Who Cares about Star Wars 8: How new regimes attempt to erase history

I told you didn’t I—and I didn’t want to be right.  But I was, and to know to what extent, just look at the comments of the radio interview Mat Clark and I did on how Disney ruined Star WarsThe Force Awakens is the Arachnophobia of modern film.  Kathy Kennedy and the rest of the employees at Lucasfilm were not able to seamlessly replicate the master—George Lucas—not even with the best special effects in the world and the music of John Williams.  The film struggled to make 2 billion dollars at the box office, which it should have easily surpassed if it were a good movie—just as I warned month before it came out.  Now the franchise is a cheapened disaster.  My family actually had tickets to go to the Star Wars Celebration in London this year—well forget that.  Since I have seen The Force Awakens, I have not played a single Star Wars video game, read another book about that particular mythology, or even watched the television show, Rebels.  It was very important in our family and now to me, it’s just a stupid fan film that has ruined the overall mythology established by the expanded universe through hundreds of novels.  I don’t care who Rey’s father is because she’s supposed to be Jaina Solo.  End of story.  The idiot at Lucasfilm who thought it would be a good idea to write out Mara Jade and Jaina Solo in the Star Wars mythology is proof that second generations do not have what it takes to do the work of the primaries.  So Star Wars isn’t a complete loss.  It is making many of the points I have always made about politics and people in general—just not for the reasons they’d like.  This leaves the announcement of Episode 8 an empty husk if irrelevancy.  The movie will do well by box office standards but the next edition will have a lot less interest than The Force Awakens did.  Star Wars has been reduced to just another blockbuster now-because of the mishandling of the franchise and destruction of the literary expanded universe and everyone will be very disappointed with the results of the upcoming films which will fall extremely short of Disney expectations.  It’s their own fault for not listening.

What is interesting however is how Kathy Kennedy and many others have attempted to cover up their own incompetence on the film set—as they are obviously lost behind the camera without George Lucas or Steven Spielberg behind the line, with revisionist history.  It is actually the same technique that our own history books have utilized to try to explain the origins of the human race and even recent events such as the history of America.  If you ever wondered why the destruction of the library at Alexandria was such a devastating endeavor which sought to erase history at that point, or why modern education puts an emphasis on Indians, women, and people of color ignoring many of the great heroics of American expansion, just watch what they are doing with Star Wars right in front of our faces—for those who read.  It’s the same mechanism that Bill Clinton used to stay in office as a disgraced president and the precisely duplicate manner which Democrats used to pass Obamacare on the eve of Christmas and without anybody reading a word of a document which took charge of a fifth of our American economy.  The makers of Star Wars deliberately destroyed a very well-known story line and forced fans to either accept it or reject it—and they took their bets that more people would be willing to accept the revisionist vision than would reject it because they had an intense love for the product.

And some people do have such a love, that Star Wars can do no wrong.  And they will line up for Episode 8 hoping that it will bring some form of nostalgia of the old Star Wars back to their lives.  But in essence, all they’ll get are the sights, sounds, music and maybe some old characters—but the heart is missing.  It’s very similar to when David Lee Roth left Van Halen and Sammy Hagar attempted to carry the banner—but it never really worked, because Roth had become the embodiment of the musical essence of Van Halen.  Michael Jackson was able to leave the Jackson Five, but the other brothers were not able to carry on without him.  Apple is not the great company that it was without Steve Jobs.  People still buy the products out of nostalgia for the past, but the impact is never the same.  There was only one way that Star Wars could have saved itself and that was to follow the formula of the expanded universe—which was to have Han Solo’s daughter Jaina become the Sword of the Jedi and take everything up to a new level.  But with Harrison Ford out of Star Wars and this Rey character an unknown whatever, the juice behind the mythology is lost like much of the history that is now taught in public schools—watered down political crap.  Lucasfilm has arrogantly moved forward abandoning their long time fans nurtured through the expanded universe expecting everyone to just follow behind them.  But they should have known better.  That is like asking fans of the Rolling Stones to accept the band without Mick Jagger—which I know they understand.  They could have written out Harrison Ford, but they needed his child to carry things on—and they didn’t do that.

Without the mythology as it was, before the fan film revisions of post George Lucas ownership, Star Wars is just another science fiction film on par with the latest Star Trek movies, or even Independence Day rip offs.  And by Independence Day, both the one done in 1995 and the second one coming up, those were rip offs of all the great movies of the 80s—they were not themselves good films.  Star Wars has lost its meaning and is just a soap opera for people who don’t know better—because they either didn’t read the books or they did, but want something meaningful in their life and will compromise anything to get it.  And that says a lot about why people accept certain things that are obviously lies which the government to this present time tells us, like America was bad because of slavery, that mankind evolved out of the African continent without the infusion of an advanced species which accelerated the process around the world as Neanderthals were banging rocks together just to make a loud noise.

These Star Wars movies, the proposed episodes 7, 8 and 9 are an insult because they deliberately ignore the actual story that came before it.  Disney really screwed up.  The Expended Universe was all real Star Wars fans had for a long time and it lived on in gaming, novels, and other media for several decades.  Disney took ownership and decided to re-write the history of Star Wars and make it into some board of director’s film instead of the vision George Lucas always intended.  I’m sure from his point of view; he’s just happy kids can still enjoy it—even though it’s not what he created any longer.  Unfortunately Star Wars now is just another Power Rangers episode.  It has lost its sanctity.  At least it did for me.  I really enjoyed it, and since watching that monstrosity at the movie theater on December 17th I have rejected Star Wars in just about every fashion.  I just dropped it like a rock in the same way I do what history of diffusion that scientists try to utter through modern education ignoring the role the Chinese had as a great navy of the world advanced beyond the years of Europe by several centuries.  Great civilizations existed in Siberia, China and now submerged areas around Indonesia.  Additionally, North America was a hot bed of human activity long before the Jews escaped the Pharaoh in Egypt.  And forever Jaina Solo was the star of the Star Wars universe before revisionists sought to change everything and turn the story into a much more progressive tool than it otherwise had been.  And that is just a shame.  It won’t be the first time, and it’s certainly not the last.  Disney will learn their lesson on the next films.  But unfortunately, the human race makes the same mistakes time and time again—and they show no signs of learning anything from the past.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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