In Ohio Democrats are Switching to Republican to Vote Trump: Defining real conservativism during an important primary

This is a pretty important story.  Republicans have a severe “branding” problem.  People like me who are very conservative find people like George Will, Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, John Boehner and even locally, Patti Alderson, Don Dixon, Cindy Carpenter and many others terribly flat and unable to win contested issues against Democrats.  They are what make up the Republican “establishment,” these days and it is their fault that the Republican “brand” has declined, and even failed in most cases.   As I’ve discussed before conservatives won’t get everything we need in just one election.  There has to be a multiyear plan enacted to repair the massive damage done to the party by Republicans moving left of center to attract new voters.  And just for the record, Ronald Reagan was not conservative enough for me.  He is not the benchmark of conservativism as far as I’m concerned.  When Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz say they want to be the new party of Reagan, I cringe.  Reagan actually toyed with joining the Communist Party and was a union leader for a time.  Only late in life did he learn to speak like a conservative and very late—become one.  I liked him-but when it comes to conservatives I am often very let down—because few people are as conservative as I am.

However, in this election I am emphatically supporting Donald Trump.  He by far has the most conservative views on the stage currently, and he has a track record of accomplishing things.   The fact that many people are making it fashionable to point out things that he has not done so well is laughable.   I’d ask to see their track record—which they have nothing to compare to.  Trump’s airplane is worth more than most of the critics of him put together.  As Trump stated recently, just one of his stores in New York is worth more than Mitt Romney.  I’d rather deal with a person who has a thousand failures and two or three blistering successes than a loser who sits on the sidelines and is afraid to do anything because they are the overly timid types.  That describes most of the people I know in the Republican Party.  Trump brings a lot to the Republican Party—particularly when it comes to “branding.”  He also is attracting fence-sitting Democrats—which is exactly what the Republicans need if they really want to “expand” the party.  When people say that Trump is not a conservative then where is the anger at actual Democrats like Butler County Commissioner Don Dixon who switched parties to win in a conservative Ohio county—and the many thousands across the nation just like him.  Trump is much more conservative than Don Dixon, or the Ohio Central Committee representative Patti Alderson who makes the fundraising efforts of Claire Underwood from the Netflix series House of Cards look like an amateur.  (Ann Becker is running against Patti—VOTE FOR ANN on March 15th.)  Don’t tell me establishment Republicans are more “Republican” than Donald Trump.  Trump is calling himself a Republican in a very liberal part of the country, and that takes guts.  And don’t tell me he’s doing damage to the “party.”  Read this article out of Youngstown, Ohio.  This is where Trump is a lethal weapon for the GOP—if they were smart enough to use it—which they aren’t.

By David Skolnick


About 1,000 Democrats in Mahoning County so far have switched their party affiliation to Republican with election officials saying several did it to vote for Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner.

“We are seeing something this election cycle I’ve never seen before to this degree,” said board Chairman Mark Munroe, who’s also the county Republican chairman. “Every day I take phone calls or get voice messages from people saying they’ve been Democrats all their life and they’ve had it. They want to vote for Donald Trump. I’m surprised at the volume of inquiries we’re getting. It’s remarkable.”

A number of Democrats taking a Republican ballot when voting early at the board “say they want to vote for Trump,” said Joyce Kale-Pesta, Mahoning County Board of Elections director.

About 7,000 Mahoning County voters have cast early votes. Early voting started Feb. 17 and ends March 14, the day before the primary.

Of those 7,000, about 14 percent were Democrats who voted Republican, Kale-Pesta said. That’s about 1,000 so far.

The percentage of Democrats switching parties will grow even more, said board Vice Chairman David Betras, who also is the county Democratic chairman.

And it doesn’t concern Betras.

“I knew Donald Trump’s message would resonate with blue-collar Democrats,” he said. “But once they learn about his record – besides him being anti-trade – they will change their minds in the general election. I assure you that come the general election, voters will vote our way once we tell the story of Donald Trump. The more chaos created in the Republican primary, the better Democrats will do in the general election.”

Betras, who backs Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, said it “would make me happy for Donald Trump to beat John Kasich,” the Ohio governor running for president as a Republican.

About 5 percent of Republicans – 350 voters – cast Democrat ballots of those who’ve voted so far, said Chris Rakocy, the board’s information technology manager.

