The Blackmail of Jim Spurlino: Attack, attack, and attack until the person who did it to you is having nightmares

Jim Spurlino’s campaign manager called me to clarify that the issue his candidate for Ohio’s 8th Congressional District was facing was not sexual impropriety, but was in fact a child support dispute.  I did a review about a ‘meet the candidates’ night I videotaped for the West Chester Tea Party and provided my opinions based on the performance—of which Spurlino wasn’t present.  CLICK TO REVIEW.  I liked Jim Spurlino because of this following USA Today article. 

If Donald Trump needs any help fulfilling his promise to build a wall along the U.S-Mexico border, he’ll find a volunteer in Ohio.

Jim Spurlino, owner of Middletown, Ohio’s Spurlino Materials and a candidate for Ohio’s 8th Congressional District, offered to send his company’s “mobile concrete plants” to the border to build a barricade that prevents immigrants from coming across illegally.

“The nation needs a concrete-strong border to protect patriotic Americans from foreign terrorists and illegal job-snatchers,” Spurlino said in a statement Monday.

I thought that was great, but then out of nowhere Spurlino released this information:

“These professional politicians must fear me,” Spurlino said. “I’m not perfect, but I’ll be honest with the voters.”

Spurlino, the owner of Spurlino Materials in Middletown, did not elaborate on what details could have ruined his reputation. He did say it stemmed from the end of a previous marriage.

Spurlino has been divorced twice, according to court records. His most recent divorce came in 2013.

“I would hope that this campaign and my opponents would stick to the issues,” he said. “That’s what I know the voters want to hear about.”

Spurlino called the tactics “cloak and dagger crazy stuff,” before alleging one of his opponents also has stalked his 16-year-old daughter on social media.

“I really can’t believe that kind of stuff happens,” he said.

Spurlino says in his campaign website he and his current wife have raised eight children together.

Neither Spurlino nor anyone on his campaign staff was immediately available for comment.

Talk about mixed messages.  On one hand Spurlino appeared to be a Trump-like candidate, who was ready to fight, but then he was a victim of blackmail playing a sympathy card.  It seemed like two different people who is a huge alarm to me.  I was relieved in a way to find that the situation wasn’t some kind of embarrassing sexual indiscretion because that is a major no, no for me.  If a man can’t keep his house in order at home, they won’t be worth anything as a public candidate.  Child support can be a serious issue as well, but often that kind of thing can be screwed up by government accounting, which happens more than people might think.  I have a big problem with our social trend toward the courts mediating in family affairs.  I mean just recently a Butler County judge favored a swingers club in West Chester ruling against the trustees—so the courts can be just as screwed up as anybody.  The best way to avoid it is to not get divorced.  Spurlino has been married three times and that is a problem, but so has Trump—who I do support.  So if I believe in the candidate, I can overlook some things.  But once you let the government-run your family and divide up finances, it’s over, they rule over your family and its affairs and I can see how someone could end up in trouble with a government-run child support agency controlled by incompetent employees like those found at the BMV.

I spoke to Jim’s campaign manager for a while and we talked about a lot of things, including who he thinks sabotaged Spurlino with the alleged blackmail and I can believe it.  If Spurlino brands himself as a Trump-type candidate strong on immigration, there are a lot of establishment types in Butler County who would have a big problem with him.  I can see them trying to destroy a candidate who made big news for a local race in USA Today.  I remember when I made it into a Forbes article over a political issue and saw how the other side reacted with an eye bleeding vengeance filled with panic—there was never a more ruthless attempt to destroy a person just for being a good person.  If Spurlino could evoke that kind of anger against the establishment, he’d do a good service to conservatism.  But he can’t do that if he puts out a couple of campaign videos trying to apologize for something to get out ahead of a story that appears not to be a very big deal—it’s a family issue that looks like it’s been resolved within the family.  The courts might be in a fuss, but that is likely because they are idiots.  By trying to deal with the issue in a clandestine fashion it provoked a liberal Dayton Daily News reporter to do a lot of digging to find out what the big secret was—which turned out to be far less scandalous than it might have otherwise been.

Just a bit of advice and this goes for anybody.  If someone slips an envelope under your door trying to hang you for something—well the best thing is to be as squeaky clean as possible so you never have to worry about such a thing.  But if it does happen, attack.  Attack, attack, and attack until the person who did it to you is having nightmares about you.  Never let up and drive them into the ground so that they can never get up.  That is my policy and a lot of people have had to learn the hard way.  They read here every day hoping that somehow some way that I’ll stumble and fall so they can peek their heads above the ground in some way once again.  And I’d say to Spurlino, if you are a tough guy, then be one.  Don’t play politics with losers and let your aggression fly loose.  If you have what it takes to work in Trump’s wake, then be bold and hit hard.  If you don’t get elected this time, so what.  Just don’t play it safe.  We have enough people who have been elected to the 8th District who were just pacifists looking for a stable job.  We need fighters in modern politics and the best test of that is in how you deal with people who try to challenge you on the campaign trail.  If someone did you wrong—destroy them.   Don’t complain about it, just take care of it.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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One thought on “The Blackmail of Jim Spurlino: Attack, attack, and attack until the person who did it to you is having nightmares

  1. Good advice and I hope he keeps fighting. I bet I know who is pulling the dirty tricks game on him and they have done it before. I warn the voters in the 8th Congressional District to vote for a fighter and not a blackmailer. Only a person who is devious and that has something in the “fight” would pull a trick like the person who “warned” Spurlino that they would expose him. Trump fights and he doesn’t really care what the media or opposition says about him. We just can’t let “evil” people keep winning. I have been told that most of our reps have something being held over their heads. “Dirty” seems to be the game of politics is played these days. Maybe that’s why so many of our elected reps are so crooked.


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