Proof Trump has always been a Republican: A 1988 CNN interview where “The Donald” was a personal guest of the Bush family

After several politicians attacked Donald Trump for not being a conservative during the CBS debate on Saturday February 13th 2016, have a look at the facts percolating from history.  Ted Cruz was about 4 years old in 1988 and Jeb Bush was still trying to leave his mother’s side.  Marco Rubio was playing in coloring books and John Kasich was still trying to figure out if he was a democrat or something else.  Yet Trump, who at the time had no real desire to be President of the United States was on top of the world and had done what many thought was impossible.  Well, here is a video from CNN with Trump talking about being a personal guest to the GOP convention of the Bush family and talking about why he was a Republican. 

Pass this video around to your friends this week when those struggling establishment politicians try to say that Trump is not a conservative.  The Bush family may be nice but they screwed up the economy and the whole situation in Iraq.  They brought us Clinton and the debacles that followed.  Trump had a reason to withdraw his support from the Bush family.  He knew them personally, and they let him down.  The evidence is in these videos.

Share this with everyone you can ahead of the South Carolina primary of 2016. The facts are the facts.   Watch these videos and let the truth fly free.  

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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