothing like the good ol’ American flag to greet you after a long trip—that and the golden arches of McDonald’s.  But the American work ethic as it is today just sucks.  Our young people don’t want to work and our hiring practices encourage the worst and weakest instead of the best and most attractive.  I’m not saying that we should have a “Hooters” airlines, but there needs to be a conscious effort to put our best people where they are the face of whatever organization they are employed by.  We don’t need a bunch of union slugs holding up productive output and acting like you owe them something for their job.  They need to recognize that productive output is the measure the world judges us all on, and you either have it or you don’t, and right now, the Asian countries are beating the crap out of America with sheer work ethic.  Where are the good-looking American girls who want to fly around the world for free as an airline employee?  Well, they don’t make it through the screening process because those companies are encouraged to hire minorities and senior citizens due to government activism toward progressive objectives.

Worst above all, American workers these days seem all too intent to tell you what “cannot be done.”  If you ask them a question, they’ll find a million reasons to tell you why it cannot be accomplished.  Rather than try, they just throw up their arms in surrender from the outset.  They are too lazy to try.  Because our government has made it too easy to get free money from the government too many people are just fat and lazy—they invest more time in watching stupid television shows as opposed to actually accomplishing something or earning money for themselves.  The good-looking girls who should be working our airlines are thirty pounds overweight and covered in body piercings.  They don’t know if they are lesbians, bi-sexuals, or if they want to have kids or even get married.  So they eat, make their asses fat, and they rot away into uselessness.  That fault isn’t necessarily their own, it comes from a poor national strategy of putting emphasis on all the wrong things.

A President Trump knows that people like gold sinks and supermodel receptionists.  He knows that men like other men who are strong and bold.  A President Trump knows that the way to win in the world is to work harder and do so more often than everyone else.  It also starts by hiring the best people for the best positions.  If a girl wants to be a stewardess to see the world during her twenties before she marries and is a knock-out to look at, she should get the job over the 50-year-old two-time grandma who is going back to work because she’s been made to feel socially that she’s useless at home baking cookies for her family.  If some gay guy is competing for an airline job over a girl who belongs on the cover of a magazine, the girl should get the job because the customers on the airline will enjoy her company on a long flight a lot more than the uncomfortable presence of a person who might accost you during a nap.  And as for TSA agents, the fast guy who sees everything but is still polite and focused on getting everyone to their next destination should get the job over some thug who was given the job by a government program to keep the fatherless bastard out of a gang on the streets of Chicago.  The only way to solve these problems is to first acknowledge that they exist, then to have the fortitude to do something different with an eye toward productive output.  And the first step on that path is to be politically incorrect and declare that a lot of the things we do now as a nation are just stupid—and embarrassing.  We need a president who will put once again an emphasis on the most productive out-put possible for all the right reasons.  Then not be afraid to tell it like it is—because somebody better fast, otherwise every other country on earth will beat us because they are not politically correct.  You can’t compete with a culture if you intentionally hold your hands behind your backs with political correctness.    That practice has to stop for all our good, and we need a president who understands how to communicate that through the power of the Oval Office.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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