Lisa Wells of WLW Arrested: Probably shouldn’t have went to the political center, Chuck

I’m not surprised.  Chuck and the gang at WLW picked Lisa Wells once Darryl Parks was out-of-the-way.  Looks like they made a pretty bad decision.  

She was a drug user according to her arrest records and a Lakota levy supporter–which is kind of the same thing.  She was WLW’s way of becoming more “inclusive” to a new demographic that hasn’t typically listened to talk radio.   Why do these things keep happening to WLW? 

Sounds like a management decision to me–the wrong people are in charge and they keep all the wrong people around.  They appear to let knuckle-dragging losers who get stuck on their own roof make decisions based on boobies and tax increase support instead of good hard logic.  CLICK TO REVIEW. 

For context to my statements, watch this video at about the 8:45 mark.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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6 thoughts on “Lisa Wells of WLW Arrested: Probably shouldn’t have went to the political center, Chuck

  1. When she came on the air, my radio was turned off. Her silly giggling for no reason and her ridiculous comments were not very intelligent. She always seemed to be flirting with the male callers. You would have thought she was still in high school. Gary Jeff is much better at carrying on a discussion. They also have a poor choice on the Truckin show over the weekend. Tom just seems to be lost all of the time and keeps repeating who is on line instead of talking to the person that has been on hold the longest. I am awake all night (insomnia) sometimes and appreciate Steve and some of his truckers, but Tom just seems to be half there most of the time.


  2. Lisa Wells is pathetic. She did nothing but talk about her “riches” and her expensive cars. Saturday mornings at 904 am my radio was turned off 9f 700wlw. The crazy ideas and garbage thoughts she had ….I really cannot believe she was given her own show. The funny thing now is that after willy had his 20 minutes about her arrest speech 700 has a gag order on it. They are not allowed to talk about it on-air. Willy skirts around it by asking who will be next and asking his guests about pills etc. Needless to say. I am glad she is gone.


    1. I thought it was odd as well. Like I said, bad management picked the wrong people for the wrong reasons. As a long time fan of WLW, it bothers me to see them failing. But its their baby to screw up–and they obviously are.


  3. It seems that WLW and other stations are being reined in by the FCC and Obama appointed members of that unelected lynch mob. Steve on the late night “Truckin” show might be eliminated because of the new rulings. Darryl Parks did warn us of the impending dangerous moves by the FCC. Conservative radio is being gradually shut down. Steve has a petition going from his WLW site. Any station of 50,000 watts is being targeted.


    1. That is interesting. You know however that management has an obligation to find creative ways to work with government regulations to still fulfill their market parameters. In other words, their target audience which is you and me. And I’m not interested in listening to Lisa Wells talk about Magic Mike and Amy Schumer.


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