Demons in the Snow: The anger of the establishment at Donald Trump

I can only think of the mountain climbing scene from Akira Kurosawa’s fantastic movie Dreams, where the ghostly goddess vanished into a snowstorm leaving the crippled mountain climbers for the first time unencumbered emotionally because the apparition had been luring them to their very deaths and was in fact a demon.  Watch the really beautiful scene below.  I’ve used this metaphor before, but it certainly applies to those against Donald Trump in the wake of the Nevada caucuses.  It’s hard sometimes to tell who the villain is and who is true when life has a way of beating us all to death day in and day out.  The reaction the media collectively had when Donald Trump won Nevada as I flipped through the channels at 2 AM was the same as the frustrated demon trying to use a beautiful face to disguise its true intentions.  A similar demon has been trying to kill America and after the Nevada results poured in, the spirit which possessed all our media pundits from all sides of the political spectrum lashed out in anger because they had lost their grip on the mind of mankind for what looked like the first time in centuries.  It was a magnificent scene and I stared at my television in the quiet hours of a Wednesday morning wondering if it had ever been real—as the demon disappeared into a wisp of spectral smoke and vanished in shame.

How big was Donald Trump’s win in Nevada?  Well, in Ohio, it is extremely important to pay attention to all the local races—the 8th congressional race, Ann Becker for State Central Committee, all the senate races, the school levy repeals, voting down all taxes that one can.  Even better it would be for Donald Trump to beat John Kasich in Ohio for all the lies that governor espoused to win his office then turn into a hugging monstrosity of a former man sulking in the husk of a body once defined by testosterone.  Just for his position on expanding Medicaid through Obamacare, Kasich deserves to be embarrassed in that March 15th election notoriously.  Before Nevada it looked like Trump would do well nationwide—and would likely win the GOP nomination for president of the United States.  After however, with Trump’s above the poll turnout—it looked certain.  The pontificators of mediocrity had to hold their faces to keep them from melting off—and it made me very happy. That momentum will obviously define the 2016 election cycle and of course Ohio is right in the middle of it.  On that March 15th day, a lot will be happening and all signs point to a complete revolution without guns toward a new type of government not rooted in either political party—which would be a great thing.  A seismic shift in political priorities occurred after Trump won Nevada and it would be changed forever.

I see the battle taking place on many fronts.  Trump needs to win on the national stage, and people like Ann Becker need to do well in the trenches.  It’s unlikely that everyone will win their positions, but the totality of the attempts equates to the greater sum of just one front being attacked toward positive reform away from the socialist trend we have been witnessing for far too long.  Often the fight is better than the results because the assertion of intention changes the behavior of the enemy.  The enemy in this case is those who have tried to use government to steal more wealth from hard-working people, cheapen the United States through open border policies, and allow the communist intentions enacted since 1958 to maintain their grip on both political parties and the mainstream media.  Year by year they have pulled America toward a United Nations controlled one world government.  The people doing those things to our country deserve to feel horror at what they saw in Nevada.  It was an impossible victory by an impossible candidate that nobody had given any credit to up to that point.  Now the realization was that he was for real and he had momentum that looked impossible to stop.

But the real fight across the nation is on Super Tuesday, a week after the Nevada win, then of course there is Ohio two weeks later where if Kasich holds on that long—he will likely be very embarrassed which would finally bring justice to those of us he betrayed so flamboyantly.  Analysts from Trump’s big Nevada win could only sum of the word “anger” to express why the New York billionaire was doing so well.  What they failed to identify properly was the source of that anger.  For instance, in Ohio, we elected John Kasich as a Tea Party conservative—because that’s how he sold himself.  We also stuck with John Boehner for a long time—long enough that he was able to graduate into the Speaker of the House seat—which was the third most powerful in America.  Within a year both of those idiots were out on the golf course with President Obama getting neutered by the progressive activist and quickly changed their tune into Beltway boys.  When we raised our concerns about the issue the Republican Party went on a search and destroy mission to destroy the Tea Party—which turned out to be a really bad idea.

