It’s RINO Hunting Season in Ohio: Vote out Patti Alderson and pick Ann Becker in her place on March 15th

If you ever wondered why nothing much changes in politics over the years it’s because the same type of people run State Central Committee.  The State Central Committee is the governing body of the Ohio Republican Party.  There are two representatives from each district embodying the 33 senate districts in Ohio who manage all the party affairs including day-to-day operations, fundraising, and deciding on which candidates to support and provide resources to.  They are the reason that certain people once elected are almost impossible to remove and are instrumental in maintaining a mundane status quo.  Currently in the Butler County region, which is one of the most conservative areas in America, Patti Alderson is the representative most responsible for preserving status quo politics—like supporting John Kasich—who might as well be a democrat, and John Boehner.  Patti has held the position since 2012 and has for years been a large political insider donating vast sums of money to political candidates.  Around Butler County, if someone wanted to run for a Republican office, they had to get to know ol’ Patti.

Patti and I don’t like each other.  It goes way back to the Lakota levy situation where I called her massive swarms of pro tax neurotic, guilt plagued area mothers latte sipping prostitutes.  Actually, it goes back further than that.  Her husband, who made all the money that Patti now enjoys as one of the wealthiest people in Southern Ohio was a supporter of mine in the No Lakota Levy effort to keep down the taxes in one of Ohio’s largest school districts in one of the most affluent areas.  Patti, being completely disconnected from the realities of how taxes might influence the bottom line of her husband’s business, was a massive tax and spend liberal type siding with the progressives advancing the incursions against property values.  To be honest I felt really sorry for her husband who I measured as a good man caught in a classic struggle with a wife who was out of touch with what her spouse did to make all the vast wealth she enjoyed.  He never complained to me about it, but I could tell from a distance what the situation was, and I felt sorry for him.  A powerful man like he was shouldn’t have to provide me with cloak and dagger financial support while publicly supporting a wife who was pretending to be a Republican while at the same time advancing all the traits of a ranting progressive.  It was clear to me even before Patti was elected to the State Central Committee that the kind of watered down politicians we were getting into elected office were because of people like Patti who were liberals in how they lived and only played the part of Republicans because regionally, it’s a conservative area and is required for anybody who wants to hold a prominent position socially. (COUGH, DON DIXEN.  CLICK TO REVIEW.)  

It came to a head between her and me when her tax increase supporters started taking personal shots because they were getting frustrated that they couldn’t win an election against my group, No Lakota Levy.  Several members who worked with me on that tax resistance group also worked with Patti at the Community Foundation, which is a charity group and she was using that to try to undermine my group internally.  So we proposed an offer to donate money to kids suffering from the political stalemate and pay for their high sports fees.  The Community Foundation at first was receptive, but then because the goal of Lakota schools in having the sports fees in the first place was an extortion tactic, Patti withdrew her support basically using me as her reasoning declaring that I was too controversial.  That forced me and my partners to create our own Foundation, which we did.  I put together a press release and we donated $10,000 to poor kids who couldn’t pay the sports fees at Lakota.  I gave the Enquirer an exclusive, did the usual WLW interviews and did press for Channel 5, 9 and 12.  Shortly after that Patti came after me directly joining with the Lakota school board to discredit me any way she could.  They went for my jugular.  If I had been a normal person, I might have been totally destroyed—and that’s the way Patti Alderson rolls, and how Republicans in Butler County have held on to their seats of power.  She’s not alone, but she’s a major player—because of the wealth her family enjoys now.  I said what I said about her supporters because it was obvious she was working with Lakota to use children to drive up tax increases and it personally made me sick—because she called herself a Republican.  Most of the men went along with the tax hungry wives because they wanted peace in their households so I needed to illustrate the situation the way I am uniquely positioned to do.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.

Well times change and now my friend Ann Becker and a partner of her acquaintance Walter Simms are running against Patti to unseat her. I know it’s hard for Ann because she and Patti were always pretty good friends but the big difference is that Ann cannot pretend to be a Republican—she just is to the core of her personality.   Being a Republican to Ann actually means something—it’s not a social-climbing device intended to get into the latest charity parties hosted by the Chamber.  To Ann, being a Republican is serious business and it has been her mission since I’ve known her to return our government mechanisms to a constitutional republic, not a society of bootlickers trying to appease people like Patti who want to be everything to everybody.  So guess who I’m supporting for State Central Committee?

