Donald Trump the Alinsky Killer: How to protect the Constitution

So, it’s Super Tuesday and Donald Trump is well on his way to being the Republican nominee.  Along that path, a lot of people have said some really stupid things—the entire process has devolved into a lot of name calling, and the remaining candidates are now lobbying for a brokered convention to justify all the wasted time they’ve poured into runs for president that were fruitless for months now—and were too stubborn to see it.  Some from the Tea Party side of things who have had their eye on Ted Cruz have been mad at those of us supporting Donald Trump as if they knew something we didn’t about the Constitution—and had somehow not considered all avenues.  It wasn’t one specific person, but was the typical Freedom Works crowd who have done wonderful work over the years, but have found themselves only looking at one side of the strategic fight.  Things have not worked out the way they wanted and they are upset about it.  But they better get over it pretty quick.  Things are going to be moving very fast from now on.  History is happening; we are in another American Revolution.  Thankfully this time it’s not an armed revolt.  This time—so far—it’s at the voting booth.   If people let the process work, we should hope that everyone keeps their guns holstered.

The Constitution is just a bunch of things written down on paper if we do not have a society that is committed to honoring them.  For the Constitution to work, American society must not reverse course back toward an aristocracy based on European history—but needs to evolve into its own after over 200 years of evolution.  For the Constitution to work, we must have secure borders, a strong economic system, a sense of national pride, and a sincere resistance to the United Nations imposition that we have been experiencing for way too long.  I don’t spend much time on conspiracies, but without question historically speaking, there is a global government that is trying to emerge and every candidate running for President but Trump is in on the game through finance. Our nation has been sold out a long time ago by many of the people who are angry at Trump now—people like John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove and many others.  (Boehner invited the Pope to address congress—who is obviously a global oriented socialist).  I don’t think all those people are bad people, or are even malicious, but they don’t understand the game or how it’s really played.  They only accept their role in Beltway politics and dare not to crawl out from under it.  But someone needs to and it needs to happen in 2017 or we will lose our country forever.  I am 100% sure of it.  If we lose our country, the Constitution and all our history won’t mean a thing.  You can’t be in debt as a country more than a collection of most countries yearly GDP and expect your country’s Constitution to hold value.  Remember, he who has the gold, rules.  If you don’t have any gold, you can’t rule—and if you aren’t in charge, you are subject to the whims of whatever governing body is—in this case the United Nations is positioning itself to become that entity much to American disadvantage.

Trump is capable of conducting himself in the most serious fashion, and I have no concern about him being presidential—and solving really complex problems.  He is not a circus master.  But remember dear reader, I put this dilemma out to area Republicans over four years ago when I said we needed to fight Saul Alinsky tactics with sheer aggression—and many people squawked at that.  We have tried to put the book Rules for Radicals in the hands of John Boehner to read and understand what Republicans are fighting against—but he never embraced it.  John Kasich ignored our warnings—and the Karl Rove Republicans continued to maneuver the party down a path toward continued failure—failing to understand what the real fight truly was.  Again, I have talked about it often.  I’m not the only one who has either.  I’m hardly a conspiracy theorist.  I am in all aspects of my life very good at identifying problems and knowing how the dots connect.  When I was younger and without a track record I could understand that people might have been skeptical—but history has certainly been on my side.

I worked closely with Rob Portman when he was running for congress in 1992.  I have the videos to prove it.  He was full of fire and gumption and he was going to be a Ross Perot reformer.  He reminded me of the type of person that Ted Cruz is now.   I’ve seen all this before.  Well, Rob won his seat in a spring 2013 election and for about four years he held his ground.  After that he became part of the Washington establishment and now he’s pretty much worthless.  He’s a nice guy, but he did not have the fight to hold his ground against the insurrection that is afoot—a silent killer of liberty that comes at conservatives from every side by way of the strategies of Saul Alinsky.  I have watched these traditional Republicans get beat every way possible for three decades now and it’s time to put a stop to it.  A carbon copy of George Washington won’t do it.  We have to identify the fight that is before us in 2016 not 1775, and we have to implement a correct strategy to our current situation, not one from history.  It is good to learn from history—but we also have to be cognoscente that we are living history right now.

As a Trump supporter, I think of him as an Alinsky killer.  Saul Alinsky taught that the white middle class could be goaded into paralysis and indecision by using guilt against them—and that is exactly what has happened.  Trump doesn’t feel guilt, or harbor regrets.  He is very much from the power of positive thinking crowd and he sells it well to others.  That is the best approach to destroying the way the political left has attacked America and it is the only way to save it.  For years I have promoted the Overman concept, which is essentially a graduation of mankind from a kind of meager apologist into a new step—which some consider to be a “superman.”  I’ve even named this site after the concept, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom—which is now Cliffhanger Research and Development because of a project I’m working on which further develops the idea of an overman within human society.  There is a need for these kinds of people to emerge and take charge of all management affairs across the world.  Nietzsche hit on the idea in his wonderful book Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Ayn Rand further developed the idea in her books on philosophy, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.   I am going even further with it in my work which I expect to fully develop over the next twenty years. Donald Trump is the closest yet to this type of person to ever having a hope of getting into the White House so I am behind him on the endeavor 100%.

Donald Trump was not born an overman.  He is not a perfect person.  He has made many mistakes over time—so he is no John Galt from Atlas Shrugged.  But he has learned from his mistakes and who he is after 70 years on earth getting better and better each year is very close to the kind of hero that readers of Ayn Rand know so well.  Trump reminds me of a combination of Ayn Rand characters ranging from the pirate Ragnar Danneskjöld  from Atlas Shrugged to the newspaper mogul  Gail Wynand from The Fountainhead.  I’d even go so far to say that Trump’s love of buildings is reminiscent of Henry Reardon’s love of metal and his need to buy “men” of Washington to stay in business.  Ayn Rand libertarians hearing that will likely have their faces melting off because they see Trump in the way that Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck have painted him—as a circus conductor that uses boisterous presentation to overcome opposition.  I don’t see Trump that way at all.  I see a man who has lived an authentic hero journey and has arrived late in life at a certain place that positions him to be the first of his kind.  And it is my strategic desire to see him give birth to generations of overmen by selling it to the American population over the next eight years.  There is nothing to compare him to, and that is wonderful.

I would encourage those not behind him to get that way rather quickly.  Trump is an opportunity to bring a real life Galt’s Gulch to America—for the first time.  The Republican Party should rally behind him the way that they should have gotten behind Ayn Rand.  For the same reasons—they fought her and the objectivist philosophy as they fight Trump now.  I know many people who are objectivists—actually hard core—and they disagree with me emphatically.  But, they are wrong.  Time will flush all this out—trust me.  Right now—we have to act—and Super Tuesday was just the start.  Even to those who think this is the worst thing to ever happen to them—they will learn in time not to be so timid and to understand that what is happening is what’s best for the American Constitution.  For the Constitution to be truly valid, we must have American sovereignty.  And of all the candidates running for president, only Trump can give that to America.  Overmen are sometimes born in nature—but only in America do we make them.   Donald Trump was made by American capitalism—and its time that we have a president that reflects those values for the rest of us.

Ted Cruz needs to run for president in 2024.  At that time we will need to fix a lot of things that have been broken for over a century.  So it would be good for him and his supporters not to burn bridges.  This fight is far from over—but before engaging, we all need to properly understand the nature of that fight and what it takes to win.  In 2017 we need to dismantle the strategy the left uses that it learned from Saul Alinsky.  That weapon of war needs to be taken from them, and Trump is that weapon.  That is the first step.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN A LOT MORE.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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