The FBI is Lying to Us: Apple is 100% correct and then some

The FBI and their attacks against Apple are completely unfounded and idiotic.  Apple should not and has no obligation to assist the FBI in providing encryption access that the iPhone left behind by one of the San Bernardino terrorists.  There is nothing on that phone that the NSA shouldn’t already know, or the cell phone provider ascertaining information through their various cell phone networks couldn’t already retrieve.  The FBI along with the White House is completely in the wrong on this issue.  What they are doing is attempting to take the light off their major flaws in allowing a terrorist attack to happen in the United States in the first place.  This Apple story is only a cover to make everyone forget what the FBI really did—the massive failures they performed during the San Bernardino terrorism investigation as an act of severe neglect.  Watch the video below and read the Brietbart story for review.  Additionally, click here to review my article at the time.  People need to remember these things.

I have never seen such an act of stupidity and neglect than what the FBI performed by allowing the police to turn over Syed Farook’s apartment that she shared with her converted terrorist husband to the media and allow the press to swarm through the crime scene less than 48 hours old.  Here was a major terrorist incident that had taken place on American soil and the FBI and White House were desperate to minimize the reach and public outcry by denouncing that it was even an act of terror though it’s obvious to everyone from the outset that was the case.  They were reluctant because the couple was Islamic and the White House toyed with the idea of containing that fact from the story early on.  So the FBI allowed for the press to rummage through the crime scene looking through personal effects of the couple in an attempt to humanize them into some sort of normalcy.  In the act the media destroyed countless amounts of evidence in the form of fingerprints and DNA samples which should have been extracted from the site for subsequent months—not hours.  The whole incident was a shell game that the FBI was playing under White House direction and they were all caught from the outset.

Now, two months later the negligent FBI started issuing court orders against an American company, Apple—that has a net worth of what most of the countries around the world do—to force them to “cooperate with the FBI investigation” citing that the tech company has some sort of patriotic duty to let FBI agents get into their encryption of that Syed Farook iPhone.  Give me a break.  The crazy lunatic Islamic radical was talking to ISIS recruits on Facebook—where was the FBI in stopping that action before it happened?  And why did they try to cover it up when the terrorist act happened?  And then they drug their feet before announcing that it was a terrorist incident.  Then two months after the fact—after they allowed the press to completely destroy evidence two days after the initial attack—all of sudden Apple has some patriotic duty to the knuckle-dragging FBI agents who screwed up the case from the outset.

I actually know a few FBI guys.  Sure they get into an occasional shoot-out, but who hasn’t these days.  That doesn’t impress me.  Let me just say this—I wouldn’t want those guys to have encryption decoding ability to anything.  They do a decent job most of the time, but like anybody who is employed, particularly in the federal government, they are prone to immoral acts of embarrassments and they often abuse their power.  Let’s just say that.  Apple doesn’t owe those people in the FBI anything.  The FBI has all the information they need to pursue the terrorist sources in the Syed Farook case.  They know who said what to whom, and who sold what and when right now.   They are using the Apple case as a way to gain access to encrypted products in the future under court order, and they are using the legal process to stall their own investigation because they don’t really want the results to come out—at least until Obama is out of the White House and they can dump the news on the Friday night cycle perhaps the night before the NFL starts again, or some other cultural event that otherwise occupies the attention of the American masses.  If they wanted to uncover the terrorist network behind the San Bernardino terrorist attack—those accomplices would already be prosecuted and in jail—Apple has nothing to do with it.

I am deeply insulted by the comments of the FBI and the White House.  The assumption in their statements is that we are all stupid.  I would agree with Donald Trump and urge Apple to cooperate with the FBI if I thought we could trust them—but we can’t.  They have shown an inclination to mislead and bungle investigations either on purpose, or by incompetence.  Either way, they are a risk, and no competent company should be compelled by law to squander their product for the sake of fools who are highly likely to make mistakes with it.  Apple is trying to establish an Apple Pay system that is completely predicated off the public’s ability to trust the security of their products—so the FBI compelling Apple to provide a backdoor to a terrorist’s iPhone won’t help the company build that confidence.  This whole “greater good” argument that the government is making is horse shit. What was good for the most of America was for the White House and FBI from the outset of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks to admit what they knew and when they knew it.  Instead, they let the media come in under the guise of curiosity and destroy very valuable evidence—and then lecture us all on the merits of patriotism.  Give me a break!

Where there is smoke there is often fire and there is a lot of smoke regarding the FBI handling of the terrorist incident at San Bernardino.  They screwed up the case terribly—to my eyes on purpose—because I honestly don’t believe people are that stupid.  If they are—then we can’t trust them with anything—certainly not the encryption of a single iPhone.  The FBI is manipulating the situation obviously.  The question left for the rest of us to ask is…………………………why?

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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