Secret Island Meetings Between Liberals and Republicans: Schemes to destroy Donald Trump

I have said nice things about many of the tech leaders who sat down in a secret meeting with the GOP establishment to scheme ways of destroying Donald Trump’s run for president.  I still think what they are doing is important work for the future of our economy.  But, they are not bastions of conservative principles and I find it very strange that they’d be included in a meeting with people like Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove and many others plotting an end to Donald Trump.  This only supports what I have said many, many times—the people running the Republican Party, are not very conservative.  They are easily swayed by the currents of finance and if those currents trend toward liberalism—then they adopt those positions to protect their party and their role in it as benefactors.  When news broke of this secret meeting, I found the information extremely disrespectful of the American electorate.  Not that it surprised me—I have been writing about such motivations for years.  However, in the back of my mind I did hope to be wrong.  The reality is quite the opposite—even more so than even the most conspiratorial mind could previously fathom.  The GOP is far more corrupt than anybody thought and the situation is dire.

Not to put Donald Trump down, but I’d vote for a venereal diseased whore giving speeches for president topless and in a G-string at this point if she called herself a Republican—because at least she would be from the private sector.  Even though her profession is illegal, she at least would understand money to some degree and how it’s made.  Such a disgusting person would be better than the crop of politicians the GOP has been handing us for decades.  Yet with quite a lot of presumption, they wish to rule us through an aristocratic commitment to a Party that has European foundations toward collectivism—and in America—it’s quite disgusting.  Speaking for myself, I recognize no person on planet earth or in the entire Milky Way galaxy as my “better.”  I recognize no king, no authority that is supreme to my individual integrity.  Nothing is bigger than me—which to many may sound preposterous—especially with religious backgrounds.  But it is the proper way to understand our role in this universe.  Our minds are far more important than anything thing a black hole or celestial orbit might produce and it’s about time that Republicans learn that at the heart of conservative value and Constitutional principle is the preservation of the pronoun “I.”  They often confuse the issue with religion which sways often into the fray of socialism, meekness, and putting bigger things ahead of individual identity.  This is a failure in philosophy—which has not properly divided up religion and politics in the minds of mankind in spite of the founding fathers insisting on a separation of church and state for the very reasons that the Republican aristocracy uses both to hold themselves into power.

Trump is the perfect candidate for this new century and it gave me great satisfaction to watch him defend his record against Mitt Romney by holding a press conference to accept his winnings of Michigan and Mississippi offering members of the press high-priced mementos of his very successful life to take home with them.  The whole situation reminded me of one of my favorite movies of all time, Tucker: A Man and His Dream.  In that film Tucker was threatening the Big Three auto manufacturers with a much more advanced automobile at the time.  Senator Ferguson set out to destroy Tucker for bringing harm through unwanted competition to GM, Ford and Chrysler.  The Karl Rove meeting with top tech industry people who certainly lean liberal is the kind of stuff which indicates massive corruption and Trump had to do something to get out ahead of it.  In the movie Tucker the hero of the story Preston played by Jeff Bridges had to deal with false reports that his car was a danger to the public, that it underperformed and that Tucker had misled investors with a massive scam.  Tucker had no other option, so he took his prototype car out onto the streets and picked a fight with the police—forcing them into a car chase.  Tucker’s highly advanced car ran circles around the police cars embarrassing them intensely.  Tucker ended the chase by surrendering himself to the police at the police station in front of a mob of press who had witnessed the entire event.  The public had witnessed that Tucker wasn’t a fraud the way the media had reported it, and the point was made.

To watch Trump after all that has been said about him, and all the millions of dollars in negative ads attacking him, point to the products that supposedly didn’t exist and offer them to the press was a Preston Tucker moment—and it was very stylish.  Trump has such a large empire of business holdings that he doesn’t even consider little things like those products criticized to be a big deal.  He owns them to facilitate his organization with internalized branding.  If he sold them in local grocery stores it would cheap their value—they are part of the exclusivity he offers his customers.  The people critical of him can’t even remotely compare themselves to his achievements. It’s laughable.  And the debate format traditionally favors “back of the train types” (see the metaphysics of quality)—people who know what’s on the train and have memorized ways of regurgitating the information. Trump is a “front of the train” type, someone who moves fast, takes very few notes but remembers most everything, and delegates tasks to the best people he can manage to recruit.  That’s how he’s been so successful.  Politicians can’t understand that type of person.  They only know how to give speeches to extract money from wealthy people in the form of donations.  Trump, in 2016 has given so much money to so many politicians from both sides over the years, he finally just decided to do things himself because they were so ineffective.  And that terrifies everyone who has made good livings off that corrupt system.  If Trump succeeds the whole game of politics changes forever—there will be many copy cat-sub-retired executives who will follow in the wake and they will do a much, much better job at managing resources than the political class for years has—and that is something to cheer for.  Again Trump is not to be compared with a mindless slut, but such a low-grade woman would do a better job at managing the country than ANYONE from the political class—anyone in that meeting with Karl Rove—because at least they know and understand how to make money by providing a service as opposed to the political class that is just in the business of begging for it and giving nothing in return.

The Big Three fought Tucker hard, pushing him out of business.  Tucker did build the cars he promised, but his funding ran out, and he almost went to jail over the issue after Senator Ferguson drove him into a tough court case over fraud to protect his donors.   It took twenty to thirty years for the Big Three to adopt the technical innovations that Tucker proposed in those delicate years between World War II and 1950.   Eventually, they had no choice and of course they took all the credit leaving only history buffs to remember Preston Tucker.  Nikola Tesla could tell a similar story.  The political class of 2016 is trying to hold off innovation for their own protection.  They are resisting the political innovation that the public is demanding to preserve the power it gives them.  Trump is the biggest threat to them that they have because he will make the job look easy and others will see, and the end of their way of life will emerge.  That is what they are so terrified of.  Trump as he announced at his Florida press conference has an impressive résumé and since it has come into question, he has a right to defend it—which he did with a lot of style—and a measured amount of grace.  Trump has expanded the Republican base, he has withstood all the incoming that a single person could expect to endure, and he is still winning.  And he is by far more conservative than many of the Republican establishment types—as the proof of the meeting participants exhibits quite brightly.  But they have been caught.  Trump has been the perfect presidential candidate for the GOP, he’s a winner, he is great with the press, he can expand the base, market the party—if the goal was conservativism—Trump is perfect.  Constitutional purists the Republican Party isn’t—going behind the people’s back the way they did to destroy a candidate—that is not how a Constitutional Republic functions. There is no way Ted Cruz can fight these guys off—he just doesn’t have the tools in the tool box. But what Trump did was get the establishment to show all their cards and the public has responded.  And Trump had a reason to smile a little bit and take a victory lap.  Tucker tried it years ago on a smaller stage—but he eventually failed.  Trump has succeeded where nobody else has in history.  And that is something to be proud of no matter what side of politics someone might happen to be on.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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