The Hidiously Stupid Millennials: Tattooed, riddled with piercings, and lovers of socialism–they are detriments to the human race

I have been warning everyone about this for years.  I have been writing about it for over five years now on this blog site.  We now have an entire generation that is completely destroyed intellectually.  Millennials are a disaster and it’s not all their fault.  They have been made to be that way.  But as a demographic age group, they are disgusting.  They are entitled, dependent, and overally parasitic louses.  I was raising kids when all these Millennials were being created.  My wife and I sat through all the parent teacher conferences at school.  We were told by all our family members that we were doing the wrong things with our kids and instead of listening; we turned even further inward and put up stronger defenses.  We raised our kids correctly and they are exceptions of the typical Millennials today.  It isn’t easy for them, but they have done well.  But as for the rest, and we have many in our family and they are all suffering from poorly constructed minds induced upon them by lazy parents and radical leftist public school teachers, the damage is obvious.  Millennials are Bernie Sanders supporters, largely as seen in the Alex Jones videos below.

These Millennials don’t know about the Cold War with Russia and the conflict between communism and capitalism that went on for most of the twentieth century.  They don’t really understand that China is a communist country, that Vietnam is, that  North Korea is, Russia is run by a former KGB agent—that Italy, Germany, France, Britain, Australia, all of Africa, All of South America, all of Central America—including Mexico, is well imbedded with socialism-and Millennials don’t understand why that’s a bad thing.  In America, they were taught in public schools that socialism was good, and that capitalism was bad.  Their parents were idiots, too busy making livings with dual income careers that they dropped the children off at day care to be raised by the system.  The parents divorced, because society told them they should, they remarried, they had sex in experimental homosexual relationships, they broke up the family units and let the courts decide who the kids would see and when, so we now have an entire generation raised by government from their public schools to the child support courts—and they don’t know any better.  Do you remember what I said about the early 80s dear reader, with all the reports of the intention of the Department of Education to move America toward communism?  Well, now you see the implications of that tactic.  Global communism was always the intention and they have been patient.  Once the Generation X American voters ride off into the sunset, the Millennials will only know and understand communism and socialism.  The fact that they so openly support Bernie Sanders tells you how far we have come as a nation.

Most young people now are on some kind of government assistance.  Government has made it so that Millennials don’t understand what self-sufficiency means so that they would accept socialism as young voters.  I have watched so many young people boldly proclaim how “independent” they were by smoking cigarettes, whoring themselves out sexually, covering their bodies in tattoos and piercings and throwing away their entire futures for the glory of those few years between twenty and thirty.   Once they hit 31, most of these Millennials actually think that they are ready for a senior citizen home, because they have been raised to only consider youthful enterprise, and nothing deeper into the future.   They are as lost as a penny in deep space in another galaxy.  There is no hope for their resurrection unless we have a radical change in president of the United States who actually can manage to sell capitalism back to them.  Capitalism is not natural to them; it has been trained out of them.  There will be no gradual switch backs to reality, they are too far gone.

Even as a young man in the middle of the action, in the 80s when everything appeared to be going well, I would sit in restaurants until the crack of dawn contemplating what I was seeing and I knew we were on an unsustainable course.  From the first moments my kids could talk and understand what I said, I told them what was happening.  Those who listened to me have done well.  Those who thought they knew better than me have not.  Family members who refused to listen are now diabolical wrecks and their lives are a constant struggle because they wanted to believe that the system knew what it was doing.  There is nothing that is happening now that I didn’t say was coming twenty years ago.  I predicted all this and it’s happening right on course.  However, I wish I had been wrong.

Millennials have no idea where money comes from and they have no idea that socialism cannot work and still have a society that can allow them to play video games online 24 hours a day.  If they accept socialism their online gaming habits will eventually dry up because the entire video game culture was invented under the freedoms of the United States.  Other countries do play with them online and they are in socialist countries, like England, France and Spain.  Millennials play games with people online from Brazil and Mexico—but what nobody has taught any of those people is that America literally carries the world economically.  The moment that America surrenders to socialism, the whole thing collapses for everyone.  Currently it is Generation X who still invents video games and the media that promotes them.  Millennials won’t care to continue that tradition because once socialism takes all the wealth of Silicon Valley, many of the companies there will shut down and evaporate.  Silicon Valley only toys with socialism now within the proximity of San Francisco because most of the employees are millionaires in a very liberal area.  Take those millionaires away and Electronic Arts doesn’t make new games every year.  Millennials would be lost if Microsoft didn’t put out a new Halo game every so often, or a new Battlefront game.  Right now everyone in the world literally rides on the coat tails of the very few who are actually productive in America.  Once those people are no longer productive-the minority of which I am a part of, the world plunges into chaos.

