Donald Trump in West Chester, Ohio: Get your tickets to the free event on March 13th at 2 PM

I am proud to announce that Donald Trump will be conducting a town hall type meeting at the Savannah Center in West Chester at 2 PM March 13th 2016. Congratulations to Robert Scott, the Ohio State Director for setting this up along with many others.  This will be a unique opportunity to touch the face of history.  It’s not just about Trump—it’s about all of us and those who want to Make America Greta Again!  Get your free ticket quickly at the link below.  They will go fast.


– SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2016 –


Savannah Center

2:00 PM

Town Hall



Rich Hoffman


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Moveon.Org Attacks Trump Supporters in Chicago: Read a firsthand account who witnessed the violence and its perpetrators

The purpose that the political left, in this case sponsored by (George Soros), has in conducting violent protests such as they did at Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago—is to shut down arguments that they have no other way of defending.  Through violence and intimidation, they intend to erode away American’s republic until there is nothing left.  That has been their strategy for years, and now with Donald Trump showing that he will in fact be the Republican nominee for president—the violent desperation of that reality is taking full effect—and the Marxist oriented insurgents within America are now desperate.

Trump smartly cancelled the rally and received much more press than he otherwise would for the event.  The difference between Donald Trump and every other Republican politician for most of a century is that he knows how to turn the tables on those who stand against him.  In this case, Trump took a rally intended for several thousand people and exploded his coverage leading into a weekend news cycle only talking about him—and sounding very presidential in the wake of these Chicago protests.   I have been to Chicago several times, most recently about a month ago.  Outside of the immediate downtown area—Chicago is a socialist experiment gone bad.  You can really see it most spectacularly while landing or taking off out of O’Hara.  Those protestors were poised to move against Trump in Chicago in the same say that the communists took over Russia during the revolution of 1917.  Young people today are raised to embrace socialism and communism from their public schools, so college campuses especially in downtown areas are particularly dangerous to any ideas other than socialism—and the results were as follows.  The description provided comes from a first person perspective of a cognoscente participant who witnessed the trouble brewing and correctly identified the true villains in the escapade.  Read what they have to say to understand the truth.

At 2:30 p.m., I arrived at the Donald Trump rally located at the UIC pavilion in Chicago, IL. There was light police presence at the Blue Line station, and the pavilion was short walk away. There I waited in line for about an hour until making it to the front doors, going through a security scanner, and finding a seat in the main hall.

For nearly two hours the pavilion filled until it neared capacity. It was clear that protesters were seated around the room, given easily away by their manner of dress. Most of the Trump supporters, being suburbanite or small town white people from outside of Chicago, were dressed strikingly normal—jeans and t-shirts, yoga pants or dresses, and the occasional suit.

The first protestors began around 5:30 when two young white males pulled off their coats to reveal t-shirts with anti-Trump slogans. At this point I noticed the police presence inside the rally was a mere 8 police officers, bolstered with hands-off event staff.

Before 6:00 p.m., a man spoke on the microphone and requested that rally attendees do not touch or harm protesters who interrupt the event. He reminded the protesters that Donald Trump supports the first amendment as much as the second.

Following this was a string of smaller incidents, such as people holding up improvised signs and shouting.

  • One entire bleacher row was filled with protesters and they began chanting and throwing around torn up signs.
  • A few people who began standing up and screaming, and were slowly escorted out by police. The police kept leaving the protesters unattended throughout this, taking 4-8 officers to escort protesters out one at a time.
  • A black man in a black jacket ran up to the front stage, bumped into the podium, and attempted to speak, but was wrestled down by two men in suits. As they escorted him through the crowd, he took a swing at a Trump supporter. The men escorting him were incredibly gentle and restrained themselves from using any force.

Then voice came on and declared that the event was postponed. A few minutes later, they informed us that Trump had landed in Chicago and spoken to Chicago Police officers, and that due to safety concerns, the rally was canceled.

At this point, the protesters began to descend into chaos. Aside from a few mild “TRUMP” and “USA” chants, the Trump supporters were mostly quiet and bewildered as the protesters began to scream, chant, and run around the main floor area in a huge pack, flipping off the rally attendees and swearing at them. There were a few tense altercations between the two groups, but from what I saw at this point, no violence.

The rally was instructed to leave the pavilion, and I have to admit, the Chicago Police messed up bad here.

We walked straight out of the building and into enormous packs of protesters screaming at us, with little police presence to protect the Trump supporters.