Munroe, who supports Kasich, said that if the governor isn’t the Republican presidential nominee, “I’ll be glad to support whoever is our nominee.”

When asked about Trump’s various controversial statements, Munroe said, “Should Trump be the nominee, he’ll have plenty of time to rehabilitate himself.”

Trump is the reason turnout will be higher than normal for this primary, Munroe said.

“We’re seeing this all over the country; the Republican vote is way up and it’s because of Trump,” he said. “Now, it’s happening in the Valley. Whatever you think of Trump, you can’t take away his ability to energize the electorate.”

There are 161,009 registered voters in the county, including 40,958 Democrats and 14,663 Republicans. The rest are independents, who don’t vote in primaries, with a tiny number affiliated with third parties such as Green and Libertarian.

In Ohio, party affiliation is basely solely on voting in a primary, Munroe said.

“All you have to do is tell a poll worker that you want to vote for a certain party in the primary and that becomes your affiliation,” he said.

Election officials in Trumbull and Columbiana counties say they aren’t keeping track of how many voters are changing party affiliations.

“But we’ve had some people say, ‘I want to switch to the Trump party,” said Stephanie Penrose, Trumbull County’s elections board director.

“There are a lot of Democrats switching over,” said Kim Meeks, Columbiana County’s elections board deputy director. “We see a trend, but we won’t know details until after the primary.”

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Let that simmer for a bit and think of what that could do for the GOP.  Think about California come November 2016, or New York.  Tell me there is another Republican in the party today who could win in these places.  The answer of course is that there isn’t.  Ted Cruz won’t.  And nobody else will either.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The ‘House of Cards’ are Falling Down: People voting for Trump and Cruz likely because of the popular Netflix series

I have been asked so much over the last two years which role I played with my blog site here, that was comparable to the popular Netflix series House of Cards.  Well, I couldn’t give an answer because I don’t watch much entertainment television.  Movies haven’t been very good for the last half of a decade and television series have not been a priority.  I can’t relate to most of the plotlines.  I’ve lived too much life to feel sympathy for most plot devices—so the stories are often boring to me.  I do enjoy that type of entertainment from time to time, but it’s not very often.  I watch CSPAN a lot along the various news channels—and typically don’t get very much out of dramatic television.  But the question persisted, what role did I play in the real life House of Cards?  Well, my wife and I recently made an audio/visual upgrade and we were looking for something to watch that could stretch the legs of the new system.  House of Cards was on my mind—it was broadcast in the highest current video format which was very colorful, so we watched the first couple episodes and enjoyed it.  I found it to be pretty realistic, but too simplified to what really goes on in politics.  But still, the writers of the show did something that was very difficult to do; they captured roughly how life in the Beltway really is through the Kevin Spacey character.  And my role with this site was shown in several characters—primarily the conspiracy theorist web writer who was living in a trailer park, and the reporter for The Washington Herald  who broke stories on her blog site that her bosses wouldn’t touch otherwise.  It was an enjoyable experience to watch because it let viewers into a world that I have learned to understand all too well.  And its effect on the popular electorate is quite obvious as the election results from Saturday March, 5th 2016 poured in late at night and the establishment candidates had bombed badly.  Marco Rubio and John Kasich had barely hit the registered vote while Trump and Cruz ran away with the night.

The “Washington Establishment” is defined in the Netflix show.  It’s not just one person leading the nation from a back room, or a conglomeration of bankers running the world from the basement of some ancient pyramid dedicated to gods long-lost to our written record.  It is the Kevin Spacey character—a congressman who is the majority WHIP of his party who is manipulating Washington at every level, from the guy who owns the ribs restaurant in the hard streets of a black neighborhood to the President of the United States.   House of Cards captures the culture of the Washington establishment quite well, and accurately.  Obviously when Mitt Romney was sent out to do several hit pieces on Donald Trump, the scheme didn’t work.  Trump withheld the barrage, although Ted Cruz certainly benefited.  During the unique Saturday election, nobody ran toward an establishment candidate and that clearly baffled the Frank Underwood types.  Fox News was mystified and several guests on the other shows literally looked as if they had been shot out of a cannon.  The establishment and all their tricks were dead, and it may very well be the television show House of Cards that finally killed it.