Bernie Sanders sounds remarkably like Lenin did during the Bolshevik Revolution of 1919.  I would think for the sake of all young people who are currently Millennials, they should be required to read the novel, We the Living.  It is their future under Bernie Sanders.   For those of us old enough to remember, communism is a disgusting thing to have happen to a free people.  As an avid reader, I know history too well.  As a young person I read a lot of books, and I still do.  As readers here know, one of my favorite books was Way of the Fighter by Clair Chennault.  It was about the Flying Tigers defending China from Japan during World War II.  Chennault wanted to prevent China from falling to Japan for American strategic reasons.  But the American government had other ideas.  They wanted Chennault to prevent Japan from taking China—to stop the neighboring country from taking the natural resources there—but even more sinister they wanted communism that was migrating down out of the Soviet Union to take hold and dominate the entire orient.  Chennault who lived in the area for years warned America of what was about to happen.  He predicted in 1949 that there would be more world wars that would come out of the deliberate mismanagement of the communist invasion of China.  Chennault had a plan to stop it after World War II, but the Pentagon refused to listen, because they had other objectives.  The Korean War was born out of the communist incursion, and so was Vietnam.  The primary reason that America did not have decisive victories in Korea and Vietnam was because communists had already penetrated American culture in Hollywood and the media.  Cuba fell to Soviet communism and many of the Central American conflicts during the 80s were to stop communism from settling south of the American border. 

Communists had all the intention in the world of taking over the world and only America stood in the way.  It has been a steady attack that migrated every twenty years starting in 1919 in Russia.  Communism hit the borders of China in the late 30s and once World War II was finished, they made their move once American troops left.  Twenty years later they hit Central America and Cuba.  Twenty years later, the used socialism to move into Europe and all other South American countries—most ever battle involving Islamic radicalism throughout Africa and the Middle East has communist revolutionaries at the heart of their attacks—including the present time.  The damage to our culture is most obvious in the Ben Affleck film Argo, where “imperialist” America was made to be the clear villain in the hostage crises which was at the center of the entire plot.  It wasn’t the communists who were the villains; it was the capitalist pigs of America.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW THIS HAPPENED IN HOLLYWOOD.

Communists found their way into American labor unions and particularly our education institutions with the direct aid the Department of Education which was enacted in 1979 to facilitate the development of socialism and communism in American youth.  (CLICK HERE FOR THE PROOF—IT’S QUITE SERIOUS—Ronald Regan knew about the scheme).  The result is the Millennials—the first generation raised on a mixed international economy of socialism, communism and managed government crony capitalism, and they don’t know the difference, because they’ve never experienced anything else.  Now they have desecrated their individuality with body piercings, tattoos, and poor personal conduct.  They have accepted the corrupt hand of government making them not self-sufficient and dependent on others for their daily life—which is by design. 

They are compromised collectivists, steered toward the mass aims of society led by communist oriented governments for strategies intended a century ago.  And now it’s happening.  I understand the anger of Alex Jones.  But like I’ve said, I told everyone long ago this was happening.  People laughed and snickered and called me names for saying such things.  But look who turned out to be one hundred percent correct—hopefully in the future when I say something and tell people how to fix things—they’ll shut up and listen.  CLICK THE LINKS ABOVE FOR MORE FACTS TO SUPPORT THE CLAIMS.

There’s a reason to judge.  Obviously.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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5 thoughts on “The Hidiously Stupid Millennials: Tattooed, riddled with piercings, and lovers of socialism–they are detriments to the human race

  1. Rich, I feel like I have beaten my head against a brick wall since the 1970’s. Few wanted to hear the truth in those days and I’m afraid far too few will listen these days. You are providing a great service to those who will read what you have to say. Jimmy Carter established the Department of Education as a concession to the teacher’s union and the support they gave him.

    As is so today, the current charleton in our WH gives a big toothy smile and moves this nation further and further to the left. Our young people have been influence by people like Beyonce and J.Z. to the point that they took over “Super Bowl 50” entertainment with their tribute to Malcolm X and the “Black Lives Matter” coalition supported by George Soros. It amazes me that schools are named for Malcolm X and no one seems to realize what a communist he was.

    True history is no longer taught to our students. ” Multiculturalism” is a subject that is injected into every subject. That subject is not about the customs and geography if other countries. Few parents have a clue what is really taught in the government schools. Our children have been taught that everything American is evil. They believe the indoctrination. I have worked with a few of these kids and it amazes me the ignorance that they repeat from their highly expensive curriculum.


    1. Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. And hate? Who cares? When people deface themselves out of an act of defiance from the greatness that their parents brought to them at birth thinking they are establishing their independence but in all actuality driving society backwards toward more primitive animal ideals–what the hell do I care what such people think? They do such things to enrage people like me. They aren’t asking for acceptance, they are trying to assault the sensibilities of traditionalists. So why should they be surprised that it brings forth hate and anger?


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