Patti Alderson’s Butler County Zoo: Featuring RINOs who eat a lot of green

Southern Ohio, specifically Butler County isn’t known for its wildlife—but there are enough RINOs migrating around that it rivals only the Serengeti of Africa.  This is largely due to the State Central Committee seat that the socialite Patti Alderson holds which keeps those RINOs in seats they otherwise wouldn’t be able to hold.  Ann Becker is running against Patti Alderson to attempt to set things right in Butler County and if you listen to the broadcast Ann did with Brian Thomas on 55 KRC below, you will begin to understand how Patti has loaded Butler County full of so many RINOs and learn what you can do about it.  What’s even stranger, given the sometimes intense anger that the Liberty Movement is uttering these days toward the establishment commitment toward RINOs (Republican In Name Only—people like Don DIXON) is that Patti listed them on her promotional website as a badge of honor like her own zoo listing.  That’s how out of touch she is.  Now a few names on her list, also shown below, are decent people—like Margy and T.C. Rogers.  Roger Reynolds most of the time is like a tennis ball being knocked over a net from Liberty to establishment—so he’s sort of on the fence—but most of the rest are clearly RINOs.  Not that they are bad people, but they are definitely establishment anchors who lean far too left for the current Liberty tide that is emerging.  To prove it, just click on the hotlinks below, and you will see the evidence.  Here is the information that Patti listed on her website promoting her ability to maintain the status quo by continuing to feed the RINOs of Butler County.

Endorsed by the Butler County Republican Party | Endorsed by the State of Ohio Republican Party

“Patti Alderson represents us on the State Central Committee with honesty, integrity and an unfailing commitment to the principles conservatives hold dear. We need Patti Alderson as a voice for our region on the State Central Committee.  She has my unequivocal and enthusiastic support, and I urge all of my friends, neighbors and fellow citizens to join me in supporting her for another term.”
— Former U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

“Patti Alderson is a blessing to our Community. I do not know where Butler County would be without her commitment and leadership.”

— Margy Conditt, State Representative

“During her time on the State Central Committee, Patti Alderson worked with conservatives across Ohio to build a strong Republican Party.   Winning elections is the first step in the battle to preserve and protect our values – we need Patti Alderson to keep up the fight.”
— Tim Derickson, State Representative

“Patti Alderson was the definition of strong, conservative leadership before it was popular to be a conservative. As our State Central Committeewoman, Patti is Butler County’s greatest advocate. We can depend on her to listen to our needs and represent the desires of Butler County Republicans.”
— Cindy Carpenter, President Butler County Commissioner

intelligent persistence to bring the resources necessary to help solve the most pressing needs of our community.”
— TC Rogers, Vice President Butler County Commissioner

“Patti Alderson has served our local and state Republican Party with loyalty and conservative diligence for many years. Patti is the most qualified Republican for State Central Committeewoman, and I am confident she will continue to represent our Party very, very well.”
— Don Dixon, Member Butler County Commissioner

“There is no one more principled and knowledgeable to represent us at the State level than Patti Alderson. I endorse Patti and urge you to vote for Patricia (Patti) Alderson for State Central Committee on March 15!”

— Sheriff Richard K. Jones

“It is my honor and privilege to endorse Patti Alderson for Butler County’s State Central Committeewoman. Patti is one of the most upstanding, hard-working leaders I’ve ever known.  She is a tireless community volunteer, philanthropist, and a top-notch civic leader.  Patti is one of those rare individuals who never stops “giving back.”  I wholeheartedly ask for your support for Patti Alderson!”

— Nancy Nix, CPA, Butler County Treasurer

“Patti is a staunch Conservative dedicated to the values this County was founded upon and deserving of our vote.”
— Greg Wilkens, Butler County Engineer

“I endorse Patti Alderson whole heartedly for State Central Committee.  Patti is a person of strong character and moral judgment.  Please join me in supporting Patti Alderson on March 15.”
— Roger Reynolds, Butler County Auditor

“I give my strongest and most sincere support to Patti Alderson for another term as our State Central Committeewoman.  Patti is a strong conservative, a proven community leader, and a positive force who knows how to get things done. She listens with concern and leads by example. We need Patricia (Patti) Alderson on State Central Committee, as she is our BUTLER COUNTY GOP ENDORSED CANDIDATE.”
— Todd Hall, Butler County GOP Executive Chairman

The Black Rhino of the Serengeti are herbivores who mostly eat greenery—brush, grass and other plant life.  The RINOs of Butler County eat lots of greens as well, but this often comes in the form of paper money.  All the RINOs listed on Patti’s endorsement page are zoo feed RINOs who come to her home and charity events to be fed and have largely been domesticated by her.  She controls them, she keeps them fat, dumb, and happy, and she maintains her grip on their existence with her seat on the State Central Committee.

The Black Rhinos of Serengeti are almost always on endangered lists because they have been overly hunted.  To this day, they are a protected species.  The RINOs of Butler County are also a protected species—they are protected by the State Central Committee but in reality they need to be hunted and thinned for the sake of Liberty.  Because, they are over grazing and stripping away all the wonderful resources our fine county provides with a bottomless pit of hunger that always needs to be fed. If Patti weren’t so rich with what they want to eat, they’d erode away with the desire to have full stomachs that could never be filled.  So while we want to preserve the Serengeti Rhinos we want to hunt the Butler County RINOs to near extinction for the good of all of us.

Patti lists them above the way an African hunter might mount the head of her trophies on a wall for the admiration of her peers.  As she poses next to each picture of all her trophies she looks like a Cabela’s ad for new hunting gear.  Except Patti doesn’t just mount those RINOs on her wall, she breeds them first and is heavily responsible for the over population of RINOs in Butler County that we currently have—the insidious money hungry establishment types who are stripping away everything our county offers in favor of their full bellies.

If you want to hunt them and thin out the herd of RINOs that are migrating all over Ohio, then vote for Ann Becker to return the county of Butler to its natural beauty by preventing the overgrazing of the RINOs that Patti Alderson feeds so passionately.  Put a stop to Patti Alderson’s zoo full of overgrazing RINOs—and vote to preserve Butler County.

You can early vote NOW!

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Patti Alderson’s Butler County Zoo: Featuring RINOs who eat a lot of green

  1. These quotes on her website make me want to puke. We need a complete purge of our elected officials in Butler County. That much is clear.


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