The Facts About Trump University: Ambulance chasers and political hacks trying to stop history at the expense of truth

Many people from the Republican establishment hope and pray that the legal issues surrounding Trump University will sink Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.  However, unlike them, Trump has put himself into contact with thousands and thousands of people who want to sue him at the slightest provocation—because he is so incredibly wealthy.  Public sector politicians really don’t understand that kind of risk—yet Trump has thrived in spite of that treacherous trend.  Even so, it is hard to find people out of literally the many tens of thousands who have been in direct contact with him as either employees, or customers who can say anything bad about him.  I’m a really good person and it would be easy for people to find two or three hundred people who hate me and would love to bury me anyway they could.  Trump runs an even greater risk of that kind of attitude, yet even on such a large stage, very few can actually step forward and say anything against him.  Those that do are obvious ambulance chasers and that is the situation surrounding Trump University.  Here is Trump explaining the situation with evidence to provide clarification to the controversy. 

When it comes time to vote for Trump in your state—do it!  It’s not just a vote for a really good guy who doesn’t say enough about all the people he’s helped.  It’s a shot in the hull of a really corrupt band of pirate outlaws holding the GOP hostage—and they need to be driven out.  Trump is our best shot at doing it—so don’t waste the opportunity.  Send this to someone you know who wants to learn more about Trump University and Donald Trump in general.  If they are on the fence—get them off it and into a voting booth to vote in for Donald Trump.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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