Thomas Dimassimo’s Terrorist Intentions: Meet the radical who attacked Donald Trump in Dayton, Ohio

Who was the guy who attacked Donald Trump in Dayton, Ohio on March 12th 2016?  Well, he was a saggy assed-communist inspired, Black Lives Matter, anti-American radical who desires to fundamentally change the nation into an extremely progressive—open border utopia of socialist extremity.  His name is Thomas Dimassimo and he was and is an extreme radical who went to that rally with terrorist intentions—because he forecasted those plans on Twitter ahead of time.  Here is the video proof of the radical along with information provided about him which the media needs to cover.  The link below goes into much more elaboration.  The great thing about Donald Trump’s campaign is that he is forcing these scum bags out of their hiding places and pushing the media to cover them.  Watch these videos of the attack and antics of this socialist loving Bernie Sanders supporter and get a taste of the kind of revolution that modern colleges like Wright State University is promoting—and consider why we give these education institutions any money at all for producing the kind of hatred that make young people like Tom Dimassimo so dangerous.  Take special note of the video shown below that Dimassimo directed of the torture of a man of color.  Interesting where his mind is—his art reveals his menace to society.

A protester has been arrested after he tried to rush the stage while Donald Trump was speaking during a rally Saturday morning, authorities say.

Thomas Dimassimo was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic, according to Montgomery County Jail records.

Dimassimo was released from custody and is due in court on Monday. His age is listed as 32, but it is not clear if that is correct. His social media pages and public records indicate he was born in 1993, not 1983.

Video, which you can watch above, show a man being taken down by Secret Service agents as Trump spoke at Dayton International Airport.

The incident came a day after protesters caused Trump to cancel a rally in Chicago.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Ann Becker’s Endorsement for Warren Davidson: Standing up for the people who put themselves on the front line


It doesn’t matter if it’s Donald Trump running for President, or Warren Davidson being the only qualified candidate to run for John Boehner’s old seat—Ann Becker from the Cincinnati Tea Party made a great point in her below observation and comment as to why America’s best people do not run for public office.  The consequences are that the worst of our society ends up running and winning the seats of government which most effectively runs our society—and the results have been dismal.  During this particular March of 2016 there are several really good options—and Ann is one of them for State Central Committee.  To my mind she’s the only option.   And that is additionally the case with Warren Davidson. For the sake of brevity and effectiveness, I have included Ann Becker’s endorsement of Warren Davidson in the following paragraphs because her reasons are nearly identical to my own.  If you really want good people in government—then we need to support them when they come under fire—because they always get attacked.   When they put themselves out in front the way Warren is offering, we need to have their back—because they will need it.  There is a reason that good people get so attacked in public office—it is to protect the many bad guys effectively destroying our republic.  So when you get a good one—give them a little cover fire.

I have been in politics for 7 years. One of the questions I get asked all the time – when are people going to wake up?  When are the principled people going to take a stand?

I have been looking, searching, supporting and teaching people how important it is to find politicians that will put the Constitution first.  Many people have stepped up to the plate, and it has given me hope.

A few months ago, after Speaker Boehner stepped down from his Congressional seat, my search for the right person to replace him went into overdrive. I live in the 8thDistrict.  Finding someone who I could consider a leader, someone who I would trust to represent me and my views was a tall order. 

Several candidates emerged to run for the seat.  I took it upon myself to research and vet the candidates, this is not an official Cincinnati Tea Party endorsement, just a personal endorsement coming from Ann. The man who I chose to endorse was Warren Davidson.

Warren is a former Army Ranger. His military background helps him to understand the scope of the problems we face in the War on Terror and issues overseas.  He also cultivated a deep sense of duty and discipline in the military that has carried over into his work in the private sector.

Warren is a small business owner of a multimillion dollar company. He came back from his military service and wanted to build something. He is the owner and President of Global Source Manufacturing in Troy, Ohio. His experience with his business has given him first-hand knowledge of how the government has hindered the growth of his business, from Obamacare and taxes to regulation and unions. 

Beyond that, he is a good man.  There aren’t many of those running for office. 

There is a reason good people don’t run  – the attacks.

Over the past week, a PAC called Defending Main Street has started to attack Warren Davidson.  If you listen to the radio or live in the 8th district, you have gotten the mailers.  They are vicious.  At first, I thought it was kind of interesting.  I must have picked the right candidate if he is getting attacked.  It’s kind of a badge of honor in politics.

Yesterday, they crossed a line.  They sent a flyer, big enough to wrap a gift to every Republican in the district. It was ridiculous. Who are these people?  Why are they meddling in the 8th district race?  I did a little research.

What I found made my blood boil.  Defending Main Street is Steve LaTourette and John Boehner’s ‘I hate the Tea Party so I must destroy them’ PAC.  Their website says, “The goal of the Republican Main Street Partnership is simple; to find commonsense solutions to problems that people are wrestling with each and every day. In short we represent and support the governing wing of the GOP.”  In other words, if you don’t support the establishment you must be taken out.

I did a little more research.  Defending Main Street raised most of its money from labor unions. “These unions include the National Education Association (the superpower of unions in America, along with the public employees unions), the operating engineers, the Teamsters, the air traffic controllers, transport workers and other building and trades unions,” from the Washington Times.

The accusations they were spreading in their flyers bothered me. The ads accused Warren Davidson of ‘Shipping jobs to China’.  I knew his company was called Global Source Manufacturing, and China is on the globe – but after I got several messages from people asking what these flyers were all about I decided to talk to Warren himself and get to the bottom of it.

The answers were very simple.  Warren said, “I do not have a manufacturing plant in China.  I have not shipped jobs there.  My company employs over 200 workers in Ohio – none in China.”  I asked him about the website “The site is nothing but a marketing tactic meant to show up in search engines. If someone looked up tools in China, they would come to our American made tools company.”  He also encouraged me to look at the website. It took me to Global Source Manufacturing’s buy American page.

This is another example of the establishment spreading lies.  Telling people things that will make them questions a man’s character.  This is why good people don’t run for office. 

Don’t give into the lies. Stand up to the establishment. 

Yours in Liberty,

Ann Becker

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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