After Kasich lost the Issue 2 election where he challenged the public sector labor unions and lost, I took up the task of becoming the ground leader for making Ohio a right to work state as a next step.  Many friends that I had at the time turned against me because the mandate from the head of the Republican Party—Kasich– wanted to run for president and put his political ambitions ahead of the needs of the state.  Under the tutelage of Bill Cunningham—who is a long time friend of the governor, Kasich softened himself up into the kind of progressive that Cunningham really is off the air.  On the radio he plays a strong conservative, but off—he’s still very much a Kennedy democrat, and he helped sway the wounded governor into taking much more progressive positions, and that included stacking the deck against me personally through the local Republican Party because of my involvement with Right to Work in Ohio.  My role in the whole thing was an obvious solution to the continuous tax levies that public schools were asking for to cover the extreme costs of teacher salaries that were statistically too high because of their collective bargaining agreements.  That is where my support of Kasich started to end.  It was finalized when he expanded Medicaid under Obamacare siding with the president in expanding the treacherous and unpopular government takeover of health care.  The establishment Republicans showed me personally that they were more interested in the collectivist aims of a sitting governor than the strategic advancement of conservative value.  Even though Trump wasn’t yet running for office, I became a supporter of the next person who would step beyond the GOP platform established by people like Boehner and Kasich and re-establish those lines based on actual conservative positions—like border security, Second Amendment protections, and a strong dollar domestically.

Glenn Beck just before Nevada really betrayed his audience by calling Trump supporters brownshirts, and declaring that Trump would win because he had a giant phallic symbol right in the heart of Las Vegas.  He went on to proclaim that Trump was somehow morally unfit to make America win again because he was one of the first casino owners to put strippers in them—according to Beck’s radio show on caucus day in Nevada 2016.  Beck completely missed the point of Trump’s dominance.  People are so sick of losers who lie, manipulate and talk out of both sides of their mouth, that they are willing to overlook things to have a chance to win again in America—that is how morally depraved we have all become.  Some people are willing to do anything to taste victory again.  And what is Beck’s proposal—a person who claims to be a libertarian with a live and let live attitude about things—who is morally repulsed by strippers and casinos—but then looks at Trump in a biblical way as being the anti-Christ.  That doesn’t sound very libertarian to me.  I’m not a fan of casinos or strippers—but Trump is a lot more moral in his behavior than Glenn Beck—and Ted Cruz.  Trump is open and has made his life a clear window into his soul.  The validation of that is in what he produces.  With all the gifts Beck was given, he hasn’t been able to really do anything with them.  He has a movie studio in Dallas—and has failed to really put his money where his mouth is—he could have been a modern Walt Disney—but he has essentially failed at that. Trump doesn’t fail.  He does what he sets out to do—he takes risks—big risks, and most of the time he comes out on top.  Statistically he wins much more than he loses.  The few things that people like Cruz, Rubio, and Beck point to as failures are only loses in relation to their lives which have yet to be filled with big successes.  Trump has had many more successes than failures and that track record can be seen.  The evidence is on the skyline of New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas.  Where are the Cruz successes?  Rubio had trouble with traffic tickets.  How’s he going to do anything on a scale where the nation can benefit?  I mean both men are still young, Cruz and Rubio, but they are untested in the matters of the world.  They may have had little legal successes, but what have they built?  Trump has lots of successes and people can see them.  They are part of so many American skylines.  They can walk up and touch them—they are real.  And people need that right now.

Even with Trump being a casino owner and someone who has supported the use of strippers in them to create the kind of environment that Las Vegas visitors expect—he is far more moral than the long faces who have been selling out our country to foreign interests for so many years.  I am actually surprised that Glenn Beck and many others are so angry at Donald Trump for having such success.  If they really wanted to fix the country, wouldn’t they think the same way as I do?  I’m not a “brown shirt.”  I’m not part of Hitler’s army.  But I’ll tell you what I don’t like, and yes I do get angry when I meet them.  I don’t like people who lose a lot and makes excuses for it.  When things got hot for Beck, he left New York and retreated from the scene—pretty much.  When things got tough for Trump, he dug in and fought harder in one of the most competitive cities in the world.  When Trump supporters harassed Beck at a caucus site in Nevada—it wasn’t because they were “brown shirts.”  Rather, they were people who are sick of losing and tired of people like Glenn Beck and other pundits trying to whisper us all back to sleep again—like a demon from Akira Kurosawa’s movies.  If something is out there trying to steal your very life from you—we have a right to get mad.  And we are.  I certainly am.  Short of an armed revolt, Trump is the next best thing that can right elections without open warfare.  If Beck really wanted America to return to a constitutional republic he’d understand the root of that anger—and realize that in the eyes of the hardy and strong across America that he is the new Cleveland Browns of politics.  He loses all the time and can’t seem to understand how to win even when he has all the resources to do so.  Trump on the other hand is like the New England Patriots or any team that Payton Manning is playing on.  They just win.  And when the demons can’t beat them—they accuse them of being less than honest.  But the results tell the whole story.  In America, results matter.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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