A Brilliance in Strategy: Donald Trump’s dominance of the GOP

It continues to be astonishing how limited most people view the world.  They look at a guy like Donald Trump and think that he’s only about rhetoric and bombastic WWF type speech—but fail to comprehend that in private he’s extremely articulate and serious.  As seen during the Super Tuesday speech from Florida he can switch from a big time wrestler in the arena of life to a stoic presidential candidate really in the blink of an eye.  Even as you are probably reading this, the presidential debate for the Republican party from Michigan is proceeding and again Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are lashing out with everything they have to try to knock Trump down—but the billionaire business mogul and entertainer has now seen the lay of their strategy and he’s prepared.  Like any great strategist you must always get your enemies to reveal their plans and Rubio certainly did that in the days leading up to the debate.  He put his whole game plan out in public for Trump to analyze and develop a strategy against.  And now all that hard work is showing not to Rubio’s advantage.

Smartly, Trump has left Cruz relatively untouched pulling away all the establishment vote heading into the more mainstream states which Cruz isn’t playing out so well in forcing Rubio and Cruz to fight each other just for the possibility of getting delegates.  Meanwhile Trump does his thing and continues to rack up respectable endorsements at key times leaving everyone else in the field to fight like dogs over his scraps.  The Trump campaign has been brilliant providing a gift to establishment Republicans.  They should consider themselves lucky that he’s on their team. They could learn a lot from him.

This all points to a showdown in Florida on March 15th which will likely put a stake through the heart of Rubio—I’m sure the fight will be hard, but it won’t be enough.  There will be fights elsewhere and only Trump can cover them all with his private 757 and boundless energy.  All the Superpacs in the world can’t outspend him and these days people flip through DVR recordings of their favorite television shows not hearing all the smear campaigns against Trump. Trump is the content that people scan through commercials to get to—and traditional politicians have not yet figured that out.  But people do see his 757 flyovers and the big crowds on news reports and that is something the other candidates just can’t do—because they are not as personally successful as Trump has been.  The Trump campaign is re-writing all the old rules and nobody is prepared for them.  Rubio and Kasich are still using the old ones, and they are failing gradually.

The David Duke situation with Trump was clearly carefully calculated by him to lure his opponents into an easy kill.  Trump denounced the KKK leader on a Friday night then stumbled through a question about Duke on Saturday provoking Cruz and Rubio to sense blood in the water—but it was blood Trump poured in—and they ended up looking petty and foolish for making much about nothing causing them to cry wolf one too many times.  And that realization is present on the Detroit debate stage—a desperation in chasing after the wrong bait—this is the difference between a hardened professional—which Trump is—and a career politician who has learned to be skilled in raising money for the party—but not much else.  Someone like Rubio can say all the right things but he’s powerless to implement anything.  Cruz knows how to draw a line in the sand and not cross it, but often he’ll be the only one standing there.  Trump is right, someone has to have the skill to draw a line and convince everyone to come over to where he drew it and cross it on his terms.  Trump has a long history of that and he’s showing the Republican Party that presently.

The establishment showed from the outset a grim resistance to Trump but by March 15th most of them will be moving over into the Trump camp because everyone loves a winner.  Trump will be doing the same type of thing to the rest of the world, with China, with Russia, the Middle East, South America, Mexico—everywhere.  The trick of a good salesman is to achieve all your goals by making the customer feel privileged into accepting your parameters of success.  Everyone in the beginning of a negotiation has their own vantage point—but by the end—the more successful salesman has to get everyone into their version of that success.  That is what Trump is doing to the Republican Party—which has needed to happen for a long time.  Once Trump wins the presidency, he’ll do it to the rest of the world convincing them to eat out of the hand of America—and they’ll thank us for it.  That is the big difference between years past and years yet to come.

It should have been clear to all Republicans on Super Tuesday.  But Rubio represents the old school politicians who think all this ability Trump has is a con game.  They are like the European idiots who thought the world was flat in 1492—even though many had figured out that it was in fact round.  There is a method of politics that has not yet been discovered that will greatly favor Republicans—but they do not yet understand it.  Trump has been exhibiting it—but they don’t yet comprehend how it works.  However, they will in time begin to see it.  Trump will do what he does, he’ll create a whirlwind in Ohio and Florida that will culminate by March 15th and the spill over into other states will likely secure his nomination.  All the old schoolers will be left looking at each other dumbfounded.  When people ask how Trump will build a wall between Mexico and the United States making them pay for it—this is precisely how it will be done.  Mexico will by the time all is said and done be thanking Donald Trump for letting them help build a wall. To lesser minds they may think this is the work of a con artist—because they don’t understand the skill.  But, to those who know better, that is the work of an extremely skilled professional negotiator.  And that is why Donald Trump will be a fantastic president.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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