Meet the Candidates of the 8th District in Ohio: Watch and vote on March 15th 2016

I’ll be unusually brief on this article to encourage regular people into reading and watching it.  The following video was shot at the West Chester Tea Party forum at Butler Tech hosting the candidates running for John Boehner’s old seat.  I know a few of the guys, but not much detail, except what we learned in the video.  So prior to the March 15th primary vote—which will this year be extremely important—more so than most years—you should watch this video and determine who you want to vote for based on this candidate forum.

For those who are not particularly up-to-date on what the 8th District is, it’s the congressional district John Boehner formally represented.  It’s a large district that encompasses the wealthy southeastern portion, and extends all the way up through the farms of middle Ohio into Darke County.  The next congressman needs to be someone who can deal with a president that will be extremely unconventional—as mainstream politics is on the way out.  So keep that in mind when voting.  Hopefully, there is something in this video that leads you to the correct answer.

Remember to vote on March 15th, 2016 and pass this along to a friend so they can become educated on who the candidates are, and how they might represent the 8th District in Ohio.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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