The Best Reason to Vote for a President Trump: Breaking down conspiracies and unleashing new technological economies

Not only with Donald Trump as President of the United States do we get a guy who will end common core, bust through EPA regulations which prevent new construction in America, literally take the lid off the economy, close off the open border insurgency that is currently taking place, be pro military around the world, take a stand against drugs, rearrange the trade imbalances created through devalued currencies globally, expand the second amendment, and stop the process of corporate inversions by restructuring the tax code to lower the taxes which inspire valuable companies to flee to less top-heavy cost countries—by design, but we get a guy who will actually take on serious challenges like the one shown about 20 minutes into the following Alex Jones video.

Obviously, anybody with a brain knows that there are shadow governments running global politics and they work through lobbyists in Washington D.C. to advance the strategies decided behind very closed doors throughout the European theater.  If America wants to survive into next century, that influence has to stop, but unfortunately most political candidates in American politics need money to get elected, and they can’t get that money unless they work with these shadow governments.  What is very interesting about Donald Trump is that even as a front-runner he has been willing to do interviews with Alex Jones who has a reputation as a conspiracy theorist.  Surely not everything is as Alex proposes, but where there is smoke, there is fire, and Alex points to a lot of smoke.  Trump, being a mover and shaker in very high places and a political donor himself knows all the characters involved and he knows what the real fight is, and he is obviously a fan of Alex Jones.  This leads to a lot of very productive possibilities under a Trump presidency regarding the influence that shadow governments have on our political process.  I’d like to see someone put an end to the practice, and Trump is poised to be that person who can finally do so.  Better yet, he has shown that he’s actually willing to take on that shadow government for the sake of American sovereignty—and that is probably the best reason to vote for him.

I have written myself about the problems with 9/11.  There is something very fishy about the whole thing—particularly regarding building seven.  No plane hit it yet it went down among all the other terrorist activity at the time.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  The establishment has labeled people who talk about 9/11 with anything but patriotism “truthers” which is to throw them into a tin-hated conspiracy theorist category like Alex Jones.  Well, as Trump indicated in recent debates, there is something wrong with the Bush family relationship to 9/11 and likely the responsibility for the whole thing is likely the responsibility of Saudi Arabia.  Trump obviously feels compelled to reveal that truth to the American public and as president I think he will, which will go a long way to sticking a dagger into the shadow governments that are controlling oil prices and motivating trade imbalances around the world to “redistribute” wealth.

Under a Trump presidency, I think we will find cures for cancer, leaps in technological advancement and entirely new economies forming around invention.  Saudi Arabia is holding down the world with OPEC and secret agreements that keep the Middle East a major player in world affairs because of dirty energy.  As I’ve said before Thorum is a much better energy alternative and the only thing holding that back is essentially government regulation—which someone like Donald Trump could put an end to.  The way to shut down Saudi Arabia is to deregulate energy and lower the value of their oil through competition.  All these good things would happen because of Trump’s free market capitalism approach.  It would be better than the 80s were, it would be something America has never experienced before.  But better yet, it would truly end some of the terrorism that Saudi Arabia sponsors against the United States.  After all, they can’t bring much harm if they don’t have the money to fund illicit activities against us.  The best way to destroy the shadow governments of Europe is to defund them—to take the money they use against us out of their pockets and put that wealth back to where they looted it from—American GDP.  

Many of the good things mentioned above technologically exist right now—CLICK TO REVIEW, particularly in the field of regenerative health.  Virgin Galactic has recovered their SpaceShipTwo just ahead of the South Carolina primary and they are moving toward commercialized space flight very quickly.  For that to happen properly, and the huge burst of economic activity that will follow it, the shadow governments that present are holding back our civilization have to be eliminated.  If there is no better reason to vote for Donald Trump, it is for him to do his job of ushering in this new generation of technologically oriented economic activity.  So long as stupid little things like 28 pages of a 9/11 report are missing there are still too many secrets influencing the management of our country to protect people who want to hurt it with strategies designed by those who want to smooth America out across the world the way they’d apply butter to bread—not caring at all for what that does to American sovereignty.

It’s not enough just to have a constitutional oriented president in the 2016 election.  We need someone with the courage to take on the shadow governments and Trump is the only person in well over a century that has shown a willingness to consider it.  Trump when he had a lot to lose risked a great deal to take on Jeb Bush in the South Carolina debates and just a few days later, took on the one world government aims of the Pope.  Trump has a way of striking without making it so he can’t deal with people in the future.  Trump masterfully put the Pope in his place within the Vatican and he essentially knocked Jeb Bush out of the presidential race.  I would love to see a Donald Trump standing in front of the United Nations busting up the shadow governments that drape off it—then working with Richard Branson to get Virgin Galactic into space with commercial destinations, such as what should have already been built on the moon.  But before that can happen all the stuff on the moon that is classified, such as the reasons the world stopped trying to go to space in the 70s—needs to get out on the table and be dealt with.  I personally want to visit a Holiday Inn or even a Trump Tower on the moon within twenty years.  There’s no reason we can’t have such a thing—only the self-imposed limits we make for ourselves which governments and religion use to hold us to the control of shadow governments of European motivation.

We are on the precipice of the greatest advancements the world has ever seen—or we’ll fall behind and languish in failure.  Donald Trump represents more than just an immediate opportunity to repair American sovereignty.  He represents much more than that.  He could literally pull the lid off many big things that have always been there but are hidden behind scandalous incidents like Saudi Arabian relationships deep within our own government influenced completely by the money given to them by OPEC deals creating false oligopolies—making them insanely rich by shadow governments that benefit directly from that relationship—which goes all the way back to the stupidity of the Sykes-Picot agreement after World War I.  Trump more than anybody shows an inclination to unleash these old conspiracies and put them on the table to dissolve so that a new economy can emerge which would be beneficial to everyone—except the old money shadow government types.  If you have ever read The Great Gatsby dear reader you know how jealous old money can be of new money.  That is the case with the world against the United States.  There is a reason Richard Branson of the United Kingdom has Virgin Galactic in the United States and not in Europe.  We need a president who will protect that reason and pull away the veil for the good of the world.  But now you know why the establishment fears him so much.  And they should.  Because they have been up to no good for far, far too long—and when people find out about it—they’ll be very angry.

Most of the limits we face early in this 21st century are entirely artificial.  Those limits need to be removed by the next President of the United States.  Watch all the videos included above for support information.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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2 thoughts on “The Best Reason to Vote for a President Trump: Breaking down conspiracies and unleashing new technological economies

  1. Voted for The Don Today!!! Cruz or any other could never win. They lie. Trump never would! Woohoo! On the trump train. What a statesman!!!!!!! Very excited! No more bullshit ayn, jefferson, washington, hitler, stalin. mao..speaking like I have any edumacation. I can watch Big Bang all day and play Warcraft with Sheldon!!!!!!! .all is gonna be okey dokey!
    Plus, I hear Dana Perino will be at CPAC! My goodness. All this good news for conservatives, I can hardly breathe! I could probably tax people and or shoot them in the street and they would still see Trump thru my eyes!!! Finally, I can sleep at night. If they can’t, I’ll just punch their lights out! Plus, he’s gonna let me keep my bang bang. Golly, I was worried about that most of all!
    That oughta do it!!!!!! Yippiee!!


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