The Last Days of a Dying GOP: Why Donald Trump scares the establishment–the game is changed forever

Obviously this is the end of the line for the traditional GOP who desperately desires to stay in charge of the political machine that controls Republican politics.  After the historic Nevada win Trump showed the GOP establishment that he could break 45% of the vote in a victory so ahead of Super Tuesday the entire GOP put their faith in Marco Rubio’s mouth to change strategies and challenge Donald Trump during a CNN debate in Texas where the kid came out swinging hard.  He made an impact on the weak-minded who took to Twitter to goad me as a Trump supporter within hours of the tag team event where Rubio and Ted Cruz were obviously trying to knock Donald Trump into another dimension with one last gasp.  The following Tuesday could put everything out of reach for them within a week—as far as political ambition—so they fought like cornered losers—one last stand at the Alamo before being overrun completely.  Here is what was sent to me on Twitter after establishment supporters of the GOP felt their puppets did well during the debate:

@overmanwarrior @TwRandy 4 bankruptcies, lying about his net worth, inherited a fortune, supported late-term abortion and universal healthcare.

For which I replied:

One way to stay safe in life is to do nothing and live as a politician. Life at the top touches a lot of people.

I thought Trump held his own in the debate so there was no reason to defend him.  But the behavior of the GOP in obviously sitting down with Rubio and pressing him with their fate revealed a lot more than even I anticipated.  Rubio completely changed from playing the role of a somewhat nice all-American kid—a Kennedy-type of candidate—to a petulant teenager who was unproven in the world challenging his father in a last-ditch effort to not be like him.  As Cruz pressed Trump several times I couldn’t help but think—what has Cruz ever done in his life to justify any arrogance.  Trump on the other hand has accomplished quite a lot.  And like I said on Twitter, when you do things in life that touch a lot of people, there will be many who will not have a favorable impression of you.  Especially if you have a track record of winning a lot.  If you win, that means many people who have come into contact with you have lost, and that usually makes people feel bad about themselves.  That said, if a person is a winner, they will have many enemies and Trump certainly does.  Add to that his massive personal wealth earned the old-fashioned way and a lot of people who have lost to him in the past will do anything and everything to get back at him in some way.  But Rubio—what has he done in his life to justify his arrogance on stage that day?  He hasn’t done anything in his life to earn it—leaving him looking like a spoiled brat teenager full of gumption, but no track record to back it.

The GOP establishment did what they can only do, they studied Donald Trump on tape and goaded Marco Rubio into being the actor that he is—and mimic the alpha male the best he could with a last-ditch effort to knock the GOP frontrunner off the mountain and hopefully get some traction for really the first time now that Jeb Bush is out of the race.  Marco Rubio isn’t a tough guy by any measure, but he is a typical politician—he will say anything and do whatever he is told by the establishment who desires to use his youthful looks and natural charisma to maintain their control centered in the Beltway and extending out into America and beyond.

What the GOP didn’t count on was that they were forced to show all their cards five days ahead of Super Tuesday and that all that was by strategic design from Trump.  I thought it was odd that Trump mentioned Chris Christie several times during the debate with Rubio because he anticipated what was going to happen.  Christie joined the Trump campaign early in the morning before the debate to essentially become a Rubio killer knowing that the GOP would put everything it had behind Rubio—and the kid showed everything he had in the debate for which Trump just studied for the first hour—like any fighter does—track the opponent and see what moves he has—before laying in to a final punch.

The media went wild that someone had finally challenged Trump.  Cruz and Rubio were heroes to all the cowardly lions out there who were naturally intimidated by the manner of Trump—and they were hopeful that perhaps a lesson had been learned.  To their minds Donald Trump represents every movie bully they had ever seen.  They have no other context for a character like him against the backdrop of their little lives and all the little dreams they limited their mind to.  So their hatred of Trump goes further than just political ambitions.  Trump is essentially a grown-up unconquered child with the mind of a very young person—sharp, playful, ambitious and striving to learn and be challenged.  For all the people who have sold themselves short in life with low goals and were too timid to hold the line to challenges that shook their belief system—Trump is a mirror they’d rather not look at.  When they look at him they see everything they wanted to be, but dared not become.  So the hatred of Trump runs deeper than just politics—and there are plenty of enemies who hoped they could buy success through him with Trump University and many other things avoiding the hardship of actually living and accomplishing endeavors.  Trump tried to teach people how to become wealthy, but something even he didn’t understand at the time—you can’t make second-handers desire to become primaries with a couple of years of education.  They either are people not afraid to be at the front of the train, or they are happy in the back.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE.  THERE IS AN ACTUAL SCIENCE TO THIS WAY OF THINKING THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT. Nothing can help people inclined to the back of the train, to be successful—and Trump learned that the hard way.  It was one of his failures started with great ambition, but the psychology of mankind prevented its success.  He’ll win his civil case without any problem.  Trouble and the wake of it come with being a billionaire who has actively tried to help people all his life.  Some people just can’t be helped.ultimately finding that they did not have the right stuff to become like him.  Rubio studied Trump and mimicked him on stage at the CNN debate trying to turn the tables.  Trump seemed to admire the effort a bit and even told Cruz and Rubio to keep swinging for the fences—but toward the end of the debate Trump had what he needed to crush Rubio in the days that followed.  And that’s exactly what will happen.

That is the difference in this particular case ladies and gentlemen.  There has never been a person like Donald Trump in history who has made it to this point in the political process and the machine which controls both parties and is run off the fuel of communism—established during the 1950s in America, knows that its very existence is in trouble. CLICK HERE TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE USE OF COMMUNISM IN THIS CASE IS NOT AN INFLAMATORY STATEMENT, BUT IS OF HISTORICAL RECORD. This political machine will not be able to compete with Trump.  It is over for them and they know it.  The rules are changing day by day—and not to their liking.  They have been exposed once and for all.

Trump has had a few things that didn’t work out, and he learned from them and is the person he is today as part of that history.  I’m comfortable with his record, because for every failure are wonderful successes—great successes.  But what has Rubio done—or for that matter any other person in the entire GOP?  They are second-handers themselves—like those people who took classes at Trump University hoping to become like Donald Trump—but

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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