Dear reader, if you want to make me happy—if you’d like to pay me back for all the years you’ve enjoyed reading these words and all the antics on radio broadcasts, and calling it like it is—then show up to vote to destroy Patti Alderson politically.  Can you do that little thing for me?  Vote for Ann and be sure to utterly destroy Patti Alderson.  Patti is not a Republican.  She was one of the first people we identified as a RINO way back leading up to 2012.  The more I learned about her the more obvious it was.  If she wasn’t she wouldn’t have worked so hard to personally destroy me just for standing in the way of higher taxes she desired.  What she did I will never forget or forgive and I’m absolutely sure I’m not the only one.  I don’t wish her and her husband harm physically, but Patti shouldn’t be involved in politics unless she wants to host a fund-raiser.  She should not have her hands on the daily operations of the Republican Party in any legislative fashion.  She is a Kasich supporter; it is because of people like her that we have Jeb Bush still thinking he should run for president.  She helped keep Boehner in power longer than he should have been and helped swipe away challengers to his seat with mechanisms of similar manipulative aggression as she showed to me—just for being in the way of what she wanted.

I know Ann inside and out—I know her very heart and I am certain that she can be trusted with such an important seat of power.  Honestly we need 66 Ann Becker types on the State Central Committee but I can handle two for now, Ann herself and her partner in this endeavor Walter Simms.  I met Walter’s wife just the other day and I could see on her face that Walter had her permission to be a real fighter for the sanctity of the Republican Party.  When I saw her face I actually thought of Patti’s husband and how he projected the opposite sentiment.  For his sake, I wish Patti hadn’t made the decision to become public property by running for office—because a lot of this is embarrassing for his family.  For his sake I wish they could just stay shadow donors—because then stories like this could just stay in the kitchens and living rooms of Butler County.  But she decided to be a public person, so that puts the issue out there for debate, and her character and motivations certainly deserve scrutiny, because she sells herself as one thing yet advances an entirely different philosophy.  Regarding the old friendship between Patti and Ann—I’m sure it hurts to consider but it’s good strategically to keep you enemies close so you might influence their behavior.  Fortunately for all of us, Ann was never seduced into the manipulative arms of the latté sippers which made up Patti’s core group of levy supporters and progressive social insurgents.

Another name who was on No Lakota Levy with me was Todd Hall, who now runs the Republican Party.  I liked Todd, but we haven’t spoken much since that time because when Patti put down the gauntlet on the men in the Republican Party at the time they had to pick sides.  His attitude toward me was like the kid who was playing with the neighborhood rebel and his parents were putting a stop to it.  I understood of course.  It takes courage to stay by the side of people who are going against the grain.  Unfortunately for the Republican Party, the same kind of thing happens every day, whether the target is David Kern of Liberty Township, or J.D. Winteregg who was challenging John Boehner’s seat a few years ago.  Or, Ann Becker herself being booted out of a John Kasich Rally for protesting Common Core.  Todd was just doing what his bosses told him too—even though he was supposed to be running the party.  The sad thing about that is Patti let that happen to her old friend in such an embarrassing way.  If that’s how she treats friends and in my case, neighbors who her husband supported—just think of how she’ll treat people she doesn’t care about.

Do the Republican Party a favor—boot her ass out on March 15th.  Early voting begins on February 17th.  I’ll likely be in line to cast my vote in favor of Ann first.  She’s a great person and someone who is tested under fire.  She is unflappable.  She cannot be corrupted.  She may be a bit too idealistic at times, but that only helps her in this kind of fight.  Patti is entrenched and it won’t be easy to get rid of her. So it will take everything you’ve got dear reader to dispose of her politically.  But this is your chance to do so.  Don’t blow it!  Vote for Ann Becker and Walter Simms for District 4 State Central Committee and take a very important step toward fixing the Republican Party for the next generation.  It’s RINO hunting season and Patti is the mama bear.  With her out of power, the cubs will be easy—metaphorically speaking of course.

To learn more about Ann Becker, CLICK HERE

To learn more about Walter Simms, CLICK HERE

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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