Corporate Inversions: The ultimate wealth redistribution scheme


It’s important for everyone to know that corporate inversions are the direct result of policies and laws created by open border advocates for the primary objective of redistributing the wealth of America around the world to socialist and communist countries.  For instance, many don’t know it, but the Mexican Revolution at the turn of the last century was a Marxist inspired event, just as all of Central America, Cuba and South America were challenged with.  Those are not capitalist countries.  All of Africa has struggled between communism and socialism as well as Europe.  Russia was communist—now it just wears the face of a free market economy—but is still run by a former KGB agent who strives to take Russia back to the “good ol’ days.  Scandinavia is openly Bernie Sanders socialist.  China is communist, Vietnam is communist.  North Korea is communist. India is a hybrid socialist country and Australia is experimentally socialist.  That leaves really the United States to be the only somewhat capitalist country on earth and we all know in economics that socialist and communist countries are not job producing environments.  So they needed jobs in those places—to be fair, and only the United States had them.  The United Nations put pressure on law makers to organize trade deals that inspired corporate inversions through American tax codes to drive jobs created under a capitalist system to poor regions distraught by Marxist philosophies.  It was the ultimate wealth redistribution plan.

Obviously, if America is going to survive, it has to stop that practice.  When Trump uses the Carrier air conditioning company moving from Indiana to Mexico as an example to take advantage of corporate inversion business tactics, the key to solving the problem is to make it not so economically feasible for those companies to leave.  Their labor costs are already too high because of the socialist oriented labor unions—also by design—to drive up costs in America making employers want to seek places like India and China to help their bottom line.  But the big villain is the tax structure where corporations are demonized through the tax code to pay extraordinary amounts which inspires them to places like Mexico just to survive.  That is a progressive strategy manipulated by behind the scenes radicals like George Soros to attack the American economy by looting the wealth of capitalism and redistributing it to the socialist progressives of Mexico.

The proper thing to do is to view such behavior as a military attack against American sovereignty.  Immediately whoever the next president is needs to change the corporate inversion laws to make the practice far less attractive to companies.  The next president needs to find a way to make American companies want to stay in the United States.  So far, only Donald Trump has shown any willingness to attack this issue with swift action.  That’s why it’s laughable that people would actually attack him as not being conservative.  You have to understand what we are fighting.  Corporate inversions are anti-capitalist—they are massive wealth redistribution schemes created by Marxist philosophy.  Jobs created in the United States are inspired to move with their feet for short run gains only to put jobs in the pockets of socialist countries unable to create them on their own—because of their terrible social philosophy.

Trump offers something that only he could perform, an opportunity in the first year of his presidency to reverse the corporate inversion imposition that we are currently experiencing by convincing congress to change the laws on the books and to deal directly with manufactures like Carrier to stay in Indiana instead of moving to Mexico.  Remember that giant sucking sound that Ross Perot was talking about in 1992?  Well, this is it, and somebody needs to plug the hole.  Only Trump shows the ambition, business smarts, and willingness to do the hard work of changing the corporate inversion culture.

So what happens to the rest of the world?  Surely, the moment that America puts a stop to corporate inversions the United Nations will cry foul like a forward in soccer falls to the ground the moment a defense player breathes on them.  Well, they will suffer, and if they stick with socialism and communism, they will rot away.  America could take the lead to teaching them capitalism—for their own survival.  Japan has learned well from America, and Hong Kong is still doing pretty well in spite of its communist mother country.  The UAE is pro capitalist for the most part.  There are plenty of examples to learn from—and the countries of the world need to pay attention.  But they do not have a right to operate as collectivist based Marxist economies and use our weak government bureaucrats to steal America jobs because they are incompetent idiots.  They need to learn what works and adopt that; otherwise they won’t be able to compete.  That is the way it’s going to have to be.

It’s not compassionate to destroy yourself so that the deliberately weak and malpracticed can continue to operate as parasites.  It is not justice for jobs to be created here in America—developed and nurtured along by a customer base, then to lose those assets to deficient countries who get gold mines dropped in their laps without doing the work of creating it.  It’s no different from welfare recipients getting a check from government which was stolen through taxation from wealthy, hard-working people—someone else did the work, and someone else benefited because government served as the mediating thief between the two parties.  Donald Trump’s position on this could not be more conservative, and there is no other candidate who will dare move against the George Soros type of American insurgents financing the open border movement for the very reason of spreading socialism around the world.  That is one of the premier reasons that I’m supporting Trump, and the swiftest action possible the moment he’s elected.  Because time is running out.  When companies like Carrier are heading into Mexico the clock is about to run out.  This is not something to take lightly.  I talk to a lot of people, especially in business, and there are many who offer their two cents on any given topic, but their value isn’t worth a penny.   Because they are already on their way to Mexico in their minds, and the world of socialist governments who offer short term gains for lazy, complicit losers.  Yes the booze is cheap in Puerto Vallarta, and the women are easy—because they have nothing else to run to.  For a corporate CEO looking for a tax shelter and cheap labor who spent the first half of their life busting their ass to work up the ladder and is on their second marriage—Mexico looks attractive.  But it’s not America, and it never will be.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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