Trump’s Health Care Plan: Remove the lines and open up the free market

There were a number of really shocking elements that emerged from the GOP debate with CNN recently, particularly the baffling ignorance that Rubio, and Cruz showed regarding the nature of competition.  When Trump described his free market approach to health care, by removing the lines around states which now creates artificial oligopolies of a guaranteed customer base for those entities, Rubio behaved like a teenager who knew everything about how the world worked without ever having a job, a mortgage, or a family to be responsible for.  His desire for a “plan” was rather ridiculous for someone like Trump who knows how to get things done.  Plans are for people at the back of the train.  Vision is for those at the front.  CLICK HERE TO UNDERSTAND THE METAPHYSICS OF QUALITY.

When someone asks for a plan what they are essentially dong is demanding a report that their minds can follow.  Plans are good to have to define a strategic objective, but someone like Trump knows that you can’t fall in love with anything because lots of other people have to provide their input from their perspective.  By the time that happens and everyone arrives at some sort of consensus a “plan” will change a lot, and a lot of valuable time will have gone by—which is why government has such a difficult time accomplishing anything substantial–ever.

I can say from personal experience that when someone has asked “what’s your plan” it is a code term for a second-hander who wants to loot the effort of people who have a superior mind and perspective so that they can feel included in the process.  People at the front of the train know where they are going.  They are the bold daredevils who make the world work.  People at the back are the cowards who perpetually plan so that they can pretend to be a part of the process.  They can provide some value, but often they aren’t worth the cost of extracting it.  Someone like Trump moves very fast from the top of his companies.  He identified the problem with health care insurance and he intends to solve it with a free market solution—similar to what happened when phone companies were deregulated.  Insurance companies today are very similar to how the phone companies used to operate.  Once deregulation was introduced the path toward the modern cell phone was created and prices dropped along with all kinds of options that we presently enjoy.

Out there not yet invented is the iPhone of health insurance but to get to it you have to trust free market capitalism to extract it.  There is no plan that can arrive at that destination—because nobody yet knows who will be the inventor.  But experience understands that when you take away the regulations to an idea that free market solutions emerge and opportunities are thus created.  Trump’s plan on health care is actually the best one out of all the candidates in the GOP—his plan is to get government out-of-the-way and let the free market create a solution.  Then he is planning on some kind of spill over tax that will assist those lacking means to get the care they need because the profits will be so extremely good that the less fortunate will have access by default—kind of like getting free wifi at a Starbucks.  Millions of people pay for Internet service in their homes, but they do have a need for free wifi at times.  People who can’t afford the luxury of such vast coverage still have the opportunity to get what they need from free wifi.  Wealth building exercises create opportunities not yet known and no plan can tell you what they will be because they don’t exist yet to list as an option.

Both Rubio and Cruz supposedly come from Tea Party backgrounds. Cruz claims to love the book Atlas Shrugged.  He of all people should understand what Trump is thinking—yet both politicians piled on with some insistence that what Trump was talking about was socialized medicine and giant government mandates.  That isn’t it at all.  The real solution is to decentralize the medical insurance industry so they can sit back within their state borders and count the residents of those states and dived them by the number of insurance providers to calculate their profit—which is what they love about Obamacare because it dictates that everyone have by law health insurance.  Once people are compelled to buy something, there is no work for the insurance companies to perform other than to divide up the revenue.  The type of deregulation Trump is talking about will wreck that model and offer much lower prices because of the competition.

The answer is as easy as saying “remove the lines” and insurance rates will drop, plans will erupt with competitive options, and innovation will naturally take over so to take advantage of emerging markets. This ridiculous business of wanting to keep people sick and stuck to oligopolies of insurance providers locally selected is just as stupid as the idea of the government school that is bad but giving no choice to parents who happen to live there to just take what is offered because they are compelled by law to attend the nearest education institution.  School choice is an option that terrifies public schools because it allows competition to drive up the quality of schools by allowing parents to vote with their feet.  Teacher unions do not like that—so they fight that concept actively.  Likewise, the insurance industry is concerned with the very same view-point.  They want their customers to have limited options so they are stuck with their price increases.

Trump knows from the front of the train that this health care problem could be solved in one business quarter if he could only get politicians to buy into the solution.  But most politicians are attached to insurance industry lobbyists and they don’t want the gravy train to go away.  So they sent their little attack dogs after Trump in a really vicious way.  I was surprised to see how Rubio and Cruz participated so actively in trying to destroy what Trump was offering.  When the plan is deregulation there isn’t much paperwork to display.  It just means, “take way the lines” and the prices will drop, and innovation will escalate based on free market capitalism.  The moment health insurance is deregulated by the lines that divide up the country, insurance plans with great options and prices will pop up overnight like grass after a spring rain.  It is very simple, but politicians like Rubio want to hold the status quo even as they are supposedly running as Tea Party darlings.  Free markets are the plan, and it would work instantly.  All that has to happen to have it would be to elect a president who understands such things.  And sadly, only one presidential candidate does in 2016, and it isn’t Cruz or Rubio.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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