Following this, I wandered the protest grounds to see what was going on. My memory is a bit jumbled at this point because I was so pumped up, but let me string together the events as clearly as possible:

  • Many of Trump propaganda signs, most commonly depicting him as Adolf Hitler, but others showing him with a small penis, simple signs of text English and Spanish, signs.
  • Young women shouting anti-white racial epithets.
  • “THE PEOPLE ARE UNITED. WE WILL NOT BE DIVIDED” being shouted at Trump supporters who holed themselves up in a parking garage, quietly fearing for their safety. Another good one by the protesters was “FREEDOM FIRST! FREEDOM FIRST!” Strangely enough, there were a good amount of signs calling for peace and freedom. Lots of peace signs being flashed with the fingers.
  • A single white Trump supporter who held up a sign and stood quietly as three dozen people surrounded him, smiling and screaming, snatching and pushing at him until he had to run for police cover. Someone grabbed his American flag and threw it on the ground and he fought to recover it. The police escorted him away.
  • Two young men, perhaps 17-19, standing quietly as they waited for a ride home. They were wearing their MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hats, looking terrified as people cursed and swore at them, and occasionally threw furious challenges for debate. The two young men held their ground. Only once did one of those hats come down, and it quickly went back on again.
  • A general atmosphere of pleasure and happiness from the protesters. A common chant was “WE WON!” and “WE STOPPED* TRUMP!” It honestly felt like a social event for the protesters. There was plenty of mingling
  • Plenty of shouts at Trump protesters that Trump and his supporters are not welcome in Chicago. I challenged one on the first amendment. He said he does not consider himself an American and continued insulting the grizzled old white man he was arguing with.
  • Extremely inefficient police presence. The cops were lined up on their horses or standing behind barricades, but generally were not present where Trump supporters were being hounded and occasionally struck by protesters.
  • The protesters were primarily composed of millennial-aged: white hipsters, African Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims. Some of the protesters were teenagers below voting age.
  • The protesters flew a big set of American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican flags. There were lots of small American and Mexican flags too. *The Trump supporters mostly fled for safety immediately. You have to understand, they were outnumbered by thousands of protesters.
  • There was media presence, but not as much as you’d think. Plenty of areas where chaos was going on had no media nearby. The reporters were mostly getting people to talk to them off to the side where nothing was going on, or focusing ongoing debates between Trump supporters and rally members.
  • A small amount of the protesters were smoking weed. (I have nothing against this personally, just included for accuracy.)
  • Plenty of chants for “BERNIE! BERNIE! BERNIE!” Some Trump supporters looked at each other in bewilderment. “But Bernie Sanders isn’t even running against Donald Trump,” was the common sentiment.
  • Edit: The Trump supporters had a general trust for the police, while the protesters saw their presence as antagonistic. This is especially interesting to me, because as a foreigner and person of color I am generally afraid of police.

Closing statement:

Obviously I did not see everything that occurred as I wandered the protest grounds outside the cancelled Chicago rally. What I did see, however, was fear. Fear from the rally attendees for their immediate safety, and fear of Donald Trump from the protesters.

More than that, I feel that I experienced today, for the first time in my life, true totalitarianism and authoritarianism, expressed laterally from citizen to citizen, in order to silence opinions from being shared. This enforcement was shared through sheer numbers and intimidation, and in a few cases, violence.

People brought their children, loved ones, and friends to attend the Trump rally. I saw an older Asian man and his white wife in attendance, and the looks on their faces when the rally was declared cancelled almost broke my heart. I saw scared children clinging to their parents’ sides as they exited the building to the screams of protesters. I saw a quiet, but excited crowd of Donald Trump supporters get thrown out of Chicago.

Worst of all, I saw the first amendment trampled, spit on, and discarded like trash.

This cannot go on. As I finish this, I feel a sense of utter dread and hopelessness for what is becoming of the youth in this country, particularly those of the regressive left. So polarized has political opinion become, that dissenting thoughts on college campuses are now seen as hateful. These people deal in absolutes. They are right, and whatever means they must take to achieve their ends, they will do it. They will not stop themselves from violence or censorship. They will do it, and they will call hell down upon you if anyone dare does upon them the same.

Tonight I went to the Trump Rally to hear the thoughts of not only the man who was supposed to come and speak, but the people who support him. I found respect. I found calmness. I found peace.

The truth is, I am a legal immigrant, not a US citizen. I am not American. I am not white. I cannot vote.

After tonight, I support Donald Trump.

Lastly, for anyone who thinks the protesters didn’t incite violence tonight, I offer you this.


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Thanks for the gold and all the kind comments. I hope you guys stay safe. Remember that the best way to make America great again isn’t just voting, but making yourself great too. That goes to anyone who reads this, regardless of who you support or what you believe.


Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Trump’s Shangri-La Cincinnati Office: How to find it and what you can do to help


So, you’ve seen the last debate before the massive votes across the United States—specifically Florida and Ohio—and you want to know what you can do to help Trump have a big night.  Maybe you want to help walk neighborhoods in Ohio to keep Kasich—who has been an epic failure to those who know him best within the state—from winning on Tuesday, March   Maybe you want to do one little thing to rob him of that diminutive joy of at least winning Ohio during a primary process that has turned out to be a massive failure for him.  Kasich started running for president in 2013 and spent much of his second term positioning himself essentially as a Democrat to expand his influence to the northern part of the state just to run for president in 2016.   In the process he let down the people who helped elect him and that deserves some rectification.  Trump is the best chance we have of setting many things right, especially robbing Kasich of the Tuesday night prize.  Perhaps you want to make calls on behalf of Trump, or maybe you just want a yard sign.  Well, here is the information you need to make all those things happen over the next couple of days.

