Standing up for Housewives: Melania Trump’s conservative crusade captured by Greta Van Susteren

As excited as it may be for me to get a private sector president in the White House with Donald Trump, I’m probably equally enthusiastic to see his wife in the role of First Lady.  For so many years the First Ladies of the White House have been social apologists for an increasingly altruistic culture underlining an emphasis on sacrifice for the “greater good.”  If you know anything about the philosophy and the writing of Karl Marx—American First Ladies seemed to have represented the claws of communism rather than the American flag draped beauties of American culture.  I include Laura Bush in that discussion because part of her appeal was that she had been a librarian and that was used as a means to push agendas like “No Child Left Behind” in public education—which wasn’t very far from what the Bolsheviks supported in Russia during the 1920s.  (Read We The Living.)  What I find most appealing about Melania Trump representing America as a First Lady isn’t her supermodel Sports Illustrated swim suit edition good looks, or her soothing accent—but rather her firm dedication to being a housewife.  Listen to Melania Trump talk about her commitment to her son Barron with Greta Van Susteren—which was a very good and revealing interview.

Melania is more than just a pretty face.  Many would say that she’s a trophy wife and that it’s easy for her to say the type of things she is with the comfort of billions of dollars in assets always garnishing her.  They might say that it’s easy for her to speak from such an elevated position atop her Trump Tower apartment laced with pure gold—about the merits of raising a child.  But there is quite a lot that is important in what Melania is saying and it’s not easy for her.  For instance, with the wealth that she and her husband have, they could afford to have a nanny raising their child.  They could have an army of nannies and essentially be the family from any popular play or motion picture classic—like The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins.  But with all their wealth and her personal time at stake, Melania has fully dedicated herself to raising their son Barron as a very happy housewife—which is a very “conservative” thing to do and a hard position to take in this modern media culture.

I think housewives have the most important job in the world—I believe that with every fiber of my being.  Housewives are more important than any CEO position and have more value than even President of the United States.  I was probably too aware at a young age largely because my mom was a stay-at-home mom and she put a lot of work into raising her kids.  She certainly didn’t take it loosely.  I can remember most everything from age three and four largely because I had a mother who didn’t handicap me with dumping me in a day care and letting the collective masses raise me while she worked at a career.  In the late 60s and 70s staying at home with children as a woman was becoming increasingly taboo and I watched my mom go through a lot of pain because of it.  She was socially ostracized for her decisions and I was aware of it enough to notice once I got to public school and started dealing with other kids who weren’t lucky enough to have moms home with them every day.  I caught on to what was happening very fast and by the time I hit the fifth grade I had made my decision about what was wrong with the world and the women who were raising children to care for it.  They were wrong and I would commit a significant portion of my life to solving that problem—even if it meant standing alone against such a swift tide of feminism that currently is washing our society into a treacherous cliff of anxiety and failure.  As a reward to my mom, for all her hard work, none of her kids have problems.  We all are self-adjusted adults who don’t have addictive personality traits or insecurities largely because in those formation years, from 1 to 4 years of age especially, we all had a mom home with us building the foundations that would last a lifetime.  The kids I knew back then who had messy moms chasing the illusions of feminism all grew up with some sort of problem.  They either melted down in college or hit a wall when they started raising their own families in their late 20s.  There isn’t a single example of a successful person I can think of out of many thousands of examples where a child raised in a day care exceeded the general security and personal presence of a child raised by a housewife.  Many reading this right now are failures and they know it.  Just making money doesn’t make you a successful person.  You have to be successful in every category—otherwise none of it means anything if your kids are all screwed up messes as a result of your decisions.

However, prior to the 60s, it was common for women to stay home with their children.  Both of my grandparents did it—and every old person I knew back then was of the same mind.  They all thought it was quite a destructive trend to see this spoiled generation of college trained idiots sacrificing their time with their children at home while they built careers for themselves as “liberated women.”  That turned out to be a line of crap and it was obvious to me as a kid.  Every child I knew wanted my mom to be their mom because their mothers were too busy to care for them correctly.  And the World War II generation knew America was going down a dark road.

Here’s the big problem with how feminism has shaped this issue—and just about everyone has bit into it fully only to find that there was hot sauce inside that leaves them in quite a lot of pain.  It was always one of the Planks of Communism, (CLICK TO REVIEW) to get children away from their parents and have them be raised by the state.  This was a strategy formulated during the Cold War to spread communism to the entire world.  So by marketing self achievement outside of the home, women became the instruments of American destruction by accepting that their lives were meaningless unless they put a career over their families.  Men were forced to accept this notion otherwise they’d be called a “sexist,” (a Saul Alinsky tactic—CLICK TO REVIEW) and children were put in daycares, pre-school, then of course a public education system that has advocated socialism for well over four decades now.  Feminism and the destruction of the American housewife was a military strategy against our culture.  I was lucky enough to have a mom raising me as a traditional housewife who had the support of grandparents, who didn’t know otherwise at a time.  I was also in public school before the creation of the Department of Education in 1979.  I was able to watch with a clear head all these changes.  It also helped that my favorite subjects for as long as I can remember was history.  Even as a young kid I read a lot, watched lots of PBS documentaries and by the time I was a senior in High School I read USA Today each morning during homeroom.

