Judge Craig Hedric and Larry Flint–One in the Same: The Champagne Club trying to bring evil to West Chester


Apparently Judge Craig Hedric from Butler County loves sexually charged environments intended to corrupt the morality of the human race through sheer decadence and meandering ambiguity.  While the Champagne Club from the god forsaken hell hole of Ft. Wayne, Indiana could have more appropriately located their swingers club in the diabolically ruined neighboring Fairfield area, they picked West Chester just across the border to take a swipe at the family wholesomeness that the people and management there have carefully nurtured for over three decades.  Sadly, Judge Hedric, who is nearly a neighbor of mine and is an avid sports fan decided that he wanted to allow a progressive intrusion into the neighboring southern township—perhaps for closer proximity.  You just never know about people these days, even judges from conservative areas.  West Chester trustees wisely tried to fight back the intrusion but the law was interpreted by Hedric in the following fashion as reported by Channel 9 News.

WEST CHESTER TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Butler County Pleas Judge Craig Hedric ruled Tuesday that West Chester Township officials improperly rescinded a permit for a planned swinger’s club.

After a swell of community outrage surrounding the upcoming opening of the Champagne Club, West Chester Township trustees approved a moratorium on “sexual encounter establishments” in November.

The West Chester Board of Trustees considered and approved a moratorium on the licensing and permitting of “sexual encounter establishments” and similar uses in the Township, according to spokeswoman Barb Wilson.

The owners of the Champagne Club out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, wanted to open a second location in West Chester Township before 2016, but the moratorium barred them from obtaining a permit to do so.

“Our clients, when they went in there, were very open — they said precisely what it was they were going to do,” said attorney Tim Burke, who represents the Champagne Club’s owners. “They were assured they were in compliance, then the trustees got public pressure from folks who didn’t like, who didn’t think this was a morally appropriate use.”

In response to Tuesday’s ruling, West Chester Township Administrator Judi Boyko issued a statement saying “In all things, West Chester endeavors to execute in good faith, in compliance with all laws and rules, and with the best interests of the community in mind.

“West Chester respects the judicial appeals process and today’s ruling by the judge will be taken into account moving forward. With regard to the specific details of this case, West Chester does not comment on litigation.”


West Chester might respect the judicial interpretation of the law, but I don’t.  The only way someone could possible side in favor of such a skanky low class-operation as the Champagne Club is if they sympathize with the swinging lifestyle.  I remember specifically how Larry Flint targeted Monroe with his Hustler of Hollywood store after he played out his years in jail after the fight with Cincinnati over his Hustler stores there.  You might remember the movie The People VS. Larry Flint, which showed the issue from the point of view of Flint and his diabolical desire to erode away morality under the flag of free speech.  Monroe tried to fight him, but they lost in a similar fashion being forced to host the embarrassment that has forever limited Monroe as a city.  Even though the little town along I-75 has tried to bring in classy establishments like the Cincinnati Premium Outlets, Richards Pizza, and the famous Touch Down Jesus statue, it is still an exit with a prison, a casino, and an adult sex shop—making it forever nothing but an overly glorified truck stop.

Newport on the Levy tried to revitalize the horrendous reputation of that city across the river from Cincinnati, but has fallen well short. There are still strip houses and illicit activity in Newport and that has permanently put on the handcuffs of profitable growth going into the future, because their reputation was and is so bad.  You can’t polish a piece of shit.  You can dress it up nice, and Newport on the Levy is very nice.  But outside of quarter-mile of that shopping destination, Newport is still little Vegas—as it was when the mob ruled it years ago.  It’s just a much more watered down version.

People don’t want sex in their backyards.  I’m sure there are plenty of West Chester couples who go to Cancun for scandalous vacations at the Temptations resort or to Vegas for three-way sex with some object of their desire.  Many people in West Chester and Liberty Township routinely go to New York where on Times Square women now walk around topless not caring if children see.  The internet is crawling with sex, so who is Craig Hedric to judge when the law presents an opening to favorable interpretation?  Well here’s the difference Hedric, the Champagne Club’s advocates are vile, evil, parasites seeking to lick the rot off the weaknesses of some of the best people of West Chester and they picked that location to stick it into the eye of all us wholesome moralists who seek refuge in one of the greatest places on the planet, the Miami Valley specifically of eastern Butler County.

I view swingers as sick people.  They typically are losers who get bored easily and put entirely too much emphasis on sex in their relationships.  It is low-level spiritual ambitions that I consider intellectually equitable to a baby in its first few months out of a mother’s womb.  Actually it’s worse.  A baby only wants what its biological impulses desire, to eat, to dispel of digestive activity, and to be cared for by someone who can move it around until it can do so on its own.   The sad thing with children occurs when their sex drive kicks in during adolescence and their brains no longer function toward intellectual growth, but toward sexual fulfillment—to satisfy the biological urge to procreate.  The smart thing to do in life is to never allow your mind to stop growing and to develop healthy attitudes about sex.  Have it, enjoy it, but don’t wrap your life around it. Not just marriage, but sex should be between a man and a woman end of story.  Anything else and you are spending too much time on sexual activity.  If sex occupies more than 1% of your total week, there is something wrong with you.  You can have sex with a spouse four or five times a week for an hour or so and be perfectly fine.  But if you are going to someplace like the Champagne Club for three or four hours on a Friday night, then spending an additional two or three hours with somebody else’s spouse, you are wasting too much time on sex and it is bringing imbalance to your life.  Sex then becomes an extremely disastrous enterprise at that point.

Who in their right mind would want something like that in one of the best places to live in North American—and West Chester is—along with Liberty Township—where Hedric lives.  Dayton is already a dump and there are several swinger clubs there.   They help keep that region an armpit of disgust.  Why would you want it in such a nice area?  The only answer that there is comes from the actions of the perpetrators.  They, like Larry Flint, want to spread their corruption to a new recruiting base to destroy and ruin many more people to fulfill their selfish and infantile needs for physical gratification through sexual action.  So to me Larry Flint and Judge Craig Hedric are one in the same.  Both used the law to destroy morality because they could–rather than functioning from the higher thoughts of philosophy rather than the primal desires of sex.  Swinger clubs have an impact on real estate values.  They have an impact on commerce.  And they have an impact on the sanctity of a region.   I often entertain people from out of the country and let me tell you this; it would be embarrassing to explain to them that there is a swinger club in West Chester.  When visiting their countries you never see it.  Sure it’s there—but it’s carefully hidden because it is shameful.  It’s shameful for a reason—because adults should be smarter than a bunch of hormonal teenagers who just want to stick their stuff into whatever presents itself.

Therefore, knowing all that, the owners of Champagne Club want only one thing by locating in West Chester and not some more appropriate armpit of a slum like Springdale, Evendale or Forest Park—they want to attack the integrity of West Chester morally, economically, and structurally in every phase.  And such an attack should be viewed as a serious imposition to the security of all our homes and chosen lifestyles.  It’s not a no harm, no foul environment, it’s a sexually scandalous place that only deviants would enjoy, the worst of our species, the pot heads, the sex addicts, and the terribly bad parents who are probably all school levy supporters as well.  And if the judge won’t protect our community from this insurgency of evil, then we need to explore other avenues—because apparently Judge Craig Hedric is up for something else besides the job he was sent to do as a Butler County Pleas Judge.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “Judge Craig Hedric and Larry Flint–One in the Same: The Champagne Club trying to bring evil to West Chester

  1. I had no idea that Dayton and Newport were big swingers areas. I was just trying to find some reviews on the Champagne Club, but I’ll have to check those out! Thanks for the info Rich!


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