Netflix has around 34 million paid domestic subscribers and roughly 6% to 10% have watched at least one episode of House of Cards which is the flagship show offered by the streaming company that essentially destroyed Blockbuster Video.  That means that at least 3 million people have at least watched some of the House of Cards episodes at some point in their subscription.  However, that is likely a very conservative number.  The numbers are likely higher if the IMDb ratings scores are considered as a statistical sampling.  House of Cards has over 275,000 votes which are much higher than other popular shows on more traditional networks.  Since Nielson Ratings don’t have a good way to account for ratings on streaming services over the Internet all this is so new and game changing that nobody but Netflix really knows how many people are watching their most popular show.;_ylt=A0LEV7lEE9xWAmsAMX0PxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–

The Tea Party has been around now for about seven years and it has certainly made its imprint on politics.  As I’ve said before, even in the video game industry, anti establishment plot lines which deal with the nuances of corruption at the highest levels are typical.  Assassin’s Creed comes to my mind regarding this topic. The story is a fairly complex one that takes game players to pinnacle moments in history that is being simulated against a dystopian future which makes classic stories like Brave New World and Animal Farm look overly simplified as a result. The world is moving very fast now technologically, and people from my age and older are missing it, because it’s all coming in so fast that classic media is resisting the implication—so they are under reporting it.  If you add all this up you essentially get what voters have decided for themselves–they want to destroy the Washington establishment one way or the other.  The only real difference is whether they want to do it with someone like Donald Trump who represents someone who could out-fox anyone in the Beltway for several years, or a constitutional anchor in Ted Cruz who would say no to everything.  That is what came out of the really pivotal vote on March 5th.

When Mitt Romney came out against Trump just days before the big vote, on a day when Trump was facing down his rivals on the Fox News debate where Megan Kelly for the first time since a major feud with Donald Trump had erupted, would ask the New York billionaire hard questions in front of tens of millions of people—few thought the results would be as they turned out.  The bets were on Marco Rubio to get a spike, followed by John Kasich and that hasn’t happened at all.  In fact, Rubio was literally trounced on Saturday.  With all that was said, Trump not only survived, he won his two targeted states and split with Cruz the other two.  In the delegate count, Trump is just shy of 400 going into the winner take all states which he’s poised to do well with while the other candidates are well behind.  The establishment really doesn’t know what to do because Ted Cruz is the closest to Donald Trump at only less than 100 back.  This was not part of the plan.  If this was the House of Cards, Kevin Spacey would be having a meltdown because these rules of power and politics were not from the world he understands.  Everything has suddenly turned on its head and nobody in the know understands where it came from. 

That is precisely why I have written so much on this topic for years.  People watch these shows, they play these video games and the do research on the Internet to find out for themselves what’s really going on.  The traditional media is not a part of that revolution so all this is happening outside of their control.  But it is clear to me that shows like House of Cards is waking people up to a truth they may not have otherwise considered.  They might come to a site like mine for additional information to validate their suspicions, but House of Cards is bringing the average person a level of insider sophistication that they didn’t know existed before by just watching CNN or reading The Washington Times.  And America has made a decision to pull out the foundation of that house and to let the whole thing just topple down.  They don’t want a House of Cards running their nation-and they have voted to move in that direction.  Even the popularity for Bernie Sanders explains the same on the side of Democrats and other left-winged people.  People are tired of the tricks and the manipulation, and they want to bust up the system at its very core.

This all brings us back to my role in all this.  Well, my job isn’t really covered in the Netflix series.  There are some characters that are similar, but nobody is doing what I’m doing for the reasons that I do within that story.  To get to that, it would require several layers of sophistication more, but that is not the fault of the writers of House of Cards.  They have done a wonderful job putting all these pieces together within Washington culture.  They certainly deserve their Emmy Award victories.  They have brought to life in the Frank and Clair Underwood characters, who unfortunately really do exist in all the viciousness that House of Cards shows, a representation of a truth—and American voters are ready to turn away.  So they watch House of Cards on Netflix, or they play Assassin’s Creed and want to know more.  That’s when they find me and all this voluminous material.  Then they check the sources I list and watch the videos, and they start changing their minds about things because they have source material from several different places starting with art, and then seeking out validation with journalism, then in opinion by measuring their reaction to others.  My job is to be that middle offering.    That element is missing from House of Cards because in that world—not many people are watching television except for the news.  But it’s close enough to make the needed changes that we are witnessing—and that is a very good thing.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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