I was living a very wild life—free of drugs of course and the usual teenage issues of insecurity.  Rather, I was a very confident kid and that made me public enemy number one—because somewhere every adult I interacted with thought that being humbled and conquered was a prerequisite to adulthood.  So the more they tried, the harder I went to war with them—and I left a mess in my wake, but I never wavered.  Obviously that confidence made it easy for me to date girls and I met a lot of them.  Probably too early I met my wife, but she was one of our literally hundreds at the time who really wanted to be a housewife as an adult.  So we started a family right out of the gate and have stayed together in a traditional way ever since—over three decades now.  Of course it wasn’t easy, but it was worth the fight.  I admired that she wanted to be a housewife, so I paved the way for her.  Presently we don’t know anybody who is doing the same type of thing.  It used to be as common in America as grass on a spring day on a vast golf course—but these days we don’t know anybody doing it.  I know they are out there.  I meet women who are housewives in the Liberty Movement around town—who are staying home with their children in a traditional way.  But I don’t know any families that are secure with it to the level that they don’t feel like Amish people dedicated to an archaic religion as modern society surrounds them to eventually crush them with sheer masses.  My wife had a far more difficult time at raising our children than my mom did.  It was often unbearable and incredibly grueling because of the social acceptance of other choices that were obviously wrong for growing children were so well rooted.  Women had been told just as anti-gun advocates have convinced people to fear guns, that women were worthless unless they had their own paycheck and their own life outside of the home.  The strategy of that kind of thinking should be obvious.  To understand the intentions that gave rise to that strategy—from the KGB—watch the film Bridge of Spies.  For younger people who don’t remember the Cold War with Russia, it’s a good film that shows the level of anxiety that was prevalent then.  Feminism was slid under the American door in the same way that communism was sent to Russia by Germany to soften it up economically, as a rival power to Europe.  These aren’t conspiracy theories—they are historical fact—just do a little research.  Feminism was always intended to destroy American culture and the youth that might continue to advance capitalism into the 21st Century leaving Europe drowning in its commitment to Marxism.

The world needs more housewives.  It doesn’t surprise me that Melania Trump as a foreign raised immigrant wants to have that role with her son.  Most women around the world if given a choice would choose to stay home with their children if they had a husband who could take care of all the family income outside.  Women are that way in Japan, through all of Asia, India, Africa—virtually everywhere—except when we get to Europe where the work of philosophers like Immanuel Kant and Karl Marx have deteriorated their culture exporting that failure to America through many means.  Melania Trump is from Slovenia and watched the transition from a communist country to a return to European socialism.  Off the eastern edge of Italy she comes from a family that has seen Italian fascism, the rise of the Nazi to the north and Russian communism to the east.  The great unrest of Bosnia was to the south so she comes from a background that has been hard pressed into compliance.  I don’t blame her one bit for taking off her clothes to use her natural beauty to get out of the limitation of her homeland and live the American dream in the United States.  She caught the eye of the billionaire playboy Donald Trump and obviously grounded him.  If not for her–I really doubt he’d be running for president.  The moment she had a chance to do something good with her life, she has—and with all the concerns of money taken away from her mind—she has chosen to do one of the most conservative American things she could—and that is to become an American housewife.

From the White House, Melania could do a lot of good.  She may look beautiful—but inside her is an intellect hardened by circumstance and a rebelliousness I have only seen in my own wife—who is precisely the same age as Melania and could tell similar stories.  A young women with all the opportunity in the world to sun bath on the deck of a yacht all day in the Caribbean or hang on the arm of a very rich man in a Vegas casino—she has chosen to raise her child in a traditional way and doesn’t waver from the question when pressed.  And it would be my hope that once inside the White House—that she would be the most magnificent First Lady in the history of America not only in beauty, but in her dedication to children—resistance to drugs crossing the border—and her resolute dedication to being a great American housewife serving as an example to millions of young, impressionable girls who really could use a person like her for a role model.  I think it is because of her that Donald Trump is running.  She has a mission to fulfill—and that is something I understand.  America has lost its way and it needs to find its way back—and the key to that is through our children and the moms that make them.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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