I went looking for yard signs for Trump and whatever else I could do to help and found that the Cincinnati office was nestled in a neat little business park behind Chuckee Cheese right off Kemper Road near Tri-County.  It was the second building south of the complex and on the second floor.  I noticed immediately in the windows facing north the Trump signs advertising the Shangri-La of American politics—the epicenter of the most exciting political movement in over an American century—perhaps longer.  Literally stepping into the building after parking on the west side of the building was a magnificent water garden with office complexes facing inward toward the lush atmosphere—a little bridge extended over a babbling brook filled with fish paved the way toward a Trumpian paradise beyond.  It was quite a majestic feel complete with all the elements of heaven.  I followed the path to its conclusion and found an elevator which took everyone upstairs to level 2.  Once there a short trip down the hall, a left turn for about 10 feet and the Trump campaign office was on the next door on the right.   Here is the information I used to find the office.

From: Robert Scott []
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2016 6:19 PM
To: Robert Scott

Greetings. The Cincinnati Trump Office is now open and we have only 6 DAYS!!! I personally, Robert Scott, the State Director of Ohio, will be manning the office until Election Day on March 15!

Here is what we need ASAP.

(1) Volunteers in the headquarters. We will be open from 9 AM to 9 p.m. starting tomorrow. If you would like to bring anything to hang on the walls and decorate the headquarters. We have snacks and other goodies!

(2) Volunteers to make phone calls from the headquarters. Please bring your Cell Phone and Computer/Tablet with you.

(3) Volunteers to walk their neighborhood for Mr. Trump immediately until Tuesday!

The office is located at:

1329 E. Kemper Rd., Suite 4212 (Second floor) Cincinnati, OH 45246

I found Robert Scott there who was busy setting up the Saturday Trump rally in Dayton where Trump will glide up to a Wright Patterson hangar to give one of his airport speeches by stepping straight out of his private 757 and up to a podium to address fans.  Then a quick jump up to an arena in Cleveland to a packed house there.  Robert was busy also arranging a Sunday rally.   We spoke about the Duke Energy Center down in Cincinnati and we talked about Lakota Schools.  Lakota wouldn’t return the phone calls, and The Duke Energy Center emerged as a possible venue for Sunday just ahead of the election.  He and I spoke strategy and he loaded me up with campaign items and I left feeling that the Trump people were very well-organized and committed.  But they do need the usual help, so the days ahead of Tuesday will be a fight that will require as many people as possible that should be in on it.

I was reminded of the Perot Campaign office in 1992 which was on Montgomery Road years ago, next to Camargo Cadillac.  It was a very vibrant atmosphere that had the feeling of a revolution about it.  Another location that I remember well was the Greenup Street location right next to the Suspension Bridge in Covington, Kentucky.  Even all these years later I remember the camaraderie of going to war with those people in that time under those tenuous conditions.  It felt important and it was–it actually paved the way for where we are today.  I have been around other campaigns and there is a commonality to them—but nothing was quit like those experiences on Montgomery Road in the fall of 1992.  With that said, the energy I felt at the Trump headquarters in Cincinnati was surging beyond that Perot experience—because there was a feeling in the air that finally one of these elections would actually make a difference.  Most of the time, the kind of people who show up to volunteer for these kinds of things are full of love and passion—but the candidate is mostly all air.  Ross Perot certainly wasn’t—but he was nothing like Donald Trump.  Leaving that place and walking back through the indoor water garden back to my car was like the Trump candidacy itself.  A lush landscape of unexpected possibility surrounded by multiple businesses thriving with energy always looking toward opportunity—it was probably the most bizarre, yet all-encompassing place for Trump to have a southern Ohio headquarters.  What a great place to be a part of an emerging movement that carried on its back the hopes and dreams of a nation.

There are only a few days to make a difference.  So get down there, pick up some signs and spread them around town. Get them in front of voting places around Cincinnati on Tuesday.  Better yet, volunteer to go door to door.  Kasich and Cruz will certainly have their people out and Trump needs to have that ground game in place to advance the cause.  Even better than that, go down to the headquarters, order up some carry-out and make some calls under Scott’s direction.  You will never forget the experience.  It’s an opportunity to be a part of history and the memory of it will last a lifetime—regardless of the outcome.  Fortunately for this particular ground shaking movement—the stars are aligning in the favor of reform—for really the first time in American history without an armed revolt to go along with it.  And that is big news.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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