Vote No on Issue 4 on March 15th: Taking your money back from Lebanon City Schools


Do you remember dear reader all the shenanigans a few years ago regarding the Lebanon School levy in Ohio?  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  There was a lot of resistance to the tax increase and when it failed the district kept putting the issue on the ballot again and again until they wore down the opposition and it eventually passed.  It’s the same game that every district plays over just about every issue.  It doesn’t matter if it’s gambling in Ohio, or marijuana legalization.  When progressive activists want money or something legalized, and that’s what school levies are, they do not respect the law of a previous vote.  They are “progressives” they seek to destroy tradition and ultimately private property by taxing it so high that ownership falls eventually to the state because the cost of maintaining it is prohibitively high.

Well, the Lebanon City School Board of Education is proposing a renewal of a 5-year emergency levy that will raise $3 million a year for operating expenses on the March 15 ballot. The levy first passed on Nov. 8, 2011. A renewal would cost taxpayers the same amount they have been paying since then. The board was also scheduled to consider hirings and resignations and other staff issues.

The taxpayers in the Lebanon school district should take notice. This again is a rare chance to lower their taxes. If enough people go out to vote this levy down, it could save hundreds of dollars in property taxes. Only on rare occasions do voters get a chance to lower their taxes by simply voting.  You should call all your friends and neighbors dear reader and make sure they get out and vote on Issue 4 March 15th 2016. We all love children, we just can’t afford to love them this much by dumping endless amounts of money into a babysitting service that seeks to ruin their minds with liberalized educations.  You can vote down this levy and put a lot of money back in your pocket that was taken back in 2011 through coercion by the Lebanon school board.

 It is a patriotic obligation to turn down school levies.  It is the best way to force a district to control their costs.  You cannot allow them to hide behind your children utilizing a progressive tactic to destroy private property ownership in America through taxation. The best thing you can do for yourselves is to vote to put more money back into your pockets, the kind of money you had before the levy passage in 2011.  That money was stolen from you if you voted no and it went to the overpaid babysitting services of your neighbors who wanted to believe they were wealthier than actuality because they had free daycare for their children while they worded dual incomes within the household.  Saving the daycare expenses for their children gave them the illusion of wealth management instead of just another welfare program designed for the middle class.

Kids aren’t learning the value of their educations.  Public schools are liberalized institutions instructing kids to vote for crooks like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as opposed to a conservative GOP member. Schools teach kids to have reckless sex, to question their parent’s authority, and to experiment with drugs. So what value are they really, do they justify the enormous cost of that institutionalized instruction?  Absolutely not, if children were coming out of high school pushing against Einstein’s equations or solving really complicated problems in economics and physics, I might have a different opinion of public schools.  The kids coming out of public school these days are stupid at best, at worst they are diabolical idiots and menaces toward an electorate. There is nothing special about public education except that it’s free—it’s a massive wealth redistribution scam designed to liberalize children and provide free babysitting to neurotic parents.

Others reading what I have said will argue that through public schools children have access to team sports. Well, that’s not such a great thing.  Whereas I love football and baseball, as well as basketball, I don’t like the team concept.  I like telling people what to do, but I don’t like taking orders.  I’ve always admired coaches in sports as opposed to the players, they come and go, but coaches and their strategy win the games. Public schools like team sports because it fulfils their mission of breeding nice little communists who function as a collective whole as opposed to individuals functioning from their own impulses.  While there are some exceptional athletes that emerge from the public school system, most of the children raised within sports organizations turn out to be unimaginative douche bags having their individualized brains beat out of them by the team concept.  Many parents wish for their children to suffer through that process because they hope it opens up scholarships for college, which gets the parents off the hook for paying for tuition. But in the process of that pursuit, children are destroyed often for life. It is good to feel the blood and battle of winning and losing, but the process of destroying minds along the way is the unfortunate byproduct.  Parents of these children are bad because they seek organized sports to teach their kids about team concepts as opposed to individualized pursuits, then when their child gets a scholarship and goes to college; liberal professors destroy that youth with progressive instruction politically motivated.  The parents looking for relief of responsibility in paying for college and in caring for their children during the day while both parents are out working hard to make as much money as possible only to piss that money away on high taxes on property and other consumables, have set their bright young children up for miserable unhappy lives due to their inherit laziness.  So there isn’t much good about sports offerings at public schools.  They may entertain the adults and give them relief of responsibility, but they philosophically destroy children for life with a focus on collective input as opposed to individualized redemption.

So don’t feel bad for not voting in favor of Issue 4 on March 15th 2016.  You have a chance to save some money and you just might save the mind of some children by limiting the liberalized influence they are being bombarded with within a public school environment.  Don’t feel bad about it for even a fraction of a second.  The Looters of Lebanon have already stolen your money once, now you have a chance to take some of it back. I suggest you do so and enrich your own life and let the Lebanon school board rot at their expense.  By throwing more money at them you aren’t helping children, you’re hurting them.  There is no good reason to do so.  Vote No on Issue 4 and take back the money Lebanon city schools stole from you in 2011. If you want to teach your kid about team sports take the money you’ve saved on your taxes and buy them a PS4 and let them play Madden Football or some other sports program. Screw the real life interaction, save them from the embarrassing locker room shenanigans and the demeaning hazing rituals and just let them learn to play the game.  We live in a new age and the old public education values have proven to be detrimental.  It’s now our responsibility to walk back the money and defund their tyranny.  You can begin that process by voting No on Issue 4.  Click the links throughout this article for the history of the Lebanon levy issues.  That way you can in good conscience know that by voting No you are doing the right thing.  The information and radio broadcasts we did just on Lebanon were voluminous.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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