Ted Cruz is like Light Beer: Donald Trump is the real thing

While I think Iowa blew it by not putting Donald Trump out in front during the recent caucus, the first of the primary season, the game is far from over. Cruz may be able to ride some momentum but in actuality he likely blew his wad.  I don’t dislike Cruz.  I think he would make a good president someday, but he does not have what it takes to run the dysfunctional Oval Office in 2016.  Constitutional purists and other Glenn Beck conservatives are smoking crack if they think he does.  A better framework of a more functional government is needed before Cruz could run the White House. 

However, from the Cruz camp a lot of arrogance was exhibited after the senator came out on top of Trump in Iowa.  Cruz had obviously spent a lot of time and resources in Iowa, and it paid off for him, but there are a lot of states left, and he’s a long way from first place in a lot of them.  So arrogance is not the proper response—in fact it’s disingenuous.  If not for Trump, Cruz would be nowhere.  He would have been crushed by the very large foot of the GOP establishment right out of the gate.  It is only because Cruz has been drafting in the wake of Trump that Cruz is now positioned to be a legitimate candidate.  Don’t ever forget that Cruz fans.  You should be licking the testicular fortitude of Donald Trump and thanking him for Cruz’s first victory in Iowa.  While the GOP fought with Trump, Cruz ducked fire and lived long enough to have Trump destroy everyone else.  Trump likes Cruz and purposely sissy slapped him up to this point.  Consider Iowa a gift from Trump. 

A failure to understand these kinds of things is the reason why Glenn Beck has stalled and Freedom Works in general has not been able to advance their position over the last five years.  They did their jobs and have delivered Tea Party presidential candidates to the top three of the primary season, but really only Donald Trump is able to take the freedom movement to the next level.  Trump is an Alex Jones conservative whereas Cruz is a Glenn Beck purist.  One is better at combat, the other is better at crying.  Cruz as president might be able to give nice speeches and appeal to America’s sentimental tradition, but he will be powerless to reform K-Street, and that’s where the real fight is.  It’s nothing against Cruz, but he’s way too nice and ideological to advance that fight to a conclusion in favor of liberty.

I don’t think a lot of people really understand what is at stake and who the real enemy is.  I think they are blinded by ideology and sentiment.  The most important issue of this election season is the $19 trillion dollars in debt that literally just occurred as the Iowa caucus went to a vote.  There are only two legitimate candidates based on the voting results, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Of those two only one is able to tackle the complicated and contentious issue of dialing back the national debt—Donald Trump. There is no other option.  That issue is certainly outside of the Ted Cruz wheel house.  If we were talking about issues of Constitutional law or Supreme Court nominees, Ted Cruz would be the guy.  But the first priority is to organize our finances.  Constitutional law will mean nothing if our economy collapses under the weight of overwhelming national debt.  It’s very, very simple. 

Trump would be wise to change-up his message and to focus on issues that Cruz cannot compete with, such as The Donald’s abilities with financing and international trade.   In those areas Trump flourishes and no other candidate can compete.  With a healthy lead in New Hampshire and South Carolina, Trump can only lose ground by getting angry at the media for not respecting his platform and his Iowa results.  He comes out of Iowa with one less delegate—big deal.  If he can maintain his lead after the next two primaries, it won’t even be a competition any longer.  But Trump has to make sure his poll numbers translate into voters—and to do that, he needs to refine his message to the centerpiece of economic Armageddon, which is very real, the national debt.

But as for Cruz, the supporters of him should be bowing at the feet of Trump.   If not for the New York billionaire, there would be no Cruz—and that includes Glenn Beck.  How ungrateful have he and Stu been on their radio show on The Blaze—something that I once very much supported but can now no longer listen to.  Trump paved the way for Cruz and delivered the Washington newcomer with a legitimate win in Iowa, and Beck should be grateful.  When Cruz announced his presidency at Liberty University Beck was very happy, but the senator had no chance then of becoming a front-runner until Trump entered the race and forced people to look at Cruz as a “moderate,” it’s the overton window trick in the favor of Republicans for a change.  Cruz supporters are simply people too chicken to vote for Trump.  He is the soft version of a true outsider candidacy. 

They try to hide their cowardly behavior by declaring that Trump is not a true conservative, or that he had the Clintons at his wedding.  Heck, Glenn Beck worked at CNN, do people want to hold that against him in the same fashion?  What they don’t tell you is that they are just too chicken to support Trump so they lean toward Cruz as an “outside” candidate that still feels to them like a traditional politician.  Cruz is the safe second choice hiding in Trump’s wake as he mows down opposition toward the liberty movement.  Like a NASCAR racer drafting behind a faster stronger car during a race, Cruz has hidden in the aerodynamics of the frontrunner, and now his supporters cheer as if he were always a champion.  No, he was just hiding like a snake in the weeds waiting for opportunity rather than shaping it himself.

Ted  Cruz is like light beer, and a lot of people like light beer.  Trump though is the good stuff.  The issue really comes down to what people want, but with $19 trillion in debt and rising quickly, there isn’t much time to play around.  Ted Cruz just doesn’t cut it for the problems of our times.  He might make people feel good, but he is a light weight.  He could have never survived the primary process without Trump, but Trump could easily survive without Cruz.  And that tells every voter everything they need to know. 

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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11 thoughts on “Ted Cruz is like Light Beer: Donald Trump is the real thing

  1. Rich, I read most of your posts, and agree with you on most things, but I could not disagree with you more on Trump. He would be as bad as Obama in my opinion. He is for a single payor healthcare system, was for the bank bailouts, for abortion, I could go on and on. He doesn’t even give the Constitution lip service. I fear he would use executive orders more than Obama. The last thing we need is someone cutting deals. That’s how we got here, crooked politicians cutting deals. Trump is not the answer.


  2. Trump is our last hope for the survival of our Republic. He is smart enough to hold his cards very close to his vest. His education is first rate and he was always top in his class. That is not easy at the Wharton School. He is a financial whiz and that is what we need at this time. He has the brains and the brawn to take on the “bought and paid for” politicians like McConnel, Reed and Pelosi. Cruz is nice from the surface. He went all out to win Iowa; even stooping to send out messages that said that Dr. Carson had pulled out. This was dishonest and neither he nor his staff bothered to check with the wonderful and honest Doctor. This will hurt him in the long run and unveils a dishonest streak to win at all costs.

    I don’t trust Rubio at all. This past year he went to a “secret meeting” with the Bush family, Romney and financiers. Others were there to help him plan his strategy for the campaign. I also do not trust people that are always mentioning their “faith” as part of their rhetoric. From years of dealing with people, I have found that constant reminder a “false” front to cover some other inadequacy. Rubio also went on a spending spree with campaign funds. Not a sign of honesty.

    We do know Trump is not asking for “other people’s money.” He is putting his own money where his mouth is. I believe him to be a true American patriot. The fact that his children support him is a tribute to his close family ties. He is also older than the other two novices in the top tier. Both of them need more experience proving their competence. For example Rubio was on the “Gang of Eight” and has been criticized for constant absence from his duties.


    1. I don’t believe standard names for things apply any longer. We need a businessman. I was landing in Japan recently for some important tasks and a young girl was next to me on the plane visiting her family. She saw my suit and asked if was there on business. She couldn’t have been more than 22 or 23. I told her I was and she was excited and asked me to please make business in her country. As a culture from the young to the old, they understand that commerce and productivity are important to their society. We need a president who can bring that kind of awareness to America again. Political hacks need to be removed from elected office and truly successful people need to be running things for a while. I’m done with party politics and I’m sick of K-Street influence.


  3. All last year all I heard from people was We Need 4 Years Of Trump! I was one of them.I am a huge Trump supporter. I have seen the things he has done over his lifetime and it looks great. As I look across the field of our elected people now, all I see is greed, and no one looking out for the hard working tax payers. They beg us for a vote with promises of this and that, we respond and they forget us. I don’t want my name in the paper again for delinquent taxes again so I won’t mention any names, but they are very close by. Oh by the way yes, my name was in the Pulse for delinquent taxes. After I stood at the counter with a check and paid them in full, they said I still owed them .50 cents so they listed me as delinquent. They don’t think it’s nice when I fight for the tax payers.
    Trump is the only candidate that has the knowledge of the other side of the counter. We need to support Mr. Trump and get him elected. Sure he will screw up now and then, who hasn’t? But at least we will know where he stands. I was so let down when he lost in Iowa, I really felt he could run the table. Ted Cruze is a great guy, if he were a real smart guy he would support Mr. Trump and become Vice President. If he would do that those two would be unstoppable. Cruze is a young man, in 4 years he could be president with no problem. If he losses in this race he would have to start all over. As we wind down this highway of elections one must look ahead and try to read the road signs. All the road signs have Trump on them.


    1. Trump is a pragmatist. He sees the problems, figures out how to fix them and gets the job done. He doesn’t see problems with an eye out for whose “feelings” will be hurt. He says things that may be touchy for some people, but he says them so plainly that the most inattentive person will perk up their ears and pay attention. He is the only person that has a chance of saving this country. Cruz showed his true colors when he, admittedly went after Dr. Carson’s delegates. Cruz and Rubio spent millions and millions in Iowa. Why? Because they were going after the Christian voters. What corporations are funding them? Trump knows and will be exposing more and more information.


  4. It’s NOT the man, Gatekeeper. You know that. Money? Um… Okay.
    Look beyond the binding and see the pages that follow. I know you’re speaking for the general electorate and not heart. You of all people know how this game is played.
    Get back to your roots. Or did you leave those with me???
    Love ya but…..It will cost you lunch to get them back!


  5. I don’t trust people that wear their saintly religious proclamations on their sleeve. They always bow their head and hmmmm and then stab you in the back. I don’t trust people who have to owe anyone for their advancement. Rubio and Cruz are not proven leaders as far as I am concerned. Kasich is a liar and really stretches facts when claiming success in Ohio and at the federal level. He too, is bought and paid for on many fronts. Kasich paid companies to move here and also sent normal state subsidies back to the locals. That’s how he balanced the budget – if he did. The state is no longer paying the bills for some local expenses that used to be part of the state budget. .I love Dr. Carson and I hope he would get a high appointmentment even VP. He is a kind and generous person and very sane. I find it so sad that this country can’t produce presidential candidates of a higher caliber than the Hildebeast, Bernie, Kasich, Jeb, Rubio, etc. We are in deep doo doo when someone like Mr. Mocha can take over our entire government. My roots are firm and my knowledge of the past history of this country is leading me to my conclusions. I haven’t changed. Right is right and wrong is wrong and I will never waiver from mly beliefs.


  6. I no longer listen to or trust Beck. I had my doubts when I saw him in St. Louis putting on his Elmer Gantry act. (Tickets cost plenty) He was sobbing, fell to the floor, moaned and groaned and made a total fool of himself. I don’t buy that act. He totally reminded me of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker and their act. They made millions by acting religious and putting on an act. Same for old Paul and Jan. Others have followed in the footsteps of these charlatans. I liked Beck when he taught history with his blackboard on FOX. One day he introduced a young man who had written his thesis on the Constitution or something of that order. He read from that thesis. In a few months Beck put his name on that kid’s work and sold out another book. Tell me who can do all the stuff he does and still have time to write one book after another? I’ll always wonder if that kid ever received a penny for his research and writing. I will never trust Beck again .


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